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Dakini 12-24-2013 08:45 AM

~~LCMW~~Winter 2013/2014
Starting us up for the new season!

Dakini 12-24-2013 08:57 AM

It's Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas to all!

I smoked a tri tip in the Traeger last night, adding red meat to our diet sure has enlarged my cooking repertoire! It took 6 hours on smoke, so easy, I coated the meat in barbeque sauce then dosed with with prime rib rub, put it on the grill then walked away. Well, I did have to check on the pellets periodically, but still, so easy.

Tonight I'm making crab cakes with a salad, & maybe a dessert. Having fun cooking this week.

I'd love to get a chest freezer. the one on our fridge is packed to the brim. Wish I had parents that raised their own meat whose pantry I could raid... (LOL, maybe you could give him a calf for Christmas?)

I got DH a new radio for his car (one that I can plug my iphone into) and some stocking stuffers, DS got a new phone already, getting him a jacket, a book, and a paleo-style gift bag filled with munchies. Santa even ordered a pair of pearl stud earring for me, hope I like the size.

I still need to wrap, get a pedicure today, then make crab cakes. Should be a nice day!

krittermom 12-24-2013 09:49 AM

Thanks for starting us up Dak! Merry Christmas everyone!

Your day sounds lovely Dak. I can't wait to get a pedicure. Just waiting for this toenail to finish growing back in. Almost there.

What's a tri tip? Is your son eating paleo?

I had to pick up more Rimadyl at the vets. I'm thinking of using 1800 pet mets from now on because it's over $50 for a month supply at the vets.

I'm not moving as fast as I need to lol. I have to get a move on with cleaning. I did manage to get to the store to pick up Chinette paper plates. I've been talked into using them this year. Didn't really take much to convince me, to be honest :)

Today I have to clean and we have to put out the luminaries and light them before we head to my brother's tonight. The only thing I want to have to do tomorrow is peel potatoes, make the trifle and put out the ham.

adillenal 12-24-2013 05:16 PM


Sounds like everyone is prepared. I forgot to take the turkey out to thaw until this afternoon so I need to slow cook it starting early although it is smoked it would be nice to have it thawed for dinner. Have to clean off the dining table again and I am set. I use the dining table to work on so I attract paper. Have to go milk and then I will be finished for the day. Made cream soap to see if I can develop a new product for next year.

krittermom 12-26-2013 05:14 AM

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.

We had a great time yesterday and so did my family. Cleanup shouldn't be too bad since we used paper plates. I think I just have about 30 wine glasses to wash and about a 100 beer and wine bottles to throw out :eek:!

DH is off so he'll help. I plan on hanging out in the house and reading my book. I might take a ride with the dogs and go exploring. They both love car rides. DH tried taking them for a walk yesterday but they didn't get far because Jersey was limping, so I think we should probably rest her for at least a few days before taking her for a walk. Going for the ride at least gets them out of the house.

Last night, after the last guests left, both dogs passed out LOL. They were even more tired than DH and me. I think Cooper could sleep for a month after all that stress.

Dakini 12-26-2013 07:17 AM

Aw, great story about your dogs! So happy to hear they're doing so well, (except for Jerseys sore legs).

We had a wonderful Christmas, really good day with immediate family, plus phone calls to the extended. Great to see DS smile, Paleo bag was a hit, (jacket doesn't fit though :() but all and all, good times.

adillenal 12-26-2013 08:50 PM

It is time for our annual son and dog Christmas picture.
White Oak Bend Dairy Goats - Blog

I have GAINED 10 pounds. But boy did I enjoy it. DD today to get me back on track. Ate plain turkey breast and coffee with HWC. Looking forward to a controlled UD tomorrow.

Dakini 12-27-2013 03:18 PM

Great pictures, Adi! I like seeing Squeaker again... and of course Sami is awfully cute too. (your son is very handsome, and willing to let you post his picture, too cool)

I've gained too, all my cooking, yikes, hopefully I'll be able to take some of it off before New Years.

adillenal 12-27-2013 05:18 PM

I have had a very controlled UD which is rare for me. I ate eggs with cheese for breakfast, a baked sweet potato with lots of butter for lunch , 2 HB patties with pickles, may and ketchup and a very small baked sweet potato for dinner. I am satisfied and will go do chores now. We will thin out some roosters tonight when they roost. They are getting to be obnoxious and picking on the hens. They can be very mean at times so only 3 will remain after tonight.

Dakini 12-28-2013 09:48 PM

Roosters can get obnoxious. Bet your hens were grateful. Good UD, Adi!

I came to the realization today that I need to join a gym. Here I am, my first week off almost gone and I haven't gone for a single walk, I just don't want to have to deal with attacking dogs.

So I went on a tour of all the gyms in the area and picked the one that is literally right on my commute. I started today with the elliptical machines (they had three different ones, so I spent about 10 minutes on each of them, checking them out).

It was unfortunately, the most expensive gym around, but on the plus side, I signed my husband up and got both the senior and business people rate, which was cheaper than just signing up as a single. Plus, there was a no start up special and it's just month to month. I think it's popularity is mainly as a swim/tennis club, because I was the only person on the machines tonight, which is great with me, the less crowded, the better.

adillenal 12-28-2013 10:18 PM

Dak - THat is great. I have enough equipment here to be a gym if I would just use it. I am getting tired of the neighbor's little yapping dogs in my yard yapping at me so I know how you feel. I have never belonged to a gym and there are two in town now but I would never go.
I am working on perfecting my goat milk fudge (really great when dieting) and my cajeta. Texas has a new cottage law that allows certain foods (these are soft candies) to be made at home and sold at farmers markets or other festivals that are non profit. My market that I do from April - December is put on by a non-profit so I could sell it there. I have a pretty good product so far so we shall see how it holds up. Have all of my little containers dated so I can monitor them.
The hens are happy. We ended up with 5 roosters, as one escaped from me but he stays out in the goat pen anyway so no big deal and I decided to keep two of the black Ameraucanas in case something happened to one. I need to put a light in the henhouse since egg production is dwindling.

krittermom 01-01-2014 08:37 AM

Happy New Year!
Dak, good for you joining a gym! I joined but never go. I have a treadmill and total gym but I would like to use the gym for classes like yoga and such.

I'd go for a walk here if it wasn't so darned cold! Friday the high is going to be 19 :eek: Actually, I do have to get the dogs out for a short walk and then I'm thinking of walking around the mall. I really need to start taking advantage of that because it's a big mall and it has 3 levels and the upper level is never that crowded.

I'm trying to do low carb/primal. I threw out all of the leftover candy and cookies and went to Trader Joe's and picked up a bunch of grass-fed beef and frozen fish. I'm also trying to take MCT oil. I have capsules and liquid so I'm starting by taking a capsule at night to get my body acclimated because it upset my stomach when I tried it before.

I want to eat this way to to lose weight but I also want to be healthy and I know that grains and sugar are so unhealthy for me because I have no energy and ache all over.

I need to stop watching House Hunters. The more I watch, the more I hate my bathrooms, lol

Dakini 01-01-2014 11:08 AM

Good morning and Happy New Year!

Adi, I love that you are perfecting your goat milk products to something else you can market. I thought of you last night. I was talking with a friend of DH's (fellow artist) that is downsizing. She and her husband raise alpacas and make the most incredible olive oil. She offered me a couple of alpacas. Visions of alpaca sweaters are looming in my head. We'd need to decide where exactly to put them and set up fencing, shelter, but I love the idea of grazing alpacas on our property. Sort of. LOL)

Kritter, so far I've been really happy with the gym. I've taken a couple of classes and while the instructors really don't know how to teach (use good form!!! w/o describing what good form is) I do well with someone else pacing me through routines. I have a pretty good understanding of form anyway.

I'm going back to bulletproof. I've not been successful getting this holiday weight off, so new year, blank slate.

Hope your holidays went well, Lil Miss!

adillenal 01-01-2014 08:30 PM

Dak - I love alpaca wool. It makes the best felted soaps and the natural colors are beautiful. I have the white, brown and mahogony. What colors will you get?

I need to get back on track starting tomorrow as today was an UUAD for me. Two of those in a row should make me WAY up there on the scale.
DS announced at lunch he was going to take a load to his house this evening so DH and I jumped up and started packing for him. I think we hurt his feelings but we got 6 foot lockers and two ginormous plastic tubs out of our feed/milk cleanup building as well as some glass things I packed for him and some boxes of books. I offered him some pictures that I had saved in case he wanted them from an employee that left them in her office when she retired as she said she had no use for them.He took them gladly. Surprised me. Then I bagged him up some manly and foodie wax melts for his Army Scentsy warmer I bought him last year and he took those. Surprised again. He turned down soap though.
kritter _ put everything in the freezer I should not eat as I forget it if it is out of sight. It was nice today but supposed to get cold tomorrow again so I did not walk today. I just have to get back in the habit.
MCT sometimes make me nauseas and other times not but I hate the feeling so I tend to not put it in my coffee at all.
21 days until my first babies are born. Getting excited.

krittermom 01-02-2014 06:27 AM

Adi, that's so cute that DS took the paintings and scents. He's growing up. I love that you and DH couldn't get him packed fast enough lol!

Dak, alpaca wool is very expensive. You might be able to make some money by selling it to a wool spinner. What are the animals like? Do they have cute personalities? Hopefully they're pretty self-sufficient.

I'm starting the new year off with a sore throat and a fever. I'm off today and am heading to the eye doctor to pick out new glasses. Then I'll get the dogs out for a short walk.

Dakini 01-02-2014 06:00 PM

Hey guys, I'm no where near picking out a pair yet, fencing and creating a good space comes first... Fun to plan though. I've started researching, they're considered friendly, but not necessarily petable, they don't like their heads touched. Timothy hay and fresh water, and some sort of shelter, but then pretty low maintenance. They'd be fun to watch, I think.

Diet is going well, it's good to have the Year as a starting point.

Dakini 01-02-2014 11:49 PM

Kritter, I've been reading about a bad storm coming into your area, stay warm and safe! (and please send some rain our way, nothing so far this year, really :()

adillenal 01-04-2014 06:23 PM

Our neighbor called to see if we wanted a baby calf. A blind one. We took her but I was expecting a bull calf we could feed out since eyesight would not interfere with that process. But it is a little heifer and is a tiny thing. But she drank her bottle twice today and will get another one at bedtime. We gave her a Bo-Se shot which is selenium and Vitamin E as she was walking down on her pasterns and by this evening she was walking upright. She may have been a little premature hence the blindness. Her eyes are cloudy blue but I went ahead and put pink eye powder in them since one was running a little. I think this will be a good project for DH since Monday will be the firs day of school and he isn't going back. Since he will be here all day he can feed her at least 4 maybe five times a day. She gets up and walks along the fence and cocks her head so we don't know if she is completely blind or can see shadows. But she already loves her goat milk.

Dakini 01-04-2014 06:37 PM

What a great story, she'll have a good life as part of your herd. Who knows, maybe she has more vision than your neighbor might have thought.

Slow and steady, I'm losing the pounds. I think I might have recovered from the damage I did on Christmas, but combine that with New Years, yikes. Of course it all goes to my stomach. I'm trying to drink more water too.

krittermom 01-04-2014 08:21 PM

Awe, poor little calf. I hope she does okay with the rest of the herd.

Yep, we got snow Thursday night. I think we got about 6 inches. It's been incredibly cold. Monday it's going to go up to 49 and then on Tuesday the high will be 9. I feel so bad for anything living outside in this weather.

Dak, that's great that you're losing.

I keep referring back to Bernstein's Diabetic Solution. My problem is I can't remember from one day to the next what i'm doing. Oye!

krittermom 01-05-2014 09:10 AM

Looks like I'm losing slowly too. I think I'm down about 5 pounds but it's so hard to tell with my scale. I really need a digital. I have an old-fashioned one and I have a really hard time seeing the differences unless it's on a 5 or 10 LOL.

Dakini 01-05-2014 11:06 AM

Kritter, are you a member of Costco? I got my son a really nice digital scale (.10) for around $20. The fat% on them are not worth much, but it's really encouraging when wl slows to be able to see that .10th of a pound difference.

My 2 weeks off went too fast. But making money again will be nice, LOL

krittermom 01-05-2014 12:49 PM

Thanks for the tip Dak. I am a member but it's just too miserable to get there at this point. It's rainy and icy. I went to Ulta earlier because my hair dryer broke and I couldn't wait to get back home. If we can just get past Tuesday, it will warm up a bit.

Yeah, I have to go back to work tomorrow too. Not looking forward to it. I would love to find a job that I love going to every day. Not that I hate my job, but it doesn't excite me.

krittermom 01-05-2014 08:06 PM

So I'm trying to think of how to attack weight loss and health. I really do think my blood sugar is an issue. I'm probably pre-diabetic. So I absolutely have to get my blood sugar levels normalized. And to do that, the best way is probably Dr. Berenstein's. Plus, I think I have high cortisol levels. My main symptoms are crankiness and belly fat. When I searched on how to lower cortisol levels, one of the things I see over and over again is engaging in contempletive or mindfulness practice.

My gym has an "Intro to Meditation" class on Tuesday nights. I think I'll give it a try. I also found a class being given on Sunday's at a church near here starting in February.

What I really want is to get a massage every day, lol. Now that will relax me and bring my cortisol levels down.

adillenal 01-05-2014 09:50 PM

Glad everyone is losing. I am going up still but then I still can't control m yself on UD's. I will get there. Will just take some time.
Calf was in the calf hutch this morning and we can't figure out she she did that. Her pen is a L shape and she was laying in the long L last night after DH fed her and this morning when he went out she was in the hutch which was in the short L facing the other direction. It is cold and windy now and she hasn't left her hutch all day. Smart girl too. DH just went outside to give her her night night bottle. It is 36 and the wind is blowing so hard it is hard to walk in it. Low will be 25 which is warm compared to a lot of the US.

Dakini 01-05-2014 10:19 PM

Kritter, have you ever used a foam roller? I am in love with my roller, it's been better than the massages I've been paying money for. Lacrosse balls too, are wonderful, can get into those specific spots. There are a ton of "how to" youtubes to work various areas.

If you like gadgets, HeartMath has a nifty little app that is said to lower cortisol, Inner Balance. 10 mins a day, really makes a difference. Its like a biofeedback device, it lets you know when you are in coherence.

Adi, happy to hear your girl is adjusting well. I'm beginning to chicken out in terms of the alpacas. Between fencing, providing shelter, and shade, (which we don't have in the area we're considering) it's beginning to feel like a money pit. This is the year I plan to completely pay off all my credit cards, so putting more money into a habitat isn't the smartest thing I could do now.

Cool that we're all losing. Still not back to the beginning of December weight, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to go even lower than that. Feeling like I'm on a good routine and have menu options.

Looking at my health too. I've been occasionally feeling dizzy. Started tracking my blood pressure and its pretty low, 92/71 this morning, then it will go up 132/69. Most people have to deal with HBP, I'm worried about it being too low. :(

adillenal 01-06-2014 08:43 AM

Dak - livestock can be expensive. As I well know and they are there 24/7 so someone has to be available to care for them when you are gone.

I need to get my act together as I am up another pound this morning. DD today but it is my UD's that are killing me. I have to make a plan and follow it. Back to planning and printing out my menu daily looks like. That works for me as I can check it off and if it ins't on the page I can't have it seems to help.

Cold this morning but DH had already been out and fed the calf when I got up and is going to the cow sale today to see if he can buy another baby so she can have a buddy. All the other calves are much older than she is right now. Sami is in here bed shivering as the house says it is 71 degrees. She needs to suck it up or I will put her sweater on if I can find it. She wore it when she went for a ride with DS and I have no idea what he did with it.

krittermom 01-07-2014 05:31 PM

Dak, thanks for the tip about the roller. I'm intrigued! Looks easy and it looks like it engages the core at the same time. How is your dizziness? Have you tried adding some salt to your diet?

adi, that's so cute that DH is getting the calf a buddy!

So unbelievably cold here today. This morning when I woke up, there was ice inside of the bedroom and bathroom windows. It's gone now. Maybe I dreamt it :D

I'm off to hit the treadmill for some light walking. I've been so hungry today. Maybe it's the weather. I think I do tend to get hungrier when it's cold. Fortunately I avoided sugar and bad carbs... so far

adillenal 01-07-2014 07:40 PM

kritter - there weren't any baby calves at the sale so DH will try again at the Saturday sale in a different town. She is still drinking milk four times a day like a champ. We give her a different kind of vitamin shot every other day. We are about to run out of different kinds. Wanted to hit all bases.

We got the tractor out of the shop so we put out hay today (big rolls). I looked around and didn't see DH and a bunch of my little goats had run over to the new roll so I couldn't see that he was sprawled out on the ground. Thought he had died but he had tripped over something and the goats thought he was playing with them I guess. All the livestock has hay and the temperatures are above freezing and are not supposed to get that low again anytime soon. YEA but now it is supposed to rain but I can deal with rain when it isn't freezing.

I am decluttering my office so I can move all of my mess off the dining table and into the office where it belongs. Making good progress. I had been moving all of my sewing and craft stuff out of the office shelving and upstairs to my sewing room so it is about to come together and I will be organized. haHa

adillenal 01-10-2014 01:46 PM

We had to have the house appraised again and today was the day so DH and cleaned and decluttered for 3 1/2 days. We finally packed up DS' stuff and loaded it into the back seats of the two four door trucks. Put our excess junk in the outside storage buildings. Looks good but the problem is I will never find anything again and some of that stuff has to come back in as we use it. AND I cleaned off the guest bed AGAIN. Last time, DS piled it up the very next weekend. BUT I have my office set up in the actual office. Made DH clean up his side of the office . He really just stacked it up and took down the four foot table but that was alright. At least it looked better with more room without the table.
Still raining and the ground is soaled so it is starting to look like a giant puddle. Rain is supposed to quit later this afternoon. So thankful for rain.

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