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Radmom413 10-31-2013 04:36 PM

SHORTIES - November - We're no Turkey's!
Acckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it's November!!!!

Radmom413 10-31-2013 04:37 PM

I am early this month!!!


Rebecca130 10-31-2013 05:22 PM

You ARE, Cindy!!!

Our beggars night is postponed til Saturday die to high winds and rain.

debbiedo 10-31-2013 06:59 PM

Very few kids and a ton of candy. I usually bring leftovers to work. Think I will put it my trunk till Monday.

November is a busy month. It is my birthday,DH's birthday,Sarah my sin's GF's birthday,Thanksgiving.

Rebecca130 10-31-2013 07:23 PM

Our anniversary too, And my sister in laws bd. and we draw names, right Cindy? I know what I'm giving.

TuscanGirl 10-31-2013 09:10 PM


I won't know what I'm giving until I know who I get!

Cindy - we leave on Wednesday! :eek:

Debbie - it poured here tonight - I'm glad I didn't buy any candy.

Radmom413 11-01-2013 05:15 AM

It poured here too!
I didn't get home till 6:30 and by then there were no kids on the streets.
Got my pack and play though and it is awesome!!!

Friday and my late Friday - which means till 5. Ugh. So I have time to work out this morning.

This weekend DD23 is coming home to do baby pics for DGS's birth announcement. They are all here for dinner tomorrow night and trying to figure out a vegan friendly meal. :stars:

Unless Kelly and Jenn weigh in on whether they want to do St. Nick or not, maybe it will be just the four of us!

Rebecca130 11-01-2013 05:29 AM

That's ok with me. It's just fun doing it. Last year Kaye didn't do it cu is all her commitments but Kelly did

We had 70 mph winds last night. Some damage through the neighborhood but I think were ok. Haven't heard from Kim about her house yet. I wonder ify mums are still in my yard tho. Lol. They were in the plastic pots they came in

debbiedo 11-01-2013 05:56 AM

If it is our favorite things it doesn't matter who we pick but remember I don't drink coffee.

Cindy, I love Pinterest for recipe ideas. They have lots if vegan recipes.

Our pack and play is from a flea market that is all kids stuff.

I got to sleep in today. I still woke up but fell back to sleep an extra hour. I have to go work out extra hard because of the candy I ate yesterday.

Need to buy birthday gifts for 4 year old and 14 year old boy today. 14 year old getting a Best Buy gift card. 4 year old??? He is into building tools like a work bench but he has that. I will go to Toys R Us. I am sure I will get Bella something too.

debbiedo 11-01-2013 05:59 AM

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Speaking of Bella. She was Angelina Ballerina yesterday.

debbiedo 11-01-2013 06:00 AM

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Love her!!

debbiedo 11-01-2013 06:01 AM

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Mirsa made her costume accept the leotard. Someone gave her the leotard.

debbiedo 11-01-2013 08:28 AM

Guess who is going to be a grandma in 32 weeks!!!!

Rebecca130 11-01-2013 10:20 AM

You were right on the money about her possibly being pregnant!!! Congratulations.

Waiting for my MaryKay upper to meet me for lunch, I couldn't get my order to go though last night due to our internet going out due to the storms. She placed it and I need to pay her so we just decided to due lunch.

I'm also taking Alyssa to Olive Garden for our monthly mammaw/Alyssa lunch after school.

debbiedo 11-01-2013 10:25 AM

she is 8 weeks pregnant.

I knew they wanted a summer baby since Billy is off summers. Mirsa will be 36 in June and didn't want to wait much longer for number 2. Bella will be 3 and a half. At least it will mean only one in diapers.

She is already getting nauseated and feeling tired. Early pregnancy is hard.

I made a hair appt for this afternoon. It hasn't been long but I only got a trim before the wedding and we have another wedding in a week and I want it done.

Getting a spa day at the Red Door Spa in NYC Thursday. Facial, mani, pedi and make up refresher. They always sell me products so it gets extra costly.

Rebecca130 11-01-2013 06:21 PM

I just got $750 from the company to spend on jewelry, and they will honor our 70% off discount. That's a whole lotta free jewelry!!!

TuscanGirl 11-01-2013 07:13 PM

Debbie - that's awesome!!!
And Bella is adorable!!

Sounds like Becky will be giving jewelry this year! ;)

Guess who lost more weight - but the more I lose the more anxious I get - it's weird!

Rebecca130 11-01-2013 08:11 PM

Haha. U gotta get it away from me!!! Lol

Don't get anxious (easy for me to say but I so the same thing!!!!!! :eek:). I lose 10-15 lbs and then it happens to me and I gain it back. Wish I could get over it!!!

debbiedo 11-01-2013 08:18 PM

MK, wonder why losing. Have you reduced your intake a lot?
I hang around 118. I am told I look lighter. I carry a lot of muscle.
I am working out a lot but running less. I can't put a lot of miles on so I do the elliptical and bike. If you add it all up I am putting in a lot of miles.
I eat a lot at times.

My 22 year old is getting his GF an engagement ring. We are giving him a diamond I don't wear. The setting isn't cheap but we are helping him. He is talking to her dad first.

Too many grown up things going on in my life. I am getting old. My kids are adults. When did that happen???

Just had movie night with DH. Haven't been out like that in ages. Was cute movie called About Time.

TuscanGirl 11-01-2013 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by Rebecca130 (Post 16667512)
Don't get anxious (easy for me to say but I so the same thing!!!!!! :eek:). I lose 10-15 lbs and then it happens to me and I gain it back. Wish I could get over it!!!

I get anxious like panic attacks . . . . but I'm not gaining it back - just losing.


Originally Posted by debbiedo (Post 16667520)
MK, wonder why losing. Have you reduced your intake a lot?

More than you'd think - weigh-in this morning was 112.4!
So 2 lbs less than yesterday!
This is so weird!

I did some blood work this morning, so didn't get breakfast until almost 9:30 that I ate bread in the car on the way to exercise (that I was 1/2 an hour late for), then errands, then walked Merlin 4 miles, then ate a sandwich for lunch, then more errands, crackers and soy cheese for snack and soup and bread for dinner.

That sounds like enough food, right?

And i heard that was a fun movie!

Radmom413 11-02-2013 05:31 AM

OH DEBBIE! YAY! #2! So nice for Billy to be off then for the baby. I am glad DD is a teacher for that reason - and I think she may plan #2 so that she is off all summer next baby! And I love Isabella! :love:

Saturday and a busy weekend ahead.
Took sleeping pill last night and woke up feeling woozy - don't think I will do that again for a while.

DD23 home this morning sometime; she and I will run some errands and kids and baby coming over tonight - I can't wait! Then I am off M/W with her next week!

Mk - I don't think you are eating enough - JMO - especially if you are still losing. God, I haven't seen 112 since before kids.

And youall probably would be surprised at what I weigh - no where near that! With all the things that have been going on in my life, from births to deaths, I really have decided that if I eat right, exercise and just be smart - whatever my weight is, it is. I had a conversation with another woman a little older than myself at work this past week, and our conversation resulted in life's too short to be stressing about being "skinny" - and that perception differs with everyone. Bottom line - and again - for ME - is - I think I look damn good for my age....:laugh: and I feel good about it.

Ok, so, Debbie, MK, Becky and I are in......Kelly and Jenn have been MIA. We will give them till next week ;) and then draw names. My thought is since it's one favorite thing maybe $25 total including shipping. Realistically, you could spend $20 and have $5 to ship. I'd say also, no ifs, ands or buts, package HAS to be mailed by December 1 so it's fair to everyone......I'm going to be frank here....:laugh: I work daily with what's fair and what's not with students, and our bottom line in admissions is that it has to be fair and consistent for all............the same with our St. Nick exchange. Just so that we all mail at the same time, and pretty much get them at the same time. Mail should be 2 day priority, which if you have mailed enough packages, you know that can be reasonable. So maybe that may help with determining what you buy......make sure it's not heavy! :laugh:

And for anyone that I get.....besides coffee (Debbie ;)) Some of my favorite things are:

Fun mugs, earrings, Scarves, great shower gels, lotions, note pads or cards, candles, great pens, cool, new, makeup products, different lip balms. Lotions/body products, I don't like flowery, stinky - so don't worry - mine faves are more subtle, clean scents. Candles are more on the cinnamon/almost holiday type scents.....I am burning a roasted acorn candle right now that is AMAZING! But those are just a few......besides anything coffee. So, I will consider who I get with what I buy!

Well, I think I wrote a book today. Let's get this St. Nick thing nailed down - we have about a month!!!!

Rebecca130 11-02-2013 05:47 AM

Some of my favorites that u ladies might get are... Lemon trees (haha), cats, birds, scentsy products, MaryKay, jewelry/Lia Sophia, candles (spicy scents not florals or too sweet), coffee/tea (won't send Debbie coffee, yuck!!!) grandma/mom things, orange, gray, taupe anything household it's, Irish Knick knacks, no wine fore anymore but since I still love it, someone might get some, still use my pretty wine glasses and always on the lookout so I might buy my recipient and myself some new glasses. Hmmmm, I'm a Libra so ONE item will be hard to decide what to give!!!! If anyone HATES any of these let me know so u don't get stuck with something u will hate and not be able to enjoy. I've LOVED all my gifts in the past so I will probably love what I receive. It's fun! So u ladies realize we have all been together coming up on 10 years now, wasn't it 2004???

Radmom413 11-02-2013 06:09 AM

You are right Becky!! 2004!!!
Maybe we should indicate our dislikes - just so we don't get things we don't like.
Like I don't like or have any knick knack type stuff in my house. :eek: I just have never been a knick knack person........nor do I drink wine! :eek:


debbiedo 11-02-2013 06:14 AM

So are we giving our favorite things??
I like unscented lotions or soaps due to sensitive skin. I love Almay makeup remover pads. I love Loreal hair products. I love white bowls and serving pieces. I too love pens and always ask DH to pick them up for me at conventions and conferences. I love my fleece jackets when it gets cold. Target just had them on sale for $10. I love fruity teas. Only drink tea in cold weather. I love white tea shirts but also like black,red,pink. I love my kindle and iPod shuffle. I am always buying free and cheap books so love getting gift cards. Hope my kids give me one for my birthday again.

If I weigh 112 people think I am sick. I weigh 118 and feel great. I do not diet I just try to eat healthy. I am trim but I exercise to get there.
I have to eat regularly or I get headaches. I love food and have to watch triggers.

Oh another favorite is Smart Pop or other popcorn like it. It is hard to stop eating it. I love Pop Chips too. I love the sweet potato ones. Only problem is stopping when I start.

Seeing Isabella later at birthday party. Gifts bought.

Need to go run or walk if my body isn't happy when I run.

I better start looking for St. Nicks gift ideas when I go out. I know what I love but will they work for one of you. Do you like to read? Do you have Kindles and IPods?? Wouldn't necessarily buy gift cards but they don't weigh a lot. My gifts always cost me like $20 to mail especially if I don't pack it myself.

debbiedo 11-02-2013 06:21 AM

I don't drink much either.
I don't really like knick knacks.
I love picture frames but my favorite is my digital frame. My son needs to come put more pictures on it for me.
I love Home Goods and Bed Bath and Beyond. I like being kitchen items I need. Last bought a lime juicer. I have been using lime on salad with salt and a little olive oil.

I don't buy a lot for myself these days. I would rather buy for Isabella!

Rebecca130 11-02-2013 07:07 AM

I only like kick knacks if they are Irish or cetic related. I can't do anything hazelnut. It's a trigger for my asthma. I don't like large hoop earrings but I love dangle (something I never knew existed before Lia!). I too am in love with my kindle, it's one if my favorite items I have, I love my keurig, don't care for apple flavored food but I love to smell it as in candles. I love pretty unique votive light candle holders and candle as log as they're not sweet smelling and rose scents aren't good dice my dad died (over abundance of rose smell at the funeral home made me sick and I had to go out for a while) and I like shot glasses that are pretty shot glasses, I picked 4 out of dads collection for my black iron bakers wrack. I have a glass the pot that I use for my "flowery pod tea" (they're all balled up on pods and unfurl a beautiful flower as it steeps). Love doing that on a snowy day. Debbie, I am getting into beginning running so any if ur fav running things, send my way!!! Lol. My goal someday is a half! And kohls is my BFF now since I'm out of 3x and into 1x cuz nothing fits! I'm asking John for a gift card for Christmas.

Don't u guys have a weird vision of me now???

I hope this makes sense as I somehow pasted Cindy's post to mine and had to erase it and retype mine.

This will be a fun at nick!!! Still not sure what to give but I have some ideas! Yay!

Rebecca130 11-02-2013 07:09 AM

Glass tea pot, not glass the pot. I couldn't proofread as I'm only phone and it's too small til I send it and then I can enlarge it.

debbiedo 11-02-2013 07:22 AM

Flowery pod tea??? Becky I am confused.

OK I have had a lazy morning and need to get moving.

I say $25 plus shipping. I never seem to find anything for less. If $25 it has to be light for less expensive shipping.

Better go do my run!!

Rebecca130 11-02-2013 07:43 AM

I'll see what it's called. It looks like a but and then opens up into a pretty flower

Rebecca130 11-02-2013 08:04 AM

I gagged u on fb with what I got from amazon so Ivan see it. The girls and I are making one now, we're doing the fairy lily one

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