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zipp2play 02-19-2014 06:30 AM

Ecstatic by Easter
OK we have a little over 8 weeks till Easter!


zipp2play 02-19-2014 06:31 AM

My last challenge through Valentine's and through the HOLIDAY'S was an epic fail! Need to get focused and at MINIMUM get back to where I was.

Who's IN????

Start: 175.2
GOAL: 167

zipp2play 02-19-2014 06:32 AM

I follow JUDDD, tell us about yourself! We tend to talk about anything/everything in here!

michelle204 02-19-2014 08:14 AM

My last challenge was an epic fail as well. Gaining over 12 lbs. So I'm banking on this challenge setting me straight again. In 8 weeks time the best I can do is 8 lbs. so.........

Starting weight 185 lbs
Goal 178 lbs

jbatchelor 02-19-2014 05:44 PM

This is sounding like a broken record girls--we have to do better with coaching each other--I gained 14 pounds I think over the last challenge--painful to even write!!!

SW 179
GW 169

jbatchelor 02-19-2014 05:48 PM

I am cooking tomorrow-I took Mom shopping today-she hadn't been out since all the bad weather-it takes forever but she had a great time.. tomorrow I am baking something for me and trying something new --trying to get back into the groove of having something ready and handy to eat-preparedness is the key for me staying on track!

I have made it through another day-one day at a time-we can do this together girls--love the graphics Monica--thanks for getting us set up once again!! you rock girlie!!

zipp2play 02-20-2014 06:46 AM

Michelle - love the the avi!!!

Jeanne - I cooked last night. I know, don't fall over from shock!

I made a Linda Sue casserole last night. I cut back on the cheese, I think this recipe may suffer because of that. Time will tell. it is the Enchilada bake. I think it will taste good, but not sure the kids will go for it! :D

It's FRIDAY-EVE girls! Plans for the weekend???

zipp2play 02-20-2014 06:50 AM

I had a good DD yesterday, but the scale stuck at the same 175.4! Such is.

jbatchelor 02-20-2014 07:11 AM

I made that before-a good crusty bottom-it is good! WTG for cooking Monica!

I am staying home today and catching up-have been gone everyday so far this week for something or other-need to do some cleaning for sure and maybe make a coconut pie? or something sweet.

michelle204 02-20-2014 07:39 AM

I did some batch cooking too yesterday. I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce which I will use on some new spaghetti noodles I bought. They are made from black beans and are very black. Looks a little strange.
I also made a big pot of chili and a few trays of meatballs. So hopefully all of that will keep me on the up and up.
I am still craving desserts though!

jbatchelor 02-21-2014 07:01 AM

good morning-I found a small pumpkin bread in the freezer so I didn't bake-I THINK this is low carb-I didn't mark it as such-just marked it pumpkin bread but it didn't raise hardly at all and I seemed to remember that was the way it was when I baked it? I hope I am right!! I will find out!

What's on the schedule for the weekend girls? we have lots of things to pick up in the yard-our grill and tree limbs-we had tornado warnings and high wind last nite-our grill was taken across the patio and off the far end --about 40 feet -I hope we can salvage it-we just bought it last year! luckily the tornados missed us once again!

hanging in there with my woe--still waiting for Anna to check in!!

zipp2play 02-21-2014 07:04 AM

It's FRIDAY! Big / Crazy weekend this weekend at my house. Tonight I am the chairperson for BINGO night at the middle school. DD12 has a 2 day volleyball tournament. Our friends got a hotel room (because it is 1 hour from us) for Friday and Saturday. She will head out at 5:00 this afternoon. DS15 has a Forensics tournament tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow we will send him off for his tournament, then head to where DD12 is playing. We will take in her morning games, then we have to head to my sister's house. BIL's surprise birthday party is tomorrow night! SOOOOOO we will leave DD12 with the friends at the tournament, DS15 has a ride to/home from the forenics thing tomorrow...then he will sleep at the neighbors house!

Sunday, not sure what we will do yet. Plan is to get up, fairly early, and head to DD12's games. We plan to offer our friends the chance to go HOME and we stay the rest of the day. Not sure they will take us up on that and if they don't, we may not go! Just way too much for a weekend. I have had to plan/stratagize to make this all work. Us being gone overnight and them both needing to be here! *WHEW*

zipp2play 02-21-2014 07:08 AM

Jeanne - I am not a pumpkin fan, but I love pumkin bread. DH makes some and he puts chocolate chips in it....OH MY GOODNESS! Not LC with that, but still oh so good!

Michelle - how goes it girl? Is the business going well? DOn't be so quiet girl! Fill us in!

Anna - where are you????

It's a Down day for me! I woke starving! I had a quest bar, hoping it will keep me for a while!

jbatchelor 02-21-2014 09:02 AM

Monica-I don't like pumpkin pie either--but I like pumpkin bread-I had a piece for breakfast-wish I knew if it was lowcarb-it is really good and moist-I am sure I have the recipe-I have two or 3 or 4 3" binders full of recipes! I need a better way of finding them when I need one-that is the hardest thing for me-finding a recipe! Walmart sells sugarfree chocolate chips!

Monica-your weekends would kill me literally-I am old! be safe out there and try and get some rest when you can!

I sent a message to Anna to come and get with us--if anybody reads our results on the first posts of this challenge I am not sure they will join us with our records-lol--it is obvious we are not serious about losing! yikes it looks bad!

well girls I have been working a part time job the last few months and didn't share because I didn't know if I was going to continue-it is really a volunteer job and it is physical labor mostly which I wanted to do mainly for my bones! anyway I work for Feed My Sheep which is food pantry...So on Tuesdays and Friday I go to Walmart in the afternoons and pick up large boxes of their expired produce and bakery and meat and even some dried goods, dented cans, just a mod podge of things-we get a trailer full and then we pack into the back of a couple of pickups... we then unload at a building, weigh everything, and pack it into coolers and freezers until the monthly giveaway-except for the produce and some of the bakery--we then have a list of people to call who come and pick up the produce and bakery-mainly Mexican families and some elderly who come in each of those days and take what we have-anything left over goes to a elderly apartment building or a youth center. A lots of the boxes are 50 plus pounds and they have to be handled three times so I am getting some bone building exercise! I enjoy getting out around people again. It is amazing how much stuff Walmart donates-I don't know what they did with expired stuff before they did this-and who knows what the other stores do with their stuff-sad!

michelle204 02-21-2014 09:43 AM

Jeanne---That is wonderful for you and those people in need. I never thought of Walmart as a caring company so that is nice to hear. It's very important to help all those in need. I am glad you are getting the exercise you want and need. I hope it all works out for you and the "Sheep". Good for you!

I agree we are bad examples for others. It is a shame what we did to ourselves. We will have to be a little tougher on each other and not an enabler.

zipp2play 02-21-2014 11:00 AM

Jeanne - that is great to hear. You really could have shared that with us. You are an amazing person....helping out the needy!

Michelle - how goes it in Canada?

michelle204 02-21-2014 03:38 PM

Things are ok up here. Canada just beat out the US mens hockey team at the Olympics. And we are looking forward to the gold medal match on Sunday between Canada and Sweden.

jbatchelor 02-21-2014 06:22 PM

you know it just seems right for Canada to get the gold for Hockey-when I think of hockey it just seems like a Canadian sport? or that it originated there? did it? Hope you guys get the gold! I am waiting on the 4 man bobsled-that is Sunday also-I have always like that luge, and skeleton and all the bobsleds-well-most all the winter agenda I guess except that shooting one.

Anna-come home!

jbatchelor 02-22-2014 06:49 AM

It is a beautiful sunny day here-I am going to do some cleaning-not sure what is on the menu tonite-I need to pull something out of the freezer-just wanted to check in and say something--maybe we can try and keep the fires burning on the weekends? of course I know Monica can't be here--she is way too busy this weekend!! I will be back later to see if anybody checked in.

Fayes3 02-22-2014 08:09 AM

I am new to this site! I am so sick of the Fridgid Weather and snow here in Wisconsin! Looking forward to Spring and a new Beginning in my health and appearance! The time has come! I welcome any Tips!:newbie:

michelle204 02-22-2014 09:37 AM

:welcome:Fayes3 Why don't you tell us a little about yourself and your goals. We are all old pros here and am sure we have lots of tips for you. It's too bad we don't always follow our own tips. LOL

Down 1 lb this week


Must try harder next week!

jbatchelor 02-22-2014 10:00 AM

:welcome: Fayes3 Glad you joined us-I think we are all sick of the weather! I am restarting for the umpteenth time-trying to stick to it for good this time--will I ever learn?? I sure hope so!!

I pulled a bunch of ribs out of the freezer to cook--it will give us a few leftovers and I love not having to cook for a couple of days! better get back to cleaning or I will be watching a movie and giving up the work I had planned!

Michelle-nothing wrong with a pound loss--I am always thrilled with any loss and the scale going in the downward direction! I will weigh in on Mondays as usual-I have had some water loss I know that-I have that 1st week bathroom visiting... it is the following weeks that really count!

later gals

saltnpepper 02-23-2014 11:06 AM

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the pm Jeanne. :hugs:

Welcome Fayes3 :up: glad your here.

I don't know how much I will be around this challenage. I am working, pretty much full time. And I am so drained. Anyway will do the best I can.

I am changing my diet plan. I am really thinking WW. Again. But I keep doing LC and continue to fall off. All the time. Like I'm just not into it. Not right now anyway.

So that's my 2 cents, hope everyone enjoys the Olympics. Since the US is out I too am rooting for Canada in hockey. (mens) Oh I love the bobslead....don't know if I'll get to see it or not.



Fayes3 02-23-2014 11:07 AM

Thanks for the welcome :high5: I work full-time as an office manager for a Dental Group. Sitting at a computer much of the day gives me little exercise!
I need to get a mind set to implement some exercise into my day. But first, I realized that my eating habits have no end! During the week day, our employee lounge is usually loaded with goodies someone brings in. I wish I had a buddy system at work where my hand would be slapped. Quite frankly, my fellow employees are 20 years younger than me and all seem to be in good shape and those goodies don't bother them. AH! Will Power! So, Here I am hoping that you will be my buddy support! I have been divorced for over 20 years, enjoy my family and friends... I have a grandson in college, a granddaughter in high school and a granddaughter in first Grade! They are the loves of my life! I love to golf and swimming in summer! :) We have an outdoor pool at the complex where I live. Nothing would make me happier than putting on a swimming suit and not having to keep my cover up on all the time!
Hopefully, posting on this tread with all of you will get me to that goal:clap:

Have a good Sunday! Wish me luck tomorrow at work!

saltnpepper 02-23-2014 11:08 AM


Anna-come home!
:hiya: I'm here :hyst:

Fayes3 02-23-2014 11:34 AM

Thanks for the welcome! I work full time as an office manager for a Dental Group! I enjoy golfing and swimming in the summertime. In the Winter, I pretty much hibernate after work... That is why, I decided to get up and get going on a plan to better myself and feel good about me.. I hope I can achieve a comradely among you:high5:

jbatchelor 02-23-2014 12:30 PM

Glad to see you made it home Anna!!! Do come home whenever you can--tax work is busy right now I know!!! Do whatever plan you can work it!!! we each have to find the best plan that fits our needs--I stick with Atkins only because it is so familiar--I am trying to stay off as much wheat as possible and I need to order some gluten free tortillas and I would be probably gluten free!

I am vegetating today too--watching tv--I think the 4 man bobsled continues today-caught some of it last nite.

tomorrow is the big weigh in for me-I am ready for something off plan but I have to keep myself on this time and behave myself-this crap has to cease!

michelle204 02-23-2014 12:57 PM

Faye---I am a hibernater myself.

Anna------Come stop by anytime on any plan. You know that.

Jeanne--Weigh in tomorrow will be great. You've done the work and the reward will follow.
Stick to it and carry me along with you. I need support right now too.

jbatchelor 02-24-2014 05:45 AM

I have been eating well this week-I have eaten half of my pumpkin bread and I fixed ribs Saturday and we have had plenty this week in order to keep me on the straight and narrow--I realize all the water weight I have lost however but I was still surprised to step on the scale this morning--I lost 8.5 pounds since weighing in last Monday! I used the same weight when we started this challenge so I could go from week to week-but it is still shocking-I haven't lost that amount of weight in one week for a long long time-I don't expect much next week-but at least it gives me incentive to keep going-I need it-I really went to bed early last nite to keep from eating something off plan-I have such a long way to go to get this ingrained in me again--I can do this--with all your help-thanks for being here my friends!

I didn't do anything yesterday-even stayed in my jammies-it was a good day but not productive--so today I need to get busy-I will be back later to check in on all of you!

zipp2play 02-24-2014 06:51 AM

Faye3, welcome to our group! :welcome: we are a small group but love chatting it up with each other. I am a working mom of 2. DS15 is a freshman in high school and DD12 is in 6th grade. They keep me busy, especially the 12 year old. She is in EVERYTHING! I follow JUDDD so I do calorie cycling every other day. Over the years though, I have done WW's, LC you name it! Truly it is about finding what works best for you.

Anna - don't work too hard girl! Thinking of you!

Michelle- so did Canada win??? Sorry, I have been off the grid since Saturday morning.

Jeanne - 8.5 pounds is amazing! How's that for motivation???? Don't work too hard today! We all need a jammies day!

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