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michelle204 10-31-2013 09:22 AM

Victorious by Valentines !
Hello everyone. This is a challenge that will get us through the holidays and right to Valentines Day. I think this is a critical period where we all need a little help. Anyone and any plan is welcome here. So come on in, introduce yourself and lets support each other through the holiday season.

I'm Michelle

I am starting at 176 lbsand hope to reach 165 by the end of this challenge which is 14 weeks away.

I am low carbing my way. Somewhere between 20-30 g. a day.

DesertGurl 10-31-2013 10:54 AM

Would like to join in, if I can. Sounds like a great way to get through all of the crazy food and candy!

I'm Danielle. I've been carb cycling for almost 7 weeks. I'll set a goal of 25lbs for this challenge.

Starting: 239.4

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and having some fun along the way! :)

jbatchelor 10-31-2013 11:09 AM

Thanks for setting us up again Michelle-getting thru the holidays without a 8-10 pound gain is my main goal!!

current 165
Goal 148

I am Jeanne-I seem to have been doing low carb half my life! but it is the only thing that works for me--I am currently fighting pre-diabetes-so I have to stick to it this time-playing the off and on game has hurt me I think and has destined me to the pre-diabetes so now I am in the game for life!

welcome to all that join us in this battle to lose the extra weight-we all do the best we can in whatever diet we choose to use.

chigirlhere 10-31-2013 12:37 PM

I'm in again!

I'm Michelle...but since their are so many already you can refer to me as chigirl:)

Today i'm at 212.3 by Feb 14th I would like to be at 189! Odd number but I want to be 1 lb lower then my low 5 years ago.

I have a pair a jeans I bought 5 years ago that I never got to wear. I want to wear them on Valentines day!!

michelle204 10-31-2013 01:14 PM

That is a fantastic goal Chigirl. You will be wearing those jeans by Valentines Day for sure.

DesertGurl 10-31-2013 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by chigirlhere (Post 16665688)
I'm in again!

I'm Michelle...but since their are so many already you can refer to me as chigirl:)

Today i'm at 212.3 by Feb 14th I would like to be at 189! Odd number but I want to be 1 lb lower then my low 5 years ago.

I have a pair a jeans I bought 5 years ago that I never got to wear. I want to wear them on Valentines day!!

What a fantastic goal! How exciting it will be to put those babies on come Valentines day :high5:

MichelleHu 11-01-2013 05:52 AM

I'm Baaaack! Ha:lol: Found ya :pThanks for the link:up:

I'm Michelle starting at 211.8 and want to get to hmmm.....185.Gosh that seems like a lot but since its 3.5 months I am going for it. :eek:

We get super busy this time of year through Christmas, often working 14 hour days packing and shipping, so if you dont see me for a couple days, I will be back.

Cheers to kicking off a great challenge and getting it going strong right from the start. Lets kick Novembers hiney and rock this!:sing:

zipp2play 11-01-2013 05:59 AM

I'm IN!!!!!!!!!!

Last time, I actually GAINED a pound! NICE!!! This time hoping for better results.

Start 168.6
Goal 164

Possible, TIME will tell!!!!!!

zipp2play 11-01-2013 06:01 AM

Danielle - :hiya: nice to see you girl!

Chigirl, what an awesome goal to set!

Michellehu - I am sure this is a crazy time of your for you!

Jeanne - LC works great for you and is good for your BS levels!

Michelle - You still have the doggies???

MichelleHu 11-01-2013 08:03 AM

I know you lurkers are out there, its time to join a challenge and nows the time!:welcome:

I think having a goal for getting through the holidays is really going to help me keep that goal in center focus. I'm not cooking this year, will bring a dish to the festivities so not a big deal there really. I love turkey so looking forward to that for sure!

DesertGurl 11-01-2013 08:06 AM

Good morning, ladies! :hiya: I'm so looking forward to getting to know everyone here, you all seem like a fun bunch! :D

G'mornin Monica! ;) I'm not really stalking you, I promise. :cool:

Michelle~ I say go for that 185! :high5:

I think what I am truly truly most excited about is the fact that this will probably be the very first year in I-don't-know-how-long that I won't be starting the new year WISHING that I was losing weight & getting healthy. I feel empowered and super motivated!

jbatchelor 11-01-2013 08:26 AM

Welcome Danielle---I am having trouble calling you Danielle--you look like SNOOKIE!!! has anybody told you that? I bet they have!! welcome to the group--I really want to visit Arizona when I retire-it seems so beautiful in the pics--the whole west is my goal--so get ready for a visit Snookie!!

good morning girls--we need Annie to visit and find us still! I am sure she will make it!!

what is up for the weekend? I am hoping the hubs is off since we got major storms last nite including tornado watches--so we will be heading to Menards--of course an hour away! probably Saturday to pick up stuff to do some repairs to the house! past due repairs but necessary before winter-and maybe a trip to Aldis or sams? it maybe time to pick up a cheesecake for thanksgiving--I have to have one for Colton the grandson-I am planning on making a lowcarb one also that DH likes and for me--not sure of what else but I am planning on being good--that is a first this year! I will still make the things that the rest of the crew like but also lowcarb things for me! and less goodies for sure. Nobody needs it!

I am ready to see a different decade on the scale!

Monica--you did great--trust me--maintaining is HARD--and you did it--and I consider you maintaining !!!! you rocked it the whole challenge!!

we all did just by sticking to it! and the new year will just bring us closer and closer to better health! I am truly going to read Wheat Belly and Grain Brain! and I know after reading those I will be gluten free--that is why I keep dragging my feet--I just don't want to give up my tortillas! I have both of them in my wish list at amazon--maybe it will be a new year resolution? I wonder if you can buy gluten free tortillas? that would solve my dilemma! is that lazy or what?? lol and they have to taste good!

DesertGurl 11-01-2013 08:44 AM

Jeanne~ HA! Nope, I can honestly say nobody's ever called me Snookie. But, you can if it's easier for you! :laugh: I have a love/hate relationship living where I live.. I am a California girl at heart and that is truly where I want to be again.. Soon! The plan is once the kids are off and going after college we're headed back to CA & I cannot wait! I will visit here but I don't necessarily like living here ;)

Funny story about Wheat Belly... my DD17 was dx'd as wheat & soy intollerant a few months ago...her eating has drastically changed and she's feeling MUCH better.. For her English class they have to write either a cause or effect paper and she chose the effects of wheat & how it's bad for you.. The kids in her class are absolutely gobsmacked and think she's totally lost it. :laugh: They cannot phathom how she could possibly ever give up anything like bread, cake, etc.. She's been lectured by one girl (who at one time was heavy & starved herself to a size 3) who went on and on about how important wheat was to our bodies, blah blah blah...DD flat out said, PROVE IT! Shut her up right quick :laugh: One other girl asked DD why she would cut out wheat because she was already so skinny and clearly had no weight to lose! Clearly, they're resistant to what she's trying to convey! It's been a learning lesson for the entire class apparently, but they're still not convinced. It's crazy!

MichelleHu 11-01-2013 08:51 AM

I have gluten free tortillas. I use them sparingly cause its still a tortilla after all but the best ones I have found (not that we have a lot of choices here) are Toufayan. They keep them in the bakery section in my store here. I'm sure Monica could chime in on gluten free tortillas too. Cant tell you how much better my mother and I feel since going gluten free. Its been 6 months and thats one wagon I havent fallen off. Have no desire too and think I would get seriously sick if I did. Not to mention the inevitable stomach attack that would happen too, dont miss that at all just thank my stars we finally figured out what it was.

jbatchelor 11-01-2013 09:06 AM

Thanks for that info Michelle but when I click on the nutrition info it shows that there is wheat flour in the ingredients-I am really not into what is gluten free and what is not-but I thought it had to be wheat free? am I wrong? I need to read more I know!

MichelleHu 11-01-2013 09:10 AM

Hey Jeanne Nope no wheat flour Toufayan gluten free wraps maybe you have to look at the "wraps" doesnt say tortilla on it. Checked the ingredients on the bag-no wheat flour. does that sound right?

jbatchelor 11-01-2013 09:18 AM

Apparently the ones Netrition are selling are NOT the gluten free ones then--I am glad to know they are available tho--I do live in Mayberry so I know they are not in my burg--but maybe when I visit the big city I might be able to find them--it gives me a name anyway-thanks MichelleHu--I am glad to know they are around!! :jumpjoy: and maybe Netrition would carry them if they knew there was a need!

zipp2play 11-01-2013 10:10 AM

If I want a tortilla I just eat the corn ones . It's extremely rare I even eat those .

Jeanne good luck with the repairs. Did you have a lot if damage??

This weekend is really quiet for us. Tonight we have a work dinner. Tomorrow ds14 has debate and dd12 and I have dinner plans with friends. Sunday is SS and church. That is way too relaxing for me!!!!! Yeah

MichelleHu 11-01-2013 01:08 PM

I live in Mayberry too, thats why I was shocked to see the wraps.

Hey Monica- I was so craving a doughnut of all things the other day (ya know TOM) so I bought a mini doughnut pan. Do you have any good recipes for geez must be like a cake doughnut like mix to pour in the doughnut rings I would think. Any recipe for something like that you have tried and can recommend?

michelle204 11-01-2013 03:37 PM

Welcome Danielle. Nice to have you aboard. I know what your daughter is going for. I have been trying to tell a few relatives here how much going wheat free has helped me and they look at me like |I have two heads. I don't think anyone in ours or the next generation will believe the evils of wheat. Especially the wheat farmers. They won't even read the book. But I know I feel great when I'm wheat free and that's all that matters. I admire your DD for trying to change peoples perspectives. A very admirable quality.

Jeanne-- Good luck with the repairs.

Chigirl--- Isn't it weird there are so many Michelles in this challenge? I rarely meet any other Michelles in my day to day life. Funny.

Monica--- Have a great weekend.

MichelleHu--- Do you ever go on Pinterest? There are lots of low carb/gluten free donut recipes there. I don't have a pan so I haven't tried any. But many look very good without many strange ingredients.

Not much new here. My foster dogs are still doing well at their adoptive mom's place. So I am guessing they are gone for good. Yeh for them. They deserve a good home.

I am really looking forward to this challenge. I think I will set a mini goal of 169. I really want to be back in the 160s and with that goal being fairly close I know it will push me to just get there and get there fast. So away I go to the 160s (fingers crossed).

Well DH is looking at me funny now. I should be cooking dinner and not typing, so I'll see you gals later.

jbatchelor 11-01-2013 04:30 PM

Michelle-glad the fosters are doing well-you gave them a great start! I am glad to get a day out with the hubs tomorrow-we will end up at the Chinese buffet again-I am getting good at doing the Mongolian grill guy thingy--no soy--ha so!

I always enjoy a trip to sams-except for the money-and I have only been to menards once-looks like a neat place but I want to change too many things in my house-just repairing things is costly enough!

well-time to head to the shower-have a great day tomorrow-and bring that Annie in--I will have to send out the troops to find her!!

Can you believe it is November??

DesertGurl 11-01-2013 04:42 PM

Michelle~ Thanks for the kind words for DD. She has been reading up lots on her condition and understanding why she feels the way she does when she consumes wheat products. It's almost as if these kids are "offended" (for lack of a better word) that she's talking about the negative effects of what wheat can do to someone. Very strange to me! Of course, some of the girls I get are just simply jealous because DD is thin, smart & doesn't care what anyone thinks about her ;) Can I say we are counting down the days until graduation LOL

I get into trouble every time we go to Sam's or Costco :o I find such yummy goodness there that I "just" have to have!

saltnpepper 11-01-2013 06:58 PM

Hey everyone...found you!!

My name is Anna, and I pop in and out. I am just trying to maintain. DH is t2, so he is on board. (?) Most of the time.

Anyway just wanted to touch base. I will be back.

Jeanne, and everyone else....Jimmy Moore has a great interview with Dr David Pulmutter (spell?) the author of Grain Brain. He is a very nice caring man, and the interview is great. Very recent too. I want to read the book. My dd is deathly allergic to all gluten, so I read labels like a hawk. It gives me migrains, so I avoid it.

Anyway :welcome: to the new friends. I will try to write later. Have music stuff tomorrow. Ahhhhh I have so much stress at work I ate all afternoon. LC stuff, but I still ate too much.


jbatchelor 11-02-2013 05:12 AM

Anna-I knew you would make it! welcome girlfriend-I saw the interview with Permutter? on Dr.Oz-I think it was the only time I saw Oz really into a different way of thinking regarding lowcarb and gluten! he seemed to really GET it! I was impressed! That is when I knew I needed to read the book! WTG on sticking to low carb when stress hits!

I will ask Santa for the Grain Brain and Wheat Belly--It will probably be a present to myself! I saw where Amazon is 35 dollars now for free shipping instead of 25!

Forgot to add-when I had mom's car serviced for winter--I looked at new vehicles in the showroom--I want to trade-my car is a 2002--but I can't do a payment-we just did pay off our boat this summer after 6 years of payments--it feels good-but I loved looking at a buick encore-I want one-Monica-did you get your new car? never did hear you say? do you love it? I also looked at a GMC Acadia--I have seen those and just thought I would get one of those-the sticker was 51000 plus-OMG-I could never do that!! my car was a salvage car-and has been wonderful--I would do that again --we had it rebuilt -it had 11000 miles and we have never had any issues with it at all-so I would never hesitate doing that when the time comes. much better than paying those high prices

headed out of town today! so will check back with you all later!

michelle204 11-02-2013 09:12 AM

Happy Saturday everyone. Well as always I weighed in because it is Saturday morning. And thankfully the TOM weight came off when it left. Done 2.4 lbs since Thursday. Now back to reality and maybe losing half a lb to a lb a week until next TOM. Oh well. I'll take what I get as long as it is going down.

Not much in store for me this weekend. Going to bring some donated dog food to our adoption fair being held today. Maybe get in some doggy hugging while I'm there.:) Then it's an afternoon NHL game on TV. Go Jets Go! Tomorrow its Nascar . Go Matt Go! Although I'm not opposed to Jimmie or Jeff winning either:clap: We will do the final clean up of the yard and wait for the snow. It may be here by the end of the week.:(

Talk to you later ladies.

time2change 11-02-2013 10:36 AM

I would like to join. Currently I am on hcg but won't be the whole time...at least I hope not. I plan on staying on a ketogenic diet for the duration of my weight loss if not longer. Currently at 159 and hope to be at 125 (34 lbs) by then.

DesertGurl 11-02-2013 10:44 AM

Anna, it's wonderful to meet you! Love your doggy!! ;)

Jeanne, thanks for the heads-up on Grain Brain...I'd never heard of it before.. DD and I will enjoy reading that in the next couple months. Cars are so expensive it's unreal! I'm thankful that my DH works in car sales so we've gotten lucky with them for a while.:up:

Michelle, hope you enjoyed your visit with the doggies today, sounds amazing! Have fun with hockey and racing today, sounds like a great day to me! ;)

Me~ Quiet morning here..DD17 is taking her SAT's and DH is working... taking the time to catch up on my dvr stuff without interruption...Nothing better than a hot cup of coffee, a blanket & good shows on the tube. :D

jbatchelor 11-02-2013 06:06 PM

nightie nite girls--I am bushed-had a good day shopping-of course had the Chinese buffet-too much soy I am sure on the grilled food but I stayed good-I wanted to stray tho-I have got to try to make that coconut shrimp-at least with some chicken since I don't have any shrimp-and I FORGOT to buy some at Sams-dang! I spent too much as it was!

Michelle-congrats on losing the TOM weight!! you are doing great!

Danielle-your morning sounds wonderful-I love that type of day-movies and a blanket--I just bought a new fuzzy snuggle today at Sams!

time2change--welcome to the group-we are glad to have you--sounds like a reasonable goal to me!!

cya tomorrow

DesertGurl 11-03-2013 11:56 AM

Jeanne~ glad you had a great day out! Enjoy the new blankey! ;)

Hit a small new low this morning...I'm relieved that the bounce up I had is now gone. Phew! :)
Feeling kinda restless this afternoon, think I'll go dig out a workout dvd and sweat it out! :workout:

Mick6 11-03-2013 01:47 PM

I would like to join this challenge. I'm Mick. I will weigh in tomorrow. I'll be doing 35 carbs or less for my plan. I have vacation early in Feb. I would love to feel a little more comfortable.

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