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Peskie 06-01-2013 08:00 AM

~June WIT's getting HOT~
WIT made simple
1) no hard * fast rules, we do "whatever it takes"
2) we have mini-challenges, not required, but participation encouraged (see our siggys at any given time)
3) for those in loss mode, our goal is losing weekly, doing "whatever it takes" & maintaining for those in maintenance
4) YOU tell US what you need to succeed & we provide it (encouragement, buttkicking, a true beating....) & vice versa
5) All welcome! Come on in!

It's very comparable to Calvinball. (in otherwords, anything goes because peskie says so & we’re not above making it up as we go along)

If somebody says it's "in the rules" and you can't find it here, don't be alarmed, some rules are hidden in the subsections. Just trust a WIT

Cuteness shall cover a multitude of sins. (good thing WIT's are cute)

WIT's are above getting sick unless it's required for getting out of bad things

Mini-challenges: lets make this easy-do what we tell you when we tell you

Yes..It is now required that people wave before leaving. Wendy is a lion--hear her be bossy.

Wendy'ism: Confusion about things that are not confusing, such as thinking of Massachusettes and Maryland as the SAME state while knowing that they're not.

awww = seaweeds
heehee stewskie = gerber streaker

subsection 11.6.208 dictates that if you wave, you must also talk. A wave by is unacceptable.

You must have 3 conversational posts after posting that you're leaving (bye #1, #2, #3 is not adequate) you are only exempt from this rule if you've posted at least 3 times with no response & at least 3 minutes since the last post, as evidence of an attempt not to leave and proof that everybody else left you, not vice versa.

sub section 3.28.1618 stewardship....friends of stews

foods you're not suppose to eat all have mold & maggots in it so leave it alone

black shoes are okay in summer as long as they sufficiently cute!
Wear sandals all summer and you'll be fine unless you have some cute open toed shoes and those will okay if I approve them first.
NOT patent leather, despite Wendys idea of a summer shoe

subsection to item 4 on the WIT rules for the smiley? That it can be used in any case of something approved of or to encourage, atta girl, OR even a real birthday when all other smileys have been exhausted, there is not an appropriate one or it is just otherwise deemed necessary or wanted

With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated & happy. Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, Good grief....I'm so smart

we can agree to disagree!!!
Unless it's peskie, then you must agree. (in the rule book, ya know?)

peskie is allowed to talk in 3rd party talk.

If a snort escapes when trying to prevent laughing out loud, it’s called a snortlet.

Don’t feel guilty for playing here while at work, as long as you’re getting the job done.

Fluttering is wit wings cheering you on .

Halos don’t work for Tammy-Ro

It’s okay for peskie to steal smileys

page 9, par 1.fb
WIT's are solely responsible for requesting removal or addition to WIT mails at any given point

Page 12 para 4.12
"If you go away (unless it is a romantic getaway), you must find a hotel in advance with wireless connections and check in that way. If there is no hotel in the area with wireless, then you are going to a too remote location and that is not permitted".

page 25 para 1.4.4 on how to reset a circuit breaker....(insert running away smilie here)

Peskie add to the rule book under how to check a circut breaker....Getting rid of varmits 101....TIA ….choleric’s could graph his habit's and haunts for you, ask her...

Page 25 para 1.4.5 on how to change filter in AC. Also change once monthly during the summer season.

Chapter 2 para 1.1.2 Gains are water, losses are FAT!!! :

the rule book says unless you ask permission and there is not another WIT out you must check in at minimum daily Yes, it's in section II part A.

section 3, Part A, line 89 right after Gain = water Loss = fat

the only pounds that count as lost is the ones subtracted from starting weight and or siggy weight. So if I gain 3 and lose two I can;'t be claiming a 2 pound loss. I gotta claim a 1 pound gain. Making sure we are all on the same page. Losing pounds from a gain DO NOT COUNT. :trips and falls off soapbox::

I think no matter what type of program you're on, portion control has to be in there somewhere or you'll just keep losing the same lbs over and over. Ultimately we all have to learn that we don't NEED certain foods just because a particular program says we can have them. If they aren't good for us, we need to learn to live without them

rule 11.7.407 states stews is the boss of Wendy when it benefits peskie

You can’t really be a WIT unless you’re missing your sanity (peskie excluded, of course).

Wit’s aren’t “normal”

no no no, pictures don't lie EXCEPT when they make us look BIGGER than we are. there is no making us look smaller, nope nope. you are hot

It’s okay to call Lisa doody


WIT’s are more important than work.

Section III.

Part A. 89. WITS always come first no matter what other obligation, appt, minor or major emergency you may have. Penalty for igorning this rule is major boot kicking from WIT on Boot-kicking duty. If said WIT in violation is offender then boot kicking will fall to volunteer WIT (s).

PM when you want to talk about someone!

Once a WIT always a WIT unless said WIT cuts ties voluntarily by publicly rejecting the WIT group. Then WIT status is revoked. And the recent amendment also adds that Peskie will get her scary spiky boots out, I will make the rounds in the WIT van and we will COME PERSONALLY TO YOUR DOOR to kick some sense back into you? So see you have no CHOICE in the matter. You're here to stay. That is all.

first duty of Pam and Landis is to check in with us when she gets to work? Okay, get the rule book out somebody.

“I may have to SHUT the computer down so I don't keep comin' back to it every few minutes though while getting things done around here, ” These words are against WIT principles and a direct violation of rule 1.25.355

Section 7.9.607
the new "Catch" diet! You throw your food up in the air, and you eat everything you can catch before it hits the floor! but throwing the plate is a complete violation of the rules! You can only throw the food, but you must throw the entire meal at the same time! You burn more calories that way!

The 2nd Monday of each August is official make it up as you go along day....everybody is challenged to add one rule to the book during normal conversations.

Landis gets the award for most rules during first challenge

Pam attends next WIT adventure.

Shopping counts as approved method of aerobic activity.

(Looks in the WIT rule book feverishly). Um lemme see yep whining is allowed!!!!

Is it sewious enough for a pm or can I be publically punished?

Only if it is about Landis. Rule book page 30 Para 3.4.1

2 wit's aren't allowed to be out at the same time!!

a good 5 second rule should be applied before anyone quotes me...

True Wits always check in because it says so in the rule book. (email counts!!!!)

no stinking test. It's not in the rule book Tammy-Ro

If you don’t check in while away, it will be awhile before you will get to go anywhere again

I have another new word to add to the rule book, please!

You know how sometimes a smile just has to turn into a giggle....I hereby deem that a "smiggle"!!!

I second the motion. :smiggle: I need a gavel....

89. WITS always come first no matter what other obligation, appointment, minor or major emergency you may have. Penalty for igorning this rule is major boot kicking from WIT on Boot-kicking duty. If said WIT in violation is offender then boot kicking will fall to volunteer WIT (s).

WITS have to come before Kimmer! Rule check please!

The scale is a tool, not a report card.

I sure am glad it's only a TOOL and does not rule my life! (This should be in the rulebook Peskie jus' sayin') The scales do NOT rule our lives

Yapping is encouraged...(Rule book addition please) sec 429

Again, we DO celebrate , clap for , high-five and sing victory songs for any WIT that succeeds no matter whether we can relate or not and we usually can relate anyway!!!

Landis is boss of self, and no one else. Except when RG and Peskie override simultaneously.

WITS feel better and have more energy when they exercise

I usually don't WANT the crap until I tell myself I can't have it and push myself to a time frame on hitting goal. Then I eat crap and binge and gain quickly. When I tell myself I CAN, I usually leave it alone. (unless it's a big craving and then it's actually worth it and I don't overeat it, but savor it and don't gain anyway

Odd work schedules need to be in the siggys, so we can “keep up” landis says so.

I suggested we change the word "cheat" to "carbed up" in the rule book. Seconded on 1/6/2006

don't regret the gain. Don't KICK ME!!

The important thing is fessing up, giving and getting support and not let a slip be the end all of my weight loss for the rest of my life. I'm probably gonna cheat again but not for a long time. Oh and another thing I am not saying cheat anymore. It is forever known from this minute forward as uping my Carb intake!!!! (Peskie could you add this to the rule book under gaining is water? Thanks.)

read the book. It will be very difficult to be successful on low carb without reading the book of your plan of choice.

Page 59 para 6.9
If you have a dream/passion you should go for it, it IS possible but only if you want it BAD!

Page 62 para 11.1.2
When landis does not want to eat something weird is going on (Peskie add to rule book)

We come before feeding the family. In the rule book, page 250.

once you get your SSP you let the person know who sent it that you got it and to email you too. Once everyone has their SSP we do a reveal. It's in the rule book already

Pam is the leader in our verbage.... She earns a crown for that.

Page 283 para 12.3.4
200 calories at 2 pm is NOT the way to lose weight

If you ate what you wanted and are not hungry that's one thing (200 calories or not--I do not take issue with calorie restrictions) but you're hungry so obviously you haven't eaten enough.

Des…bah, bad mojo. I always said if I ever stalled I would kick up my cardio and/or switch things around depending on what I had been doing. Well that's what I've finally done. Added Easter per Tammy-Ro

Robin is who to go to when you want diet advice on ANY plan I am a tellin' you! She is da bomb! not ANY plan...just kimmers plans, atkins, CAD, Stillmans, fasting and some WW.......but atkins atkins atkins she knows backwards and forwards.......

South Beach, PP. Neanderthin, LFL, and the rest she dunno diddly squat.....

wipes sweat off brow as remembers addition of this to rule book quite sometime back

Don't beat yourself up. Once you know where it went wrong, you have the power not to repeat the same mistake again….Maria

Racing is for WIT’s. You don't have to actually know anything about it. Just yell Biffle or Cutie Butt now and then and pick a car you like that has pretty colors to root for

Peskie, addition to the rule book although it may already be in there. "No WIT is allowed to brag on something without giving at least the important details".

Reminder to landis
I can't wait to go to the gym again
Did I REALLY just say that? I'm terrible sick I just know it

You need to find out what works for YOUR body

Issue 5.21.285
any differences be kept between the parties with a difference and nobody else brought into it.

Peskie is allowed to talk to herself as much as she wants to.

Anything that let's peskie do something other than the normal activities, learn something new and get outside her little world is on the allowed list.
What's work interfered stuff? I thought that was against the rules (as Maria caught on quick and added this)

Rule 5.28.974
as long as u quote u are always on topic

Being to blame isn't always a bad thing. You have lots of entertainment value.

Break big goals into small tasks….a little at a time. It builds up to success!

New addition to WIT rule book: NAPS are always allowed and encouraged without prior planning or negative ramifications of any sort. Period.

True friendship doesn't give up

Page 5.25. para 1444
Always blame it on the peep that is not here! Put that in the rules please.

RG made sense once, but messed it up by saying that needed to be in the rule book. That makes no sense.

To lose one pound, in lieu of dieting, hit refresh button 6 million times

Those that don't learn history are doomed to repeat it

For maximum cute factor, lean forward, tongue in roof of mouth

if dh is home so I should be too (stews and all), regardless of how much time just taken off

page 2.19 par 2999 Once the avatar has been changed, I have to leave. new rule I just made up that only applies once. wcwendy

root beer is the new energy drink

addendum 123.5.62
negative posts must be offset with positivity

WIT's should participate in celebrating victories as much as supporting needs

WIT's have book addictions

WIT's rule, work 2nd

skipping meals can and often leads to binging later.

Positivity counts!

women gain a lot of times during the premenopausal times and post and how it's just sort of a "given" that it will happen. However, some women do NOT do it but keep their weight under control their whole lives though it is definitely more difficult. Why should I just accept that it's a part of life? I don't want to and WILL NOT accept this. Just like being on certain kinds of medicines can contribute to gaining. Some people do not gain in spite of that. No it may not be EASY but few things in life worth having are.

Indies and keeping up aren't required, but don't ask for recaps....others have to read twice that way

It's all about our choices....each decision leads to consequences, whether positive or negative and we have the power to control those choices, they just become more difficult in certain circumstances, not impossible

ADHD is contagious….tread lightly

Never EVER forget to title the WIT thread after Chewie when it's her birthday week. Consequences are banishment from the thread for a time period to be decided by current boss of thread unless it's Lucy and she is so ADD that it is excused.

The only consistent rule is that Calvinball may never be played with the same rules twice. Scoring is also arbitrary, with Hobbes reporting scores of "Q to 12" and "oogy to boogy

amazinggrace911 06-01-2013 10:07 AM

Hey there!! Can you believe all this crazy weather. Some people I know in the St. Louis area had some near misses at their homes. One of them lost his front porch and lots of trees down. Dh and I lived in the St. Louis area when Steven was born. Oh so long ago!!

DD and I are going to take a ride today. She wants to get some driving time in. She does pretty good. Her brother took her out to try some parallel parking. He said she did it perfect.

Have a wonderful weekend. Back to work tonight for me!!

Happy June!!

stews 06-01-2013 02:38 PM

I do not envy the weather they are having over there. I'm so glad I don't live in tornado land. scary! Enjoy your day, Lenise and have a good night at work.

a friend here in town went with me to get bountiful baskets today. this is the first time she's done it and I think she wasn't quite sure what to do. she asked if I wanted to ride together. afterwards we went and got coffee and chatted for awhile. this actually was a classmate in highschool. we weeren't close friends but we were friends. we see each other once in awhile and say hi but haven't taken the time to really visit. it was nice :)

now I'm just sitting here waiting for dd24 to get here and spend some time with her before she meets up with friends for dinner tonight.

here is my produce basket stuff from this morning. I also got a mexican themed ad on but didn't take a picture of that. it came with chili peppers, jalapeno's, onion, garlic, avocado and cilantro.

Peskie 06-01-2013 03:45 PM

I'm loving your pics of your bountiful foods

Peskie 06-03-2013 05:22 AM

I'm down 5.8 lbs for the year

a little over a lb a month :hyst:

go me?! :p

HaleysNana 06-03-2013 06:11 AM

Morning girls!! Peskie 5.8 down is better than 5.8 up, right?? :) Today is day 3 of my sugar ban so be praying I don't kill anyone today!!

stews 06-03-2013 08:08 AM

haha, peskie. I was going to say what Pam did, lol. I'm up a little but have not continued to gain. I went up a little and have stuck right there. I need to really get serious and get it back down, though. Maybe this will be the week i can really pull it together.

Pam, yeah, that sugar detox can be fun...for all, lol. hang in there.

heading to work in a minute. hopefully my stomach will handle food better today than yesterday. I hate tummy issues, especially at work.

amazinggrace911 06-03-2013 03:05 PM

160.4 today! I've officially lost 70 pounds!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Making ravioli and stir fries for dinner tonight. Sounds SO good!!

I'll try to get back on later. We really need to get this thread moving this month!!

HaleysNana 06-03-2013 03:14 PM

Congratulations!!!! Dinner is well deserved!

stews 06-03-2013 03:57 PM

nice job, Lenise!

I think we are having cornish game hens (if they are thawed enough to cook them. dh will bbq) and a vegi stirfry

amazinggrace911 06-03-2013 07:25 PM

Cornish hens sound SO good!! Haven't had them in a while.

Took my dd and her bff to dq tonight for dinner. I got an orange julius. Tasted really good.

Off to work soon! Two nights left!! Woohoo!!

stews 06-03-2013 08:20 PM

dinner turned out good. so did the veggies. dh even said he liked them and he doesn't like veggies. now, that doesn't mean he'd want to eat them all the time but He did willingly have a serving, lol. I may use the leftovers and make a veggie omelette tomorrow. we'll see if it sounds good after work or not.

dq sounds good, but I want ice cream :p . have a good couple nights of work. 11 more school wake ups. I can NOT wait! I'm so ready for the break in routine and to be in a positive atmosphere for awhile.

stews 06-04-2013 07:54 AM

ohhh, SUNSHINE!!! its supposed to be nice ALL week! going to love the afternoons after work this week. ;)

no big plans today. a couple errands after work but other than that I'll just come home and hang out, probably.

amazinggrace911 06-04-2013 05:55 PM

:jumpjoy: :jumpjoy: :jumpjoy: :jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy: :jumpjoy:

Can you tell I'm excited???

159.4 today!!!

Woohoo!! Can't believe it! The first time in the 150's in about 23 years!!

Now to keep it off this next week.

Going to go spring clean my Grandma's house tomorrow. It is going to be bad. Hasn't been done in a long long long time. My bff and dd are going with me.

We went out to eat mexican tonight. I could only eat half of my plate of food. I used to eat the whole plate and lots of chips. Can't do that anymore.

One more night of work!! Catch ya later!

stews 06-04-2013 06:06 PM

Lenise, that is SO awesome. you are kicking some booty!

work was not so fun today. bah! 10 more school day wake ups.

Peskie 06-04-2013 06:14 PM

oh, I wasn't complaining.

I'm happy. I haven't had time to concentrate on TRYING to lose anything.

That's just from keeping up with baby girl. The laughter was that I actually knew it :hyst:

Peskie 06-04-2013 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by amazinggrace911 (Post 16455357)
:jumpjoy: :jumpjoy: :jumpjoy: :jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy: :jumpjoy:

Can you tell I'm excited???

159.4 today!!!

Woohoo!! Can't believe it! The first time in the 150's in about 23 years!!

Now to keep it off this next week.

Going to go spring clean my Grandma's house tomorrow. It is going to be bad. Hasn't been done in a long long long time. My bff and dd are going with me.

We went out to eat mexican tonight. I could only eat half of my plate of food. I used to eat the whole plate and lots of chips. Can't do that anymore.

One more night of work!! Catch ya later!

:clap: Great job!

stews 06-04-2013 08:06 PM

lol Peskie.

I got called nasty nasty names and mean comments said to me today. plus side? I will not be having to deal with that student in class tomorrow, hopefully not for a few days, but I don't know how long the teacher will suspend him for. oh and he was originally getting sent out for gang writing, so I'm hoping that'll give him an extra day :p

stews 06-05-2013 08:01 AM

huh, over the last few days I've realized that i don't think my body is handling lack of sleep like it used to. I used to could function on one night of lack of sleep but lately, even if its just a little less sleep my body feels terrible. i hope I work out of this and it doesn't continue. i don't like it, at all. and I NEED to function at work.

amazinggrace911 06-05-2013 08:20 PM

I have to get at least 6-7 hours sleep a night or I don't function well. And my legs stay swelled up if I don't get that much.

We got half of my Grandma's house cleaned today. Going back on Friday to finish the other half. It is MUCH cleaner now.

Going to relax a bit tomorrow. Then a sing-out tomorrow night for the Sweet Adelines at a nursing home. Will have a good time.

Nighty night!

stews 06-05-2013 09:41 PM

I normally can function on one day with lack of sleep but the last week if I get even a little less I feel terrible. its weird.

been hanging out at home all afternoon/evening. dd22 came over and gave the dogs a bath. she borrowed some money awhile back and I told her she can work it off instead of handing cash over if she wants. honestly, it isn't bout the money so much. we would be fine without it, but I think she needs to be responsible for it. she may pay some of it back in cash if she gets some extra but I told her its fine to work it off. I can always find something for her to help me with. actually, I kind of would prefer it because I'm lazy, LOL!

we ended up ordering pizza for dinner tonight. had it delivered so we didn't have to go anywhere.

I have late start tomorrow at work. I have to be there by 8 for a meeting. will probably get there about quarter till or so but then we won't bring the students in till 10:30. 1 hour of class then lunch then 1 more hour of class. yeah!

stews 06-06-2013 06:03 PM

good evening, everyone that pops in :p .

EIGHT is the magic number. 8 more school day wake ups :)

today was late start. went pretty well. started iffy but they settled down.

one more full week of work then a weekend at the beach with 3 friends from high school. then 2 more days of school. really 1 and a couple hours the 2nd day. I only have the boys until 9:45 the last day :p and that will be spent watching a movie. now I just have to choose a couple to take in for them to choose from :)

Kim in MN 06-07-2013 11:47 AM

This has been a crazy week. Last Friday DS24 was diagnosed with costocondritus -- inflammation of the cartilidge connecting rib cage to the sternum. Extremely painful! He was put on bedrest with orders not to pick up Hailey, carry her, etc. Yeah, that's reasonable. :stars:

So I "watched" both Hailey and DS24 on Monday & Tuesday. LOL. Monday was his birthday so I made him birthday breakfast and then chased an almost 1 year-old all over the house. Exhausting! But I loved every minute of it. She's walking now and refuses to sit down and play with toys. He's starting to feel a bit better and is expected to return to work on Monday.

I've been playing catch-up with work since returning on Wednesday. Yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in a long while -- production issues galore and I signed on when I got home "just for a minute" and didn't log off for 3.5 hours.

Hailey's birthday party is on Sunday. I'm almost finished with the doll cradle. Have to finish making a pillow for it tonight. I also bought her a 'lil coupe car -- it's pink and I have no doubt Grandma will be the one assembling it. :)

Food plan has been all over the place this week. Gearing up to buckle down come Monday. I've been even waffling with the idea of switching to WW, but have decided to stay LC.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I don't expect to be online much - -I'm helping DIL with party preparation as much as possible since DS24 shouldn't be doing much.

stews 06-07-2013 03:04 PM

you have been busy, haven't you. I'm glad to hear your ds is doing better.

I got home a bit ago but am headed back out in few minutes. its massage day! 90 min. deep tissue massage followed by chiro adjustment. then not too long after I get home dh and I will be leaving to go to a semi pro baseball game (local team). no idea about dinner. may end up just picking something up at the game, I guess.

tomorrow dh is talking about us taking drive to the beach on the motorcycle. the weekend is going to go too fast and I'll be back at work before I know it! at least I only have 1 more full week before school is out for the summer. and we are going to Watch Gilligan's Island some next week if they are having a good day. We'll do it towards the end of the day so they had to earn it :p .

today was good at work other than one boy who I promptly kicked out 15 minutes into class. the others were kind of hyped up and chatty but settled down quickly after that :D .

have a good evening. :)

Peskie 06-07-2013 04:53 PM

I wanna see pics of the doll cradle :love:

stews 06-08-2013 10:02 AM

I want pics too!

heading out for the day soon, probably. I'll probably be around a little more tomorrow if anyone else is

Kim in MN 06-08-2013 01:53 PM

Happy to oblige with cradle pics -- I'm really proud of how it turned out. Of course I forgot to take "before" pics -- but "before" it was just a cradle frame -- no bottom to it and the paint was very worn off. I cut a 1/4" piece of plywood, covered it in batting & a flannel receiving blanket. I sprayed it crisp white and Jessie's best friend painted the design to match the other receiving blanket.


Kim in MN 06-08-2013 02:03 PM

Got a few errands run this morning and have spent the rest of the morning wiping out coolers and gathering odds and ends to have in my car for the party -- extra napkins, paper towel, wipes, etc. I got the veggie dips made last night -- one ranch and one chipotle southwest. I'll pick up Melissa in the morning and we'll head to Sam's Club and pick up the cake, veggies, buns, etc. Then pick up the little "smoosh" cake I ordered for Hailey.

I stopped at Kohl's to pick up a new top to wear tomorrow and now I'm cleaning camera lenses, charging batteries and emptying memory cards.

Pretty exciting Saturday around here!

stews 06-09-2013 08:50 AM

oh, it turned out great, Kim! I love it!

dh and I were gone all day yesterday. left a little after 10:00 for a motorcycle ride. had lunch overlooking the bar that goes from the river to the ocean then walked around, toured a historical home (we've been there before a long time ago but decided to go through again). then headed home stopping for pie at a cute little restaurant. came home and watched "the goonies" (the town we spent most the day in is where it was filmed).

dh is back at work today. I'll go to church in a little while then I don't know what the rest the day.

Peskie 06-09-2013 05:09 PM

it's beautiful :love:

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