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Radmom413 06-30-2013 07:18 PM

SHORTIES - Summer is here! July Fireworks!
Wanted to get the new thread posted before they close the June thread!

Radmom413 06-30-2013 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by TuscanGirl (Post 16493202)

The diet guru in me says: NO! There will always be another occasion, so stop now! :annoyed:

The fun part of me says: Oooooo is it the new Mike's?! I saw those at the store and want to try them!!!! :D

So pick which friend you'd like me to be today! :)

Fun friend please!

Yes, it was the Mike's Blood Orange - and it's for a limited time only.
I have a 6 pack and had one last night and one tonight = that will be it for the week.
I am not a big drinker at all.......and for me to find something that I really like is rare!

Becky - I didn't know you were alcohol free!

Today was such a nice day - got up, had some coffee time, walked the dogs, then DH and I went to buy a new grill - after 26 years, ours bit the dust. Then we went on a bike ride - it was beautiful! We stopped for lunch and then got home, I ran a couple errands, picked up the grill and made dinner......and tonight we are on the last 5 episodes of The Shield! :(

We also found a GREAT comedy - never saw it before - called 'Til Death - it's about a newlywed couple and a couple that's been married like 20 some years and they are neighbors.....it's hysterical!!!

Debbie - I hope Isabella feels better soon! I agree with MK - loved the pic of you and Ruth!

Another busy week ahead, but at least we have Thursday off.

TuscanGirl 06-30-2013 07:53 PM


Fun friend it is!! :D
So were they yummy? I need to get something fun for July 4!

Sounds like a great day - is your back OK after your ride?
Were you watching 'Til Death on Netflix?

Rebecca130 06-30-2013 10:00 PM

What's Jenn up to?

And an APB sent for Kaye!!!!

Cindy... I became too dependent on wine after my dad died. Gave it up for 4 years and then shortly after that mom had her accident and my world as I knew it was turned upside down. Again I became too dependent on it so 2 years ago on April 10th I gave it up again. there's times I would love some wine but I can't handle it so I just don't have it. John and I are much happier when I don't drink. I can't imagine doing something like Jenny and not being alcohol free. Kim grew up with me not handling it well and then brad turned her world upside down with his drinking. She hates alcohol, she had a glass of wine once in a blue moon and then doesn't finish it. So that's the story of how I became alcohol free! I have a completed Pandora bracelet with 24 beads to represent each month of the first 2 years of sobriety. Very few people know what that bracelet stands for other than John, Kim, my cousin Deb and a coworker that gave it up at the same time I did.

Debbie, we have always done our own painting, actually John has always done ours. I painted my bird room when we moved into our house 25 years ago and it needs it bad. Adam decapitated a couple of the birds heads off of the wallpaper border I had at the top. He definitely didn't like THOSE birds. Lol. Last year when John was in Canada I painted the spare bed room. Then I got brave and did the kitchen and then got stupid and tackled on this project. I got the ceiling done in the hallway and one wall with the main color. Kim is going to do the sunken living room ceiling for me and I'll get her a $50 gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods. I can't reach the ceiling without getting up too high on the ladder.

Mary Kay, how's the puppers? Does he like going on walks? Hunter is a car dog, when Kim leaves she has a hard time with him cuz he wants to go everywhere with her. I wish we had a dog so I had a walking partner. Cats don't do too well on leashes, at least mine never did. I don't know how people do it, mine sit down and refuse to move!

Kelly, at least if the boys aren't too quiet u know what they're up to. My brother and cousin use to get into all kinda of crap when mom and dad were gone, they definitely pushed their limits. It's good they have a place to go, I bet they love your house!

Gonna close and play a few games on my phone. I'm starting to twitch from not playing today. Lol.

debbiedo 07-01-2013 04:43 AM

Up early. Should go run but I have a 12 hour plus work day ahead of me and I don't usually run Mondays. I can't run Thursday so guess it will be Friday since I am off.

Crazy week ahead. Today work, tomorrow car going in and errands. Tomorrow night is track workout. Wednesday brows at 10 work 11-3. Run at night. Thursday work 11-11 plus need to make food for pot luck. Friday haircut only outing planned. I go to San Diego a week from this Wednesday-Sunday.

I don't drink much. An occasional wine. On beach like trips would have a Piña Colada or some fruity drnk. I have maybe 1 drink a month at most. Honestly I hate to drink my calories and alcohol puts me to sleep.

I love the picture where I am hugging Ruth too. She is tiny. All that hiking and she lost weight. She is usually 110. I am an inch taller and weight 118-120 most of the time. Anything less and I have to diet and eat very little. At almost 57 I don't want to live on a constant diet. I had ice cream cake last night cookie bottom with gluten and all. My tummy was not greatly effected but felt a little like I had Menstral Cramps( light). No TOM for me for a good 5 months. Hope it is officially done!!!

DH going to see Isabella tonight. Will bring her a cupcake since she missed cake last night.

Radmom413 07-01-2013 05:24 AM

Debbie - you hit the nail on the head - I do not want to live life on a constant diet.
SO Becky - what plan am I on? The "Cindy Plan". I am just going to eat healthy - eliminate sugar and anything white......low sugar fruits.....other than my half of a frozen banana in my protein shake. I am sick of this.....since I was a senior in high school. The only thing is - I wonder what I would look like if I didn't do what I have been doing!

MK - they are AWESOME!!! I would get some! Limited - so guessing summer only.

Becky - good for you! I grew up with alcoholism in my family......long story short - it almost broke up my parents.......my brother doesn't touch a drop and never did because of it. I, like Debbie - don't like to drink my calories either, so don't drink much when I do. One is usually my limit! SO proud of you for taking control.

Well I forgot I have to go out to dinner with DH tonight - he has a broker in town. GRRRR. It will be fun - but food and drinks again.

DD and DH are in Paris this week - she must feel like she is dreaming. I have to post the few pics of the wedding I have too.......

Off to walk Artie - Lola is limping and don't know why. So, I am getting a walk in daily and that is it right now for exercise - I have to find SOMETHING I can stick with for strength training.....also been reading a lot about HIIT on my treadmill too.....:dunno:

debbiedo 07-01-2013 05:47 AM

HIIT is really good. You really work the heart and lungs,burn calories and sweat a lot. Before I ran I did HIIT. Now my track workouts are my intervals.

I am sure I will drink more then usual when we go away next week. I will have to watch food intake and find a balance.

Made a decision to run Friday instead of today or Thursdays. Today will be hard enough. Plus my right leg(sciatica) was not good yesterday. I have a very long stressful workday to deal with. Right now no leg pain. Hope it stays that way. I know my running bothers it but I can't not run.

ShortKayke 07-01-2013 06:56 AM

Bad poster Kaye reporting for July! :p

So busy that I'm online to check the weather and that's about it lately. Horribly behind in ALL my correspondence.
Trying to play catch-up. This past week was doing all the stuff that got bumped in priority during the mad scramble to pull off a graduation. :stars:

The party fell together (after a lot of work) in just a couple days. She had a good dozen friends showed up and older DD had a few friends come over too. The sign a party is a success if people come, then STAY! Her friends stayed all evening around the bonfire and just about all the food was eaten. A WIN!
I was hoping to just set it all up and let the kids do their thing, but DH invited a few of our friends too, so I had to put on my 'hostess hat' for the evening as well.
I was so tired from the stress and work of it all I was out of it for a week, but still had to do the other stuff that got put off while putting that all together.

Like finish the coop that got set aside because the young birds were too big for the kiddie pool in the garage and were escaping! Of course it was 100* while finishing the new bigger house for them.
As of last Tuesday they've been sharing a home. No bloodshed (a possibility with the big ones picking on the littler ones) but they haven't 'blended'..each group of 4 keeps to themselves. We're hoping in time they become one flock and all get along well. :)

This past week I got struck down with a cold, probably from coming in and out of air conditioning and had to slog through work feeling rough.
I just feel like I'll never feel rested again!

Tried to read up on all your news and...

Cindy, I'm so glad the wedding went well. A very special day! And that your grandbaby will be a boy! :jumpjoy:

MK, things sound good with you and enjoying your new fur baby! :)

Deb, hope Isabella is feeling better! That's a high fever! A busy week for you!

Becky, I agree the 'empty' calories of alcohol are usually not worth it. Though I do have a glass or two of my favorite white wine every 2 or 3 weeks, and only when I don't have to work the next day! I've been good about stopping at just a glass or two, not like my younger wilder days!

Kelly, a summer of sun, pools and surf for you..have the boys and all their friends eaten you out of house and home yet? :laugh:

Jenn, I'm sure you're playing 'too busy catch up' too! Hang in there!

Next week my co-worker is on vacation, so I'll be working like 10 days in a row. Tiring, but I'll like the extra money! :D

I'm assuming being pretty much full into menopause (and stress) is why I've been 'good' but still stuck at 120. No sugars but allowing some breads and grains. Just can't seem to drop any the past few months. Frustrating because my clothes are tight and can't wear other favorites. :(
Then again, this is the first time in my life I've tried to lose weight with dwindling hormones, so I guess you just have to work at it doubly hard?
I'd like things to calm down here so I can focus on that goal better. Just 5 lbs would help!

Now I must go out and clean out the 'back' garden I didn't use this year, as we caught the last day of the local greenhouse and got great bargains on some veggie plants. I already have tomatoes and zucchini, but got a nice selection of hot peppers and herbs I must get in quickly as they're too big for their little pots! Also had to enclose the garden with chicken wire as the chickens were eating the green tomatoes! Naughty chickens! :mad:

It's much cooler here today, so a good day to get out and get dirty!

Apologies for my lack of posting while so busy, but my favorite ladies are always in my thoughts. I love you all! :heart:

debbiedo 07-01-2013 07:11 AM

Love you too Kaye!! You have been busy!!

handbells 07-01-2013 07:39 AM

Morning! Whirlwind weekend with company here (they left yesterday) and a friend's birthday cookout yesterday. Got home late and then couldn't put my book down! Finally had to because I was falling asleep.

Sticking to the diet, but there's no downward movement. Starting to get frustrated.

Busy day today...need to menu plan and go to the grocer. Will pop in later!

debbiedo 07-01-2013 07:55 AM

Jenn, do not weigh every day. Get out for a 30 minute brisk walk every day and things will move. That walk away from kids will do you well. Can your oldest watch the others for 30 minutes or maybe DH.

handbells 07-01-2013 05:04 PM

Thanks, Debbie! I do need to get out and move!

TuscanGirl 07-01-2013 05:45 PM


It's Monday!!

Went to the gym - extra hard day there - then walked 2 miles with a friend.
Came home, cleaned the oven ~ well, started to . . . I took all the racks out and turned it on self-clean while i walked 4 miles with friend #2.
Came home and fed the dog and took him out for a walk . . .

I'm tired!

Tonight, DH and I are going to see Heat!
I can't wait!!!

Cindy - The CEP (Cindy Eating Plan) sounds good!
If I have wine, I usually have 2 glasses.
If I have whiskey, just one.
I'm not sure which is worse!
I've gotten away from the sugary drinks (margaritas, etc) just too many calories.

Jenn - a good walk every day sounds like a plan!!
What are you reading?

Kaye - WOW! When do you find time to breathe!!??
But I miss your posts!
I loved how you have to protect the plants from the chickens with chicken wire! :D

Debbie - I'd love to be 110!! The prom pic on FB from junior year of HS I was 85lbs.
And I'm not any taller . . . .

I'd love a cupcake too!! :yummy:

Becky - Merlin walks for a while and then turns around and decides he's ready to go home! We're going to puppy class next week and see if they address that!
You might like a dog! And no, cat's don't do well!!

debbiedo 07-01-2013 07:07 PM

I am on short bathroom break so stopping before I go back to check emails.

I haven't weighed 110 since 1982. 113 my lowest in last 10 years and no less then 117 in last 3 or so. I can't sweat it. I do what I can and generally eat healthy but too much especially when I miss meals.

Bella saw MD. Has virus. I am baby sitting 8 ish to 3 tomorrow. DH saw her tonight.

Back to very busy work. After 8 hours feeling under water I now have a second nurse.

Radmom413 07-02-2013 05:34 AM

Late day today.
Decided I AM taking Friday off! :clap: Felt bad about it, but my coworker who said she would come in if I don't - has been off almost every thurs/fri in June to use up days.....my other co worker said - take it off - and don't feel bad, SO I AM!!! DD and DH are coming home sometime Friday!

Kaye :hugs: - we miss you but understand! And yes - once you hit menopause - it's all over. I have found that prior to it was easy to take off weight, now it's a PITA! I don't know why we can't be happy!

Now - DH told me the other day: I don't know why you think you need to lose weight - you are skinny! :eek: I am not skinny! But I guess he sees things differently than I! And the lowest I have been was 105 just prior to getting pg with DD25. That was too hard to maintain anyway. Then after I had DD's I got serious with WW and got down to 112! I can't even imagine that........

Went out to dinner last night with our friend Tannis, who was a broker for DH. Did my best. Had a salad (and a few cheese curds - she's from Vancouver and doesn't get good ones there :laugh:) and I had 2 small Sangria's - But am trying just to ease up a bit and eat how I know my body does best.

Well, I am off to walk Artie....feel bad about leaving Lola, but like you said MK, all of a sudden SHE starts limping and I have to turn around and come home. :annoyed: I wonder why Merlin decides he wants to go home?

Hoping Bella feels better, Debbie!
And yes, Jenn, Mom is a better Mom when she has some time away from the kids - take that walk!

handbells 07-02-2013 07:19 AM

Aunt Fanny arrived last night, so I don't feel so bad about no downward movement now. Just going to keep doing what I'm doing and hope for the best at the end of the week!

Debbie-hope Bella feels better!

MK-I want a dog :) I'm reading House of Darkness House of Light. It's the true account of the haunting that the movie The Conjuring is based on.

Cindy-Enjoy your day off and don't feel guilty!

Rainy here today. Debating if I really need to run to Walgreens or not. I'm thinking I don't. lol.

debbiedo 07-02-2013 07:32 AM

Babysitting Bella. She is better but had to stay home one more day.
She went on the potty for me. Pretty good for 28 months.

TuscanGirl 07-02-2013 07:42 AM

Raining here too Jenn and DS20's lessons are cancelled because the water is too cold!
It's July, for Pete's sake!! :annoyed:

I have to go to an assessment meeting for my mom today and I'm debating whether I want to go to the gun range . . . .

Heat was a great movie - really funny!!!!

Cindy - no clue why Merlin just decides to go home! :dunno:
Though everyone tells me Coonhounds are lazy dogs . . . . maybe it's too hot since he's all black?
I'm glad you're taking Friday off!! I'm sure you're not caught up with life yes, AND you can get in a great walk!!!

Debbie - Yay for potty training! That was my least favorite part of childrearing. i would have had more if they would have come out trained! :D

Jenn - so what's the REAL story behind that movie??!! I bet the kids would love a dog too! They could get badges by taking care of the dog!!

TuscanGirl 07-02-2013 09:24 AM

I knew I had just read something recently . . . .

Exercise Primally.

An increase in everyday activity—including low-intensity
aerobic workouts (walking, hiking, easy cycling, cardio machines, jogging) and
intense (but brief) sprints and strength training—will optimize fat metabolism,
delay the aging process, build and maintain lean muscle mass, and develop lifelong functional fitness.

Avoid the prevailing chronic approach to exercise, where workouts are too hard, too lengthy, too frequent, and do not allow sufficient rest in between.
With the Primal approach, maximum results can be achieved with minimal time and suffering.

Rebecca130 07-02-2013 12:25 PM

Bbl... Mom day. Just read everyone's posts

handbells 07-02-2013 12:55 PM

MK-"minimal time and suffering" hahahahaha....that really made me giggle! The book is fascinating. If the movie is by the book, it will be terrifying. If they do what they usually do and amp it up, it will be horrifying too.

Becky-hope your mom is doing okay. How are you doing with your rash?

Debbie-glad Bella is feeling better! Good for her for going to the potty!

debbiedo 07-02-2013 12:58 PM

Still Bella sitting. She has been great. Doubt she will nap.

She says Grumma not Gramma.

I think she is tired. Sucking her fingers but she will fight sleep. DS30 should be home by 4. Can't believe he will be 31 Friday. Makes me feel old!!!!

Good luck with mom Becky.
Hope assessment meeting went well for your mom MK.

Cindy, nice you get an extra long weekend.

Kelly I will be there next Wednesday.

Jenn, stay off the scale. I think you have to feel good in your own skin.

Kaye, what is your HS graduate going to do next??

My DS21 likes his job. It pays better then minimum and he got OT in last check. His GF and he make around the same amount. He will get raises and trained to do more.

DS29 happy in his new job.

DS30 teaching summer school. It is Monday-Thursdays and goes till the end of July.
They hope to close on house by August 1. They got appraisal back and owner must make a few repairs in the basement and appraiser will go back to check their done before they can close. That and final mortgage approval. It appraised at sale price.

I need to get to grocery store. Need to get something to make for Thursday July 4th potluck.

Tomorrow I get my brows done at 10 then work extra 4 hours from 11-3. It is all very close.

Rebecca130 07-02-2013 03:14 PM

Picked my packet up for the race on the 4th. Ugh, at 730! I'm use to 8, 10 and night time ones especially on a day I would normally be lazy in the past!

Mowing grass, just stopped to get a drink and to check my shortie friends!

Radmom413 07-02-2013 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by TuscanGirl (Post 16496776)
I knew I had just read something recently . . . .

Exercise Primally.

An increase in everyday activity—including low-intensity
aerobic workouts (walking, hiking, easy cycling, cardio machines, jogging) and
intense (but brief) sprints and strength training—will optimize fat metabolism,
delay the aging process, build and maintain lean muscle mass, and develop lifelong functional fitness.

Avoid the prevailing chronic approach to exercise, where workouts are too hard, too lengthy, too frequent, and do not allow sufficient rest in between.
With the Primal approach, maximum results can be achieved with minimal time and suffering.

I like the idea of minimal time and suffering, lol

TuscanGirl 07-02-2013 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by Radmom413 (Post 16497403)
I like the idea of minimal time and suffering, lol

Cindy and Jenn - that was my favorite too! :D

Jenn - Do you believe what they say happened in the house actually happened?
Or just mass hysteria?

Becky - You're a runner now ~ early morning races are good - before the sun gets too hot!

Assuming we ever see sun again! I had on jeans and a jacket today!

Debbie - it sounds like the boys are all doing well! :high5:
Good job mom!!
Assessment went well. No real change in the 2 years she's been there.

debbiedo 07-02-2013 06:35 PM

MK, if your mom is stable that is good and she must be getting good care.

It was not very sunny today. Rained hard when we first started running. Very humid with temp in 70's but humidity horrible. I cut my workout short but just the easy part. The rest was challenging and a bit uncomfortable as we ran 6 hill repeats plus there were hills going and coming back. I didn't need another mile and a quarter.
When I am dizzy I stop.

I should sleep well tonight.

TuscanGirl 07-02-2013 07:08 PM

Thanks Debbie, that's good to know!

We didn't get warmer than 66° today and it's rainy with a north wind.
I feel like it's November!

handbells 07-02-2013 07:08 PM

MK-good mom report! I'm only halfway through the book, but I think a good portion, if not all, most likely happened.

It was *very* humid here today and hot. I think it got into the high 80's. Rained quite a bit this afternoon though.

debbiedo 07-02-2013 07:09 PM

We have very high heat coming as the week progresses.

Rebecca130 07-02-2013 07:31 PM

They keep saying rein the rest of the week, we need it! We've gotten rain but need more. Grass is getting stressed.

Mowed the front for 49 minutes of exercise

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