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zipp2play 07-24-2013 12:47 PM

LESS scary by Halloween Challenge
Anyone welcome. Any eating plan is great. Come here, talk food, weight, life, you name it!

Start: 169
Goal: 164

HMMM looks familiar, just like my July 4th goal. GRRRRRR

michelle204 07-24-2013 12:51 PM

I'm in!

Start: 192.8
Goal :175.0

There is 100 days between now and then and I sure hope I stick to this challenge this time. I'm too too close to 200 lbs again and that CAN"T happen!

jbatchelor 07-25-2013 05:15 AM

Count me in too

Start 176.5
Goal 160

A big goal that way I have been going but I need something to strive for! I need to get my focus onto something and stick onto my health again...I appreciate the words of encouragement girls--I will get my head on straight eventually--not sure what is causing the stress-just feel oppressed and overwhelmed majorly...it doesn't help my desire to eat when you are a stress eater!

Thanks for setting up the new challenge--love it and Halloween too

zipp2play 07-25-2013 07:10 AM

Michelle - how are you feeling? Cold stuff gone? I sure hope so, NOTHING worse than a summer cold.

Jeanne - you can do this girl! When you are stressed, TEXT me! I will gladly chat with you!

zipp2play 07-25-2013 07:11 AM

T and I did the 1 hour kickboxing class last night. To say it is INTENSE is putting it MILDLY! ;) I fear tomorrow, I won't be able to lift/move my arms. I am almost certain T will NOT ever want to do it again. I will let it be for now. He is at my parents house all next week. I will bring it up again after school starts.

zipp2play 07-25-2013 07:13 AM

Didn't do well yesterday! I plan to get 100% focused next week, when all the visitors are gone from our house!

michelle204 07-25-2013 07:50 AM

Wow Monica what made you try kick boxing? It looks fun but also it looks painful. You guys are so adventurous. I understand waiting for all your visitors to go before you focus completely. You aren't far from your goal anyway. By the way how is all the bickering between your visitors doing?

Jeanne-- I am a stress eater too and I know what you mean by feeling oppressed and overwhelmed. That is exactly how I have been feeling since fall of last year. That is why I have gained so much weight and that is why I believe I have been so sick and tired. Like this cold that will not go away. I think together we will get through this. It is nice to know I am not alone and that I have my friends here to talk to.:hugs:

Well I have managed to eat cleanly for 3 days now. If I just hold the course for another 7 days I know I will have a foot on the path to better health. After 10 days most cravings are gone and so is the hunger. So here's hoping for no major events happening here for another 7 days so that I can get a good firm grip on low carbing again and get far away from that 200 lb number:aprayer:

I hope we all have a successful and happy Thursday ! Later girls.

jbatchelor 07-26-2013 07:39 AM

Monica-I am impressed--kickboxing! you go girl!

Michelle--keep it going--you can do it!! I am two days down-but it has been hard-I want to eat! I have been eating the whole month of July it seems-hard to not eat! but a couple more decent days-I don't even have time to bake or do something good for me--I better make a coconut pie-I need to do that for safety sake! I will be canning wax beans this weekend it looks like! I am still feeling overwhelmed and oppressed! not sure why but will be glad when it passes-not sure why? just feel like a big dark cloud is overhead-and I could crawl into a deep dark hole and not come out for anybody-but I can't do that! sorry to dump girls-just don't get it!

better get on with my day-I have been busy already this morning-put mulch around my raspberry plants-I think they will be good next year--I have had a few berries-I eat them as they get ripe-they should be good next year or the following year! if I figure out how to keep them producing--something about pulling out the spent canes-I will have to read and read some more about that!

later girls-we will do it this time!

IndieKim 07-26-2013 12:39 PM

Hi all, may I join in? I'm thinking a challenge could be just what I need.

Some quick background....over the last couple of years I gained quite a bit of weight (emotional eating, mostly) and hit the milestone I never wanted to ever see - over 200lbs on a smallish 5'4" frame. I felt horrible and looked worse. Even during pregnancy I never topped the 2 bills number :(

Started LC in May, and am down just over 30# (it fluctuates up and down some but overall right this second it's 31lbs...could be 28 tomorrow, who knows? LOL)...so that's a couple of months, and includes a very very VERY long stall at around 175 that finally broke this week.

I'm staying more or less on induction as OWL, but I carb loaded just to see what would happen and that resulted, I think, in a 4lb drop..weird.


Current: 171
Goal: 145

That's doable, isn't it?

michelle204 07-26-2013 07:39 PM

Welcome Kim. If you are an emotional eater then you have come to the right place. I and Jeanne are emotional eaters to the max. I think your goal is attainable. But as you get further down the scale it comes off a little slower. But I'm sure you can do it.

I just finished 5 days of eating under 25g of carbs per day and I'm beginning to feel better. Another week to go and I should be pretty good with no cravings and hunger under control. So here's hoping I make it another week. I wish this stupid cold would go away. I would have much better willpower if I felt better.

Jeanne, I feel for you. Get that pie made and try and think happier thoughts. I know it's hard, but you need to have some positive thoughts. Think of all the good things in your life like your family and upcoming grandkid. You need to do this for yourself.

I\ll be here all weekend so feel free to talk away. I'm here to listen.

jbatchelor 07-26-2013 08:08 PM

Hi Kim--welcome to the group--looks like you are well on your way!! congrats on your losses! Michelle and I are doing low carb-Monica does JUDDD--so we are a mix of whatever works for each of us--I keep thinking I should go gluten free and I may add that to the mix soon-if I can give up my tortilla wraps! anyway--I keep falling off the wagon and struggling to stay with the woe--I am my own worst enemy--I am pre-diabetic so I NEED to behave and keep my health in the forefront-but my sweet tooth gets the best of me and my DH drags me to the amish buffets all the time which doesn't help! -well--that is my story-more than you needed to know right? lol--I don't ramble all the time--just occasionally! again--welcome and glad to have you with us!

Didn't get my pie made yet--too busy picking beans-will be breaking beans and cleaning them tomorrow in prep for canning tomorrow evening I hope--so the pie will wait-I am not as hungry tonite-a good sign-congrats Michelle for hanging in there-we are two peas in the same pod!

michelle204 07-27-2013 07:51 AM

Good Saturday morning girls. It is a cool one today. It is 6*C or 42*F. It should warm up later but for now it is a bit nippy. As usual, Saturday is weigh in and I am down. hat is to be expected losing the water weight. Now it's time to lose the fat and that is quite a bit harder. But so far I seem up for the challenge. :lol:

Nothing big planned for today. A walk in the park with my best friend (dog)Ben and pick up a few things at Costco. Maybe a little de-weeding and some vacuuming too.

I hope you all have a great Saturday. See you later:up:

IndieKim 07-27-2013 10:37 AM

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for letting me tag along :) Yes, an emotional eater. Never knew I was til the last 18 months or so. My marriage has suffered what I can only see is a fatal blow...actually many fatal blows since November 2011, and it's resulting in separation (hopefully within a few days) and ultimately divorce. The last few weeks have been really tough but I've stayed on my WOE...in fact, have begun my walking regimen again...it really helps with the stress if nothing else. I'd gained around 35 to 40 pounds due to this mess, and I wasn't exactly thin for starters.

Although it's July, up here in Minnesota the weather is closer to late September the last few days. Since I love fall, that's fine with me...not sure how fine it is on my tomato plants on my apartment balcony though! Hopefully they'll pull through. I'm job-hunting (putting a priority there in light of current issues) and once what'shisname moves out I'm focusing on reorganizing and decorating my place to suit ME for once. Looking forward to it! Y'know, making lemonade out of them lemons. Sugar free, of course ;)

Speaking of...has anyone here tried Swerve sweetener? I was pretty sold on Stevia in the Raw til I tried Swerve, now I have bags of both. Sure a long way from Equal or Splenda that we had back when I did LC before!

I'm pre-diabetic also, Jbatchelor, and the symptoms really were terrible after I'd gained all that weight. The hypoglycemic catch 22 was going full speed and I knew I had to do something fast. Saw Dr. Atkins book at a Goodwill along with the South Beach diet and bought both books. I started week 1 with south beach to ease into it, then went to Atkins Induction and have stayed there ever since with very very few exceptions. I haven't had any carb induced hypoglycemic episodes at all, only one mild one when I went a little too long without eating anything and I had a salad instead of reaching for a PB&J or cereal as I used to. So that's progress!

How often do you all weigh to track your progress on a challenge like this? I tend to weigh daily though I know I shouldn't because we all know our weight fluctuates a lot for any number of reasons but I can't keep away from the stupid scale :P

jbatchelor 07-27-2013 11:52 AM

Sorry to hear about your marital issues--that gives you reason for stress! it sounds like you have your head on straight about it and you are putting yourself first where you should be--you go girl--don't let anyone (male or otherwise) bring you down--hope you find a job soon--

we weigh whenever you want to--Michelle on Saturdays --me on Mondays--Monica not sure she has a special day--and if we know we are going to be depressed--we pass--lol--a fine bunch of challengers we are! hopefully we will be more on a straight and narrow path this time! I know I need too--I weigh 20 pounds more this summer than last-my medication changed and my blood sugar has elevated so I know those things have affected my losses but I haven't been faithful eating the right things either--and no exercise at all!! I hate exercise and need to begin walking at least!

I haven't tried Swerve--I used Erythritol when baking and sweetzfree it seems most of the time-and stevia extract powder also ... .Swerve is Erythritol isn't it?

jbatchelor 07-27-2013 11:55 AM

Michelle-great weigh in!!!! don't dismiss it as all water! you have been back on plan so some has to be real weight loss--that is a lot of weight!!! you are only 10 pounds to your goal now!!! woohoo!!!

michelle204 07-27-2013 12:44 PM

Wow Kim you really are going through alot. For you to stay on plan while going through all of that is something you should really be proud of. KUTGW.

I have never tried Swerve sorry. My primary sweetner is sweetzfree and then erythritol. I love both of these very much.

I just finished a 4 km walk with Ben and some shopping. Now time for lunch, snow pea salad with chicken breast. I bought some snow peas in the pod last weekend and when you can only eat 10 or less a day to stay in induction the bag sure goes a long way. I love them but I'd like something else, but I won't waste food.

Oh well later ladies.

IndieKim 07-27-2013 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by jbatchelor (Post 16533294)
Sorry to hear about your marital issues--that gives you reason for stress! it sounds like you have your head on straight about it and you are putting yourself first where you should be--you go girl--don't let anyone (male or otherwise) bring you down--hope you find a job soon--

we weigh whenever you want to--Michelle on Saturdays --me on Mondays--Monica not sure she has a special day--and if we know we are going to be depressed--we pass--lol--a fine bunch of challengers we are! hopefully we will be more on a straight and narrow path this time! I know I need too--I weigh 20 pounds more this summer than last-my medication changed and my blood sugar has elevated so I know those things have affected my losses but I haven't been faithful eating the right things either--and no exercise at all!! I hate exercise and need to begin walking at least!

I haven't tried Swerve--I used Erythritol when baking and sweetzfree it seems most of the time-and stevia extract powder also ... .Swerve is Erythritol isn't it?

Thanks again, you're sweet :) Well, the dude isn't who I thought he was, for sure. Hope he and his homewrecker live happily ever after. Best revenge for me is living better and that's exactly what I will do :jumpjoy:

As I said I'm a daily weigher and I need to stop that. I didn't weigh today (progress, for me!) and Monday is usually my "big" weigh in day, the one day where I count the number on the scale the most since I started my WOE on a Monday. I did get out at about 7am and do my walk. I hear ya, I hate exercise too, until I'm actually doing it! Then I really enjoy it. It's just getting up and getting it done that's the problem. I tried to "excuse" my way out of it this morning...oh, forgot to charge my phone last night and it's dead so I can't listen to Pandora and I CAN'T DO MY WALK WITHOUT MY MUSIC!!! LOL..sheesh. So I plugged in my phone, let it charge an hour and went out and did it. Wow, crisp cold morning air, it felt amazing :heart:

My 19 year old son bought a set of weights and is harping at me about strength training, I need to do that in addition to walking. Yeah yeah yeah :annoyed:

Yes, Swerve is Erythritol. It really is good and all natural but wow, it's spendy! I don't use it that much, but what little I have used it, I really like it a lot. I have a huge bag of Stevia in the Raw too that I interchange with Swerve to make it last a bit longer. I haven't ventured into LC baking yet really, except Dr. Atkins Revolution Rolls which I made for the 4th of July barbecue our apartment community put on. They're a lifesaver!

Michelle, how many miles is 4km? You'd think I'd know this since I lived in India for awhile and they go on the metric system too...I was always lost with the kgs and kms though. My sons always had to explain it to me and I'd always forget :o

My walk is only like a mile and a half, if that, but I enjoy it a lot. After losing the 30 pounds, it's gotten way easier and I'm thinking about doubling the distance. I do one lap through the park across the street now, and I think I may start doing 2 circles instead. One lap is about 12 minutes at a good "powerwalk" pace.

I'm not real diligent about counting carbs, though I think really I should start. I stick pretty much to Induction, and in fact eat a little less these days than I should be. I know I went over last week one day at a social event but since then have been very, very good. Do you guys look at ketosis as an indicator? I never bought keto strips to track that. Are there physical symptoms one can go by to see if they're in ketosis? I notice the lower carb I go, the thirstier I am :dunno:

michelle204 07-27-2013 06:08 PM

Kim I have never used the sticks either. I just seem to know I have reached ketosis when all cravings are gone and hunger disappears. Oh and I'm usually a little chilly too. When I first started low carbing in 2007 I stayed at induction levels the whole 9 months it took me to lose 100lbs. Then I increased the levels to maintain to about 40-50 per day. My weight gain of almost 30 lbs cam about in this last year when just too much happened to me that I couldn't bear it and caved to carbs. Now hopefully I am recommitted to get this job done. I know coming to this site every day helps with staying accountable. I may have put 30 lbs back on but I think if I didn't come here and talk to my friends I would have put the whole 100 lbs back on.

I have now finished my 2nd walk and that was 2km. So 5 km for today. That is about 3+miles. I hate excercise too. I ride my stationery bike in winter and walk in the summer because it makes my dog very happy. I don't think the excercise is what helped me lose the weight, but I do think it keeps me busy for awhile and not thinking about food or my problems.

jbatchelor 07-27-2013 06:51 PM

I use the ketosticks-I mainly use them to make sure I haven't gone over in carbs-I do cut them in half even to make them go further--I am such a penny-pincher! but I think it is one way to measure and make sure-and there is a different smell to your breathe and your urine I think--tmi-but if you are aware of those things you can detect it!

Michelle-good for you getting your walks in today--I broke beans most of the day and tomorrow I will be canning! and possibly picking more beans--will be canning the wax beans early in the morning and if that goes well-Bill and I will pick green beans and break and can those later in the day-it will be a full day for sure so I won't be here until late... it will be nice to have some help tomorrow-sure does make things easier and faster for me.

IndieKim 07-27-2013 07:13 PM

Ah, okay. I'm a penny-pincher to the max too LOL...was in Goodwill again today, with my 19 year old son. He wanted to find some jeans for work. I browsed the books and came back with Atkins Essentials and Low Carb Meals in Minutes, hoping for some recipes to jazz up my meals (though the internet is a darn good resource, it's a pain to bring the laptop into my cramped kitchen LOL).

My son made me laugh though. While in Goodwill I was looking at different things in the home décor, furniture, etc departments. Told the son I'm getting ideas for my "woman cave" I want to make after whatshisname leaves. Son goes, "you HAVE a woman cave...the kitchen!" I wanted to clobber him LOLOL!!!

I may just break down and go get keto sticks when I run to the pharmacy tomorrow for my younger son's prescription. I did a quick run through of the food I ate today and I came in at 19 grams for the day. I was surprised it was that high actually. I didn't realize coffee has carbs and I LOVE my coffee :P

My son came up with a great "recipe". He took buttermilk ranch dressing, added some Mexican hot sauce and hot pepper flakes to it and mixed it up. He made it as a chip dip, but I took some and spread it over a bone-in chicken breast and roasted it. WOW that was deelish!

IndieKim 07-28-2013 06:38 AM

Good Sunday Morning, lovelies :)

Just in from my walk. I didn't double it as I'd planned, but I may do another round later on this evening. My right knee started buggin' a bit so I did one lap and called it good. It's so weird having temps barely 50 degrees but lush green...I keep expecting to see fall colors LOL!

I did hop on the scale this morning, I know, bad. 171.8? UGH. It's all good though. It'll fall off I know. TOM is approaching in a week and a half and I tend to start bloating around this time so...maybe that's it. Hope so. Goal for this week is to up the H20 intake...I tend to neglect that very vital piece to OWL.

So Mr. Clueless came home from work last night with packing boxes and proceeded to remove the framed pictures of his kids from the bookcase, packed his shoes, photo albums and other assorted things. Suddenly it's getting real :( It makes me sad but I know it needs to be done. Then dude tells me I should delete our wedding photos from the computer. *sigh*.....

Jeanne, have fun with the canning! I used to do a lot of canning when I had an actual house and garden. Hope one day to buy another place and do lots of gardening, I enjoy it so much though it is a lot of work. I'm now limited to a couple of container tomato plants, living in an apartment.

So, today is another day....have a great one, girls, as I fully intend to no matter what!

michelle204 07-28-2013 01:27 PM

Kim keep up with that positive attitude. You are handling your domestic situation better than I would that's for sure.

Jeanne, enjoy your canning. You are such a wonderful homemaker. I bow to your greatness.

I opted to having liver for dinner tonight. I love liver and thought it was low carb, boy am I wrong. So i'll be at 29.6 grams of carbs today. I have to go through with it though, I will not waste food and nobody but me eats liver. Maybe I can make up for it by cutting out my coffee. But like you Kim, I love my 3 cups a day!

Love2Lift 07-28-2013 01:44 PM

Hi can I join you? I'm new on here, not sure what is a good 'goal' for Halloween.

Currently 191
Goal 171

Does this sound fair? 13 weeks and 20 lbs.. but some of that will be the rush of going into ketosis, I won't 'stay' in ketosis the whole way though as have a comp at the end of November so for training I will likely have to up my carbs a bit. Will play that by ear. :)

michelle204 07-28-2013 01:58 PM

You are more than welcome to join Love2Lift. The 20 lb goal sounds achievable to me. Nice to have you. I don't know much about lifting. Maybe you'll be able to teach us a thing or two.

jbatchelor 07-29-2013 07:06 AM

Welcome Love2Lift--nice to have someone from across the pond to join us!! want to share your name so we have something to call you? I hope you share some of your lifting experiences with us--sounds interesting --I am clueless also--always like to learn something new! glad to have you joining us!

had a super busy weekend! the canning season is upon us-I also mowed part of the yard yesterday and found time to cut Bill's hair --I need to call and make Dolly a grooming date-she is past time--if there were only more hours in the day I might get it all done-I am breaking more beans today and I hope to get them canned today too-maybe? if not tonite will have to do--I am thinking about stuffing some jalapenos for dinner with some leftovers--everything seems to come out of the garden in the summer!

How's the cold Michelle--any better? sure hope so--I hate summer colds!

Monica--how was your weekend? busy busy I know

Kim--how are you doing? hang in there--you are doing great handling what is going on--but you will come out on the other side stronger and it will take time to realize it--there will be a positive in this whole thing that you can't see now

time to run-literally

zipp2play 07-29-2013 07:06 AM

Good morning all! I disappear for a while and look what happens, our group expands.

Kim - :welcome: to our group. I am very sorry for the struggles you are going thru. MEN are such PIGS sometimes! GRRRR Thrilled to have you here.

Love2lift - :welcome: to our group. How long have you been into weight lifting? Competition level? WOW

My name is Monica, I am a 42 year old Mom of 2. Married for 16 years. My DS is 14 and my DD is 11. They keep me very busy! Life happens. I follow JUDDD eating, as does my DH and my DS14. I started JUDDD 04/18/2012, with DH. I lost 20 lbs (and still working on the final 10) DH lost 40 lbs and DS14 has lost 35 (he didn't start until 04/2013)

zipp2play 07-29-2013 07:10 AM

Jeanne - our jalepeno plant has a TON of peppers on it. I just pulled 3 last night as we made guac! Love that. OH and we used tomatoes from our plants in it too!

Michelle- it was cool here too. I think the low on Sunday morning was 54*, which is SUPER cool for us for JULY!

It has been a crazy few days. Our visitors went home on Saturday. As I was finishing up their laundry Friday night, our dryer broke! (At 11:00 p.m. none the less) so I was at the laundry mat at 6:15 a.m. Saturday morning. We were testing driving a new car ....which I am now OUT of the mood to buy (need a dryer more ;) ). Dennis' uncle in KY died. Dennis/his dad/his dad's wife are currently driving to KY for the visitation which is today and the funeral which is tomorrow. We dropped Haven off at my Mom/Dad's church yesterday for her to head to Camp and Tristan is staying with them.

I AM ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! What will I do???

Well I will call a repair guy for the dryer, I will work and tonight, I think I will watch a movie, order pizza (it's an UP DAY) and read....go to bed early! now that sounds perfect!

IndieKim 07-29-2013 07:59 AM

Good morning all!

I haven't gone out on my walk yet even though it's 8:30am...totally overslept. Having only 2 cups of coffee since that's all the coffee left in the house, gotta get more before Mr. Clueless gets up or there will be even more issues than there already are. I may do my walk later, it's not supposed to be hot today...loving this cool spell we're in.

Hi Monica! Thanks for the encouraging words and the welcome :) Yep, men can be pigs...no disrespect to pigs intended of course! I'm just looking forward to getting on with my life, as last night he made it pretty clear he wants out at least for awhile. Fine with me so just go already...sheesh!

All by yourself? What will you do? ENJOY IT!!! LOL....though I'm sorry to hear about the reason you have that alone time. I know the feeling though....sometimes I get overwhelmed with stuff, feel like I have no time because I have to do for this kid or that kid or Mr. Clueless, then suddenly I have a day completely to myself and I have no idea what to do with it. Wish I had one of those today, my apartment is a disaster. I have been really neglecting things lately. Unfortunately, neither my son nor Mr. Clueless work today. So I'll have to work around them, especially Mr. Clueless's belongings that are half-packed and taking over the living room and bedroom.

Jeanne, enjoy your canning! I have a recipe for stuffed jalapenos - we eat a LOT of spicy food around here so I can't wait to try this. Basically taking sausage and browning it, stirring in some cream cheese and stuffing jalapeno halves with it and baking them I think. I have a half dozen huge jalapenos to use up so that's on my menu today. What do you stuff yours with, you said leftovers? What kind?

My tomatoes are coming out but they're tiny and green. I got the plants late in the season from a neighbor lady who dug them up from the garden where she works (assisted living). They had been tilled under the year before and started growing on their own again this year so she pulled some and gave them to those of us in the community that wanted them. I have no clue what kind of tomatoes they are, but yeah, just a few little green ones so far. Mr. Clueless said he didn't think they'd produce at all, but I assured him tomatoes are tough. I've never had tomatoes fail to produce, even if this year it's going to be very late LOL....

Michelle, I don't know how well I'm handling it, really, but I'm trying to detach and do me and my kids as much as possible even though he's still living here. When he's being nice and joking and laughing, it makes it really hard. But I know it's for everyone's good that we part ways.

I love liver too, but only the way my mom used to make it...liver n onions with cream of mushroom soup. Definitely no no on my diet and no one else would dream of eating it in my family, though! I can just hear my boys now...YUUUUUUCK!!!! I didn't know liver has carbs though!?

Love2Lift, welcome! I'm new to the group too. Yes please share your lift knowledge. My son told me the other day that to get my weight loss going, strength/resistance training is essential and I'm not really doing it right now.

Yep I think your goal is obtainable!

So today is supposed to be my weigh-in and for once I'm shying away from the scale. I woke up feeling fat and bloated and icky this morning. I don't want to be discouraged so I'm leaving the scale alone today. TOM is approaching so yeah.

I did a little better with water intake but need to really be more conscientious of it. I think that could make a huge difference.

Better head out for coffee as it's now almost 9am! Will check in later....

zipp2play 07-29-2013 03:01 PM

Kim, again, my thoughts are with you during this time. I am sure it is tough!

michelle204 07-29-2013 06:49 PM

Monica enjoy your special alone day.:jumpjoy:You deserve some me time for sure.

Jeanne you are my hero of homemaking. Can away. I wish I could taste some.
It's funny how we trust ourselves to cut our husbands hair, but we leasve our dogs to the professionals:lol:

Kim...Did you ever make it out for the walk? And get more coffee? I couldn't live without that. I understand about leaving that scale alone around that TOM. I am the same. I am feeling pretty fat and bloated myself.

I still have the cold, but it is much better. However I have reinjured my neck somehow and am back full force at the chiros trying to get this headache to go away. Hopefully by tomorrow. The weather here is beautiful again, but this headache stopped me from enjoying my daily walk with Ben. :annoyed:

I'm pretty sure I am in ketosis now. I have no appetite at all and I crave nothing. Finally! Let's hope I can stick to it this time.:aprayer:

Have a great evening ladies. Oh and I made up for my higher carb day yesterday and finished off at 10 carbs today. Including a great chia, coconut milk, chocolate pudding that was soooo good.

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