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Radmom413 10-01-2013 04:40 AM

SOUTH BEACH VETS - Chapter 10 - It's October!
New thread Beachers.....and heading into the toughest time of year.....goodies galore! :eek:

Radmom413 10-01-2013 04:44 AM


Let's get the month off to a good start!!!

tinatina 10-01-2013 06:02 AM

Morning Beachers!

30 day shred and biking done this morning.

No game last night. So I gave the house a good scrubbing. I was beat by bedtime.

We are all gonna rock this month! So we'll just call it ROCKtober! :sing:

Happy Tuesday beachers!

wiz 10-01-2013 07:29 AM

In Ottawa on business...the weather is awesome. Last time I was in Canada I got snowed in, this time it is going to be almost 80 degrees!

Eating okay, not great. The customers wanted to go to this Indian food buffet yesterday...everything was loaded with sauce, but I scraped off what I could. Last night I had a blackened chicken breast and salad, so all good there. I did get a great run in this morning.

I REALLY need to be good this month. We leave for our Hawaii trip on Halloween and I want to get these few lbs off I gained this summer before we leave. I have some work to do!!

Cindy, Tina, Luisa, Kelly - let's get it done!! :clap:

heahyou00 10-01-2013 01:14 PM

Hi Girls,
Well its a new month!! Turned in my 30 days notice at my place this morning, time to start looking for houses. Needless to say I am going to be stressed this month, between moving and school starts back up for me next week, ugh!!

Not much else to report, still eating like crap and not working out :( I did buy 2 new pair of jeans yesterday, had to get something to cover my legs, the dang weather here is so cold and rainy, we set all kinds of records last weekend for the amt of rainfall, its been crazy.

Is everyone ready for the holidays? I feel like they will be here before we know it lol.


Radmom413 10-02-2013 05:39 AM


tinatina 10-02-2013 06:18 AM

Morning Beachers!

Final day of c25k done today. I really pushed today but ended up walking for one minute of the 30 min run. Gonna look into downloading the c210k.

weekend weight is gone, looking forward to losing some virgin weight! :hyst:

Sunday we are supposed to do senior pics for DS. Hoping it doesn't rain. Gonna ask the photog to do a few family pics. I got us all new shirts for the occasion. We are gonna do dark jean, DH will have a red polo shirt, DS will have a long sleeved white shirt, DD will have a white shirt with a red cami and I will have a jeans jacket, white shirt and red cami. I hope they turn out reallllllly nice! I have a big empty wall I'm wanting to put some pics on :p

Happy ROCKtober Beachers!

tinatina 10-03-2013 05:59 AM

Morning Beachers!

Up this morning and did 30 day shred and some biking.

Make a really good meal last night. Tilapia with a T of whole wheat bread crumbs, sliced red potatoe with 1 T real bacon bits and some 2% cheese, and sliced tomatoes. It was Awesome!

Other than dinner prep and cleanup and didn't do to much last night. Probs more of the same tonight. :D

I hit virgin fat loss today. :jumpjoy: I've been bouncing around the same couple lbs for over a week!

I hope everyone is having an awesome ROCKtober!

heahyou00 10-03-2013 10:05 AM

HI Girls,
Im glad the weekend is almost here. Im super tired today, last night was date night and we didnt get home till after 10pm, went to a hockey game and our team won :) It was a lot of fun.

Tonight will be more hockey, but on TV, Michaels team, the LA Kings have their first game, so of course hes rushing home from work to watch it lol.

Tomorrow night we have no kids and are going to visit some friends of ours, its Michaels old roomates, after he moved out, they moved out of the house as well and into a new place, which we havent seen yet, so we are going to check out their new place. Saturday we are supposed to have nice weather here, almost 70 degrees, which is a welcome change from all the cold and rain we have been getting. Michaels boys will be coming over, not sure what we will be doing, maybe going fishing or something. Saturday night we have a friends bday party to attend, maybe a lil dancing, should be fun.

Then Monday my next class starts, Im already getting emails from my instructor, should be interesting lol.

Tina- Congrats on the virgin fat loss!! I wish I could get some motivation, I am just maintaining right now.


tinatina 10-04-2013 07:08 AM

Morning Beachers!

TGIF. Football tonight, visiting and cleaning for my mama tomorrow, senior pictures and painting on tap for Sunday, more painting on Monday.

I took Monday off from work to get the painting DONE! We have some paneling up the stairway and landing at the top of the steps and I'm truly scared to take it down and find out whats under it. While I hate the paneling, I won't mind it so much painted.

Have a great weekend Beachers.

luisafernanda 10-06-2013 01:46 AM

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been MIA. We started our "real" schedule in October, and I have class 4 afternoons (M-Th), so I don't get home until almost 7 p.m. those days (and I leave the house at 7:15 a.m.). I don't have time to do much at all in the evening during the week.

The scale is up a bit since I ended up doing 3 up days in a row because of different obligations, but I should be able to stay on schedule for the rest of the month at least. That's a relief!

Tina - congrats on finishing C25K, and congrats on the virgin territory! The DVDs that are kicking my butt are some of the latest by Leslie Sansone. If you want the exact titles, let me know and I will message you on FB.

Kelly - You always seem to have such a busy schedule! :)

Wiz, Cindy - :hiya:

Gotta go, have lots to do. I have to do a lot of cooking on weekends so DH has something to eat during the week ahead, otherwise he lives on frozen stuff and sandwiches. I also make stuff for my own meals on down days. Yesterday I made a creamy turnip soup for me and spaghetti carbonara for him, today it's tarragon chicken for me and marinated grilled pork loin for him, plus lemon bars for a co-worker who (for some unknown reason :dunno:) gave me two chorizos from his hometown last week. I feel indebted. :p I also have cleaning and ironing to do! Weekends are sure busy.

Radmom413 10-07-2013 05:17 AM

Monday, Ugh.
I like weekends too much.

It was gorgeous here yesterday and a beautiful week ahead.

DD23 had the wedding on Saturday - good thing her bride was so laid back as it poured all day. However, the pics, from what I have seen so far, are amazing!

DH and I hung out all weekend and dog sat - he wasn't too happy, but with the torrential rain on Saturday, I was ok with it.

I think this week should be quiet. Put my "Hospital and Home Survival Kit" together for DD26. Want to give it to her since basically she is full term this week! :eek:

Eating was ok this weekend, but of course during the week is better!!!

Hugs to all!

heahyou00 10-07-2013 12:10 PM

Hi Girls,
Its Monday, short week for me though, I am off on Thursday and Friday because lil man doesnt have school, so I figured I would burn some vacation days and hang out with him! Saves me money on daycare too.

I think I am coming down with a cold, not feeling very well today. Michael said he was feeling sick too, so early bedtime tonight and maybe it will go away!

We looked at several houses this past weekend, didnt find anything too exciting though. We have an appt to look at another one tomorrow evening. We are down to like 3 weeks before we have to move, I am starting to stress out a little bit! My next masters class started today and the instructor told us this is the hardest class of the entire program :( Just what I need while trying to find a new house and move. I sure hope I can pass this dang thing.

I didnt get on the scales this morning cause I figured it would be bad, its supposed to be my TOM and I am all bloated and feeling gross, not to mention I have a huge zit on my face that has caused swelling around my eye. I told Michael I am a hot mess today lol. Good thing he loves me or he would be like ewww lol.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week, the rain has returned here and Im gonna be stuck inside all winter now I think lol.


wiz 10-08-2013 06:29 AM

Hello all!!

I am exhausted - mentally and physically :stars:. Just too much going on right now, and I leave for a week in London for work on Saturday night. Yes, I know it sounds great (and I do love it there) but it's a lot of work to get organized for all my meetings, pack for the crazy UK weather, and spend all that time on a plane.

In any case, last week (I had a very hard time finding OP food in Canada!) was not good in term of eating. So I am redoubling my efforts this week and had a very good day yesterday. Let's see if I can string a few good days together before I leave on this trip...

Tina, woo hoo!! virgin territory - nicely done!!

Luisa, hmmm....that mystery chorizo sounds pretty darn good. :laugh: Well worth the effort of some lemon bars.

Cindy, I can't believe you will be a grandparent any time now. wow, that went fast.

Kelly, it's been so long since we last looked for a new place, but I remember what a hassle it can be. It always seems like every place has some fatal flaw. :laugh: With patience and a little luck, I'm sure you will find something great.

I need to jump on my first conference call of the day, so talk to you all later!!

Radmom413 10-08-2013 06:38 PM

I swear I posted this morning.

Radmom413 10-09-2013 04:43 AM

My friend/teammate/coworker had a massive stroke Monday night.
Very somber day at work yesterday.
Prognosis not good.
She has a living will and after 72 hours they will shut everything off.
Apparently there is no brain activity. At least that was the last we heard.

My team (14 of us) banded together yesterday and we put together two big baskets of food, snacks, food, puzzles, markers, crayons, games, books, coloring books - for the family and grandkids and brought to the hospital.

We are all in shock.

Can't wait for the little one. I went to bed last night thinking - anytime now, I could be getting the call.

Hope you all are having a good week.

tinatina 10-09-2013 06:50 AM

Morning Beachers!

Sorry to be MIA so far this week. I took Monday off work to do some painting. I only got two coats of primer on.

I finished C25K and dowloaded the C210K app. I am starting it from the beginning as I'm hoping to increase my speed by at least 1 mph. I can do the 30 min at 5 mph, but the faster I go the more calories I burn ;) One one lb and some change and I will be in the 170s!! :jumpjoy:

Cindy - Sad news about your coworker/friend. But the baby news is awesome!

Wiz - Hope you have enough time to recover physicially and mentally before you leave for UK.

Kel - I used to use a lot of my time off taking off days that the kids had off. They used to love it.

Luisa - Weekends are already so short! Kinda stinks that you spend most of your food prepping for the week! But good for you for thinking ahead and staying on plan! :high5:

Its still ROCKtober so let's keep rocking it!

wiz 10-09-2013 09:25 AM

Hey gang,

I've had 2 very good days of eating, and it feels great. Today (so far!) is also going well. I feel far less bloated...plus I am going to get my hair cut and colored this aternoon, which is REALLY overdue (Gosh, I am so gray :sad:). That always makes me feel better about my appearance!

Cindy, what a bummer about your coworker. When my MiL had her stroke, it was devastating to us all because it was out of nowhere. While she did recover, she was never the same after that. Physically, it just ravaged her body.

Tina, nice work on the painting. How about taking that act on the road? I have a bathroom that is dying for a new coat of paint! :laugh:

Luisa, you really have to do a lot of prep work on the weekends! My SiL does the same for her family. And its because she also has a long work day (taking the train into Philly, etc.)

Kelly, any luck on the house hunting?

2 for 1 burger night tonight at our local Irish pub...we haven't gone in about a month, so I am looking forward to it. I usually get the bruschetta burger: bruschetta, mozz, and a burger - no roll. With a side salad. Very OP. OK, I will probably get a glass of wine too. :o

heahyou00 10-09-2013 01:43 PM

Hi Girls,
Im stressing out big time and so is Michael. He has come down with a cold, but we are still trying to find a house. We looked at one last night and we loved it!! We sent the owner all of our information today so we are waiting to hear back from him, guess it will depend if our credit is good enough or not. Divorce reeks havoc on your credit, at least it did mine, my ex got the house and then let it go into foreclosure and so my credit was ruined thanks to him!

Anyway, we are supposed to look at 2 other places on Sunday if this one doesnt work out, we should know in a day or 2 I would think.

I have a ton of homework to do still and I was supposed to be off work tomorrow, but now my boss is gone for the rest of the week and I have been overloaded with customer meetings that no one else can cover, so looks like I will be loggin on from home tomorrow to cover them, at least I can do it while in my jammies lol.

I am hoping to take lil man to the Zoo on Friday if the weather is decent, its been awhile since him and I have spent quality time together, just the two of us, so I am excited!

Cindy- Sorry about your friend/coworker, that is awful :(

Everyone else- Hope you have a great rest of the week, I prob wont check in much till Monday.


wiz 10-10-2013 06:29 AM

Nothing new to report, eating continues to be pretty darn good this week.

But we are in the middle of a nor'easter here. Lots of wind (as high as 50 mph here at the beach!) and some much needed rain. I had to exercise in the basement this morning...a split between the treadmill and exercise bike.

Later gang!

tinatina 10-10-2013 07:34 AM

Morning Beachers!

Came down with a cold or something yesterday. Scratchy throat, ended up with no voice by the end of the day! Quite irritating. No exercise this morning, figured I needed the sleep more.

All of my calories today are gonna be spent on ludens and halls. :annoyed:

Had a 2.2 lb drop this morning which is huge considering I had a 1.2 lb drop the previous morning and I think I've lost a little something every day this week. So I'll be expecting a gain soon. But HOT DAMN I made it into the 170's! :jumpjoy:

Wiz - I just repainted by bathroom a couple of weeks ago (we put up new doors so I just wanted to freshen it up. I found a color at Lowes that I love a couple years ago. Usually when I repaint I want a new color, lol. Enjoy 2 for 1 burger night!

Kel - I saw on FB that you guys found a place! Thats great! Congrats!

Luisa - I hope you are really trucking along! :)

Cindy - Prayers for your coworker.

Have a great day beachers!

heahyou00 10-10-2013 04:51 PM

Hi Girls,
I worked from home all day today, its been cold here, I had to turn my heater on for the first time this year!

Off tomorrow and have a ton of errands to run, going to take lil man out to lunch at Incredible Johns pizza and then going to the zoo. I told him he just has to bare with me in the morning when running errands, we have to hit up the post office and then the rental agency to give them some money. They are still running background checks on us and what not ,but our credit passed which was the only part we were really worried about!! So we should get the final OK next week and sign the papers and get keys. I am stressing out, I hate moving. I keep looking around at my house thinking about all the junk I need to pack and what I should get rid of lol.

Anyway, not much else going on, may take lil man to the pumpkin patch this weekend, we arent really going to have any other time we can do it. We will move the weekend of the 26th. I have to book a Uhaul and hire movers. ugh so much to do lol.

I didnt even get on the scales this morning, last time I checked i was into the high 180's, I am sure that hasnt changed much, will check tomorrow morning. I need to update my siggy weight to the real number I guess.

Tina- Congrats on the 170's, Im jealous, I was there and have totally blown it lol.

Have a great weekend ladies!!


wiz 10-11-2013 06:06 AM

Very crummy weather here...cloudy, windy, rainy. We went up to the oceanfront yesterday afternoon and the waves were huge from this storm! So another day of exercising inside :annoyed:

I've got a bazillion things to do before hopping on a flight to London tomorrow! Work, packing, home stuff, etc.

Eating was really pretty good all week, but of course, ToM struck this morning so I couldn't bear to weigh myself in. It's always an instant gain. So...looks like I'll see where things are at when I get back next week. I tend to eat more carbs when I travel, but in the UK it's all really good, whole grain choices.

Kelly, congrats on finding a new place!

Tina, you are rocking the weight loss, good for you.

Cindy, how is everything going with your co-worker? Any new (hopefully better) news?

Luisa, one of these days I have think my European travel will get me to your part of the world, but so far - no go! I may be heading to Antwerp next month, which would be a new city for me.

OK, time to get on my first conference call of the day!! I'm guessing my next check-in will be from London!

tinatina 10-11-2013 07:10 AM

Football friday ladies and TGIF!

And I think we are going to get WET! Games about an hour or so from home. DS GF is riding to the game with us. I texted her this morning to DRESS WARM and bring her phone charger. One game last year it was FREEZING and RAINING and the child had on FLIP FLOPS! KIDS! :lol:

Still feeling crummy, no voice, no exercise either and I don't like it. I tried to get up to do it this morning but I just feel drained. Hopefully will do some tomorrow before we head out to a wedding.

Have a great weekend beachers!

wiz 10-11-2013 07:39 AM

Feel better Tina!! :console:

Radmom413 10-13-2013 04:48 AM

My friend passed away Friday evening.
So, so sad.
Her family is devastated.

wiz 10-14-2013 04:53 AM

Oh Cindy, that is just awful. I feel so sorry for everyone involved. Hang in there.

So here I am in London...the weather has been really crappy. It rained literally all day on Sunday :sad:. And I get here to find that my stupid Blackberry is not working - no service. I walked all the way to a Vodafone retail store in the rain to ask them for help (Verizon's partner in the UK, and that is the SIM card I have in my phone for global networks) and no luck. UGH!

I spoke to a really smart Verizon help desk guy this morning and I might be able to get this resolved, but I'm not holding my breath.

On the plus side, I went to a wonderful exhibit on Pearls at the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday. It was all about the science behind how a pearl forms, what type of mollusks (almost any kind!) have pearls, etc. and of course all of these stunning pieces of jewelry and clothing loaded with pearls.

I was a bad girl at dinner last night :o. I was jet lagged, lonely (not being able to call home - except for a 2 minute call on the hotel phone that probably cost me $50 :annoyed:), damp, and hungry. Bad combination!! Oh well, I ran for over an hour in Hyde Park this morning and ate a OP breakfast.

Off for some meetings...and dinner tonight with one of my college girlfriends!! Yea!! :D

Radmom413 10-14-2013 05:08 AM

A busy week ahead, including my friend/coworker's funeral. :(
I am just heartbroken.

I am sure it will be pretty somber at work this week. Will have to postpone my JA kickoff class as it's Thursday, same time as the funeral. I also have Golden Apple kick off, and am excited as it's at DD's school tomorrow morning! Also have hair appt too this week.

Wiz - have you ever had issues with your phone before over seas?

I have to rein it in once again. I don't really eat all that badly, just too much - and since my bday - too many unplanned sweets. It started yesterday and I am doing to forge ahead........looking at buying a NutriBullet for my smoothies and have been reading alot about Nutriblasting......we will see. They are on sale at Kohl's for $99, I think, plus I have a 30% off starting Thursday.......

Hope everyone is doing well.......:hugs: to all of you!!! You are all special to me. :love:

tinatina 10-14-2013 06:33 AM

Morning Beachers!

Still no voice! 4 DAYS! I did manage to get up and exercise this morning. I woke up with a bit of a headache so I really took it easy and just did 40 minutes of walking. I even managed to stay on plan all weekend!

Tonight DS has a JV football game, so I'll be sitting in the rain tonight. DD birthday is in about two weeks. Shes totally excited about it, but doesn't know what she wants.

Cindy - prayers of comfort for you and your coworkers family!

Wiz - I hope your phone issue is resolved today!

Kel - Did you have a fish fry last night?

Luisa - :hiya:

I've got to get to work. Have a great Monday Beachers.

wiz 10-15-2013 01:51 AM

Good morning!

Yea!! Phone issue resolved. Would you believe the whole issue stemmed from the fact that some IT person at my company didn't follow the right process when my new phone was ordered/approved this summer? The correct SIM card was in my phone, but it wasn't registered with Verizon. Very annoying.

In any case, I had a lovely dinner with one of my best friends from college last night. She was in our wedding 29 years ago! Although we only live about an hour and half away from each other, we rarely see each other due to our crazy work schedules. Believe it or not, she travels more than I do and mostly all outside the US.

OP dinner...avocado vinaigrette salad, followed by coq au vin. 1 glass of wine.

Kelly, I cannot believe your car window was smashed in. People are such jerks.

Cindy, I can only imagine how tough things will be at work this week. So sudden, it's hard to take it all in.

Tina, 4 days with no voice?? That stinks. I think I would go crazy since i am such a chatter. :laugh:

Gotta run! 3 meetings and a dinner engagement. Won't be back to my hotel for over 12 hours. :stars:

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