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adillenal 05-02-2013 03:18 AM

I am starting a new thread for May. I am up 3 pounds from my UD yesterday. Probably needed more to drink but it will drop back down by tomorrow and we shall see how I fare.
DD today. I am exhausted from yesterday and I had terrible leg cramps two different times last night so I did not get enough sleep. First time I took potassium and it fades. Two hours later it happened again so I drank a glass of sea salt water and it faded. Gosh it is painful.
Off to do chores.:)

Dakini 05-02-2013 08:34 AM

Thank you for the new thread, Adi!

I should be leaving for work, will check in later. :)

krittermom 05-02-2013 04:47 PM

Thanks for starting us up Adi. I can't believe it's a new month already. Ouch, that's awful waking up with leg cramps. When I was a teen I used to get them a lot and I'd wake up and moan but I'd still actually be sleeping. I think it scared the beejeesus out of my sister, moaning like that in my sleep, LOL.

Dak, I saw a lot of people riding bikes with motors when we were in No California. It's so hilly there, I can't imagine riding a bike without some horse power.

I went out to dinner last night with my two sisters-in-law and had such a great time. We're planning on doing it often.

Made a stir-fry tonight with strip steak, green peppers, mushrooms and shallots which will be my breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I love having my meals all ready to go.

adillenal 05-02-2013 07:15 PM

I had a letter from DS in the mailbox today. First letter I have received from him since the summer before his plebe year at West Point. And I think they were required to write those letters. He wants $40 in $5 bills but I cannot figure out why. It looks like for log ex's or dog ex's. Have no idea what either means. But I have the $5 bills in an envelope to mail him tomorrow along with a prepaid phone card so he can call when he finishes this phase to let us know if he goes on to Mountains or is a recycle.

Had a good DD today. It is cold here and the wind is unreal. Will be a record low tonight. Below 40 on May 2 is COLD to me. It sounds like we are having a blizzard with the howling wind. DH's new baby calf didn't want his bottle tonight and was shaking so he now has a heat lamp and is sleeping peacefully. Had a half of a bottle. So maybe he was just chilled. We have him still in the livestock trailer since he was so young. He should be warm as toast with the trailer to block the wind and the light.
YEA tomorrow is Friday. DH passed his shooting portion of his firearms test and has the written portion Sunday. If he passes that we have everything completed to send in for his concealed handgun permit. Then he can carry a pistol with him when he goes over to the other place rather than dragging a rifle along in case of a wild hog, or snake or coyote or other varmint.

krittermom 05-03-2013 12:32 AM

Hey Adi where is dh going?

I've thought about getting a gun for my hikes. In my case I'm afraid of running into a rabid animal. I don't think pepper spray would help much in that situation.

adillenal 05-03-2013 03:38 AM

Kritter - We have 37 acres about 8 miles down the road. Mostly wooded but it attaches to another 37 acres that is grass where our cows can also graze. He goes over to check on them and since it is secluded and woody he feels better if he has something to protect himself with in case of a problem. A rifle is so unhandy if you are checking the fence or putting out feed. Now he can legally carry a pistol in the truck and on himself while over there and anywhere else too.
UD today. Got to be careful since I was 136.2 this morning. And I have a piece of carrot cake in the frig at work.

Dakini 05-03-2013 07:26 AM

So glad you've heard from your DS, Adi, if he's asking for money, he must be alright, LOL.

I still feel like I'm recovering from being sick last week, I get tire really easily and I'm still coughing. Don't know if its a new virus or just getting old, but things I could usually just sleep off are taking much longer to recover.

krittermom 05-04-2013 03:44 PM

Awe Dak, I feel the same way. Takes me longer to shake colds and such.

Adi, my sister-in-law just told me a story about my DH when he went into the navy after college. He was in there for 3 months and not 1 word to his family. His mother was beside herself. She actually called the navy and tracked him down. He got in so much trouble from his CO LOL! He deserved it. Such a thoughtless creature at that age.

He's still thoughtless. I was trying to take a nap on the sofa earlier so he decides to empty the trash. It couldn't wait? I let him have it :)

This was before the internet and cell phones and I guess he was too lazy to write a letter.

adillenal 05-04-2013 04:34 PM

kritter - Men just don't think like us. He used to text me every once in awhile if he wanted something. But haven't had one of those since February.
I am dragging but almost have this day licked. DH and I took some pictures of my bucks with their nice clip jobs for my website. And I got the pictures posted to my site. I have a little doe due tomorrow but she really doesn't look or act like she is ready. Wanted to be here when she kids. Might have to stay home with her Monday. Just in case. I had to work Friday since my secretary wanted off so one of us has to be there. So I can sub Monday for Friday.
I had oat bran for breakfast today since I was just a little tired of eggs. Was a nice change.

krittermom 05-05-2013 08:26 AM

Adi, you only have a few months of work left right? When is your last day?

I marinated filet mignon in Newman's Own Caesar dressing overnight. This morning I grilled it up and then had one of them on a salad. Boy was it good. I'll have to try it with chicken.

I managed a 1-mile walk yesterday and today I'm going to try a bike ride. Hope the derriere holds up :)

adillenal 05-05-2013 11:25 AM

kritter - June 30th is retirement day. I will have to lay out a month (July) and then start back in August no more than 2 days a week, Looking forward to it.
I picked mustard greens in our garden today. I thought the whole row was greens until I got to the middle and discovered the other end has radishes so I thinned some and have had a few one inch radishes. Lord I don't remember radishes being so hot. I am still burning. I am cooking mustard greens for lunch.
DH is at his concealed handgun class until late this evening so I took care of his calf. He said he wouldn't eat and had scours so I fed him pedialyte and some probiotics. He drank his medi so I am going to wait a few hours and then give him his bottle with some yogurt, corn syrup and an egg in it.
Got to take the egg turner out of the incubator and get the eggs ready to hatch on Wednesday. Swedish Flowers will be blooming soon.

adillenal 05-07-2013 03:25 AM

I dropped 4.4 pounds overnight so I can safely say I was retaining water. I have two baby chicks in the incubator this morning. One an Ameraucana and on Swedish Flower. The Ameraucana is running all over the place playing bowling with the other eggs. He isn't even dried off yet and is wild.
Had my dentist visit yesterday and had X-rays, quick exam by the dentist and my teeth cleaning and was back on the highway home 30 minutes later. Brushing with tooth soap and DE is really making an improvement in my tarter buildup.

adillenal 05-08-2013 07:21 AM

Up to 8 baby chicks. I have a doe that looks like she will kid today so I will be leaving work early.
I am 137.2 this monring and it is DD. I ate way too much yesterday so I should see the gain by Saturday for sure. I just was starving from about 10am until bedtime.
I did pick some mustard greens and radishes and ate those for dinner. I tried to have something good for me.
Hope everyone is doing GREAT!!

adillenal 05-10-2013 06:03 AM

We had raiin last night. Now the garden will grow. YEA!!!
And more good news. DS passed the first phase of Army Ranger school. Off to the mountains for him. Hope the weather is nice and not raining everyday. At least he won't be sleeping in the snow so that is good. A southern boy doesn't adapt well to snow.
I am 137.6 this morning and it is a DD. Skipping breakfast for now since I am not hungry yet.
My doe had a single little girl and I had 2 reservations for bucks. I rarely sell kids and was surprised to get two requests for a buck from her. So she cooperated by bnot having any. BUY her udder is beautiful. I will certainly do well in the show ring with her this year. I am excited.
Taking the day off since I have a market tomorrow. And need to use up leave days prior to retiring.
I put all the info in my tax return for automatic deposit BUT got a check in the mail yesterday. Quick but wonder why?
Off to do chores> looks like more rain.

adillenal 05-10-2013 04:36 PM

DS called this afternoon on his way back to go to the mountains of Georgia. Sure hope he does well on the second phase. He asked me to be sure and send a care package at the end of the phase with food.

Dakini 05-10-2013 08:18 PM

Adi, I've been thinking about you and your son, so good to hear that he passed the first stage.

Don't know I've I've relapsed or just have something else now. Yesterday and this morning I had chills & fever and body pain. Now it's just headache and neck pain. Had to take today off. I'm getting tired of taking days off and not doing anything but try and rest.

Great for weight loss, LOL. Today was supposed to be a DD but as I couldn't eat or keep anything down yesterday, I felt I should try and eat. If this keeps up I'll be at my perfect weight in less than a week.

krittermom 05-11-2013 05:21 PM

Dak, I'm so sorry you're still not well. Have you seen a doctor? Maybe get tested for lyme disease. I think some people have flu-like symptoms like you describe.

adi, congratulations to DS! I'm so happy he made it. How many phases are there?

I'm not sure if I'm not getting notifications or if I'm just not seeing the emails because I'm getting so much ^%$#@! junk mail. Do people really click on those emails and buy that crap?

My sisters 4 girls took her and me out to lunch today at The Cheesecake Factory for Mother's Day. So sweet! I love that they're grown up and can treat me :) I was good and got lettuce wraps and salmon and no dessert.

Dakini 05-11-2013 06:14 PM

What sweet nieces you have, didn't realize your sister had 4 girls. I'm feeling much better today, guess I needed to take Friday off. I did think about seeing a doctor, my past experiences going to the doctor when I'm sick is actually more trouble and hassle than it's worth.

It's hot here! I think it hit 100. I've got my first red tomato today, hope this heat doesn't slow things down. Also have green peppers and garlic scapes.

adillenal 05-11-2013 08:01 PM

Hi all. I had a craft show today. Outdoors, kind of windy but a beautiful day after the terrible thunderstorms we had last night. I did pretty well and went by and tattooed a couple of baby goats I sold a young lady when they were bitty babies. Then home to help finish chores.
Kritter - there are three phases to Ranger School. The next is called Mountains and the third is in Florida and is called swamps. They can recycle several times in each but they can't recycle if they failed the same thing twice. That means they are out. 40 more days of worry for me.
Dak - so sorry you are sick. DH had something like that and we thought he would never get over it but he just took OTC meds and finally recovered. He kept dragging along and finally took a day off during the week to rest and didn't do much on weekends until he felt better. I actually have some little tomatoes on my plants and the peppers are blooming. The rain last night will really make the big garden grow. I will be eating radishes every meal.
I was 134.4 this morning. At 5am. I was shocked. That won't show up again tomorrow after my nachos, chocolate dipped oreos and Bluebell ice cream lunch today. But I had a cold boiled potato for dinner and so did DH. He likes those cold gold potatoes too.

Dakini 05-12-2013 08:23 AM

Happy Mother's Day to my e-friends with 2 and 4 legged "kids"!

I woke up feeling good this morning for a change. Yay! Going to transplant some starts into the garden and hopefully put bird netting over my berries before it gets too hot.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

adillenal 05-12-2013 09:54 AM

This is what an exhausted boy looks like on an 8 hour pass between Ranger phases. One of his room mates girlfriends was kind enough to send me this. She said the other two were sleeping sitting up also.
DD here. Was 135.8 this morning so I am holding steady. Love JUDDD. So easy to maintain I love it. All the rain has the weeds growing too so we are planning on doing a little hoeing in the garden later. A little doe gave me twins for Mothers Day. A doe and a buck . The buck is a beautiful color of course. Doe is plain. Darn but she is a doe so I should be happy.

krittermom 05-12-2013 01:52 PM

Happy Mother's Day!

Adi, that picture is so cute, lol. Poor baby looks exhausted.

Dak, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Yikes, 100!

I went shopping at Macy's for clothes to wear to Florida next week. The joint was hopping! I figured it would be empty because everyone would be home celebrating Mother's Day. I got really lucky and found 2 pairs of capris and 4 pairs of shorts. I hardly ever find long shorts that I like because the legs are usually too wide, but these were great. Perfect for walking around site-seeing or hiking.

Getting ready to head out for a walk. It's in the low 60s, sunny but very windy today. Nice day for a walk but not a bike ride.

adillenal 05-13-2013 08:16 AM

kritter - enjoy your shopping. I hate to shop so I am so thankful I have a closet full of small sizes. Just have to put them on and wear them although even the 8's are getting baggy. Hope you have a great trip to Florida. I have never been to Florida since we always go North and tour states on the way to SD.
I was 135 even this morning and today is an UD. Found a lemon pound cake in the breakroom this morning. YUMMY!!! Will make the scale bounce up tomorrow but so worth it.
Having to feed two little girls on individual bottles takes another 30 mintues prep and feeding time so I need to get an earlier start in the morning. They drink slow and then want to stop and then start again. but they are only one and three days old so I can see why.
Writing a letter to DS. His Dad wrote him a page too so I need to get it finished and in the mail. i think I will write him about every 3 or 4 days so he will get something but not too much. He will get mail during the time he is in Mountains whereas the first phase had NO mail until the last day. He reminded me to send him a care package the last week so I will start getting that stuff together.
Beautiful day here today. Cool and sunny. Will get up to 80 but right now it is so nice. I am loving my new size and I was so planning on getting in some kind of exercise this weekend but did not.

lil miss 05-14-2013 04:58 AM

Hi Guys!

Adi-SO happy you heard from DS and he is doing so well! The picture is hilarious - poor, tired boy! Your weight loss with JUDDD has been astounding.

Dak-I love that DS detailed your car! I have never had that done but have always wanted to!

Krit-I didnt realize your sister had 4 girls either! Wow. Lovely that they took the two of you out!

I am still holding on. Been going through some stuff with my husband that has been emotionally taxing, it's why I haven't been around much. We're fine but it's been a difficult time for us. The anniversary of my Dad's fall is coming up and so I am just generally raw emotionally.

I started ww in Feb, towards the end, and have still only lost basically 8 lbs. Stinks. DH is super frustrated with ww. Maybe I should try JUDDD again or LC....

I did get a compliment last week though. Been taking this pilates reformer class and the instructor hadnt seen me in 3 weeks [the instructors rotate] and she was like WOW, you look great. I am not sure if she was just snowing me. haha But the class is supposed to lengthen your muscles, etc I have also been running all.the.time. No change on scale but maybe body composition changes?

Thursday there is a special golf tournament here, an annual event, celebrities come every year for it. DH and I have been invited to watch in a sky box this year! Maybe I will see some cool celebrity :)

I have 2 tomatoes growing too and all my veggies are looking very happy in their new home.

adillenal 05-14-2013 08:43 AM

Lilmiss - SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! Hope everything is back on track at home. Come o0n over to the darks side and join me on JUDDD. it was YOU that got me started on JUDDD in the first place. SO THANKS.. I am sure you are toning up and I should do the same but I am LAZY about exercise. Maybe when I get some extra time.
Celebrity spotting should be fun. Course I can never recognize anyone.
I had radishes for dinner last night and brought some to work today. They are too hot for DH so I will have to eat ALL of them and there are a bunch of them growing in the garden.
DH brought two baby calves home from the sale yesterday. One is a girl and she took the bottle right away. The other is a baby baby and he isn't nursing the bottle, just letting it =run down his throat but is swallowing so it will take a few days of time consuming feedings before he catches on. DH has three bottle calves now. We are feeding half goat milk and half milk replacer since I only had enough extra milk for one calf.
I still have goats to kid in June and July. I must be crazy with year round kidding season.

lil miss 05-14-2013 06:34 PM

I am growing lots of tomatoes, eggplant, jalapenos, brussel sprouts and lots of herbs. DS' soccer coach built me a garden out of cedar to keep Molly out of my tomatoes. :)

Krit-What food plan are you following these days?

I have gotten very used to eating lots of fruits and vegetables on WW, I prolly could switch to JUDDD and survive DD's with that... Hmmm.

My gf wants me to start going to meetings with her for ww. ww is just so slow...

Hi Dak - hope you're feeling better!

Dakini 05-14-2013 09:21 PM

Hey Lil Miss, good to see you here again! Your garden is sounding great, nice that it's dog proofed.

I lost a few pounds while I was sick, I've been hesitant to get fully back on JUDDD but tomorrow I'm planning on another DD. The mind battles are tricky with JUDDD, but not impossible. Adi is totally amazing in sticking with it and going beyond her initial goal weight.

adillenal 05-15-2013 03:41 AM

Yes, I am so happy with JUDDD and I was 134.6 this morning. Makes me wonder if I should try for 130. Probably will get there anyway but just as a side effect of keeping to the EOD rotations along with potato DD's. I am on an oat bran kick for breakfast these days. Guess I burned out on eggs for awhile.
Dak - glad you lost some pounds but sorry you had to get sick to do it. With our rains, the mustard green tripled in size overnight so I will be eating those every day looks like. Will be glad when the squash starts to produce. I have cherry tomatoes. Had no idea I had those plants. DH bought them unlabeled but that is good cause I love cherry tomatoes.
My blue eggs in the incubator are hatching. Noisy little buggers in there. I have 5 so far. I love the colored eggs. I have lots of green ones but these are supposed to be blue but still look green to me.

lil miss 05-16-2013 06:43 PM

Adi - you guys ok after the storms etc in TX?

adillenal 05-16-2013 08:34 PM

Yes. The tornadoes were closer to Fort Worth than us. In fact we didn't have any storms at all here. I have some goat friends in that area and they had some minor damage from the winds. I was surprised to read that there has been 13 tornadoes in that area. Gosh that is a lot. We sure are having some terrible weather in parts of Texas. We have had several rains this week which we needed just not the hail that some folks got.

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