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Old 11-21-2003, 01:24 PM   #1
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Anyone know how many grams in Splenda?

1 Tablespoon?
1 Cup?
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Granular Splenda is the loose powder that is sold (95% of the time) right next to the Splenda packets. It is sold in a box, like a box of sugar.

The reason there are two versions is for convenience. Because Splenda (sucralose) is sooooo much sweeter than sugar, fillers are added to bulk it up enough that people actually believe they added something, LOL. Each packet=the sweetness of 2 teaspoons of sugar and has 0.9 g of carbs, purely from the filler, as locarbman stated above. That means 24 packets= the sweetness of 1 cup of sugar= 21.2 g of carbs

The granular is bulked up even more, so that it can measure cup for cup for sugar. The extra bulk means it has more carbs, though. 1 cup of granular Splenda=the sweetness of 1 cup of sugar=24 g of carbs.

SPLENDA® Granular
1 tsp < 1⁄2 gm carb
(1⁄2 cup = 12 gm carb
1 cup = 24 gm carb)

*1tsp = 1 serving

Packet of SPLENDA®
1 packet < 1 gm of carb
One packet of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener contains 0.9 grams of carbohydrate.

*1 packet has the sweetness of 2 tsp of sugar (but may seem slightly higher because the maltodextrin filler is, itself, sweet).

1 tsp = 4 gm of carb
(1⁄2 cup = 96 gm of carb
1 cup = 192 gm of carb)

Note: The carbohydrate in SPLENDA® Brand No Calorie Sweetener comes from dextrose and/or maltodextrin, which are added for bulk. Sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, has no calories and is not a carbohydrate.

That's why most of us vastly prefer to use Da Vinci Sugar Free syrup, liquid Splenda or Liquid Stevia. All of these are zero carb. You can PM me for the site to buy liquid Splenda if you're interested.
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