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Sam 01-05-2004 06:57 AM

Single person's low carb tips needed!!
Hi Folks!
TaDa! suggested I start a thread of low carb tips for single persons. Cooking for one is a pain, and I am a real doofus when it comes to preparing anything that requires more than salt and a can opener. So please help a culinary-challenged guy with time and labor saving ways you have come up with to stay low carb!

3boys4me 01-05-2004 07:26 AM

Well, I'm married, have 3 boys, far from single...but I feel like I cook like I'm single all the time. I'm the only one in my household that eats low carb. So besides fighting all the temptations laying around my house on a daily basis, I always feel as though I cook a meal for them and one for me.

One perk a single person may have is that when you go to eat something you know you made, it will still be where you last left it :)

Small things of meat are seemingly more expensive than larger ones. Go ahead and buy the larger packs and separate up into individual sizes and freeze. I do this with steaks, chicken and ground beef. I have some of them in individual packages in the freezer so I can just pull one out at a time to cook. Or if you have some free time, cook up a bunch and freeze already prepared.

While fresh veggies are the best in my opinion, bagged frozen veggies are most convenient. You can take out what you need and that's it. There are new pkgs that are ziplocked so they stay fresher that way.

The thing I haven't figured out is the salad situation. Even with 3 of us eating salad on a daily basis, it seems it's still going bad. Hopefully someone will come up with a good tip to keep salad fresh.

I like buying the already shredded cheese, just for convenience. I can throw it on top of veggies, eggs or meat and not have to pull out a grater and extra bowl.

Lastly, I don't have one, but I think a Foreman grill would be great if it were just me. Much easier to just have on the counter, small sized for individual portions, cooks both sides at once! ;)

Good Luck to you. Hopefully more on here will be able to give you some better tips.

Kawgirl 01-05-2004 08:52 AM


I have found that the freezer is the most important tool you have. Go ahead and make the recipes you want....separate it into individual servings and freeze!!! I mostly use plastic bags but, there are some great containers on the market now that are realativley cheap.

I find that if I take a day a week to prepare some food and freeze it then I am less likely to cheat.....I always have something legal to eat at an arms reach.

Good luck!! and definately check out the recipe room!!!

MrsPolly 01-05-2004 11:01 AM

Ditto to freezing portions. I also freeze shredded cheese until needed. The Foreman Grill is also a good idea. Very quick and less mess.

I also cut most LC recipes in half or even a fourth. This also saves on waste as don't like everything I try and I don't waste carbs eating things I don't like just to eat them up!

The biggest concern for salad freshness is selection of ingredients. Avoid iceberg lettuce. It turns brown quickly, a little better if you cut it with a plastic rather than metal knife. I hear it is not all that nutritious anyway. I buy and use a lot of red leaf lettuce and romaine and it keeps well in the refrig and even after tearing. Spinach keeps well too. I also like Radicchio. That is the lettuce that looks a bit like red cabbage. It adds great color and a head (if you can find it) will last for weeks in the refirigerator. I only buy one new lettuce each week. I keep a bowl of mixed greens on hand most of the time and then I only have to add a few exrtras (tomoatos, cukes, olives, etc.) and serve. Only put dressing on the salad you are about to eat. Then you can save the leftovers and add more to it the next day.


Adkins since 10-15-03

NorthernNisse 01-05-2004 02:05 PM

Freeze foods individual portions. That is the only way a single low carber can get some variety. Buy about 12 single serving size rubbermaid containers and keep them rotating with different foods.

Freeze raw hamburger patties, pork chops, chicken breasts individually, so you can just pull one out for dinner as needed.

I agree with having bags of frozen vegies on hand. They have been proven to be as nutritionally sound as fresh and you won't waste any.

Keep a variety of shredded cheeses in the bags. These freeze great too. Just break off what you need and it thaws quickly.

Lettuce is always a problem. I buy the prewashed bags and have learned that if you roll them and squeeze out every bit of air before sealing them, they will last twice as long. The same with the bags of spinach. Just roll and press gently and it won't bruise the leaves at all.

Also, bake up a whole 2 pounds of bacon and put those in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Just pull out a couple in they will crisp up in a matter of minutes...just like freshly fried.

I often make whole recipes of things I know I like and divide the servings into containers for the freezer. Great to have on hand when you don't know what to have for dinner.

I almost always cook a couple things on Sundays. Check out the Casserole stickies above...or Crockpot....or Chicken Classics....Soup too. What ever I make, I can eat off all week. What I don't eat goes into the freezer as a frozen dinner for later. That helpls with variety too. If you take the time to learn how to make a few things, you will be much happier in the long run. Most of the recipes here are pretty simple. Try Dottie's Texas Chili. It is excellent, easy and freezes great!

sinderstorm 01-05-2004 02:34 PM

I agree that the freezer is your best friend. Its just DH and I, but many times I'll cook something big like a turkey, carve it into meals for two sizes, bag them up, and freeze them. It makes coming home and just defrosting something very easy to do and is a great thing when you're short on time.

NorthernNisse 01-05-2004 05:29 PM

I also make up little sandwich packets of meat. I will slice ham, pork roast, turkey breast and wrap just the right amount to make a nice sandwich in plastic wrap. I place all the packets in a ziploc and freeze. Pull out a packet and pair it with my Natural Ovens Low Carb bread (3 ecc per slice), fresh spinach leaves and mayo. A great sandwich for a quick dinner.

Yes, the freezer is my friend. :)

NorthernNisse 01-05-2004 05:35 PM

And....yes, a George Forman Grill is a great purchase for a single person. I use mine all the time and it takes half the cooking time. Be sure to print out the 101 Burger Builders sticky above. That should keep you going for a long time. :)

kyrarae 01-06-2004 11:58 AM

I too am the only person that eats lowcarb in my family so I often "cook" for one, I really like a bitty little stainless steel bowl that just fits my hand mixer blades, lets me whip cream just for me, or pancake batter or any small quantity of mixtures. We all eat salads and I have a large glass bowl for salad, daily I make a salad of bagged greens, veggies, spinach and such then put it in the bowl, covered with saran it is available, visable and usually consumed. I find it also keeps better than in a bag. Add a handful of nuts, cheese, meat, bacon, eggs, etc. and there is always a meal waiting.
I Really like lowcarb tortillas, useful for a snadwich wrap, crust for a little pizza, fried into a chip, I use them more than bread.

GingerAnn 11-21-2013 11:53 AM

I am reviving this thread because I thought it was helpful. Would love to hear some more tips from single people or people who are the only low carbers in their family.

Chocolate Rose 11-21-2013 08:06 PM

I'm not single, but am the only one in my house that eats lc.
Costco is definitely my friend. I keep their frozen burger patties, frozen fish, Polish dogs, ham, chicken, bacon, butter, etc. in my freezer so I can put something together fast for dinner. Their roast chickens are awesome and make several good meals. I use the bones to make bone broth (I have bullet proof broth every morning). I also keep macadamias and pistachios on hand. I always have eggs around for a really quick meal - scrambled, fried, omelet, crustless quiche, etc.
I also try to cook a bigger batch of something on Sundays so that I'll be able to just reheat it during the week. This last Sunday, I made a bunch of oven fried chicken thighs. The week before, I made a batch of Creamy SW Taco Soup.
I also keep a few of the frozen Atkins meals in my freezer for those times when I haven't planned anything for lunch at work.

MiRedkitty 11-24-2013 07:57 AM

I've been low carbing since 2003 and find that "muffin everything" seems to be one of the best ways of preparing meals for future consumption. I make tuna, chicken, beef, ham, and meatless muffins. Sometimes using just enough egg or egg white to hold it together (and of course cheese!). Wrap in wax paper and then tightly with foil, to keep longer in the freezer and then put in gallon freezer bags to store. It may sound like over-kill, but it seems to work!

When I buy a 3 pack of romaine lettuce (the only lettuce that I will keep around, I break off the core end, put in a gallon FREEZER ziplock and gently roll to release air. Place in frig for easy access and it keeps for quite some time.

Shredded cheese freezes well and I keep a variety of individual slices (usually trying to find the slices with paper between each. The ziplock the the ziplocked cheese packaging.

If it's not apparent to you yet, I zip lock EVERYTHING. My husband calls me the ziplock queen! :laugh:

Casseroles get sliced and wrapped (if the hold their shape) in wax paper, foil, labelled and frozen. If they are "scoopable", I spray the single serve container with nonstick spray, load it up, freeze, and you guessed it! Once frozen, dump, wrap and ziplock.

Yes, I should invest in stock, but the bags can be reused! So it's not THAT bad!:)

Lunch meat is sliced, wrapped and frozen in individual servings.

Veggies are the hardest part for me. Yes frozen are ok, but dumping frozen veggies on a salad, is not always the best way to go. Fresh veggies need to be used up pretty quickly, once sliced, and I'm ALWAYS throwing something out, no matter how hard I try! Cucumbers and peppers get slimy...grape tomatoes get wrinkly. ahhhh, my cross to bear! I guess it could be worse.:o

Look at me...chatty Cathy! Must have stuck a cord!:laugh:

Signed..."Lowcarbing Closet Ziplock Queen"!

P.S. I even ziplock soups and stews

Tater Head 11-24-2013 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by NorthernNisse (Post 2301751)
I also make up little sandwich packets of meat. I will slice ham, pork roast, turkey breast and wrap just the right amount to make a nice sandwich in plastic wrap. I place all the packets in a ziploc and freeze. Pull out a packet and pair it with my Natural Ovens Low Carb bread (3 ecc per slice), fresh spinach leaves and mayo. A great sandwich for a quick dinner.

Yes, the freezer is my friend. :)

I looked this Natural ovens bread up and it says 10 carbs 4 fiber for a net of 6 carbs per slice. Is there another bread with this same name that is 3 net?


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