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Radmom413 07-01-2013 04:32 AM

SOUTH BEACH VETS - Chapter 7 - July 2013
It's July!!!!
It's been so quiet, but we have to keep it going for each other!

Radmom413 07-01-2013 04:36 AM

Well how is everyone doing?


It's just the four of us - let's keep supporting each other!

New week - and tonight DH has a broker in town we are going to dinner with - I had pledged no alcohol this week too! I don't have but maybe one drink on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday......how come when you say you aren't going to have any, that's when you want it! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

tinatina 07-01-2013 05:40 AM

Morning Beachers!

Sorry to be MIA most of June. Was a super busy, crappy eating month. Im back at it today and am hoping to have a great weight loss month.

I got the new iphone5. When I got it, I had been having itunes issues so I lost all my music (only 24 songs) and all of my apps. Since I lost all of my apps I restarted today doing c25k from the beginning. 5 am club this morning!

Cindy - Your DD wedding pictures (from fb) are LOVELY!

Wiz - Hope your business travel slows down for you for awhile!

Kel - Loved your Hawaii trip pics!!

July 4 we are going to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. Never been to a professional game before. Should be interesting! A friend of DH's won 4 tickets.

Happy 4th week beachers!

heahyou00 07-01-2013 09:07 AM

HI Girls,
Well my eating has been out of control since i got home, I got on the scales this morning and I am back into the 180's ugh!! I am gonna go back on plan after 4th of July, pretty soon my clothes wont fit anymore if I dont do something ASAP.

4th of July we are BBQing and then also going to a baseball game, but its just minor league, they build a new stadium here and got a new team, they do a huge fireworks show after the game too, I am excited for the boys to see it.

Sucks I have to work on Friday though ,I am thinking about maybe pulling a fast one and just work from home that day lol. I will have the kids and we are all going to be tired from the night before. Plus 90% of the office has taken that day off, my boss said no one else can take it off cause too many people are gonna be gone, including her!

Well not much else to report, since its July 1st, its time to start getting serious about finding a house, Michael and I only have 2 months till we are supposed to move. I am super excited to get our own place, its been along time coming!

I got my moms plane ticket this morning, she flys out July 31st, so I only have to deal with her 1 more month! I can do this :) Shes moving to Dallas Tx, so I prob wont see her much anymore, will be far away. I will try to go visit at some point.

Well I had better get back to work, its going to be in the 90s here all week, I am loving the sun and so happy we have a pool where we live :)

Welcome back Tina!


luisafernanda 07-01-2013 10:14 AM

Hi ladies!

Here I am again, hanging my head in shame. I let my eating get out of control in the last month or so, but last week was a doozy. :stars: I had friends visiting (I met them when I did my year abroad here in college, so we've been friends for a very long time), and we all reminded ourselves why Spain is a food lover's paradise (BBQ at my house, gourmet meal in Segovia, outstanding paella a couple days later, and plenty of good wine). As if that weren't enough, the teachers from my school got together for a wonderful dinner on Thursday, and another college friend was here for lunch on Friday. :doh: I have regained the 8 or 9 pounds I had lost since the first of the year, so I will once again have to lose those before I can get down any further. Oh well, at least I'm now officially on vacation until September :jumpjoy:, so I will have time to plan my meals, do more exercise and drink more water!

I am planning on doing P1 for two weeks to get myself in gear. :up: Feel free to give me a boot in the backside if I start drifting off plan!

Kelly, Tina...let's do this already! :shake:

Cindy - I enjoyed the wedding pics, too! (and Kelly, the Hawaii pics were great!)

Wiz - I think I would weigh 500 lbs. if I had to travel the way you do. Kudos to you for keeping things in check!

It is cloudy and looks (and smells) like rain is coming, so I think I will get out in the garden and pull some weeds while there's a break from the broiling sun!

Radmom413 07-02-2013 05:38 AM

YAY - the Beachers are reuniting!!!!!
We need to support each other!

CindyC - SO Glad you are back - we can support EACH other!

Kelly - YAY for you and Michael - and everyone should close on Friday! :annoyed: The college had a choice and decided to stay open - are you kidding me? I was going to work, but DD is coming home and I want to be here - my co worker who has been off every TH/Fri in June can work!

Late day today and I am off to walk DD's pups!

tinatina 07-02-2013 05:52 AM

Good Morning beachers!

Up and got my c25k done again this morning. yesterday's was easy peasy. Today i thought I was gonna pass out, lol

Luisa - Glad to see you are back :)

Kel - You really looked great in the pics that you posted and your face is soooo thin! I love it!

This is DS senior year and he'll have senior night for football, football banquet etc that the parents are involved in, I REALLY would like to loose some of this weight before those things happen.

We decided last minute (yesterday) to have some friends/family over for the fourth on Saturday. I will be spending me evenings cleaning and working in the yard like a crazy person trying to bring it up to the standards I think it should be at!

Have a great Tuesday SBers!

heahyou00 07-02-2013 09:03 AM

Good Morning Girls,
I got on the scales and was down a pd from where I was yesterday, I wasnt totally OP but cut back on some of the junk I had been eating. I am going to do my loading days this weekend on Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday will be the start of my super low calorie days, going to see if I can make it 40 days!! I will be done just in time to get ready to start moving.

I think part of my problem last week was it was my TOM, I wanted to eat everything in site!!

Glad to see the whole gang is gettin back together, we are just missing Neesie now :) I was starting to think our lil group was fizzling out which would have really bummed me out!

Im off to Starbucks to get my skinny latte, have a great day ladies! And if any of you are looking for something to watch on TV tonight for motivation, ABC has Extreme Weightloss, tonight is going to be a husband and wife both doing it together, I love that show!! It helps that the trainer Chris Powell is a hottie lol.


luisafernanda 07-02-2013 09:42 AM

I made it through day 1 of P1. Guess I just have to keep thinking "one day at a time" so I don't get overwhelmed. Today I've done well, too (so far at least!). I didn't make it out to walk first thing this morning and it's way too hot now, so I guess I'll try at around 9 p.m.

I would really like to be down 8 kilos (17.6 lbs) by the time I have to go back to work at the beginning of September, but don't know if I can manage that. I have always tended to lose very slowly. Oh well, ANYTHING will be an improvement! :lol:

Tina - I wore myself out 2 weeks ago trying to get the house ready for the BBQ on the 22nd, and trying to finish the last-minute stuff with the yard, patio, etc. I sympathize with you! Good for you on the C25K. Sometimes I think I should give it another try, but my left knee has been feeling wobbly and that might finish it off.

Kelly - I second what Tina said, your new pics are fantastic. You look great! Congrats on the pound loss. :up:

Cindy - good for you for taking Friday off. I hope you enjoy it!

Time to hang the load of laundry that's just finished out on the line. Catch you all later!

tinatina 07-02-2013 12:08 PM

oh, and last night i purchased some Dole Banana Dippers. It was too late to try them last night, so maybe tonight.

They are banana slices dipped in dark chocolate and frozen :)

Radmom413 07-02-2013 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by heahyou00 (Post 16496737)
Glad to see the whole gang is gettin back together, we are just missing Neesie now :) I was starting to think our lil group was fizzling out which would have really bummed me out!

I would have been bummed too, Kelly! :clap: I am happy to see everyone posting - we NEED to help one another!

Luisa - I think the older we get, the harder it is - I used to be able to take weight off so quickly! Not now! :annoyed: But you can be down by the time school starts - we can all stick together!


Originally Posted by tinatina (Post 16497030)
oh, and last night i purchased some Dole Banana Dippers. It was too late to try them last night, so maybe tonight.

They are banana slices dipped in dark chocolate and frozen :)

OMG - those sound AMAZING!

tinatina 07-03-2013 05:55 AM

Morning Beachers!

I was a yard working machine last night! I was sweating like a dude! (unfortunately I ALWAYS sweat like a dude :lol:) My neighbor gave me several cutting from her red day lillies. planted those last night. Love the color of them. Gonna work on cleaning up the garage a little tonight in case of rain on Saturday.

Luisa - We (I) decided on Monday to do something for the 4th holiday on Saturday. Told DH to invite his cousins and aunt and uncle. Invited a couple of neighbors, my mom and her bf. I figured most people would already have plans. ppshhhhh. EVERYONE is coming, lol. And I've been neglecting the outside, so now I'm on a mission, lol. Guess its good motivation.

Kel - You mention motivation, I've started following a couple of blogs. The two women I follow are really funny, cuss like sailors and are very dedicated to keeping their weight off. If anyone is interested you can google mama laughlin and skinny meg (two seperate blogs). They've both lost their weight already (for the most part) but they are very adamant about getting to the gym and exercise.

Wiz - You traveling this week??

Cindy - I was NOT impressed with the banana dippers, lol. They were ok, but I just don't think I'm ok with frozen bananas, lol, or chocolate bananas.

uh oh,Guess what day it is, GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS? Happy hump day!

:heart: you guys!

heahyou00 07-03-2013 09:52 AM

Good Morning,

Tina- I love that camel commercial for hump day, funny stuff lol.

Work is already boring today and its not even 9am yet, going to be a long day lol. Oh well at least I have tennis I can watch online, Wimbledon is going on right now :)

I am driving out of town tonight to pick up DS14, he says he needs a new cell phone cause his broke, but his is newer than mine, darn kids cant take care of things!!

Anyway, I hope you gals have a wonderful 4th of July and I will check in again on Friday :)


luisafernanda 07-03-2013 12:05 PM

Hi ladies,

I was thrilled to be down 2.6 lbs. this morning! Yes, I know it's all water, but I don't care! :lol: So now just 15 lbs. to go before school starts. :up:

Tina - I have so much work to do in my garden, I swear it never ends. DH is going to build a trellis for my squash (the acorn squash plants are getting huge), and since we've never done this before, it may become interesting. We'll be getting to that in a little while; we've been waiting for it to cool down a bit.

Kelly - I'm "watching" Wimbledon, too. It's not on TV here, so I've got a play-by-play thingy on the computer from a Spanish newspaper. I think Verdasco is going to blow it against Murray after leading 2 sets to zip. :annoyed:

Cindy and Wiz - (Wiz, where are you?) :hiya:

Guess it's trellis time! I'll let you know how it works out.

Hope you all have a nice 4th of July!

tinatina 07-03-2013 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by luisafernanda (Post 16498705)
I was thrilled to be down 2.6 lbs. this morning! Yes, I know it's all water, but I don't care! :lol: So now just 15 lbs. to go before school starts. :up:


luisafernanda 07-04-2013 12:39 PM

Hope everyone's having a good 4th. :)

I was down more than another pound today, so my loss since Monday is about 4 lbs. :eek: :jumpjoy: I managed to get in a 2-mile power walk this morning, and will try to do more miles tomorrow.

Didn't get the trellis finished (too hot to work during the day), but it looks like it might work!

Cindy - I just loved the latest wedding pix you posted. Everything was so beautiful and so original, right from the dresses the girls wore and the men's outfits to the flowers and the table for leaving best wishes (that was gorgeous, like straight out of a magazine).

Off to listen to my Cleveland Indians! :heart:

tinatina 07-05-2013 05:23 AM

Morning Beachers!

Had a great 4th. Went to the Pirates game and had a very good time, even though they lost! Thank goodness our seats were in the shade! I'd have died sitting in the sun!

I've got TONS of stuff to do tonight for tomorrow picnic. I think Sunday is gonna be a total day of RELAXING! I found law and order SEASON ONE! on demand. I am in HEAVEN! lol

Have a great weekend beachers!

Radmom413 07-05-2013 05:47 AM

Hi Gang!

We have been working around the house - and long over due. I am off shortly to put a second coat of stain on the deck.

Trying something new - besides eating around the beach - doing a HIIT workout on my treadmill - they say if you do this kind of work out you don't have to invest in as much time - this one is 20 minutes......so we will see!

And DD and DSIL came home last night! They decided it made more sense, but stopped in Milwaukee on the way up here to check on the house and pick up DSIL's drums - he has a show here in GB tonight. They brought us amazing gifts! DH got the coolest license plate that says BERLIN and I got, not one, but TWO scarves!!!! One from Paris and one from Berlin!

Luisa - thanks for the compliments on the pics - DD and DSIL are very retro - in fact, they should have been born in a different era......40's, 50's, I'd say - she had some great ideas and incorporated them all over the place!

Hanging with DD today and working - already - on DD25's baby shower. We hope to go to venue we want to have it at and get that reserved.

love and hugs to you all!!!!

luisafernanda 07-05-2013 07:45 AM

Hi all,

Scale stayed the same today. I walked almost a mile with the dog and then did a 2-mile power walk (the second mile using a resistance band).

Like Cindy, I have been very busy today catching up on things around the house and yard. I sprayed the garden (I have lots of plants that are prone to powdery mildew), deadheaded and weeded the potted plants (I have tons of them), then cleaned the house (including mopping all the floors) and washed a load of clothes. I think I'm going to take the rest of the day off! It's hotter than blazes.

Tina - One of the things I miss most about living in the US is going to baseball games. My sister and I used to go see the Indians a lot.

Cindy - I LOVE scarves! They are really an addiction with me. :o I have all kinds.

Hope everyone has a great day!

heahyou00 07-05-2013 05:06 PM

HI Girls,
Today I worked from home. I havent weighed in for a few days. I will check tomorrow morning prior to my loading, which is going to start tomorrow and Sunday. I am going grocery shopping in the morning to get all the stuff I will need.

We had a good 4th, went to a baseball game and then watched the fireworks afterwards, the kids had a blast, got home late last night.

Luisa- Glad you are back on track!!

Going to see World War Z this weekend, I still love Brad Pitt after all these years!! Next weekend is a Comedy Show on Saturday night and then my Counting Crows concert on Sunday, cant wait :)

Not much else to report, I will check back in with you gals on Monday :)


Radmom413 07-06-2013 05:58 AM

Nothing new here either - weekend going too quickly.
We have a wedding next weekend, and then going to Montreal the following!!!

luisafernanda 07-07-2013 04:54 AM

I am really bummed. I was up 1.3 lbs. today after three days at the same weight. In those 3 days, the only thing I ate that wasn't 100% OP was a salad that had bits of battered fried chicken in it (we were eating out yesterday and that was, unfortunately, the best I could do). I had fully expected to be down this morning, or at worst the same, but not up. :dunno: :annoyed:

What really ticks me off is that I almost gave into temptation last night and opened a bottle of wine, but I resisted. I might as well have had the wine if I was going to be up anyway! :doh:

Way too hot here today. I have so much to do in the garden, but just can't make myself go out in the heat and sun. I worked for an hour and a half last night before the sun set all the way, so will probably do the same thing today.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Radmom413 07-07-2013 03:24 PM


tinatina 07-08-2013 06:05 AM

Morning beachers!

Had a great weekend!

Finished season one of law and order! :lol: on to season 2! (I don't care if they are over 20 years old :heart:)

Didn't get on the scale today. Was too scared! Maybe later this week.

Tonight I gotta get DD ready to go to Myrtle Beach with a friend. She wants her laundry done. I'd tell her to do it herself, but we got a new washer and I haven't shown her how to use it yet. Guess tonight will be the night for that.

Have a great week Beachers!

wiz 07-08-2013 07:15 AM

Hey gang!

Sorry to be MIA. I took last week off and I really didn't get on-line much at all. I needed some down time away from email, FB, etc.

So count me in on a Phase 1 week. I've been eating all kinds of crap in the last week and far too many carbs. I can tolerate about 3 servings of whole grains per week, but any more than that and I feel it.

I did not weigh in this morning, mainly because we were at a graduation party yesterday so it was yet another non-home cooked meal and of course, I had some wine and chocolate (not dark) covered strawberries. I need a few days of my own cooking where I know exactly what is going in every bite!! Control is key.

I will say that I got a ton of beach time in last week. It was hot and sunny!

Luisa and Tina, so nice to have you back with us. It looks like you are both making a great re-start.

Kelly, You've been doing so well. I am sure you will get back down where you were quickly.

Cindy, now that your daughter's festivities are over, you can concentrate on yourself!!

Looks like we all need some motivation to keep things going!! Let's do this. :cool:

wiz 07-08-2013 07:17 AM

Oh, and I have to add that I've gotten back into the bad habit of snacking at night. I MUST end this now. sigh....

heahyou00 07-08-2013 09:48 AM

Hi Girls,
Its Monday, another work week lol, and my college started today!! My first class is just an orientation type thing, which should be fairly easy, I only have 3 papers to write for it in 10 weeks, I should be able to manage that :)

My work laptop took a dump over the weekend and now they tell me today that they arent replacing them, the IT guy is going to try and fix it, hopefully he can!! I also had to buy DS14 a new cell phone, some girl pushed him into the water with his in his pocket and he didnt have any rice at his dads to try and dry it out with, and during the process of trying to get the water out of the screen, he shattered the whole screen! Darn kids. I ordered a used one off of EBAY, I told him I not paying tons of money for a darn cell phone that he will prob break again.

Last night Michael and I went and saw World War Z, I love me some Brad Pitt, it was a very good movie, but a lil creepy lol. Zombie stuff, I never read the books, but Michael said they are very good and the movie followed them closely.

This weekend is the comedy show Saturday night and then my Counting Crows concert on Sunday, cant wait!!!

I did my loading on Sat and Sun and I am up to 181 this morning and let me tell you, I woke up feeling gross, so bloated, my tummy hurts. Cant wait to get back down to where I was and lower!! I am going to stay on the HCG till we move, which will be labor day weekend. With my mom leaving in 3 weeks that will make it easier for me too.

Well I had better get back to work, glad to see everyone is making an effort to get things back on track!!


Radmom413 07-09-2013 05:43 AM

Day one, P1 done!
It wasn't that hard.
I can do this and need to do it - I have felt so out of control with my eating and not even thinking about what I eat......I can't do that unfortunately and with being short - it just adds to the issue!

I have nothing going on this week - :clap: I am fighting a cold, I believe, so trying to ward that off. Wedding this weekend.....DSIL's brother who is marrying DD's BFF....it's a little bittersweet for me....and it's a long story, but will be glad to go and get it over with......

Also working on DD25's baby shower with DD23. Scheduled for 9/14 and that's only 2 months away!!!

Today's my late day and off to work out!

tinatina 07-09-2013 07:24 AM

Up at 4:50 am to hit the treadmill for c25k. 4:50 am is REALLY early. But I got it done!

Throughout the day (in the ladies room) I have been doing some squats and wall push ups! Just 5 or 10, but I'm trying to work in more movement throughout the day!

kel - That is just the reason I made my kids (and their parents :lol:) get lifeproof cases for their iphones. Waterproof to 6 feet! DS once dropped his phone in his grandparents cats WATER BOWL. :mad:

wiz - sometimes its just nice to check out for a week!

Cindy - I love seeing the pregnancy pics of your daughter on instagram. Is she still blogging???

Luisa - That 1.3 will be gone before you know it!

Off to work! Have a great day beachers

heahyou00 07-09-2013 08:33 AM

Good Morning Girls,
I was down 3 pds this morning :jumpjoy: I must have been retaining some serious water, no wonder my tummy felt so gross!! Im feeling much better today and that puts me back into the 170s, only 13 pds to go to get back where I was, its crazy how fast we can put on weight but takes us so long to lose it! I hate that lol.

Extreme Weightloss is on tonight for anyone who needs motivation, its going to be a gal who was adopted and then re-unites with her birth mother after she loses all the weight, I am sure I will be bawling!

Tina- That cover sounds like a good idea for the cell phones, I need to check into that!

Well its off to work I go, have a great day ladies,


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