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krittermom 06-02-2013 09:23 AM

~~ LCMY June ~~
Starting us up for June!

This has been such a great weekend. I went to the new farmer's market yesterday and picked up the most amazing croissants and reallly good eggs. Then in the afternoon, we went to our local theater yesterday with my SIL to see "Lend me a Tenor" which was hilarious. Then went to an early dinner.

Got up early today and went for a short bike ride and now I'm going to go looking for some butterfly bushes and a bird bath for out front. I'm also going to try to make a puttanesca sauce for salmon.

adillenal 06-02-2013 12:22 PM

kritter - I lost my butterfly bush a couple of years ago in our terrible drouth. I rarely see them for sale around here so I was not happy. I still want to buy a bile but DH keeps asking me where I am going to ride it. The oilfield road is all I can think of.
I was gone to a goat show Friday and Sat so the eggs are stacking up again. Looks like time to cook eggs for the working dogs.

Check out my blog for my show wins yesterday. We did good. Love my new truck too. It is so powerful you don't even realize the trailer is behind you and it is comfy and easy to drive so I am not as tired today as I would have been if I had driven the old truck.
DH has gone to see his brother. He is very depressed. He got reassigned and will no longer be coaching basketball or football and was assigned to a classroom in a subject he has never taught. I told him they were expecting him to quit but he wasn't going to do that. They will change their minds when they see he isn't going anywhere. That subject is too important to play games with. That also means his salary will drop about $5000 next year. Now I have to figure out what to cut back on. Why can't everything be simple? He isn't going to work on Monday. I told him he has over 100 leave days so next year just be sick two days every week. The school will have to pay a sub so they won't be coming out ahead. I just hate school politics. And the sad thing is he is a good coach. Since he coaches junior varsity he always lets all of his kids have playing time and really cares about them. So much for caring about the kids.

Dakini 06-02-2013 03:03 PM

Thanks for setting us up, Kritter!

Your new Farmers Market sounds great, it's so nice to find a source for good fresh eggs. Jealous of your croissants! We got a new bakery here 5 months ago, a really good baker had moved down from Berkeley and picked our town to open in as we don't have a bakery and there is a bit of a foodie mentality with all the wineries and such. The owner just died! I went to pick up some bread this morning, they closed 5/31/13. :(

I did find a local source for fresh chicken, (most all of the chickens I've been buying from Trader Joes aren't cleaned, I have to pick the little pin feathers out of them ((I know, 1st world problem, but ewww, and they're not cheap either)) The source I found is great, they're clean, meaty and cheaper than TJ's. I'm trying a new recipe, hope it works.

Adi, those politics are what is ruining our country. It's happening on so many levels. Monsanto wanting to take over growing food for the world, the revolution in Turkey (the tipping point was a park that was being destroyed to put in a shopping mall)... Always about making more money for someone higher up. I really hope we can turn around our mindset before it's too late.

BTW, did you see that our last thread got locked? Is that a new policy here, or did we discuss something verboten?

Waves to Lil Miss, hope WW is going well!

adillenal 06-02-2013 03:34 PM

Must be a new policy since several May groups have been locked. I guess when you open a new month the old one will now be locked so they disappear.

Dakini 06-02-2013 04:38 PM

Thanks, I suppose that could be a problem with the larger groups.

lil miss 06-02-2013 06:06 PM

Hi Everyone!

Thx for starting us up krit! The farmers market sounds AMAZING! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Adi- UGH! Poor DH! I too abhor school politics! They really stink. Hospital politics do too, they take away from those people in the teaching and medical careers who are truly there for the KIDS/patients, yanno? Adi west oak bend -is that right?

We have a butterfly bush. So pretty when blooming but otherwise looks terrible! lol

I am still supposely doing ww but frustrated. When I overeat [like when we were at the beach last weekend] I LOSE. When I follow it to the letter, I gain or dont lose - what in the world?

DH wants to stick it out a few ore weeks. I am debating doing LC again, I think I need to eat every day to keep up exercising as much as I do or else I would try JUDDD again.

Race Friday night was miserable! Ran 5 miles on a hot parking lot, loop after loop after loop Very poorly organized. My girlfriend and I just had to laugh about it. Oh, and I did terrible anyway, I am just NOT an evening exerciser!

Signed up for another 8K in a month so will have to stay motivated to keep practicing running 5 miles at least once a week.

Hi Dak! How goes the garden? My tomatoes are doing great! jalapenos and eggplant not looking as lively. And my teeny tiny green pepper disappeared off the plant! So mad! It was so darn cute!

krittermom 06-02-2013 07:22 PM

Wow that's strange that they'd lock the group. Especially since no one ever goes back and posts in the old ones, at least not ours.

Adi, I'm so sorry about you DH. I agree, he may as well use up the time. Why do they want him to quit? Is it a money thing? I don't think I know one teacher who is happy or who doesn't have to deal with petty, spiteful administrators. You never know, he may wind up enjoying the classroom.

Dak, it is so nice being able to buy local organic food and I love being able to support these businesses. And now a new co-op is trying to form in our town. I would love to see that happen so I'm thinking of volunteering and buying a share in it. I think it's $400 to buy in and you don't have to pay all at once. That is too bad about your bakery.

lil miss, how awful running around a parking lot. Not only is it boring but my goodness, the heat! Even in the evening it's still hot.

Oh and I just discovered we have a brew pub in our town! I don't like beer but DH and a lot of my family do and the pub serves a few wines so I'm covered :) But I love that their menu features a lot of local organic food.

I didn't find any butterfly bushes today - both places I looked were sold out. But I did get a really pretty hanging basket with pale pink flowers for our patio out back. I'll have to take pictures next week.

Oh and I got a new bird bath for out front which looks great. I can't wait to see the birds bathing. I still have to plant something out front. Maybe next week I'll find something

adillenal 06-02-2013 09:46 PM

Kritter - they can hire two beginners for the same salary that DH gets since he has 35 years experience. Cutting his coaching stipends will lower his salary about $500 a month which we were not counting on so it irks me big time. Plus this same school is the one that laid off 10 of my employees and none of them have found another job yet. Boo.

lilmiss - Great to hear from you. It is whiteoakbenddairygoats for my blog. I don't like to run anyway but running circles would not be inviting. At least I could enjoy different scenery.

Dak - we got rain so our garden is growing. Looking forward to our squash.

Dakini 06-03-2013 12:19 AM

Lil Miss, I had my first official BLT today, it was great! Lots of fruit forming on tomatoes & peppers, garlic should be ready to pull in a few weeks. So far, so good. I've begun picking berries too, that's been great.

Bought a summer pass to our local water park, a friend talked me into to going with her yesterday and had a great time playing in the waves. Went with DH today, talked him into getting a pass too, so now we're set for summer. Of course, right after I buy a pass, I had a meeting with mom from hell. We had left our clothes, towels & newly acquired ID's on some lounge chairs in the sun while we were in the water. When we came back I see this kid has thrown my skirt on the ground & was doing something with my bag. I asked him, "what are you doing with my stuff?" and he starts walking away looking scared. I asked him again, the same question and his mom butts in, (where was she when he was in my stuff) and says "I don't like the way you're talking to my son." I think I said something to the effect of "I don't like your son going through my things." Then she asks him what he was doing and tries to make him apologize, doesn't work, kid freaked out, so then it was all about making excuses for the kid. I really don't like dealing with dysfunctional people, really left a bad feeling for me.

It's safer in my garden, I get to pull out the weeds that irritate me. LOL

adillenal 06-03-2013 05:14 AM

Dak - that is the problem in schools now. Parents make excuses for everything their kids do and get all bent out of shape if the kid gets disciplined for anything. School is not the place to work anymore.

I am going to work today and DH is staying home. Since I have a doe due to kid tomorrow he is on baby watch.

Dakini 06-03-2013 03:51 PM

Thanks Adi, makes me glad I did not go into teaching. Dodged a bullet there, I don't have those kinds of people skills.

DD for me today, going good. Can't seem to get below 155, but I'm trying.

adillenal 06-03-2013 04:25 PM

Dak - My favorite parent of all times used to run to school every time someone looked at her son wrong to chew us all out. He was always the innocent victim and we were the bad guys. Course he was an instigator and was really good at it and was the most guilty of all of them. He would start stuff and then slip back and enjoy. Well, wonder what Momma thinks now that son is in prison for the second time. Those mean old judges found him guilty. Sadly, his sisters were great kids and Momma didn't care a thing about them. One of them even majored in criminal justice and is a police woman in the Dallas area.
Nowadays they get their lawyer first before they even find out what really happened. Love those outside video cameras. Can really make a parent look like a fool when they are taking up for their kid and the video shows him choking a smaller kid with a belt until the kid passed out. That happened a short time ago here. And we are small and rural. Glad they have those outside cameras though.
Got to go do evening chores.

Dakini 06-03-2013 04:32 PM

What a story! That poor kid, bullying is such a horrible way to experience a childhood.

krittermom 06-03-2013 04:56 PM

Dak, sadly, so many people seem to be like that mother these days. They don't teach their kids any manners and can't control them.

Adi, that's really sad that a school system would do that. It's such an awful way to treat people. I always say Karma's a ^%tch - it'll get them in the end.

adillenal 06-03-2013 05:17 PM

Luckily BIL actually made some sense when he told DH that it would be a blessing in disguise. No more baking in the August heat on a football field. Driving school buses to games and getting home at midnight and then have to be at school by 7:30 am. DH is starting to make plans and he went to the auction today and bought another bottle calf. The gone shopping routine seemed to have worked. He is in a much better mood this evening.

Dakini 06-03-2013 05:22 PM

That's great, time is actually priceless. More time for real quality of life, doing things that will make you happy. Sounds like he's jumping right in to that getting a new calf. So great to be self sufficient.

lil miss 06-05-2013 06:14 AM

Adi - I am glad DH is feeling better! It is still weasly of the school district in my opinion.

UGH Parents who refuse to hold their children accountable - HUGE problem in our country these days. Scariest thing is my sister is one of them! How were we raised by the same parents and yet we parent our children SO differently?

Been very naughty with diet the last few days. Not sure why.... Starting to weight train again, I think it is SO important as we get older.

Read some of DS' poetry that came home in a huge packet I was speechless. He has a real gift and the best part is it was obviously therapeutic for him, this was a TOUGH year for him [7th grade] but I was pleased to see he could release emotions through writing. I showed DH when he got home and he CRIED! He never cries it was so touching.

Kids last day is tomorrow. Then, next week we go on a whirlwind road trip to Philly. DH going to US Open and I get to see my parents. What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was flying in and sitting vigil in ICU, now I get to see my dad at home, up and around. Feel so blessed and thankful he is still with us.

Dakini 06-07-2013 08:36 AM

That is so cool about your son, you're raising such independent boys, fantastic that he can write. Glad you can get to see your dad again soon.

I harvested one of my varieties of garlic and have set it up to cure (dry out). Should be fun making garlic bundles with them.


krittermom 06-07-2013 07:03 PM

Oh my gosh Dak, the garlic looks so pretty! That's a LOT of garlic. Are you going to give some of it away?

lil miss, wouldn't it be wonderful if your son becomes a writer when he grows up. I'm so glad your Dad is doing well and is home. Hope you have a great visit.

adi, that's great that your DH is feeling better and looking at the bright side. Seriously, I don't know how he kept up that schedule. Maybe he'll have time to start exercising and taking care of himself. The schedule he kept sounds so stressful and unhealthy, even if he loved doing it.

LOL, your DH uses retail therapy to buy a calf. I use retail therapy to buy clothes or beauty products :)

My calf seems to be healed! I was getting kind of depressed and then Wed night I decided to try DH's cane to see if that helped and it did! I was planning on using it this weekend to try going out for a walk, but now it's feeling so much better. I'm going to go for a walk tomorrow and am bringing the cane with me, just in case it starts hurting.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the farmer's market then going for a walk somewhere. Sunday I'm getting a trailer hitch put on my car and then will attach the bike rack. Then it's off to the bike trail!

Dakini 06-07-2013 07:59 PM

Great news about your calf feeling better. Nothing gets our attention like not being able to do things like walk.

I wish we could all get together for lunch, halfway between the east coast, Texas & California, where would that be, South Dakota? LOL

I save some of the garlic to plant again next year, save some for me, and yes, I weave it together into bundles and give it away to friends. I still have another week before the other variety I have will be ready, the heads will be larger, but not as many cloves.

Adi, is everything alright? When you don't post, it makes me think something is wrong.

My son told me about a podcast on the Bryan Callen show with Dave Asprey. (bulletproof coffee guy). Really made a lot of sense to me. I've ordered his Collagen protein and his MCT, if I can't stand it in coffee I can add it to soups. Really sounds like an easy way of eating.

krittermom 06-08-2013 08:34 AM

I'd love to get together! Wouldn't that be fun.

I never knew what the bulletproof coffee was about. It sounds like his diet is very close to paleo.

I'm going down the vegetarian path again. I may add seafood here and there. I've been having a lot of problems again with raw salad greens so I'm going to try to make something today with potatoes, cooked kale and spinach, low fat cheese and scallions.

Dakini 06-08-2013 11:22 AM

OK, I braced myself and made my first cup of BBC this morning, (using coconut oil until my MCT comes in). It's pretty good! It's has a lot of butter, 2 TBS, but as butter freezes better than cream or 1/2 & 1/2, I could feasibly stock up and just keep some in the freezer. The test will be to see if it keeps me satiated. Kinda funny, I had just weaned myself off of coffee and have been drinking tea. I could try BB tea I guess, most of the teas I have are full bodied.

I'm thinking of buying a freezer for the garage this summer, does anyone have thoughts on what to look for?

Kritter, I think being a vegetarian in the summer is wonderful. It's easier with all the great food that comes into season. Asprey talks about raw greens in his podcast, spinach and kale have oxalic acids which can eventually lead to kidney stones, he says it's better to steam them, and that Dino kale has the least amount as far as kales go.

krittermom 06-08-2013 11:40 AM

Dak, good to hear about spinach and kale cooked. I can't believe how good the kale was when it was cooked.

So did you actually buy the coffee? Are these special coffee beans? Or is it some mix you add to your coffee? There was a mention on the site about using Kerrygold Grass fed butter.

I have been thinking about getting a freezer for my garage too! My sister has one and loves it. I don't know anything about them but people I know who have had them say to get an upright one rather than a chest type. I can't imagine digging through a chest cooler trying to find whatever is buried on the bottom. with the upright, you can be a lot more organized.

Dakini 06-08-2013 11:51 AM

No, I'm too cheap to buy his 3/4 lb coffee for $25 shipped. We have a local brewer that I like, SLO Roasted, more like $10 - $12 a pound, that's bad enough. I found the Kerrygold & coconut oil at Trader Joes, 500 ml of coffee, 1 tbs coconut oil, 2 tbs unsalted butter blended in my Vitamix.

I was just reading about freezers. I guess the advantage of a chest freezer is that it's energy efficient, one reviewer wrote, "Cold does not go uphill. Hot moist air does not flow downhill so frost formation is very minimal. No need for "frost-free". Just defrost once a year."

But like you said, the reality of digging through a chest to find what's buried on the bottom could get old really fast. I wonder if there are slide type drawers that would work?

adillenal 06-08-2013 08:54 PM

Hi all. I have been to a soap conference so missing in action for a few days. Home now.

I have a very large chest freezer, a small chest freezer and an upright freezer. I prefer the chests. I can actually find things easier in it than the upright. The door on our upright did not get closed one day this week so it has been cleaned out and we will start fresh tomorrow with an empty upright. The upright is in the house and the other two are out in a metal building. The building is insulated so I am guessing it would not be much different than being in a garage.

Looks like we will be going to GA around the 20th this month. YEA!!! Have no idea how we are going to get this menagerie taken care of while we are gone. Will have to take Sami with us and find a motel that accepts pets. The one closest to DS' apartment doesn't take pets.

I am tired so I have finished chores and I am going to bed.

Dakini 06-08-2013 09:50 PM

Hope it was a good conference, does that mean you might be making more soap?

How does storage work in the chest style freezers, are there hanging trays or drawers? Costco has some I was looking at online, guess I should see them in person.

I made a meat loaf from the BulletProof book I downloaded. What a lot of work! I need a sous chef to chop for me and a shopper. Should last a while though. BBC worked great today, it's true, it's so rich you don't want to eat again until evening.

adillenal 06-09-2013 06:25 AM

Dak - There should be some hanging baskets in the chest freezer. My big old one doesn't since we bought it at the school auction because the maintenance man told DH is was a good one. It is. Just ugly. It had our whole beef and two hogs in it. The only thing else we have in it is frozen milk. My little chest freezer has the veggies in it. The upright is just a hodgepodge of whatever since it is in the house it gets the oddities stuck in it.
The soap conference is a yearly thing. I bought 100 pounds of lye and the supplier delivered it to the conference so I have a years supply without having to deal with hazmat shipping costs. It was geared more to beginners this year but I stayed for the whole thing anyway. I can usually pick up one tidbit of info from each presentation although I can't think of a thing I learned this round. But I probably needed to get out and see other things that soapmakers are making.

krittermom 06-09-2013 09:04 AM

LOL Dak, chopping is a lot of work isn't it? I've had recipes that were really relatively simple but required so many chopped ingredients. Doing that always takes so much more time than I think it will and it gets tiring standing all that time.

Adi, you don't have a hard time getting things out of the chest? I'd be afraid my hands would get cold having to move things on top out of the way. So are you going to GA for DSs graduation from ranger school?

So I made what I'm calling "Potato Kale Hash". Turned out really tasty and boy is it filling. For breakfast, I threw some into a frying pan and topped with some lowfat mozzarella and heated till the cheese melted. I should be able to get a few meals out of it. I'll try it later without the cheese because I'm trying to cut down on dairy.

Dakini 06-09-2013 10:01 AM

Your hash sounds really good, I do like potatoes, throwing in the kale should turn it into a superfood.

Nice to save on shipping, though, logistically, getting 100 pounds of anything at a conference might be tricky too, hopefully, they loaded it for you.

Thanks for the info on the freezer.

The BB forums have such a different take on things. Regarding eating meat, and specifically beef, he recommends buying ethically raised grass fed, just to support the grass fed beef industry. Plus, a 1/2 a side of beef might last 2 people a year, that's 1 cow for two years. Eating chicken, at one chicken a week, would be 52. Just some things I've been thinking about.

adillenal 06-09-2013 11:10 AM

kritter - in my big chest freezer, the beef is in one end and the pork is in the other and the frozen milk is on top. SO we kind of know where everything is and that freezer has never been more than half full since it is HUGE. The upright on the other hand gets stuff pushed to the back and we don't even realize what we have after awhile. But for organized people a chart on the front with a list of what is on each shelf should work. Frostfree are nice but they dry out your food since that is what keeps the frost from forming too. Mine has to be defrosted once a year and we just did that although not intentionally.
My lye comes in 50 pound bags. I had a dolly and the supplier (another old woman) and I lifted the bags and placed them on the dolly and off I went. DH will take them out to the soap trailer for me. And I am set for another year.

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