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tinamanni 05-13-2013 06:04 PM

May 2013 menus
Wed May 15 - chicken carbonara, spaghetti squash
Thurs May 16 - leftovers
Fri May 17 - ribeyes stuffed with mushrooms and swiss
Sat May 18 - leftovers
Sun May 19 - Roasted chicken
Mon May 20 - leftovers
Tues May 21 - shrimp stirfry

unless noted, sides will be asparagus, green beans or other veggie

ChristineP 05-21-2013 09:20 AM

What… I go away for a little while and almost eveyrone is gone!

Hi ! I’m back

Here’s what’s on the meal plan this week
I’m a ‘snacky’ person, and I do better not saying “MONDAY we’ll eat THIS” I’m better saying these are the things we’ll eat over the course of this week

That being said:

Breakfasts I made two crustless quiche kinda things to last thru the week

One with asparagus mushrooms some gated parmesean and egg beaters, the other with spinach, zucchini and turkey bacon

Snacks: Greek yogurt (plain) my new fave way to flavor: Coconut extract, grated lime zest and a little splenda! Also w/ some coffee extract, dutch process cocoa a drop or two of almond extract and splenda is very good too!

Cheese sticks, hb eggs, cottage cheese (kina plain w/ salt and pepper, and veggies to dip) veggies and hummus

Yesterday was egg salad w/ a mixed leaf green salad on the side
Today is the leftover Thai curry
The rest of the week is chicken salad, leftover sausage and peppers and leftover grilled chicken (or turkey lettuce wraps w/ avocado)

Last night I made a Thai Yellow Curry Shrimp, it was darned good!
Tonight I think I’m making sausage and peppers over Cauliflower “rice”
The rest of the week is Chilean sea bass, in a citrus marinade grilled and served w/ sesame roasted string beans
Marinated Grilled chicken and pan sautee’d asparagus

cynthiagarza 05-21-2013 07:57 PM

How much of the meat and chicken do you eat?

cynthiagarza 05-21-2013 07:59 PM

How much of the meat or chicken do you eat?

tinamanni 05-22-2013 04:28 AM

I eat until I am full - usually between 4-6 oz

tinamanni 05-22-2013 04:56 AM

Wednesday May 22 - Chicken Lazone
Thursday May 23 - Nachos (w cheese crisps as crackers)
Friday May 24 - leftovers
Saturday May 25 - Hamburgers and loaded baked cauli
Sunday May 26 - Laredo BBQ Pot Roast (Linda Sue) and loaded baked cauli
Monday May 27 - leftovers
Tuesday May 28 - shrimp stirfry
Wednesday May 29 - leftovers

We will be away the 30-2

Monday May 3 - crack slaw
Tuesday May 4 - leftovers

ChristineP 05-22-2013 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by tinamanni (Post 16434937)
I eat until I am full - usually between 4-6 oz

Before I marinate chicken breasts, I lay them out on a cuttingboard flat and I run my knife flat through the long way, so that I have two thinner pieces and they marinate quicker, and cook faster. so to answer your question generally two of those, one half of a full breast

mamasooze 05-27-2013 11:18 AM

Been so bizzy and away from boards with other things. Whew. Gearing up for a big weekend coming up- birthdays for little ones and scouting wedding venues...our oldest DD is finally getting married. Out of 4 girls she is last to marry..:high5:

But trying to get back in swing and crack down on our scattered eating habits of late. In a hurry one day and had Sonic onion rings for first time in years. They weren't as good as I remembered :( so it didn't set off any cravings fer shure. Also taking advantage of wonderful veg/berry/fruits on sale everywhere. I think it's reflected in my 3 week menu. I may be like Speck and just rotate this same menu for rest of summer. Buying all meats on sale (look out Fourth of July) but will be investing in Copper River Salmon at Costco as its my fave, fave, fave.plus the bounty of our garden- lots of squash to come :jumpjoy:


Monday- brisket, ribs, tomatoes, cucs, eggs, watermelon/tomato feta salad
Tuesday- pork loin, grilled asparagus with grapefruit vinaigrette.
Wednesday- fish tacos with broccoli slaw
Thursday- steaks, salad, grilled peaches
Friday- out of town
Saturday- out of own
Sunday- spaghetti and meatballs, green beans
Monday- salmon, green salad, watermelon/ fruit salad
Tuesday- turkey burgers, sweet potato fries
Wednesday- chicken taco salad
Thursday- grilled turkey thighs, faux pasta salad (cauliflower)
Friday- grilled shrimp salad with the works
Saturday- steaks, salad, grilled asparagus
Sunday- salmon, Greek salad
Monday- grilled chicken fajita salad
Tuesday- burgers, grilled zucchini
Wednesday- ribs, grilled cabbage
Thursday- stuffed poblanos, green salad
Friday- bacon wrapped asparagus, shrimp pasta, green salad
Saturday- chicken/eggplant Parmesan, grilled broccoli salad
Sunday- steaks, grilled fruits, kale avocado salad
Monday- salmon, cucumber salad, zucchini/lemon "hash browns"

ChristineP 05-30-2013 08:45 AM

Here’s been my food for this week

Made two crustless quiche thingy’s
One with broccoli and one with roasted red pepper bruschetta topping I had leftover, black olives and Portobello mushrooms and some parsley


Monday we had grilled chicken, the kids had ribs and I also made some turkey sausage and a ‘asian slaw’ from napa cabbage, snow peas, red peppers and a home made s/f asian style dressing

Tuesday we had leftovers from Monday and I roasted greenbeans with some garlic, Extra Virgin Olive oil and sea salt

Last night we had crackslaw made with 97% lean ground turkey

Tonight, I’m roasting chicken thighs with lemon, garlic and fresh oregano and serving w/ pan roasted broccoli

Friday night is my night off from cooking – will probably get a grilled chicken Cesar from our favorite place or maybe a burger w/o the bun

Saturday I am finally going to cook the beautiful piece of Chilean sea bass that I have in the freezer. Citrus marinade, grilled and topped with a fresh pico de gallo
Salad on the side

Ricotta cheese w/ splenda, a few drops of coffee extract, almond extract and a sprinkle of cinnamon
Cottage cheese splenda and orange extract (TDF)
Cheese sticks
Leftover roasted green beans
Lettuce wrap w/ smoked turkey and muenster cheese and a home made “honey” mustard
Red peppers and hummus

Next week, I am attempting low carb on a “SNAP” Food budget
I think I can do it

nomorepepsi 05-31-2013 02:46 PM


Good luck on the SNAP challenge ... I'm currently on SNAP (200 bucks a month), and I'm learning about stores in my Bronx neighborhood that sells low-carb food at the cheapest price ... my big discoveries today? A box of zero-calorie natural sweetener, and chocolate sugar-free ice cream ... I guess that low-carbing on a budget has a lot to with your environment ... I don't live in the best environment, but I'm not complaining ...

Menu today:

Pan-fried pork spare ribs
Sauteed kale

I also had a bit of Coca-Cola Zero, just to soothe my sugar cravings ...


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