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Radmom413 07-31-2013 08:16 PM

SHORTIES - It's August Already?
What the heck?
It's August?


Radmom413 07-31-2013 08:17 PM

Figured I'd get the month off on the right foot!

Radmom413 07-31-2013 08:20 PM

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It's Mary Kay's special day tomorrow!

TuscanGirl 07-31-2013 08:29 PM

I took so long to post that it's a new month!!
Thanks Cindy!!!



Originally Posted by TuscanGirl (Post 16539840)
Poor baby!!! Get to the doctor!!

I found a new cut in a magazine and we're working toward that - but my hair needs to be longer.

I love the mug too! DD26 did a good job!

Cute dress!! And wedges would be perfect! If the grass is dry it won't matter ~ you could wear heels and not sink in.

Hope you're having a great time!!!

Hi Eve!!!! :D

I'm not sure how much I pay for cut, color, highlights (or lowlights depending on the season), brows and brow color (because they're going gray too!) ~ but I go on Friday, so I'll let you know! :D

Becky - you'll have to post pics of your jewelry!!!

Radmom413 08-01-2013 05:24 AM

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My parents come today.
Their demeanor plus the fact that my aunt passed away, is not going to make for a good weekend. Between all of us here - I am seriously thinking of talking to someone again....they are really pushing their boundaries again with DD being pregnant. Pray for my and DH's patience this weekend!!!

MK - what are you doing today????
I have considered coloring my brows, but it's more because they have gotten so light - I do use brow products and everyone comments on how perfect they are! :laugh: If they only knew!!!

And I have referred so many clients to my lovely stylist that on occassion she gives me product or a discount.....last night she only charged me $75!!!

Attachment 50858

And I shouldn't even admit this, but I bought myself an early bday present and mine's not till 9/26!!!!! :eek:

TuscanGirl 08-01-2013 06:43 AM

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Thanks Cindy!!

I really need to buy myself anothr bday present!
DH and I are being skimpy all year on presents because of our trip to Rome being the big gift this year.
So, I deserve it, right?
Maybe a trip to TJMaxx for a new Fall purse - a ridiculously expensive one!

This morning he gave me earrings and a new coffee mug.

TuscanGirl 08-01-2013 06:49 AM

Sorry about the parent visit.
Are they here for something special?
And yes, if you have a professional to talk to - do it!!

I've heard brows just get lighter and lighter and you become the old lady that pencils them in *shudder*.
She colors them when she does my hair, so it's all at once and not a big deal.
I do lots of referrals for my stylist too and am hoping she'll give me a deal tomorrow for sending Linda to her!

Today I have a birthday lunch with HS friend Greg, I'm taking a walk, reading a book - maybe two! And then going to a TWAW meeting about concealed carry - the sheriff and state's attorney are the speakers, and then out to dinner with another couple. She'll be at the meeting with me, so it'll be easy to plan.

I might browse the downtown shops on my own today - just because something might jump out at me - and I do have a whole month after all! :D

Rebecca130 08-01-2013 01:59 PM

What? Today is something special? Oh yeah!!!


And if Cindy bought herself a birthday gift already then I should be looking cuz mine is 3 weeks later! Debbie, you need to start looking and then Kelly and Jenn and we can all blame it in Cindy!!!

I hope your celebration is awesome!!!

Mom is getting her perm/cut now, I'm killing time at Panara. I have about another 45 minutes to kill. I have my kindle fire with me.

I haven't read a book in forever, usually use it to play games on. But I got a freebie and am reading it. It's actually a teen book called A Sliver Of Hope and its about twins... 1 commits suicide and its "written" by the twin in the down of her diary. It's actually very good.

Better go read, I rarely have reading time!

Spending the night at Kim's tonight with Alyssa and Gracie.

OH... And my Lia Sophia stuff is on my doorstep!!! Can't wait to unload it!!!

Rebecca130 08-01-2013 02:01 PM

:shake:Panera... Stupid auto correct. Figured I better correct it before the red pen lady does it.

TuscanGirl 08-01-2013 02:48 PM

Thanks Becky!!!

Good day so far - walk this morning and lunch with a friend!

AND a present in the mail!
Y'all have GOT to see the earrings and scarf!
Soooooo fabulous!!
And the cat loves the box!!

TuscanGirl 08-01-2013 02:50 PM

I can't get the pictures to load . . . :dunno:

TuscanGirl 08-01-2013 03:09 PM

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A scarf!!

TuscanGirl 08-01-2013 03:10 PM

Earrings that I can't get to load!

TuscanGirl 08-01-2013 03:15 PM

still won't . . . .

Rebecca130 08-01-2013 03:47 PM

At Pizza Hut getting a pizza to take to Kim's. gonna drop it off to them and then run home, take the trash out, feed kitties, grab Lia Sophia box and head back to Kim's. there's a few things for the girls so we'll unpack it tonight

Radmom413 08-01-2013 08:43 PM

Glad your day was a good one, MK!

The birthday present I bought myself was a purse and a ridiculously expensive one, but I got a deal!

Becky - post a pic of all your Lia Loot!!!

Parents aren't here for any reason other than "when they were here in June for DD23's wedding, that really didn't count as a visit" and they didn't want to wait until the baby shower in September.

And I am going to lose it - all because of DD being pregnant - they are making noises of moving out here? :eek: At 82 and 81? They are saying they need to come out as soon as the baby is born? My goodness, let's wait and see when he comes and then decide when it works for the rest of us to come. They are really overstepping their boundaries. I just don't know how to handle this.

Radmom413 08-02-2013 04:37 AM


MK - cute mug and earrings from DH!!!
And that scarf is pretty! Looks like something I would wear! ;)
Would love to see the earrings.

I bought some earrings in Montreal - they had a street fair with some awesome vendors.....I bought some for me and some as gifts! :D

Off to work today - didn't take any time off with the PUnits here - too busy.
I think we are going out to dinner tonight.

debbiedo 08-02-2013 05:50 AM

I swear I posted yesterday. Where did it go??

Happy Birthday MK!!

I called out sick today. I never do but I have barely slept the last two nights and I am exhausted.

Cindy, sorry about your parent situation. When do they leave??

Tomorrow is the bridal shower. She says it is 11-2:30. Three and a half hours is long!!!

Today my son closes on his house. It reminds me when Kim bought hers and couldn't move right in. It is probably similar. It is a little over 1000 square feet but has the same space in the basement. It needs a lot before they can move.we have been looking for a bed for Isabella. I have been looking on Wayfair. We want a trundle bed.

Hopefully in one year there will be a second grandchild.

DH working half a day.

The walk through is at 1 and closing 2:30.

Rebecca130 08-02-2013 02:08 PM

We closed on Kim's house on sept 30 and she moved in the week before Christmas. She and John worked on it every weekend and sometimes through the week, they for A LOT done in that 3 months! Someday we will probably move there and she will move to our house unless she marries and other plans are set for her to live somewhere else. I would like to stay here til we pass but John wants somewhere without the hill. He has the riding mower but it's the shoveling that he sees coming to an end. I wish we could hire it out but If we have a bad winter it would break us up. He has a snow blower but its horrible on the hill.

My jewelry... I'm in heaven! I want to go somewhere! Moms 86th bd is Monday so I'm going to take her to lunch, I'll wear a piece then! I love the Twist and Shout earrings, there hoops and its black and silver twisted. I'll post a pic tonight, i still can't figure out now to do that thumbnails!!! People will wonder what my avi is of if I do it like that, it was as exciting as Christmas!!

Speaking of Christmas, is it too early to ask if we're doing that this year? Or can't I ask til after my bd like my dad wouldn't let me give him my list til after my bd so I would give it to him at breakfast on oct 11. Lol

I'm suppose to have girls night here for my work but its down to 3 of us so I asked the other 2 if they wanted to come or for me to do it at a later date.

Rebecca130 08-02-2013 11:24 PM

They're not there on the hoops. Red pen alert!!!!

Radmom413 08-03-2013 05:13 AM

Hi Gang!

I remember Kim's house project! Debbie - they will be so excited when they move in!

Becky - I want to see your earrings - I have a weakness for earrings......big and dangly, lol! Lately, I have been wearing larger posts on occasion so you can see them through my hair!

Christmas - maybe we should decide now - that way we can be on the look out for stuff......I have an idea however....and just a thought......although it might cost more in postage??? We could do a favorites thing exchange - but you'd have to stick to like $5-$7 for your favorite thing. We did that with DD's inlaws......we had tights, coffee mugs, notecards, lotion, hot pad, dish towels.......it was fun! So you left with like 5-6 new "favorite things". Just a thought as I said..........

Visit going ok - I am keeping my patience - they leave tomorrow. The four of us went out to dinner - it was nice. DH is a saint. Today the guys (DH, my Dad, and DSIL and DSIL's brother) are going golfing. The girls (my Mom, DD and I) are getting coffee, then doing Pedi's and Target, probably lunch and maybe Kohl's. That will probably be enough. Going to DD's for dinner - DH got a big slab of meat, DSIL is preparing.....

Hope you all are having a good weekend............MK, must still be celebrating.

Rebecca130 08-03-2013 06:58 AM

What do u mean by favorites, Cindy? Like for each person or favorites for one person? Will we still draw names? And I suppose we will have lists? I'm open to anything, I'm just stupid and need it clarified. My earrings are dangly but not big, there's some black metal type hoops that i want, they compliment a necklace I got for having the party.

Going to try to get all the Lia Sophia today. I'm meeting johns niece halfway between her house and mine cuz they're talking their can to children's medical center to get Andrews chair lift repaired. They have to go to Dayton for that and they're something like an hour and a half from children's. they're closer to Cinci but Andrew goes to Dayton for therapy so they have to stick with Dayton for stuff.

It's raining and between the messed up sinus and my allergies to hunter I'm pretty miserable. Brad will get the girls in about 15 minutes. He's never on time.

Kim's hot water heater is out, I hope
John can fix it. More worries! Agh!

Debbie, when do the kids move in? Is it
libable or do they have to do things before they can move in? Kim's wasn't livable, they had to do the bathrooms before they could move in, it was bought as a flip and the person lost the house so the house was a mess,

What's Mk doing today? Birthday celebrations?

Kelly and Jenn???

Have a good weekend everyone!

handbells 08-03-2013 07:58 AM

Happy Belated Birthday, MK! Hope you had a fantastic day!!!

Traveled home yesterday. We had a lovely time at the beach, though we spent most of our time at the pool! lol! Only gained a pound, so I was pretty happy. TOM showed up, but I was prepared.

Going to the bank today and then a baby shower this afternoon. Have lots of laundry and food to put away.


TuscanGirl 08-03-2013 08:56 AM

Yes, still celebrating! It goes for a month now you know! :D

We have a huge street fair downtown this weekend - all the entertainment is free, and the food is yummy - if only I liked fried Oreos and Twinkies!


They do have decent stuff too and lots of craft booths, and just general fun stuff that you know you HAVE to have! Plus a Craft Beer Garden and a Wine Tent!

I want to see Foghat, CeCe Frey, Top Ten Finalist of X-Factor, Gracia Harrison of The Voice, and Casey Abrams, American Idol Top Ten Finalist who are all fairly local kids, and then just wander around and see who sounds good.

DH is off to a family reunion in KS, so I need to snag a girlfriend to go with me.
Anyone want to drive over? :D

So Cindy likes big earrings - check!:jumpjoy:

I like the 'favorite things' idea, but you're right about the postage. And how we'd all have to ship multiple packages . . .

But yes, drawing names early would be a bonus!
Is Debbie still looking for last year's gift?

Also glad you haven't killed anyone yet - any way you could wait a week to tell them the baby has been born?! JK, but really! :eek:

Jenn- thanks for the good wishes and any beach photos you want to share?
I miss it already!!

Becky - jewelry pics!!!

Debbie - I hope everything goes smoothly with the house.
And sometimes you just need a mental health day!!

Rebecca130 08-03-2013 08:16 PM

John crossed into the states around 830, he said they abound be back around 1:30

Rebecca130 08-04-2013 01:35 AM

He got home at 1:15 and said it rained every day. He needed time away from work tho so at least he could rest. Glad he's home

kellydawne 08-04-2013 07:17 AM

Good morning-
I wanted to say happy late birthday to MK while I had a minute.

My parents and niece are here for a few more days. We have had fun shopping FOR my niece though. She's almost 12, tall and looks very grown up. She has new jeans, new shoes, a new top, a new sweater, and she split the cost of a pendant at Tiffany with DH. (she has him wrapped pretty tight around her little finger, its probably a good thing we don't have girls) She will be ahead of the fashion trends in the Midwest when she goes back to school.

debbiedo 08-04-2013 11:48 AM

Hi Kelly!!

Had a great race. Not fast but a hard course and I felt great. Not feeling good now. Tummy upset but off the clean the new house. Just went to Home Goods first. Bought things for the house. Mostly Bella's room. Bought a quilt, lamp and picture.

Radmom413 08-04-2013 01:45 PM

Sunday and back to just DH and I.
It was a fun, but stressful weekend.
I am really going to have to think about this whole baby thing with my parents.

Yeah; favorite things was: My favorite thing last year was coffee mugs, DD's dish towels, her sister in laws tights and so on..........we bought 5 of each thing, and then had and exchange with the 5 women invited.......but it would be 6 and 6 packages.................that would be a bit much. But yes; maybe we should draw names maybe next month?

And Debbie - as MK said, did you ever get your package from last year? We never heard!

Jenn - welcome back!

Kelly - how sweet about the shopping trip with your niece - what Tiffany piece did she get?

After my parents left I went back to Target to exchange the knee brace I got yesterday - it was too big.....got a few groceries there. Then went to Kohl's - I had my favorite Vera Wang tee, that I washed once and it got a hole in the middle of the front....I had hoped to return it - the sales gal told me that they have taken back about 6 of them for the same reason. :eek: So I got my money back and got some jeans for fall instead......

DH and I are being lazy this afternoon - I am having a "The Killing" marathon.

Rebecca130 08-04-2013 04:02 PM

Add me to the exchange. Will we do it with the website again? That was pretty cool. And make our lists? Is it hard to believe that it's only a little more than 3 months Til the holiday season launches with thanksgiving?

John fixed Kim's hot water heater, thank God! I was panicking.

He is less than thrilled about my jewelry to say the least. If it was fishing stuff he would like it. That's ok... He'll get a better idea when I wear it

Gotta run, girls are here

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