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Dakini 03-22-2014 01:19 PM

Welcome spring! All our trees are leafing out, I have tomato, pepper and basil sprouting in the house, all that's left is for me to lose 10 more pounds!

krittermom 03-22-2014 01:53 PM

Thanks for starting the thread Dak! I'm so bleeping happy spring is finally here :)

We had a gorgeous day today. I took the pooches for a walk this morning and then I went back out for a longer walk by myself. But we're getting snow later this week :eek:.

I've been working out with a kettle ball too. Trying to work my way up to 300 per day.

And I'm giving Dr. Berenstein's another shot.

I'd love to drop 10 pounds by the time I leave for Florida.

Dakini 03-23-2014 08:33 AM

When do you leave for Florida? Maybe we all should try a group effort, state our approach, and how we did every day. Adi? Kritter? Lil Miss? What do you think?

krittermom 03-23-2014 09:15 AM

Love the idea Dak. I think it helps keep me accountable.

I'm leaving on 4/24 and get back on 4/28.

Yesterday I did okay but went out to dinner and ate half of a small baked potato, a slice of bread and a bite of dessert. Not terrible, but not great. I did so much walking yesterday that my legs hurt last night and this morning. Today I'm planning on doing the kettle ball and going for a short walk. And am doing a lot of stuff around the house.

Menu today is
b: broccoli with butter
l: salmon with broccoli
d: roast beef with broccoli

Dakini 03-23-2014 09:37 AM

That's exactly a month! Healthily weight loss, (given a whoosh at the beginning) could be pretty close to 10 pounds, maybe 8. So I'm on it! I lose the best with an UD/DD cycle, I'm going to do that.

Made an interesting miso soup last night, with greens from my garden and carrots. I've started taking probiotics in the morning, I like the idea of probiotics in miso too. So soup for lunch, spaghetti squash and roasted tomatoes for dinner. Starting with an Up day.

krittermom 03-23-2014 10:42 AM

Dak, it's funny you mentioned probiotics and miso. I was just reading a thread here on probiotics and someone mentioned miso. I didn't realize it had probiotics. I'm wondering though if you have to be careful about how hot the soup is because it might kill the good little bugs. I have to look into that.

Oh now I remember, I was researching Nutritional Ketosis and someone mentioned that they take Symprove. It's a drink. I looked it up and it looks like it's only available in the UK.

What probiotic do you take? I started taking one by Jarro because it doesn't need refrigeration but it's so hard to figure out which one is best.

Dakini 03-23-2014 10:51 AM

A friend recommended Now PB8, big plus, doesn't have to be refrigerated and it's not very expensive. Seems to be working, too. :D

The recipe I found for miso is to cook the vegetables first, then thin the miso with some of the broth and add it at the end. What will be tricky is reheating it. DS coming to help me in the garden, so I don't have to worry about reheating it tomorrow, LOL.

Dakini 03-23-2014 10:57 AM

Neighbor kids have been letting their dog run down into my garden. It's getting annoying, it's like they're using it to come down and check out my garden area. Suddenly, as I was about to say something to her, I realized that I was in the same scenario as in the beginning of the Wizard of Oz, :o. So as long as no one vandalizes anything, I'm going to just go with it.

krittermom 03-23-2014 11:02 AM

LOL, don't be a Miss Gulch :) Still, it is annoying. Can you put up a fence to keep them out?

Dakini 03-23-2014 11:07 AM

I would love to be able to deer fence the entire property, DH doesn't like the idea, visually, but what stops me is the price of fencing, even cheaply done, it would be about $20K.

helgarush 03-23-2014 07:35 PM

Can I get in on this......need so much support/gained alot of weight over the winter and really have no clothes that fit.:sad: Am really discouraged. I need to start tommorrow. May count cal and do low carb. Thanks, AMY

Dakini 03-23-2014 07:44 PM

Absolutely, welcome Amy! I'm now wearing my garden pants that used to slide off, now I hardly need a belt, so I am totally with you on wanting the old wardrobe back.

Dakini 03-24-2014 08:29 AM

So today is my first DD in a long time, it's all mental, right? If I want something to eat, I can have it tomorrow. (talks to self in stern parental voice).

Coffee in the morning, soup with cabbage and carrots for lunch.

Teas throughout the day.

krittermom 03-24-2014 04:48 PM

Hi Amy, welcome!

dak, how is the DD going?

I did sort of okay today. Had an atkins frozen meal for breakfast and lunch and then for dinner, I caved in and got KFC chicken strips. I ate 3 of them and was stuffed.

No exercise today so far but I will try to get a few kettle ball swings in. I went to bed late last night, got up and into work early and then worked late. I'm going to bed really early tonight. That's one of the things I want to do to get/stay healthy - get enough sleep. I've been trying to get into work a lot earlier and that means making myself go to bed early whether or not I want to.

Dakini 03-24-2014 05:05 PM

So far so good. I got up early enough to go down to the garden and pick some greens and onions for my soup, it was very filling, just 150 calories. Sipping tea right now. The test will be not eating when I come home from work tonight.

That's pretty good restraint, just eating 3. I have a habit of eating what's in front of me. Think I'll try going to bed earlier tonight,good idea.

Dakini 03-25-2014 06:27 AM

Morning! Well, day one went well, I dropped a couple of pounds. Since I don't lose weight as easily as in the past, I'm sure happy that UD/DD cycling still works.

Today b: bacon & eggs
L: chicken, vegetables & rice
D: yogurt & berries

Are you working out with the kettlebell on your own, or do you have a video that you like? I need to improve my technique.

krittermom 03-25-2014 04:08 PM

Dak, for now, I'm just doing basic swings on my own. But, my shoulder and upper arm have been hurting me. In fact, I'm having a hard time opening all of Jersey's pill bottles twice a day so I leave them open now and stuck them in a baggie. So I'm going to cool it with the kb for a week and see what happens.

Well that kind of drop on the scale is great incentive to stick to your DDs :)

I was down a pound this morning. I decided to weigh every day. Not to obsess about whether I'm up or down a pound, but I think it keeps my mind focused if I do.

I did great today until dinner time. We're having a party Saturday and I was thinking of getting stromboli from an Italian place near us but we've never tried it so I figured tonight we should test it out. It was unbelievable! So I'll order a couple for the party.

today's menu:
b: miso soup with sauteed onions, peppers and mushrooms
l: salad with oil and vinegar
d: stromboli :eek:

Dakini 03-25-2014 11:04 PM

Kritter, miso soup for breakfast sounds really good. I read that the Japanese do that, with rice and a little fish. Are you making it yourself? I took a chance at the health food store and picked up South Rivers sweet brown rice miso, it's pretty good. So many different types of miso I had no idea what works best for soup.

Today was quite an up day. DH & son working on a project, so I brought home pizza for them, and ended up eating much more than my planned yogurt and berries. Oh well. Tomorrow is my dd.

Stromboli from an Italian place? That sounds so good. Should be great for your party.

krittermom 03-26-2014 05:32 PM

Dak, I use Miso Master brand. Sometimes white sometimes brown. I don't think I've noticed a difference in taste but I should probably taste side-by-side to test.

Oh yeah, the stromboli was amazing. I called today and ordered a few things for my party on Saturday.

I totally screwed up my day today. Did not eat enough during the day and I was in meetings all afternoon and was so hungry. I wound up eating Goldberg's peanut chews and corn chips. Ugh.

I need to get my fat way up at breakfast and lunch so I'm not starving at the end of the day. I sure wish hb eggs didn't make me sick because they're so convenient.

Dakini 03-26-2014 10:01 PM

Not the best DD, succumbed to a couple of pieces of toast and some yogurt tonight, but still, hopefully the scale will be down in the morning.

I know what you mean about hb eggs, wish I enjoyed them more. I do like deviled eggs, may make some this weekend. Big native plant at the botanical garden on Saturday, plus DS coming up to help me with my garden.

Dakini 03-30-2014 10:33 AM

So more and more I'm getting into the swing of the UD/DD. I'm actually enjoying my days where I don't have to deal much with eating. Weight is slowly coming off, which, I have to remind myself, is much better than staying where it's uncomfortable.

How did your dinner party go, Kritter?

How's your foot, Adi?

krittermom 03-30-2014 11:55 AM

I'm glad that's working for you Dak. There is something to be said for not having to think about what to eat next.

Party was great, everyone had a great time, but it was so loud - way too loud for me. My throat hurts from having to yell.

And I ate horribly and today I feel awful. I feel like I need to do a cleanse lol.

I was looking at a picture of myself and I think it was from around 2008 and I looked so good. My skin glowed and I didn't have bags under my eyes. I think this is when I was vegan. So now I'm wondering if I should give this a try to see if it makes a difference in the bags and the sinus issues. And if it made such a difference in my skin and outer appearance, I have to wonder what it does to all the parts of me I can't see :)

I have to try to figure out when I was vegan.

krittermom 03-30-2014 12:39 PM

Aha, after sleuthing through my posts on veggieboards and some of my messages on Facebook, it appears the photo was taken in March 2010 and that's right around when I think I stopped eating vegan. I was thinner in the picture too. Seems like I've gained about 25 pounds since the photo was taken.

I think I have to give this another try.

Dakini 03-30-2014 01:33 PM

Eating vegan is great! Such delicious foods, I like vegetable dishes much more than meat, should be a good time of year to switch, with all the great produce coming in to season.

Dakini 04-01-2014 11:17 PM

Nice rain the last few days. Today was a DD. I started with a BP coffee, and sipped tea most of the day and ate a few kumquats. Had miso soup with greens and green onion from the garden & a carrot. Looking forward to more meals tomorrow. Liked the light feeling today.

Have you recovered from your party, Kritter? Any leftovers? I barbequed ribs on Sunday, DH has the last of them for dinner. Funny, I like ribs, but I can only eat a couple.

Dakini 04-02-2014 07:32 AM

Morning! Short day today, but I need to leave by 7:30. Home by 2. I want to smoke some burgers for dinner. My kale is going to seed and leafing out like crazy. Going to make kale chips.

adillenal 04-02-2014 10:32 AM

I am back. Been super busy. Too many goats to milk and too many kids to feed. DH finished the new buck pen so we mover them out front which allowed me to move the dry does and the ones I don't want to milk into a separate pen. Now it only takes an hour to milk. YEA!!!
Diet is awful. I still have the same 10 pounds I gained at Christmas and my food choices are worse than awful. I think I am burned out of UD/DD so today I start Atkins 72. I think I am resenting the deprivation of UD/DD so I need a break from it.
My spinach is ready to start harvesting for salads. DH disced the big garden yesterday and knocked down all the huge weeds. Will have to keep doing that for a few weeks before we can plant anything. Will have a late garden for sure.
Dak - I know about the fencing. DH hired help and our new fence was over $5000 for what I consider a small amount of new fence. But I love the new pens and the big gates to drive the tractor through to put out hay. Super convenient.

I have oodles of eggs so I need to make some egg salad or deviled eggs or lots of tuna salad. I too am not a total fan of HB eggs alone. I skipped breakfast this morning as I was not hungry and after I cooked pork chops for dinner I didn't want any. Was craving junk. Off to the freezer to get some ground meat and sausage to cook up so I will be one step ahead.
krritter - there is certainly time to lose a few pounds before your trip. We all seem to be in the 10 pound category this month,

krittermom 04-02-2014 04:47 PM

adi, it's so frustrating when you crave junk. When I was doing atkins I would load up on string cheese. That seemed to do the trick unless I was craving sweet.

Dak, we had a ton of food leftover but threw most of it out because I didn't want to eat it and DH doesn't eat most of the stuff we had - and he's not big on leftovers.

Gotta run to drop off my car at the shop. Needs inspection and the snow and ice destroyed my wipers.

Dakini 04-02-2014 05:21 PM

Adi, we all have to be super vigilant next winter and not gain! It is so difficult to lose, especially the older I get. :annoyed:

For now I'm in the swing of the UD/DD. Yesterday, BP coffee held me until dinner! That and lots of tea.

Are you planning on selling any of your new babies? From all your awards, your line of goats are very special.

adillenal 04-02-2014 08:12 PM

Dak - I sold one baby to another breeder that shows, does milk test and Linear appraisal as I knew she would get as much exposure as if I had kept her and she was a twin. I have triplets and I am donating one to the club's raffle to help support our show. I sell the extra boys for meat and a couple for pets which I don't usually do but it was my mail carrier wanting a little one for her kids to learn about caring for animals. I have sold two milkers that are two as soon as the second one kids. They are going to Louisiana to be family milkers. They are both very nice but not quite up to being a show champion so he is happy and I am happy they will have a nice home.
kritter - sugar is what I have been craving. Today I did really well with coffee with HWC , no breakfast, HB patty with pickles and mayo for lunch and repeat for dinner. I am full and I am not craving anything. Had a terrible headache but it will go away once I get all the sugar out of my system. I wasn't hungry because I knew I could have all of the protein and fat I wanted and I could have it tomorrow too. I had one little slice of cheddar cheese with my dinner and I am finished for the day. I usually have ketchup with my HB patty but switched to mayo for Atkins 72. Didn't pick any spinach as I was super busy all day but tomorrow I will add a little spinach salad to my menu.
I am very thankful that DS is not at Ft Hood right now as he is in another state training. I would have been a basket case if he had been there.

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