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bethr 03-31-2014 08:47 PM

Slimmer by Summer--April Edition
by Summer ?:eek:

love2live 04-01-2014 08:38 AM

April Showers bring May Flowers
Happy April Fool's Day Everyone!

Thank you Beth for starting this Month's new thread.

Triple H mom - oh my, so sorry to hear about DD's accident. I hope everything's okay.

Beth, good to hear that you take the time out to go to the gym which is something I cannot seem to do. I get tired just thinking about it.

I lost 5 lbs for the month of March. I must remember that that loss is way better than where I was this time last year. I've decided that for the month of April, I will not eat any type of frankenfood.

I really, really need to lose more, not just because I know that I will be much healthier, but I need to fit into the desks at school...how sad is that? And I'm around those 20 something year olds that must be a size 6. My arse looks like a wide load next to theirs. :p

I fly back to school the 3rd week of April. I'll be gone until December and I am trying to get everything in order around the house...even planting all the flowers for DH so that everything will be "normal" around here.

Diane, ugg! Being sick is no fun.
You know, I have artist type relatives; brother and mother. LOL! I say that because my hand eye coordination is scary to say the least. I inherited the maematical gene, not the art gene. Anyway, I know that especially for my brother, when he has an art show or deadlines of some sort, he shuts down. In ever really though of my DH as that type, but he too when there is pressured cannot express himself.


Holy smoke there are some nice looking, fit, age 60+ men working out at the gym at 4:00 a.m.!!!
Funny you should mention this, I've also been noticing older men and how fit they are. :o

Well everyone, have a great day today. I'm off and running.

sports_mom 04-02-2014 04:56 AM

Gym yesterday again and so sore today!. Did arm workout this morning in my little gym at home. Really trying to eat right and logging into a food/exercise app on my phone. Really helps seeing the graph of food eaten/exercise. I think I am going to join the summer challenge at the gym and try to be one of 6 who wins $150 :)!

Rachel - ACK! I am so sorry about your dd! How is she this week? That is a frightening thing.

Diane - let's go girl. Me and you - onederland soon!!!

Beth - thanks for starting us again. SUMMER! YIKES! YAY! LOL

Niki - I can't imagine getting ready to leave for months and what's involved with that.

Have a great day!!

hhhmom74 04-02-2014 05:22 PM

Evening Slimmers!

Grrrrr the scale is at 141.4 this morning. :sad: I so want to be out of the 140s.

charlene: My motivating factor right now is it's almost swimsuit season. LOL

love2live: 5 lbs in March is great!!!!

hhhmom74 04-03-2014 06:38 PM

Evening Slimmers!

Scale is moving in the wrong direction. :sad: This morning it was up to 143.4 lbs. I have no idea why!!! I feel a little slimmer so I wasn't expecting the scale to show that #. I want to be out of the 140s so bad!!!

hhhmom74 04-04-2014 05:45 AM

Good Morning Slimmers!

Scale is down to 141.6 lbs this morning. Thank goodness it moved back in the right direction. I am feeling slimmer so I am excited about that. I am also feeling lots better. I seem to be sleeping better at night too since I started back on low carb. I don't understand why I ever go off low carb!!!!!

I am looking forward to this weekend. I have no major plans on Saturday. Sunday we are going to see DD19 so we can celebrate DS17 and DD16's birthdays in Peoria. I can't wait to spend the day as a family of 5 again. That doesn't happen very often even when DD19 is home. Someone is always having to work or has activities to attend.

Less than 2 months until we take DD19 to North Carolina for the summer. I am going to be a mess. She will be gone 10 weeks. DH, DS17, DD16 and I will be spending 2 days in Charleston, SC on the beach after we drop her off. I am going to need some time at the beach before we head home.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!

love2live 04-04-2014 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by love2live
I've decided that for the month of April, I will not eat any type of frankenfood.

I ate 4 Atkins bars yesterday.

Annie64 04-04-2014 04:40 PM

Hey all... not really been on plan, just hanging in there until I can restart next week when I can afford the food I need! I'm looking forward to it.. I did feel pretty good while on it. I am up a few but haven't gained it all back. Been very stressed lately and it's been hard to stick with anything.

I DO have an answer FINALLY as to why I have had such crushing fatigue, why I get out of breath going up stairs (on the way IN to the gym even!), and also why it has been so hard for me to focus lately... I have an iron deficiency! My thyroid (which I suspected) is fine.. everything is fine except my iron levels. I am not anemic, but heck, by the severity of the symptoms, you would think... anyway, I started taking iron yesterday. I know it's not going to be a quick fix, but I am really hoping I will feel better soon. Now I know why in the middle of step class I wanted to lay down and take a nap! Why I had to stop frequently and catch my breath.. why going upstairs sometimes was a chore. Why early evening I would suddenly feel like I was drugged and fell into a coma.. It was so weird.. I even read somewhere that iron deficiency can even affect your metabolism. Hmm.

It was funny, I went to my doctor appt. and when I got there they told me "Women's Health is down that hall..." And I'm like.. "SAY WHAT??" I thought my appointment was for a regular physical.. NOT a "women's health" exam! :eek: That is a WHOLE other kind of prep! :hyst: Ah well, I bit the bullet and went through with it.. my doctor, who is from India told me not to worry about it.. that many women from her country don't even shave their underarms. :cool:

I finally got going on my painting again. Sonny and Cher I am hoping will be done by the end of the weekend. Already planning future projects...

Got some sad news.. last year I found out about a daughter my uncle had that NO ONE in the family new about. She found the family through a post I had put on a genealogy website several years ago, but I never saw her reply! She ended up finding my other cousin (her half sister) and then I spoke to her on the phone and told her about her family. It was amazing. I then called my dad and told him about his "new" niece! Since then, she has visited and gotten to know the family (not me since I'm in OH, but she hoped to come out sometime) and we all welcomed her with open arms. My uncle (her dad) passed away many years ago.. I know she was hoping he was still alive. It was so cool to be the one to send her pictures of her dad.. Anyway, I just found out she has been diagnosed with uterine cancer and her prognosis is not good.. 1-2 years. :cry: I need to call her, but I really don't know what to say in these situations. I'm sure I'll find my way..... Thank God she found the family when she did.

Niki: Oh the evil Atkins bars! I love the ones that are kind of like a Baby Ruth bar.. I could (and probably have) even 2.. 3.. maybe even 4 in one day! .... Yep, I shut down when I am overwhelmed for sure. Some say that is a good thing to do sometimes, but I don't know.. sometimes it lasts way longer than it should! I just need a break where nothing bad happens for a while. Then again, I hear on the news about a family here, their 10 year old son got hit by a car, and the very next day their house caught on fire! Sheesh. Sometimes I feel bad complaining!

Charlene: Ok, I'm with ya.. let's DO THIS! Onederland here we come! I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow.. and next week getting back on track with diet AND with exercise. Now that I have an answer to why I've been so out of it and tired, hopefully getting back in shape will be a little "easier."

Rachel: Glad to see you back here! We missed you! Also, glad your DD is ok after that accident! I still worry about ALL my kids out on the road.. even my oldest who is 28. So weird to hear "Peoria".. weird that I lived there for 2 years.. seems like a lifetime ago.

Beth: Well, as I said, I finally made it to the doctor.. not the answer I thought I was going to get. I was so sure it was my thyroid, but I guess I'll stop worrying about that :lol: What's new with you?

erinisme 04-05-2014 05:06 AM

Hello all, been bouncing around threads with no luck! Hoping for an encouraging word here and there. Well r one done and I don't know if I lost or not. Forgot to weigh first couple of days. Been same since Monday, well, bouncing around 175-6. I'm going to keep going because my hands are pretty swollen around my finger, so I must have a whoosh coming. My hunger is completely under control after several months of it not, so that's good. Haven't been logging, but I'm not sure I got enough calories yesterday. Want hungry. Bp coffee for breakfast, Salad with chicken for lunch. Ribs for dinner. But o broccoli. Couple slices American cheese. I usually can lose on quite a bit of carbs. Gonna drink a ton of water today, see if this blasting will go away. Tried to yesterday, didn't do too well. Can you think of reason for this water retention?

erinisme 04-05-2014 06:30 AM

By blasting I meant blasting. And my fingers are swollen around my _rings_. Maybe too early for posting:)

bethr 04-05-2014 10:23 AM

Good morning all!

It has been another busy week. I noticed that for the last three weeks I've worked at least 50 hrs/week. Considering I'm supposed to be part time, its no wonder I am tired and very cranky. I used to work an average of at least 50 hours/week for years and now I know why I was always cranky. I just can't do that anymore. And when I do that, nothing else gets done.

Today we have a massage and other chores. I have to finish the taxes this week (which are almost done) and def get to the gym. Big gig at a really nice venue on Thursday.

Welcome erinisme. Tell us a bit about yourself. We are small but stable group and always welcome newcomers to us.

Diane--so glad you finally made it to the dr. I hope that adding iron to your diet helps with how you've been feeling. I see lots of spinach in your future. So sorry to hear about your cousin. Very sad indeed

Rachel--show that scale who's boss.

Charlene--good for you for on joining the challenge at the gym. kick some behind!

Niki-I can't imagine being gone so long. I used to travel for work and was gone every week for 4-5 days and it really took a toll on my marriage. I'm glad I'm not doing that anymore.

GB--what's new with you?

Got get the day started. Have a good one.

love2live 04-05-2014 09:09 PM


love2live 04-05-2014 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by bethr;

Niki-I can't imagine being gone so long. I used to travel for work and was gone every week for 4-5 days and it really took a toll on my marriage. I'm glad I'm not doing that anymore.

You know, I have insecurities about my marriage too. And I wonder if my DH does too. I've asked him a number of times but he says no. (even though he seems more touchy/feely/needy...more than me) I can tell you this, I have ached so bad from loneliness for him that I have almost quit and come back home. I don't do lonely very well. That is my biggest struggle with school--not the schoolwork.

I am at a point in my life when I really need to put myself first. I know that may sound selfish and I do so love my DH dearly, but I must finish school and become a doctor.

It's sad but true, my first marriage was not supportive at anything I did and I stayed too long. I feel like sometimes I am in a catch-22; I stayed with the one who wasn't there for me, and I am leaving the one who does.

Never will I forget when my X asked me to change from pre-med to something else in 1982. Then, at the age of 30, I wanted to start back up again and X said to me, "no one will want a 30 year old med student". So, I quit. Now, at age 50 I am with someone who is extremely supportive and have made the decision to go. Go figure!

I guess deep down inside, I have to do something for me because all those I've counted on have gone long ago. I've also raised 4 children, one of whom is handicapped and have come to realize that they too are living their own lives. Long gone are the days when I was their center of attention through childhood. Now, I am the mom and grandma every now and then--most of the time during holidays or for financial reasons.

About two years ago over the summer, I took my organic chemistry courses in Oahu. I didn't pick Hawai'i out of the blue, it just happens to be the only University in the US that offers those courses over the summer. Anyhoo, I was soooo lonely for my DH. Especially after exams when I had a let down and too much time on my hands. Well now, after about 4 weeks, I was riding the city bus to school one morning and an older Hawaiian guy sat next to me. His arm touched my arm and I was in shock on how good the touch of another human being felt. At that moment I truly understood the power of touch and how much we humans need one another. My DH to this day laughs at that story. Me, I am still in awe.

We knew back then I was going to have trouble with me being so far away and for so long. He does visit often but that too is at a cost. Funny that I am talking about this because on Monday I am starting an online MBA program that will allow for loans to help with the expense of my loneliness. :stars:

GoBahnsen 04-05-2014 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by bethr (Post 16864244)
Good morning all!

It has been another busy week. I noticed that for the last three weeks I've worked at least 50 hrs/week. Considering I'm supposed to be part time, its no wonder I am tired and very cranky. I used to work an average of at least 50 hours/week for years and now I know why I was always cranky. I just can't do that anymore. And when I do that, nothing else gets done.

Today we have a massage and other chores. I have to finish the taxes this week (which are almost done) and def get to the gym. Big gig at a really nice venue on Thursday.

Welcome erinisme. Tell us a bit about yourself. We are small but stable group and always welcome newcomers to us.

Diane--so glad you finally made it to the dr. I hope that adding iron to your diet helps with how you've been feeling. I see lots of spinach in your future. So sorry to hear about your cousin. Very sad indeed

Rachel--show that scale who's boss.

Charlene--good for you for on joining the challenge at the gym. kick some behind!

Niki-I can't imagine being gone so long. I used to travel for work and was gone every week for 4-5 days and it really took a toll on my marriage. I'm glad I'm not doing that anymore.

GB--what's new with you?

Got get the day started. Have a good one.

Hi bethr!:hiya: whats new? Still trying to lose weight:hyst::hyst:

Hiow bout you? :high5:

bethr 04-06-2014 07:44 PM

Evening all!

Boy has it been a busy weekend. Can't believe its already over. Got lots of chores done, including paying property tax, estimated taxes, and filing our tax return. And I went to the gym! Yeah me.

Diane--did your dr. mention anything about adding B12. It helps your body absorb iron (I think) and it helps with energy. Get the liquid stuff and put it under your tongue so that it is absorbed through the tissues.

Niki--I've never been insecure about my marriage (I'm lucky in that I got a good one) but being away sure took its toll. And yes it was lonely. At least I was able to come home on the weekends. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to be so far away. But--it won't be forever and it will be worth it. I'm in awe of you taking on such a commitment. I am proud of you!

Hey GB!

Hi to Rachel and Charlene.

Gotta do some real work this evening.

Annie64 04-07-2014 09:31 AM

Ok, doing my best to get on track today. I don't have all the food I need so I'm going to do the best I can with what I have and will go to the store tomorrow night. I'm still down 6 from when I started FMD before, so at least I didn't gain it all back! My first mini goal is to get to Onederland.

Beth: No, the doctor didn't mention taking B12, but I will look into that. It's funny, I was eating tons of spinach in those green smoothies I was making for a while.. guess I'll have to start eating spinach salad since I can't have dairy on this diet (or banana).

Hi to everyone... I'll check in laterz.

hhhmom74 04-07-2014 04:28 PM

Evening Slimmers!

I did not eat on plan yesterday while we were in Peoria. Needless to say I slept horrible last night too. I had been sleeping so good these last 2 weeks. I am wondering if my eating/sleeping are linked.

We had a great family day yesterday! It was so nice to spend the entire day together as a family of 5!!!:love: I wish we could do that more often but it just can't happen with everyone's work/school schedules.

We leave in 51 days for North Carolina! I really want to lose 15 lbs by then. At this rate that is not going to happen.

Scale was at 141.6 lbs this morning. My body seems to really like this #. My goal for this week is to break out of the 140s. I need to increase my water this week. I bought a hot pink cambelbak water bottle at Bass Pro yesterday so hoping that'll help me. My goal is 4-24 oz bottles per day this week.

diane: Hi! You can do this!!!

beth: Sounds like you had a super busy weekend!!!

love: You go to college in Hawaii? I would love to visit Hawaii sometime.

Go: Hi!

sports_mom 04-08-2014 11:23 AM

I just went by the gym and weighed in and did my percent body fat for a summer challenge that runs through May 21. All I can say is ....BAD WORD .....on my weight!!! SO, I took that step and signed up - now I am getting after it! There are 12 $150 prizes for most percent body weight lost, body fat lost and # of live classes you sign up for. So I have a couple chances to do something here. I'm home eating my healthy lunch and am filling up the water bottle too.

Rachel -I have about a month and a half for this challenge so let's see if we can get things moving in the opposite direction! ;)

Diane - I need to hit the store too to stock up on healthy foods.

Beth - hope you are having a not-too-busy week after that weekend!

Niki - once to get to school, how long do you have to stay? I know I read it somewhere, but can't recall. Is it December?

GB - how's thangs with you?

Welcome erinisme! Jump in and ask away at questions, tell us a little about yourself. We all struggle from time to time but it seems someone is always on track to help the others out.

Have a great day!!


hhhmom74 04-09-2014 06:39 PM

Good evening Slimmers!

My scale is going crazy! This morning I weighed 142.6!!!! :sad: why cant I get out of the 140s??? I have been doing great on getting my water in. I really thought that would help. We leave in 49 days for North Carolina and there is no way I will reach my goal by then. I really need to lose so my summer clothes fit.

Charlene: i am with ya on this challenge! We can do this!!

sports_mom 04-10-2014 04:43 AM

Good morning! Two days in a row at the gym so far! This morning, I was the only one there for the first 45 minutes. I love being the only one there when I do squats, etc. Yesterday, there were more there at my early time. I guess a lot of people do MWF workouts. Anyway, eating has been on point. Water intake good. I can't complain.

DD15 has her district track meet and she is one of 3 in the entire district doing the 100m hurdles, so she will definitely make it to area. She's not real excited about that since she didn't want to run in the first place. LOL There has also been some girl drama with her team and that makes it especially hard for her to want to be there. She is such a no drama girl which is exactly why she hangs out with boys. Social media sites just add to the fire too. sigh.

Rachel - maybe your body is just in shock that you're back on track so its holding on for dear life! ;)

Hope everyone has a GREAT day! Summer is right around the corner!!!

hhhmom74 04-10-2014 05:50 AM

Good morning!

Scale was at 140.2 this morning. I am so excited to see a new # this go around. Really hoping to see 139 this weekend. Today is upper body strength training and cardio. Was hoping to get my walk in outside today but right now it is super windy out.

Charlene: way to go on getting to the gym this morning!

Hi to everyone else!

I hope everyone has a great day!

Mom2Gage 04-10-2014 08:03 AM

OMG!!! I haven't been on here in 4 years. Imagine my surprise when I see there is still a SLIMMER GROUP! Whoot. I started back LC 5 days ago. Only finally 20 pounds from pre-baby weight. I mean hello? My son is only almost 7! LOL. I did update my photo so it is pretty recent... I can't believe I see familiars still!! :jumpjoy: I need to update my weight too! I am down...whoo hoo!

On a more somber note, this last 6 months has been very tough. We lost my son's father at the end of December and I lost my job the August before. I started working again in February and love it! I help our country now. I serve as a civilian contractor for the Army Reserve Medical Corps. Very rewarding. Well I will have to catch up and see what you guys have been doing lately but work calls!

hhhmom74 04-10-2014 04:07 PM

:welcome: back Nicole!!! Glad to have ya back with us!!!

hhhmom74 04-11-2014 05:41 AM

TGIF Slimmers!

Scale was at 140.2 again this morning. Glad to see that the scale didn't bounce back up today. Still hoping to see 139 this weekend. I am feeling slimmer this morning.

I have got in a couple good walks outside this week. Boy does it feel good to be outside after a long, hard, cold winter! I wish I could spend all day, every day outside.

I hope everyone had a great week!!

Annie64 04-11-2014 06:59 AM

I was hoping I would feel better by now, but I guess it will take some time for the iron I'm taking to have any kind of effect. If anything I have been MORE tired, and MORE breathless and fatigued! Weird. Allergies are back so maybe they are messing with me. I should be at the gym this morning, but I am not feeling good enough to go.. hopefully tomorrow.

I was hoping my Sonny and Cher painting would be done by now, but it's ALMOST there! I just have a few more finishing touches on Cher. I'm also planning on doing a side series of 11x14 paintings that are more "Day of the Dead" traditional looking for the gallery show.

I did not have a good week food-wise. I was in grazing mode and grazed on bad stuff. I should be good this weekend, and I plan to paint a LOT so that will keep me busy.

Charlene: You are motivating me into thinking maybe I should get my booty up an hour earlier and go to the gym on the days I can't get there otherwise.... almost! :lol: Actually I think once I start feeling better I will at least try to get there one of the three days for weights or something and see how it goes. Then again, the semester is almost over and I could go after work as well... I am more of a night person than a "before the crack of dawn" person :D

Rachel: Congrats on the loss! I'm sure you will see 139 this weekend! Wow, it was weird typing that number lol! I know I will never weigh that.. it's weird, but I seem very comfortable in the 170's and can even fit into a size 8 in the lower 70s! That just seems so weird to me though.. I want to get below that anyway. ..... I want to spend more time outside! It was so gorgeous here yesterday! SOOOOO glad winter is gone!

Nicole: :welcome: back!!! I remember you! Yep, we are still here... always! I know I've been a "Slimmer" since the beginning over 10 years ago! Wow. Sorry for your losses.. it has been a super stressful couple of years for me and I have gained half of my weight back and have been struggling to get it back off. I thought I beat the old "stress eating" habit, but it found its way back to me.

Hi to Beth, GB and Niki!

hhhmom74 04-13-2014 06:27 AM

Good Sunday Morning Slimmers!

I woke up to a new # on the scale this morning! I was so excited to see 139.6 lbs! I am hoping that I dont bounce back up tomorrow. I am hoping that I can start consistently moving downward. I am down 5 lbs in 3 weeks. I am really hoping to lose 10 more lbs in 6 weeks.

Illinois weather is crazy! Was 75 degrees yesterday and tomorrow's high is 46! I am ready for the 80s and 90s!!!

Anyone been to the Black Mountain, North Carolina area or Charleston, North Carolina area? We will be in those areas briefly at the end of May. I am looking for a couple things to do while we are there.

Diane: hope you start feeling better soon!:hugs:

bethr 04-13-2014 11:37 AM

Good morning everyone!

A beautiful Sunday. Another really busy week and this needs to stop. I'm hoping to get a few weeks of a reasonable schedule. Yesterday was the first day that I could just putz around the house doing odds and ends. DH had a great gig on Thursday night--you can see photos on FB as well as a link to the video of the performance. There were not a lot of people at the gig, but we will be getting a weekend date this summer, which will be awesome.

I am ready to get back on track. Not liking how my clothes are fitting or how I am feeling. The only person who can change it is me. I'm going to put a plan in place that gets me back into the groove of things slowly so I don't hurt myself. Starting with getting to the gym today! DH's bff is here this weekend, leaving tonight.

Rachel--glad to see that the scale finally realized that you're the boss. Keep on keeping on and I bet you make your goal.

Diane--allergies can most definitely make everything more difficult. Try some B12 liquid, which will help with energy I think. I am most definitely NOT a before the crack of dawn person. Never have been, never will be. There was a really short period during one summer that I would get up and run in the morning. The only good thing about it was that I had the exercise out of the way for the day. I'm not really a morning person.

Hi Nicole--welcome back. I remember you too. So sorry to hear about your losses. We are happy to have you here.

Charlene--how is it going? Has the challenged started yet? How are you doing with it?

Niki--how is it going?

GB--what's new?

Have a great day all!

sports_mom 04-13-2014 04:42 PM

Hey everyone! Had a fun and busy weekend. Sister came to visit unexpectedly and we had a great visit. I'm about to take 3 teens to see Divergent at the theater in a little bit. I took off for the weekend, but am hitting the gym bright and early in the morning.

Beth - yes the challenge started last Tuesday and I am doing well. I am holding off on weighing since the initial weigh in because I am lifting and that always shows heavy on the scales. Hope the motivation bug hits you!!! :)

Diane - I sure hope you get to feeling better soon! I promise if you did the early workout thing and got into a routine, it feels so great to know your workout is done and you don't have it looming on your mind. I'm always so tired in the afternoons. I am meeting a friend Tuesday and Thursday this week in the afternoon at the gym so I will be getting double workouts in.

Rachel - yay for the new number!!!!

Nicole - welcome back!!! Jump back in!!!

Have a great evening!!

hhhmom74 04-14-2014 05:45 AM

Hi Simmers!

Just a quick post before I head out the door.

Scale was at 139.8 so up .2 from yesterday. I normally bounce around more than that so I was surprised. I didnt get much water in yesterday but my eating was really good.

The weather is cold and rainy here today. So no walking outside today. I will do some strength training this afternoon.

DD20 comes home for Easter Thursday night. I am looking forward to that. We are going to have a movie night and shopping adventure while she is home.

Charlene: How was the movie? Glad you had a nice visit with your sister!

Beth: you can do this! We are here to cheer you on!

Diane: how are you feeling?

Mom2Gage 04-14-2014 10:05 AM

Morning all! Crazy busy weekend. My son is going to be 7 in July so his recreational activities are booming right now! Cub Scouts, karate (green belt already) and now is showing lots of interest in baseball...SOMETHING WILL HAVE TO GO! Stayed the course trying to stay super LC this weekend but I must say after a rare drinking BBQ night on Saturday all I could think of was chips and salsa so I caved a bit but only at 10 chips. WHEW!

Feel bloated and still a bit off from the embibing but getting back to normal...

Food today:
B: eggs w/ cheese, saus patty
L: low carb tacos, meat, cheese, sc, salsa on romaine leaves

Thanks for the warm welcome back!!! I have been in this group off an on for got to be 10 years too!! So glad to be posting again! I promise to do more individual posts some other time. Way to busy right now. Will be hopping on and off!! Easter week?? Can it be already????
D: who can think that far? LOL

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