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lotus33 05-20-2013 08:31 PM

~Stop the nonsense~ part deux

:welcome: All who want to join! C'mon in and introduce yourself!

No special diet or challenge in particular, just trying to establish good habits for a healthy life! Trying to ditch the *diet* mentality and do more things for our health and have loads of fun along the way!

If your looking for positive support and a place to have some fun as well.....then welcome! :shake:

lotus33 05-20-2013 09:04 PM

I hope you guys had a great day today!!!

Mine was busy!

Actually I am going to hit the sack now!


natosha120 05-20-2013 11:41 PM

ty both...whats hard is all i dream about is her attacking me with a bunch things.and everyday i cry off and on..don't wanna do anything just well...bad to say death is on the mind, tmi i'm sorry:(

i need to either get help or fix my brain to being happy with things i love to do..

i wish i could be happy and feel great..being bipolar isn't fun:(

good night girls

ty always xoxi

GirlKickinIt 05-21-2013 07:37 AM

Goodmorning to Tuesday!! :hiya:

Our weather is taking a turn on us today...and diving down into chilly-gray, and supposedly will be wet too. Tomorrow...maybe even SNOW!! In late May?! :laugh: Okay...I don't really care...it's all good. :up: No walkie today. Not due to weather, but rather the full on wrath I'm trying to contain towards the one I'm disgusted with. :stars: I swear, CT can't reign in the need to lie, complain and just be generally ungrateful about all things in life...for more than just a short-short time. :notwrthy: She had me straight seething yesterday, after the morning stint with her & the boy, at the Vets. She was even lying to the Vet and the assistance. :stars: She just can't stop!! :lol: I HATE THAT!! :mad:

Naty, I feel awful that you are feeling so overwhelmed with sadness. :sad: I'd -flip a switch- and make all things wonderful for you if possible. :console: Of course things aren't that easy, are they? What I will do, if it's ok with you, is begin praying for you, for the Lords peace and love to comfort you, and for Him to guide you in His ways and bless you thru it. I really do believe that during our darkest hours...we are brought closer to the Lord. We're drawn to His comfort & hope for understanding that only He can provide us. I know it hurts to hurt. I know it feels lonely and desperate...and never-ending. I also know that there IS hope...there is love and peace for you to enjoy. This situation that you're going thru right now, is just for a season & a time....it's not forever. There will be brighter days. You are wonderfully made, and God has BIG plans for you!! :love:

Loty what are you up to today?! :hiya: Have you received your new computer yet?! :birthday: Tomorrow is washing machine repair day, isn't it? :confused:

lotus33 05-21-2013 11:56 AM

Hi ladies!

Just poppin in to see whats going on today!

I had a dentist appt at 9:30. Went and got a car wash and vac'd after dropping off kiddos to school and then on to the dentist. I was there until 12!!! 3 fillings :cry: 2 on one side and 1 on the other. My face hurts! And...is hurting other people as well! I look like a monster sitting here at my desk all droopy and drooling :eek::rofl:

:console: Naty is there a support group around there you could talk to someone about things? It might help to talk to people that understand what your going through and have walked in your shoes. I just don't know what to suggest to help you but know that good thoughts and wishes for peace are being sent from Michigan!!

GirlKickinIt 05-21-2013 01:11 PM

Oh No...THREE fillings all at once!! :notwrthy: And having work done on both sides at once!! :cry: Dare ya to take a little video footage of you trying to drink some water!! :hyst: Yeah!! :rofl: Here's Loty ---> :lol: Or :p.
:hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: Poor thing. :down: Totally been there...and now ya got your pals makin' fun of ya. :annoyed: It just isn't right!! :mad: :laugh:

lotus33 05-21-2013 08:46 PM

:annoyed: Oh yeah you would of liked that vid! :rofl: OMG! FUnNy!!! I don't even want to tell you the obscene things I had to do to get a drink! :o:hyst: i was drooling out of both sides and was soooo thirsty from them man handling me :cry:

:jumpjoy: Yup washer guy comes tomorrow! between 8-12 so...I may even get a nap in too! :jumpjoy: We'll see. So tomorrow morning is going to be all about choring it up!!! I have been just treading water and only getting the absolute needs done the last 2 weeks. Need a serious top to bottom sparkle!

My Tops weigh in is tomorrow too. I probably will have to miss it though. Its at 9. But I will see if ML will watch for the guy while I just sneak over and weigh in.

Speaking of weight......:eek::eek::eek::eek::jumpjoy: :birthday: :lol::clap: The incredible shrinking Shawna!!!!! Wow you must just feel on top of the world right now!!! How are you doing? Is it less of a struggle since the results are so amazing? you seem to just be doing great or if not you never complain at all. :confused: How is the hunk doing with it all? He still full on raw with you? I am about 75% most days. Today was not great 50/50. My biggest downfall right now....chocolate. I have been having it everyday this last week :o Which totally negates the point of the raw :stars: I also am counting all the walking of stairs I did today as exercise. 13 buildings up and down 3 flights each :stars: I hate delivering notices! :annoyed:

I feel like I had lots I wanted to comment on from the old thread and now I forget :confused: One thing I remember, what did you decide to do for the weekend? Are you going to have some people over and grill up those steaks? We aren't doing anything. Just working!

GirlKickinIt 05-21-2013 09:47 PM

Oh man, I know how hard that is to try to get your drink on...while your mouth is fully jacked up!! :notwrthy: Jesibelle!! :lol: FUNNY!! :hyst:

Yes to the nap plan tomorrow!! :love: I hope that works out for you!! :clap: It would be nice if that repair fellow would be able to get in/out on the quick, so you can get on with your nap...I mean day. :o :laugh:
I'd reckon you do wanna spend some choring time, with as busy as you've been!! :eek: How are things going with the renov's at work?

That would be very cool if you were able to hit your Tops check in. I think it sounds like you're doing quite super with a 75% raw deal though!! Great job!! :sing: Even with days of 50/50...that's Awesome!! That's totally unlike the standard american diet, and you're bound to reap health benefits from it and see the results you're hoping for. Just keep on keepin' on with it. :high5:

YES, it's less of a struggle because of the proof in the puddin'!! :sing: That absolutely makes a big diff!! :clap: AND, not trying to produce a brand new -to me- menu, of this new way of chowing. Nope, I mostly decided against that. I just got really frustrated/overwhelmed with trying to create new eats. I just don't wanna have to *think* about this food right now. So, it's an avocado for breakie, a large loaded salad for lunch, and pretty much just some nuts for snackage. If I'm feelin' like really gettin' my health on...I drink a vile green, with added chia seeds. :sick:
Rob has the steel cut oats w/flax each morning, almonds for a snack, the big loaded salad for lunch...even larger than mine, and then he might do a bit of nibbling in the early evening on string cheese, nuts, olives. I think he's had 1 soda since he started in with the whole thing. That be it!! :up: Oh yeah, both us heathens are still fully partaking in coffee each morning and afternoon, with C-oil. :o

My goodness, that's a lot of steps!! If only -somebody- had their pedo meter on!! :mad: :laugh: That would be a curious deal though!! :confused:

As for this weekends plans...I dunno. I was down for having these buds over, but after CT rattled me yesterday morning...I just set the notion of visiting/entertaining aside, and haven't given it much thought since. Got me grumpy on me over it!! :mad: :laugh: I suppose beings it's half way thru the week, I better make a final call on it one way or another. :o In either case...we forsure plan to grill!! :yummy:

Yowzer, it's time for me to wrap this party up & throw meself to bed!! I'll see you tomorrow!! :hiya:

GirlKickinIt 05-21-2013 09:52 PM

Whoa, at a glance...just reading back thru...it looks like Rob & I are partaking in coffee with e-coli. :eek: What?! No we're not!! :lol: That forsure is not what we're having!! :sick: :laugh:

lotus33 05-22-2013 06:27 AM

Good morning my dears!

Let the fun times roll!!! :stars:

Going to start meself a right ol chore~a~thon now :annoyed::lol::newbie:

:yummy: Yum...e-coli! Maybe you can add just a splash of salmonella in your coffees this morning! :clap::p

Oh shoot! I say have your friends over!:shake: Don't give CT that much power! Have some fun and don't give her another ounce of your energy! :high5: I know with my CT-lets call her MCT from now on- anyway she has no idea she ever does anything wrong and is just going about her life while I would be left reeling over some dumb thing she did. Its always the sane one that is left befuddled,confused, and trying to make sense of something that is irrational :stars: I have the luxury of going months without having to see mine though...so easier for me to get over it and move on since I don't have constant slappings in the face like you have to endure! ;)

Yes, I am pretty happy with the changes in diet (except the chocolate thing :o) It is easy with lunch and the few times I eat breaky. I do still use my beloved Ranch though :p And then just make dinner be a 50/50 thing. I am not going to go to weigh in. One because of the guy but two its pouring rain here today. Well at least that forces my hand to clean inside today also :p Because I *might* have been tempted to go play in the yard if it was nice:p *possibly* sneak over the the garden store and pick up a treasure or two :o

Alright....better get to gettin!


lotus33 05-22-2013 07:09 AM

:stars: I am soaked to the bone! Dropped A off to school and then ran to the little corner hardware store to get stickers for the lawn bags (since its trash day your fave) :jumpjoy: Anyway....I was going to quick add on my exercise points that I know I have done in the last week or so (been super bad at adding them:o) I forgot how we were counting??? Is it every 15?? I am adding the stairs and all the yard work since its like serious yard work. I won't add it if its just weeding or something lame :p

lotus33 05-22-2013 07:10 AM

Oh...looks like you better be ready for lots of posts today! :hyst:

I guess I am chatty and I missed you!!! :)

lotus33 05-22-2013 07:11 AM

Oh Naty......where are you????? Loty is chatty today :hyst:

lotus33 05-22-2013 07:12 AM

Hello lurkers! :lol: I will chat with you too....but you have to post :p:rofl:

GirlKickinIt 05-22-2013 07:29 AM

Goodmorning my Peeps!! :hiya:

Loty~meyer!! :hiya: You're up and at it early!! :eek: Good day to pass on the weigh in...with so many other things going on. :shake: I swear, you're just like a little kid, in wanting to run outside & play all the time!! :love: :laugh: See, we would have cleary been good buds even back in the day!! All about recess & lunch!! :sing: And snacks...and field trips. :o :laugh:

I agree with your assessment on the CT vs. Wasting my energies on CRAZY. :stars: Very helpful perspective. :shake: Yes, you're right, also in that there's this constant influx of the crazy...because of the close proximity. :notwrthy: I'm gonna take your wise advise, and let this roll off...and not allow her to dominate my mind...as I KNOW she's not giving her poor behaviour a second thought. :annoyed:
Yes to your CT becoming MCT. :hyst: So funny!! :rofl:

So it seems that the Pastor is pushing back on our *No to the teachy* and assuming our reaction to the prospect is *spriritual warfare*...and wants to meet with us after churchin' it up on Sunday. :stars: I'm spent on the whole issue, that I thought was no longer an issue. I've spoke my peace to the Hunk and asked him to just do whatever he feels led to do with this sitch. I'll support it either way, as best as I can. :dunno: :lol:

Today needs to be all about hittin' the dailys, throwin' down lunches and grocery gathering. I haven't decided if I'm gonna trek it out like an athlete, on my bike to gather the goods (using my backpack to haul) or be a lazy schmuck & roll the 4 wheels down there. :confused: It could depend on the weather at that point & mood. :laugh:

GirlKickinIt 05-22-2013 07:45 AM

You crack me up!! AND, I've missed you too, Greatly. :love: So Glad you came back home!! :hugs: :laugh:
Last I thought I recalled, our minutes to miles ratio was revised to 10 min.'s a mile. :shake: So you've done especially good, Grasshoppa!! :high5:
You have to put special stickers on your yard waste bags?? :confused: Like you have to BUY the special stickers?? Do they charge you diff, because it's a bag of yard waste vs. reg. garb.?? :confused: So many questions...so many UN answered wonderings now!! :stars:
Yes to the garbage day Happy's!! :clap:

So you got ready for the day & then soakered?! :notwrthy: :D That's just awful!! :p

lotus33 05-22-2013 08:14 AM


I just did a major blunder! MAJOR!

We are going to go to Chicago in June. The kids earned the money for one of those stupid American Girls dolls so we said we would take them to go buy it. This has been promised and unsuccessfully planned for one reason or another for a year and a half now! Anyway....I just tried booking a room but I guess maybe because of summer the prices are super high! So I did priceline. The problem is you don't get to choose the hotel, you name the price and whatever hotel accepts it thats what you get. Well...I had 2 hotels I really wanted and luckily got one of them. :jumpjoy: Problem....I just googled it and LOOK!!!! Oh dear!!!

City Traveler Blog | Chicago

lotus33 05-22-2013 08:17 AM

:annoyed: Why are they pushing so much over this class??? Is it unheard of to tell them no or something? Is it now just a power struggle?

:hyst: Probably not.....but you know I am hardwired to look for the motives :hyst: Seriously tho! Back off Jack! you said thanks but no thanks already, don't make it an issue to where you are uncomfortable seeing these people now. :annoyed:

lotus33 05-22-2013 09:34 AM

:venting: Its 11:30! No sign of the repair guy!!

If I don't get to have a nap today.....someones head is gonna roll! Just sayin :p

Oh and yes, we have to buy special stickers for the lawn bags. Grrrr....they are .70 a piece!

lotus33 05-22-2013 09:41 AM

:sing: ha! They could feel the wrath coming at them if they don't show soon! JUST got a call, they will be here in 30. :stars: Better be quick or I will only get a puny nap! :lol:

lotus33 05-22-2013 10:31 AM

Oh for crying out loud! All this time they could have told us over the phone how to fix it. There was a drain thinga ~ma~ jigger that needed cleaning out. It had some random things in there, a watch battery, stickers, toothpick or some sort of stick :stars: Anyway enough to clog the drain up but super easy fix if they had just told us to check it! However it was still covered so thats good otherwise it was gonna cost me 137.00! :eek:

Ok so nap time is out....shopping is in. I am headed over to the antique center to look at a dresser. ;)

lotus33 05-22-2013 02:03 PM

:annoyed: I thought I clearly expressed I was chatty today! Where the heck is everyone??? Whatever your doing MUST be VeRy important!!! :lol: Cause I look all sorts of crazy chatting it up with meself! :p

So shopping trip was highly successful! :jumpjoy: I bought a dresser and we will go pick it up this weekend hopefully! It was marked down to $68! :clap: And it was in much nicer shape than the other one! :goodpost: I will have to refinish it in some way, either sand and stain or maybe paint :confused:

OK since its still raining G doesn't have 4H so that means I get to go take a nap! And the kids are happy cause now they get like an hour (or 2) of free time without me nagging for them to do something! win win!:up:

lotus33 05-22-2013 02:11 PM

This isn't the actual one but pretty spot on. So to paint white or stain....whats your opinion???



I just don't know how I am going to sleep with such a pressing decision to be made :hyst:

lotus33 05-22-2013 04:02 PM

Well about an hour twenty ....I am good with that :up:

Decided I better throw in the bedding since its been dang near 3 weeks now with the washer being down! Who knows whats on those sheets...chocolate sauce...whipped cream....ML and I are freaks! Freaks I tell ya! :eek::rofl:

:p such freaks the freakiest thing I could think up to say was chocolate and whip cream :rofl::rofl::rofl: Ooooh exciting! :rofl:

GirlKickinIt 05-22-2013 06:33 PM

Well-Well...this turned out to be a much bizzee'er day than I'd anticipated!! :lol: Thing is...I didn't get to any of my cleanings around here!! :eek: I was out a good portion of the day...just being a shopping shopper that shops. ;) Got the chow all restocked & found some killer earrings. :love:
I made Hunky some fresh spicy salsa & then went on to put him together a multi layer Mexi-Dip, using the salsa. :yummy: I used refried beans, (thick) sour cream, salsa, cheddar, black olives and green onions. I also topped it with some Tapatio...but totally forgot to add the pickled jalapenos!! :down: Out of practice I suppose. :o I gave him some spicy chicarones to use as his chips. Last night he'd mentioned that he was jones'in for french onion dip. So...I located some *Beef Onion* soup mix we had & used some of the remainder of the sour cream. Wha-La...there's your -Onion Dip- Boy!! :hiya: I know, that wasn't very *June* of me...but I think he'll live. :o :laugh:

Gonna go back a bit and see what's been going on over here!! :hiya:

GirlKickinIt 05-22-2013 07:13 PM

Yay for the nap Loteage!! :high5: However...it doesn't quite meet the stringent requirements, in order to share it. :annoyed: Oh and I could really use one right now!! Geemaneeze...I be tired!! :notwrthy:

What are you talking about?! Choco & whippy sound pretty exciting to me!! :o The fact that it's on the bedding!! :eek: :newbie:
3 weeks...that's deff getting into...dare I say it...?? No...wait...lets do it Jeopardy style!! What is a crawly/bitey thing that likes your bed as much as you do now? :hyst: :rofl:

OoOoOOOoooh, I LIKE your new find!! :love: I think I'm leaning towards the stainaroo for it. :confused: What about you? What are you gonna do with your other one now?

Good Golly on the washer repair!! I wonder why they don't help folks trouble shoot a little bit?! :lol: You must be beside yourself with being able to wash stuff now!! :clap:

Ha!! :laugh: What a trip about your upcoming hotel stay!! :hyst: Are you freakered? What about the Little's...will this just totally trip them out?? Lots of history there!! I think you guys are gonna have a blast...and maybe even moreso because of the diggs you'll be staying in!! :high5: It'll be a great bonding experience and fun memories to look back on!! :dunno: Only you would end up locking in on this sorta sitch by chance!! :laugh: :hyst:

As for the strong hold from the Pastor on this teachie ish...I dunno. :dunno: I'm just not gonna give it any more thought, for the time being. His motives/thoughts will be more clear to us on Sunday I suppose. Right now I just feel prepared to offer support, if Rob decides he wants to give it a shot. By support, I mean I'll make him breakfast before he leaves. :hiya: :laugh: No glorified babysitting for me, Thanx. :stars: :shake:

So...like I was whining about earlier...there was no nap today. Also no afternoon coffee hour!! :cry: I'm not sure which one is more upsetting!! BOTH!! :lol: We chose to skp the beloved java, cause we have to get up earrrrly tomorrow. We normally wake up at about 4am...in order for Hunk to bail off just before 6am. Tomorrow he has to be at worky by 4am, as they are doing a big inventory run. :p However, he is lookin' to get out at noon. So it's all good...just diff.

Did you get to any of your projects at the homestead??

lotus33 05-22-2013 07:32 PM

:jumpjoy: Yeah your back!!! Yum to the eats today! Whatever did happen with that salty salsa? Were you able to save it? I forget if you said :confused: Is sour cream on the list or does just the hunk have that? I was wondering about that sort of stuff. I don't have any idea how yogurt is made or sour cream, I assume in the pasturizing process it is cooked?

I have been more 15-ing today than i should :o I was all rip raring ready to tackle stuff head on this am but as the day went on.... not so much. Got 3rd load of laundry in right now, kit cleaned, bath wiped, and I think I will head to the bedroom and see if I can't do like 30 min in there tonight still. Still have to put the sheets back on too :love: I know 3 weeks is :o I know I missed a week and then the washer broke :eek:

Oh I am not telling the littles about the hotel!!!! I just laughed that I get into these silly predicaments :stars: Its actually sort of exciting but i might poop myself if Al Capone comes walking out of the elevator! :eek: I will tell them when they are older...maybe :p

I don't know what I will do with that dresser :dunno: Oh and I never went to get that other one, I told him I would be back and then didn't get it. After seeing some other things I just thought I should hold out a bit. Glad I did!

:stars: Oh boy....that is early! Don't you live like 3 minutes from his work? Why does he get up soooo early? Heck I have to do hair and makeup and still only get up an hour before :laugh:

GirlKickinIt 05-22-2013 08:06 PM

Oh, the 1st SALTY salsa. :o I had the best of intentions...to get more ingredients...right away, to just blend into that & make use out of it. And then the days began to pass by and then more days. I just tossed it, and started with all fresh stuff. WASTE!! :mad: Whatevvvver. :p

Well, I think you're right about the cooking/heating process with the milks/sourcreams & such. :confused: So that would be a good reason for a die hard raw chower to obstain right there. :notwrthy: I'm refraining because it's dairy & it wasn't on the okay list. I think that what they sell in the regular market is thought to have all kinds of extra no goods in there, including the use of antibiotics on the animals that produce the goods & the cruelty factor as well possibly. :dunno: And as far as raw milks go...I thought I understood that a person whose immune system is weakend (diabetes)...would wanna refrain from that too. :mad:
So yes, the long winded answer is that the mexi-dip & beef onion dip were for the Stud ova here. :love: I think it's so funny how that when ya deprive the dude...and then give 'em a little treat like that...he acts like I hung the moon!! :hyst: Next up is to slide him a diet soda!! :up: :laugh:

Yepp, it's a .82 mile to his work. So yeah, there's no drive time involved really. We wake up at 4am so as to drink coffee for an hour, in bed & read out of our bibles. :love: At 5am he gets in the shower & starts gettin' his ready on. I lay out his outfit for the day, and make us breakfasts. We catch some morning news over breakfast & more coffee & then he's off. It seems to go by soooo fast!!

GirlKickinIt 05-22-2013 08:13 PM

I wouldn't be willing to tell the truth about how long I used to go between washing the bedding...back in the early days. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Didn't occur to me to find it as a big deal either!! :o :laugh::goodpost:

GirlKickinIt 05-22-2013 08:14 PM

"Great Post" ?! I don't recall hitting that!! :dunno: Well that's just fine. It was a Great Post then...even if I clearly had to say it meself!! :laugh:

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