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bethr 05-31-2013 10:27 PM

Slimmer by Summer--June Edition
The new thread for the new month!

hhhmom74 06-01-2013 05:53 AM

Good morning slimmers!

I woke up with a terrible headache. I have a feeling it is going to be a rough day. I have tons to do today so no time for rest. Still not feeling the greatest. My throat is sore and I am congested.

Scale is still at 130. I need to push the water today. I plan on getting an upper body workout and some cardio in at some point. I need to better prepare myself for the 5K next Saturday. My original goal was to do a 5K a month for the rest of the year. I would really like to do 2 a month if at all possible. I think that will motivate me.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Indy Zoo. My cousin and her family live in Indy so we will be meeting them. I cant wait to spend the day with them.

What is everyone doing this weekend?

bethr 06-01-2013 10:00 AM

Good morning all!

Hope you are having an awesome Saturday. Not sure what's on the agenda today. Maybe a movie and a few errands. Its going to be pretty darn warm today, close to 90. Went to the gym yesterday and did the second routine of my new workout. Tried not to overdo it since my back/leg was out. Then went to the chiropractor. Not in pain right now (yea!).

Rachel--great job on the 5k. 2 a month? Awesome. Sorry you're not feeling well, I hope you get better soon. Enjoy the zoo tomorrow.

Hi to Hannah, Diane, Charlene.

Have a good day!

hhhmom74 06-01-2013 09:32 PM

Evening Slimmers!

Typing from my phone so this will be short!

I have decided to do a squat challenge. Today was 50 by the last day is 250. Yikes!!!

Beth: wish we were having some 90s here!!

hhhmom74 06-02-2013 06:49 AM

Good morning!

We are on our way to Indy. I am looking forward to see my cousin and her family.

Scale was 129 this morning. So I am up 2 lbs from 2 weeks ago. I sure can feel that I did 105 squats yesterday. I can also really tell I have been doing upper body workouts. My only workout today will be walking at the zoo.

sports_mom 06-02-2013 07:33 AM

Good morning! I am sooooo in summer mode. Stayed up off and on until 3:00 a.m. Had teens at my house all weekend again. I love it, but man, they are messy! LOL

I am almost to the end of this LiveFit challenge again. One more week and I need to either decide to do it again or find a different one.

Went to the grocery store yesterday and bought lots of fish and chicken and am concentrating on pure clean eating. No processed food, nothing. I'm going to see if I can kick this thing into gear. So tired of this stall.

Diane - sounds like you are winding down on the old place. That was kinda nice - a little weird about your ex. I would be suspicious too since we all know how he's done you in the past. Loved the story of the snake with the new kids. LOL

Beth - you are staying super busy it sounds like. I am glad you are enjoying your bff and also doing some workouts plus sound gigs. The baby is BEAUTIFUL! So precious!!

Hannah - I just finally had to copy your name out of that link to find you on Facebook but I sent a request as well. It's cool seeing that side - there's so much more we can see in photos and such that you can't share here. Just judging from the profile pic - your kids are absolutely beautiful too! :)

Rachel - how are your quads today? This workout I do has some massive quad reps in it. but boy I love the feeling of strong legs. Have fun at the zoo!

GUESS WHAT!!!!????? I'm adopting my granddog, Penny!!!!!!!!! My son and his wife say she is much too big for their tiny apartment and so the MIL posted a link to help find her a home on Facebook. I sent my son a text - like WTH!? They said they didn't want me to feel obligated. I told them - "are you sure it's not because I lost Bruiser while in my care?" LOL!!!! Anyway, she will arrive this week while my son is on vacation. I told them if they move to a bigger home, I will most certainly let them have her back.

It's a rest day workout wise, but I need to do yard work and laundry. Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

bethr 06-02-2013 12:17 PM

Good morning all!

We leave in less than an hour for a gig up in Sonoma County. Not looking forward to it at all. Only playing 35 minutes but they are only giving each act a total of 5 minutes to get off the stage and set up for the next act. Absolutely impossible unless all you have is one instrument. We have 5 vocalists and a keyboard who has 3 keys and all kinds of set up. And its a long way to haul everything. Oh well. I wouldn't be surprised if we get stiffed for this too. The coordinator doesn't seem to have a clue what to do.

Charlene--yea for adopting Penny. What kind of dog is she anyway? I'm glad she is going to stay in the family. How big is she. I bet you can't wait to be out of school for the summer.

Rachel--have fun in Indy. Its been a long time since I was there.

Diane--what up?

Hannah--how did this weeks weigh-in go?

Must get myself together for the day.

hhhmom74 06-03-2013 07:17 AM

Good morning slimmers!

My scale seems crazy again. I saw anywhere from 110 to 133 this morning. I replaced the battery last week. It might be time to replace the scale. :( Today's workout will be upper body, squats and cardio.

We had a blast at the zoo yesterday! It was so nice to spend the day with my cousin and her family! I told her we have to do that more often. Indy is only a 3 hour drive.

Beth: how long are you going to be in Chicago?

Charlene: yeah on adopting your granddog!

Diane and Hannah: hi!

momof2mms 06-03-2013 12:27 PM

It's defiantly feeling like a Monday today. Nothing is going right. Ugh!

Weight is up a little from not sticking 100% to plan this weekend. Weekends are hard and there are more temptations. But, I've planned a clean-eating day and have stuck to it so far with breakfast and lunch. Hopefully I'll get in a good workout tonight! Tomorrow the kids and I head to the Gulf. I'm so ready to get some SUN! :cool: I'll post pics on facebook.

Rachel: Your scale must be possessed. There's no way you can fluctuate 20+ pounds naturally. :laugh: I'm go glad you had a good time at the zoo! Squat challange...Yikes is right! You'll do great!

Beth: The weigh-in went well. I lost 4 pounds! I can't believe I slipped up this weekend and gained some. :dunno: how's your leg feeling? How did the gig go?

Charlene: So excited for you and Penny! What kind of dog is she? I think I'm going to try the LiveFit challenge. :D

Hey Diane! I hope you had a good weekend!

AuntLavender 06-03-2013 01:43 PM

Hello all. I'm new to the forum and started my own personal 90-day LC challenge last Tuesday. Today is day 7 and i weighed in at 194. I started weighing on Saturday (197), so down three pounds very quickly. Since I did not get my scale until Saturday, it is likely my weight was right around 200 the day I started.

I have had zero hunger so far, which is a tremendous relief. This is not my first LC diet, but this is the most I have ever weighed. Even when pregnant I do not believe I was ever 200.

I am 5'9" tall and do not have thin bones, so a healthy weight for me is 150. A fabulous weight is 143.

Last summer, I was easily wearing my size 10 pants. I had a terrible winter, and many life changes including divorce. Somehow I packed on about 30# this winter. Mostly my love of pasta and noodles, but also due in some part to an anti-depressant medicine that really helped me balloon. I have discontinued it though.

I need an online support system because connecting with others really inspires and motivates me!



hhhmom74 06-04-2013 06:41 AM

Good morning slimmers!

Scale is back down to 127 this morning!:jumpjoy: Now hoping to see a new low soon. Boy can I tell I am doing a squat challenge. Yikes! I wonder how long before I start seeing results from all the squats. I think my next challenge will be to focus on abs. I am very happy with my upper body. It is the easiest and fastest to see results for me. I am excited about doing another 5K this Saturday. I hope to be under 38 minutes.

We are getting ready for our big camping reunion this weekend. Not sure how much I will post after today. I am crazy busy with working, meetings in the evenings and getting ready to camp.

AL: :welcome:! Glad to have you join us. Congrats on your weight loss so far!

Hannah: i do think my scale is possessed. This morning it seemed ok. Weekends are super hard for me too.

bethr 06-04-2013 10:43 AM

Good morning all!

Its a cool start to the day, with highs in the 70s. I have a few errands to do today before heading to Chicago tomorrow. Went to the gym yesterday and did just my weight routine since I was late for another appointment. I can feel it today. 224 squats. and 21 pikes.

Rachel--I know how those squats can feel afterwards. Its funny that it doesn't seem like that much when you're doing them but boy do you feel them the next day. Have a great time camping. It doesn't look like the weather in Chicago is going to be too warm this coming weekend, hopefully it will be downstate.

AL--:welcome: We're happy to have you with us. We are a small group but steady. This group has been around for well over 10 years.

Charlene--what's up with you? Baking in the morning so you're not checking in with us?

Diane--where the heck are you? Are you all out of the old place now? Getting your schedule back on track?

Hannah--WTG on the weight loss. You'll be doing great. Hope your enjoying the mini-vacay!

Time to get moving. Have a great day!

AuntLavender 06-04-2013 01:12 PM

Thank you for the warm Welcome HhhMom and Bethr. Everything is going well for me so far. No scale change from yesterday, but I am unconcerned. I really to time to make myself look good today even though I had no where special to go.

I was thinking of all the ways I like to motivate myself--and having nice fitting clothes is one of them. It's funny that my physical appearance really suffers when I gain. Not just because I'm heavier and clothes don't fit nicely--but when I gain I do sort of "give up" and take a "what's the use" approach to my appearance. For me, looking nicer and more put together makes me feel "up", and then I am happier with myself and motivated to treat myself better in every way. So I need to remember to make an effort when dressing.

I need to figure out where I can keep a weight loss journal? Is there a place for them on this site?

sports_mom 06-04-2013 04:27 PM

Afternoon! Yesterday I took a group of 5 kids, my dd15 included, to Tyler Junior College to tour the Luminant Academy. It's a 2-year program learning about power plants - running, maintaining, troubleshooting, etc. Pretty cool. Our tour guide gave the kids each a backpack filled with Luminant goodies and we had an awesome tour guide. The kids got to see one of the drag line simulators in action as well as the computer system for all the main power plants controlled by Luminant. We tae a good BBQ lunch and then visited the mall, Academy and Game Stop. They jammed out to loud music - and I actually really enjoyed their company. LOL

I'm winding down on the LiveFit program - down to the last week. I think I may start over on Phase 3 again - the most difficult one and keep going until I decide what to do next. Work is boring now that I have no kids to see - only paperwork. I plan to be done with all my paperwork this Friday and then next Monday and Tuesday I am going to a workshop and on Wednesday, my last day, I am going around delivering child find brochures to get me out of the office. Can't wait to spend lazy days by the pool!

:welcome: AL!!! So glad you are here! Stick around and we can help each other. Are you sticking to a particular plan? 3 pounds already is awesome!!

Beth - how did the gig go with the 5 minute time limit to get off the stage? That sounds ridiculous! It's been in the 90's here.

Rachel - enjoy the camping reunion. I hope you enjoy yourself.

Diane - where you be, girl? Getting it all done?

Hannah - hope you've recovered from the weekend slip up. It is so hard to focus sometime. I just have to white knuckle it sometimes to get through these times. Penny is a part Doberman mix that my son and his wife got from a shelter. She is precious.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Annie64 06-04-2013 06:00 PM

Hey everyone.. life is just crazy these days. I finished up the old place FINALLY late Sunday night. That feels good, except a part of me didn't want to leave. I laid down in my old bedroom (it still felt like home) on the floor for a while before locking the door a final time. Also been planning DDs grad party and getting announcements made and sent out.

As for diet and weight.. I am still in the upper 90s (ugh). I worked out Friday and Saturday, but was too busy Sun and Mon, so no gym until Friday. I was extremely tired at work today.. I hope I get more sleep tonight.

Beth: I am going to send you a message on FB tonight about something...

Charlene: Congrats on the new fur baby!

Rachel: The whoosh fairy is messing with you! LOL!

Hannah: Weekends used to be the easy days for me.. now they are all difficult! I need to just lock myself in a room for a few days with water and very low carb foods to get myself back on track!

AL: Welcome to our small but cozy group! I know EXACTLY what you mean about appearance when your weight is up.. I am a perfect example of that. My hair tends to go back up into a ponytail, and my clothes are more blah. No makeup. I am getting my hair cut this Saturday, so I am hoping that helps. Maybe feeling better about my hair will help me get back on track and stay there!

bethr 06-05-2013 08:50 AM

Good morning all!

Heading to Chicago today for my interview tomorrow. I wish I could say I was excited to be going, but I'm not right now. Maybe I will be once the interview is over. It will be 5 hours of interview. Tiring. No gym until maybe tomorrow afternoon or Friday.

Charlene--the 5 minute turnaround was a bust. There is no way to get 7 performers and 5 mic set up in 5 minutes. It was a lot of work for 30 minutes of playing time. But we got paid, which is a good thing. Sounds like you had lots of fun with the kids. Since you'll be out of school think of all the time you can spend working out. :hyst: Naw-doesn't work that way for me either. Looking forward to seeing pix of Penny. I love dobies. My first dog was a dobie.

Rachel--how's that possessed scale doing? And the squat challenge?

Hannah--having fun at the beach?

Diane--when is your DD's graduation and party? How exciting that your youngest is graduating from high school.

AL-- check out f i t d a y.com. They have a weight journal, food journal, exercise journal. Hope you are doing well.

Must get prepared and packed. Have a good day everyone. I'll only have an ipad while I'm gone so my posts will be intermitent.

hhhmom74 06-06-2013 06:13 AM

Good morning slimmers!

My possessed scale was at 127 this morning. I am really feeling my workout this week. I am going to do another intense workout today. Tomorrow and Saturday will be squats and cardio only. Saturday is the 5K. I am hoping for anything under 38 minutes for my 5K.

I am sitting on my front porch with coffee and a blanket. What a perfect way to start my day. I love doing this in the mornings!!

Beth: good luck on your interview today!

Diane: how's it feel for your baby to be graduating?

Charlene: i am ready for lazy days around the pool too! Our weather just isnt warm enough right now.

AL: i have the same problem with appearance when I am heavier.

bethr 06-06-2013 02:49 PM

Hi all!

Just finished 5 hours of interviews and I am exhausted! Don't know how well it went. I can never tell anymore. Time will tell. Onward and upwards.

Rachel. I'm sitting at a Starbucks having a mocha.

Hope you are all doing well!

Annie64 06-07-2013 04:10 PM

Oh what a week.. so tired! BUT.. I seem to be back on track. I did VERY well today, except not drinking enough water. I went to step class, but didn't have much energy. I am armed with plenty of low carb foods... eggs, tuna, turkey burgers, burgers, roast in the crockpot, Boca burgers, beef filet, chicken... I feel like I am back "in the zone". My weight this morning however was a whopping 199.2.. yep, I hit 200 again yesterday. UGH.

Beth: I can't even imagine 5 hours of interviews! ... My DD graduates this Sunday in Columbus! It'a a few hours away (since it was online... I wish they would have one HERE for the kids that live HERE).. and the party isn't for a few weeks. Hopefully her dad helps pay for it.

Rachel: Good luck tomorrow! ... well, it feels pretty dang good for ALL of my kids to have graduated high school (well, almost!). So proud of her for catching up this year! She called me late last night to say she got her final grade for her final class :cool: I feel like blowing a raspberry at my ex and saying I TOLD YOU SO! He didn't think she would do the work since it was at home. Ha!

Charlene: Ahh, your workouts have reminded me about my P90X dvd's.. I am considering at least getting out my ab ripper and doing that.. my stomach is sooooo gooshy!

Hannah: Congrats on the 4 lbs!

AL: How's it going?

bethr 06-09-2013 08:10 AM

Where is everyone?

hhhmom74 06-09-2013 07:02 PM

Evening Slimmers!

We are back from out camping reunion. Had tons of fun! I took 2 minutes off my 5K time. I am so excited! Hoping to shave another couple minutes off by the next 1.

Beth: holy cow I cant imgaine 5 hours of interviewing!!

Diane: congrats to your DD!

Annie64 06-09-2013 08:45 PM

It took about 12 hours for the graduation today! Since it was a statewide graduation, we had to drive to Columbus (abt 2 hours away.. not quite). The whole bottom floor of the arena was all students! The ceremony was so cool.. very impressive. Anyway, between DD having to get there early, then waiting several hours for it to start, stopping to eat (don't ask), then driving home.. yeah, 12 hours! Worth it though.. I know DD is glad we made the trip up there, even though she has been fighting a cold and started feeling more like she has the flu on the way home.

So.... her dad didn't go. He was going to go.. then, an hour before it started he sent her a text saying they had a water pipe break and hadn't left yet, but he was running to change, and then leave to get to Columbus.. from where he lives, it's probably 2 1/2 hours away.. he would have been very late, but still would have probably gotten there to see her walk at least. Right before she went up she sent him a text asking if he was there, and he didnt even respond, so she sent a text to her step mom, who said they had to wait for the plumber and hadn't left. THEY BOTH had to wait? HE couldn't have gone and left HER to wait? Dumb. She probably didn't want him to go without her. I am SOOOOOO MAD. How could he do that to Em? I'm so tired of him hurting her! How is it, he was about to leave, then suddenly had to wait for the plumber? Sounds fishy to me.

To make it worse... her dad hasn't even called her or sent a text since he told her he was still coming. Wow. I'm sure he feels awful.. as he should. Heck, my house could fill with water and I would still go to my daughters graduation! (but their water was off.. so that wasn't happening lol)

Saw my ex MIL and FIL.. he didn't even really say anything to me.. weird because he always liked me. She actually spoke more to me, but I could tell it was just being politely cordial. I don't care.. I really really dont. I know my ex has poisoned them against me to get sympathy for himself.. and told them all kinds of lies and things through his warped perspcetive! LOL!

Anyway, Im tired.. going to try to go to sleep early. I'm off tomorrow, so I am going to take it easy and try to organize things at the new place a bit. Maybe tan.. go to the gym for sure!!! I have No doubt I will be perfect this week with eating.. I may even try to get to the gym a few NIGHTS after work on the days I haven't been going because of the new job.. we'll see.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

sports_mom 06-10-2013 05:00 AM

I'm here! Dang, didn't realize I had missed so many days! I finished my LiveFit again - that's the second round. I need to find another program now. I want to run more this summer since I can get up early enough for it to be a little light but not too late to get to work - since WEDNESDAY is my LAST DAY! I have not weighed in a long time - I don't feel light - and I haven't been eating great. I will do that this week.

DD15 had a basketball tournament this weekend near Waco, so we spent Friday and Saturday there. My ds25 and his wife came and spent the weekend, along with my son's friend who was a pro baseball player - he's since quit and not sure what his life plans are now - but he drives a nice Lexus. ;) So it was a BUSY weekend! We got the dog and she has grown so much! We've had to leave her outside because she has fleas. We are fighting that so she can come in some - although she LOVES it outside. I guess being cooped up in an apartment the past year kind of did it for her. I cried when my son and his wife left yesterday because it was so sad watching DIL say goodbye to Penny. That was her buddy when Bo would work so much and she was home in the beginning.

Beth - your interview sounds brutal. Wow - 5 hours! How can they come up with that many questions?

Rachel - glad you enjoyed your camping reunion. YAY on your new PR on your 5K! I need to find another one as well. Are you following a specific program for working out? I need a new one.

Diane - I am so glad you are out of the old place and that you got DD's grad behind you. That's awful your ex did not attend. Unbelievable. So, what are your dd's plans?

Did we lose Hannah?

Hope you all have a great day! Two days of 8-4 workshops in a neighboring town for me....

Annie64 06-10-2013 05:15 PM

So yesterday my eating wasn't great, but it wasn't TOO bad apparently because I was down .6 today to 198. I have been perfectly good today, although I feel myself struggling a little wanting something bready (I'm trying to low carb this week to get a chunk off before going back to my good carb eating. I did go to step class today and felt fine.. I got a little lightheaded like I do sometimes and had to take a break and breathe for a few minutes.

I can feel myself slowly getting back to my normal self.. it's hard with all the stress that's been going on lately.. but if I don't take care of myself, it's only going to make me feel worse. I got my hair cut Saturday and that helped me feel a LOT better! My hair was so dry and bushy.. it was gross! I will feel a lot more normal when I get back to the 80s.

My ex texted DD today and said he didn't call her or text her yesterday after saying he was coming because he didn't want to "make her sad on her special day"... ... ... ... :hyst: Ok, it's not really funny, but as she said, by NOT calling her it was much worse. I am wondering now if he just TOLD her he was still coming to tell her what she wanted to hear in order to get through graduation, but knew he wasn't going to make it. Apparently the plumber didn't show up or something.. so he had to have known that when he told her he was leaving. Whatever.

Charlene: DD was concentrating on getting caught up so much this year, she hasn't applied anywhere... yet. She is definitely going to college, and will probably go where I go, then transfer to NKU. I told her don't be like me and wait until she is in her 40's.

hhhmom74 06-11-2013 08:20 AM

Good morning slimmers!

I weighed in at 128 this morning! I would really like to see a # under 125 before the end of the month. I think I need to drink more water. I will be walking 2 hours for the Relay for Life this weekend then next weekend I will be doing another 5k. Then the last Saturday of the month I will be walking for ovarian cancer. I am still doing the squat challenge. I also do my own upper body workouts.

We leave at the end of the month for 4 days at Holiday World. I will be spending lots of time in a swim suit.

Oldest DD turns 19 today! I cant believe I have a 19 year old.

Diane: yes you need to take care of yourself which I know is hard when you are under so much stress!:hugs:

Charlene: i dont do any formal workout program. I am thinking about starting one that is local this fall.

Beth: you back home yet?

Hannah: where are you?

Annie64 06-11-2013 06:22 PM

Frustrating!!! I was perfect and lowcarbed all day yesterday, and the scale went UP 1.2 lbs! :weigh:

Today I was pretty good, but was kind of snacky. For dinner I DID have a whole grain bun with my turkey burger though. I feel like I just have to stop eating completely to be able to lose any kind of weight. It just gets harder and harder and harder!

Rachel: What is Holiday World? Sounds fun!

bethr 06-11-2013 07:20 PM

Hi All!

Just got home tonight. I'm so tired! I went to the gym on Monday and don't know what I did but my thighs are SCREAMING at me. My quad on my left leg is so sore and even ibuprofen doesn't seem to help. I did a lot of squats and I'm thinnking that I was gong deeper than usual.

Anyway--wanted to let you know that I'm home and I'll catch up tomorrow.

hhhmom74 06-11-2013 07:53 PM

Evening Slimmers!

I ate off plan for lunch and now I am so bloated. Ughhh

Diane: holiday world is in santa claus, indiana. It is an amusement/water park. We love it! We take our camper and stay at lake rudolph. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive for us.

Beth: hope your thighs feel better in the morning!

momof2mms 06-12-2013 08:07 AM

Hey everyone. I'm not lost. I had a really hard week last week (I'll explain later) and had to go out of town to visit my great grandmother the last couple of days. I'm up on the scale but I'm not surprised after last week.

Talk to yall later!

bethr 06-12-2013 08:25 PM

Hi All!

Happily back at home. I had a quasi interview today in the City. Its really for a temporary consulting gig. Which will be alright if I don't find something else. My leg is still really sore, but its getting better. I don't think I'll be back at the gym until Friday. I'm going to rest it for one more day.

Just wanted to stop by quickly to check in. More tomorrow. Glad to see you Hannah. I must get back into the groove now.

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