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bethr 04-30-2013 10:22 PM

Slimmer by Summer - May Edition
A new month!

Annie64 05-01-2013 04:17 AM

194.2 - that's the lowest I've been in 2 weeks! :) Totally on track and today should be super easy. Weird not going to the gym my usual days, but I'll get used to it.

Still feeling pretty icky from the allergies.. woke up again with a sore throat, itchy ears and sneezing.. and the drowsies are the worst. Of course, it doesn't help that I woke up even EARLIER this morning! 4am and couldn't get back to sleep! Going to need some extra caffeine today I think!

Well, you all have a good day.. I don't take my laptop to this job so I may not check back in until tonight.. unless I use my phone.

hhhmom74 05-01-2013 05:10 AM

Good morning Slimmers!

Scale is down to 131 this morning! My scale sure does bounce around a lot!!! I am really hoping to be out of the 130s soon. Eating is going really good. Struggling to get my water in though on most days. Cardio is going pretty good too. I am adding in pushups, situps, planks, squats, etc. I am going to try to buy some weights soon so I can add that in. I am in a size misses 6-8 or juniors size 7-9 right now. It's my thighs that don't fit into smaller sizes right now. The waist is big on all my pants. Anyone know how I can shrink my thighs?

Diane: glad you had a good 1st day!

Beth: thanks for starting a new thread. I cant believe its May already!!

momof2mms 05-01-2013 07:02 AM

I can't believe it's already May!

I restarted Atkins on March 19th after seeing my highest weight ever...256! I turned 30 in February and knew I had to make some changes. I've lost we'll in the past with this WOE and plan to do it again, except this time MAINTAIN! This morning the scale said 238.4! I haven't lost as fast as I had hoped but I'm still proud of how clean I've eaten and my dedication to going to the gym 4 days a week. I average around 120 oz of water a day and haven't had a soda or coffee in weeks. I feel great, the best I've felt in years!

My goals for May...
Continue to eat clean
Drink water, water and more water
Add more weights at the gym
Feel even more amazing
To see 230 or less by the end of the May

I'm so glad to be back! It's going to be a great year!

sports_mom 05-01-2013 12:08 PM

Home for lunch from jury duty - it's stressing me out!!!!

I worked out really well this morning. Upper body and cardio. I am totally recommitting to clean eating because I have been STUCK for 5 months.

Diane - glad there's not much to munch on yet. How do you like the kids and how do they like you?

Beth - hope the interview is going well!!! Can't wait to hear.

Rachel - Dinner theater sounds like a fun ending to the year.

Hey momof2mms! Welcome to our little group. Hope you stick around. We're a small group and pretty easy to follow. I actually started at 256 myself. Come back and jump right in! ~ Charlene

Have a great day! Back to the courthouse!

bethr 05-01-2013 01:13 PM

Good very late morning all!

Its a very warm day today. I have my last meeting with my grief counselor today and afterwards I'm meeting with someone from my grief group. Will probably go to the gym later even though my knee is really hurting. The interview went well yesterday. If I make the cut, there will be two more rounds of interviews. I sent off email thank you notes today and already received one from the guy I would be working for. I'm going to take that as a hopeful sign that I'm still in the running even though they have more this week and next. I also have a phone interview (#3) tomorrow and I think an in person interview with a recruiter tomorrow. After this week I will be EXHAUSTED. The interview was HARD! They asked tough questions and I can tell that my brain isn't quite as tuned up as it usually is.

Charlene--I'll be interested to know what your case is about once you're done. The one I sat on was a civil case where a woman was suing the city because her husband was buried alive in a landslide on their property.

Diane--and how is the second day going?

Rachel--I predict that you will see 129 no later than Sunday, if not sooner. Now we'll see if I'm psychic!

Lisa--you seem to be doing great. I find that once I get into the groove of eating cleanly it is much easier, but getting into the groove can be challenging.

Anyway--gotta get ready to go out. Have a good one.

Annie64 05-01-2013 04:50 PM

Whew.. I felt decent most of the day until I took the kids outside for a short walk.. POW.. allergic blast! Had to go back in. Phooey. Second day went well, although I had to drive the little girl to preschool, which takes about 20 mins each way. They acted up just a TINY bit today (getting more comfy with me).. just the expected kid stuff.. taking something from the other, etc.. when I was leaving the little girl said "I love you!" :) Between both jobs I will be making 200 more per week.. sure will be nice!!! Of course, I'm saving as much as I can for moving. I haven't had a chance to really go look anywhere yet, although I have an idea of a place I might try.. a little more than I'd like to pay, but nice.. it's a big company though, and I don't know how strict they are about everything.

I did excellent with my eating today, and I've been drinking more water. I came home and I wasn't really very hungry, so for dinner I made a smoothie with a vanilla Atkins shake, a banana, some frozen blueberries, ice, and a pkt. of sweetener. Yum! I think the allergy meds I took today made me not hungry. That's the ONLY good thing about having allergies right now!

Rachel: That's good to add in all that.. I am missing my midweek workouts! Really looking forward to step class Friday! If I wasn't feeling so awful from the allergies, I would be wanting to do a quick workout tonight. I will probably have to try to do Pilates on my own since the only class I can take in that now is on Sunday. I want to feel strong again! YAY for the scale being down some.. I know you'll be in those 20's SOON!

Charlene: The kids seem to like me a lot.. the girl is very sweet and loving.. I am already feeling very protective of them :) Gradually getting used to each other. The mom told me today they have zoo passes (and I would get in free), AND Kings Island passes! I haven't gotten my pass for that yet.. but I think I should... besides.. ya just never know......;) I'm "jealous" of how great you do and how dedicated you are to your workouts! Ok, not jealous, but I am looking forward to losing this winter weight and feeling slimmer and stronger again! I am SUPER motivated! Scale is finally moving down again.. now I need to reach the 80's! I'm with ya on the clean eating!

Beth: It amazes me the lengths some companies go to in their hiring process! Sheesh! I know they want to find the right people, but it seems like a bit much.. but GOOD LUCK!

Momof2: Welcome to our group! I wasn't far off starting out from where you were. I was up to 245, and my lowest was around 175, but I'm up into the 190's temporarily. I just concentrated on each 10 lbs segment.. first got out of the 240s, then the 230s, etc.. Been struggling to get the weight back down after putting on some winter weight, but it seems to be happening finally. Yes, we are a small group, but consistent and very friendly :-) Glad you are here!

momof2mms 05-01-2013 08:49 PM

Thanks everyone! It's nice to meet all of you! Everyone's stats look amazing and are so inspiring.


Annie64 05-02-2013 04:25 AM

I was hoping to see 193.8, but guess what? I was 193.6! woo hoo! I haven't been this low in at least 6 weeks.. I don't have my weights written down past that far back... I am SOOOOOOOO tired. I woke up at 5am on T, 4am on W, and 3am this morning! No idea why unless the allergy meds are messing with my sleep. Still feel terrible.. today is going to be tough with so little sleep. Gotta hurry and get to work.. I will check back later.

sports_mom 05-02-2013 05:31 AM

Good morning! Got in a good shoulder and cardio workout this morning! I ate so good yesterday - the first time in a LONG time! I put 3 things up to my mouth out of total habit and took them away. It's crazy how easy it is to slip back into bad eating. I feel amazing today not having any crap in my system. :) I have not been upping the water right now because we don't get many breaks in this trial. There are 11 women and 1 man and ONE bathroom close by. If we get a longer break we can walk down a flight of stairs to use the bathroom. lol

Beth - it is a very interesting case. Yesterday it kind of stressed me out when the attorneys went after the people on the witness stand. Very unnerving for them. So proud of you for following through with your grief group. Keeping my fingers crossed on the next round of interviews.

Diane - the new job sounds great and busy! Probably just what you need. :) Congrats on the scale continuing to move down. You and me both - shooting for the 80's!

Rachel - absolutely the weight training will slim those thighs, plus these exercises:
forward lunge walks (I hold a pair of dumbbells)
sideways lunge walks
box or bench jumps

Hannah - nice to meet you as well. You may well hit the 220's by the end of the month if you follow that plan. That's a great outline.

Off to take care of the morning business. Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

hhhmom74 05-02-2013 07:21 AM

Hi Slimmers!

I could use all the positive thoughts and prayers right now. Got home at 9:30 last night. DS16 found Cooper unresponsive and stiff in his crate. Cooper has epilespy. DS16 weighs 100 lbs. Cooper weighs 100 lbs. DS16 was able to get Cooper out of his crate, thankfully. Cooper's legs and arms were stuck in different directions in the bars of his crate. It is a miracle that DS16 was able to get him out. I could of never did it myself. Called the vet. Loaded Cooper up in my expedition. DS16 and I had a very hard time getting him loaded but we did it. Got to the vet and his temp was 105. Several meds later and he was finally alert but unable to move. The next 12 hours are crucial. Vet isnt sure how much damage was caused. DD15 is a mess and DS16 has shut down. We arent telling DD18 yet. She is getting ready for finals. I do not want to have to tell DD18 that anything is wrong with her "best friend". I dont believe she can handle it. Please keep all my kids in your thoughts and prayers. I am worried about all of them. Cooper is a huge part of our family!!

sports_mom 05-02-2013 11:05 AM

:console: Oh no, Rachel! Absolutely lifting y'all up!

bethr 05-02-2013 01:45 PM

(((((((((Dd, ds, dd)))))))

That was always my worst fear with Kona. I told Kona to whisper in Coopers ear that he should focus on getting better and hanging out with his family. It's not his time yet. My heart is with you all.

bethr 05-02-2013 04:16 PM

Good afternoon all!

I had an in-person interview today and was supposed to have a phone interview this morning. However, I was having a bad techcnology day so I'm supposed to call again in a 1/2 hour. So that would be 4 interviews (2 phone, 2 in-person) in a week. I'm exhausted! And our wireless has been acting up so I bought a new router and modem to install. Next week I'm taking off. I may have another phone interview late next week. It will be a few weeks before I hear about the next steps on the other job. I hope that I'm able to close on at least one of these gigs and get working by late June/early July. That would be great. Speaking of gigs, guess who is doing sound again this week? I knew it would happen and I'm OK with doing it. Tomorrow I get to baby sit by goddaughter in the morning. Fun times.

Rachel--how is Cooper? and how are the rest of you. I was crying when I read your post because I know exactly how you feel. Having a seizure dog is so difficult because we always worry about them.

Charlene--is your case criminal or civil? It is disconcerting when the attornies question the opposition. I know I never want to be in that box. I almost was deposed for a case at my former firm. I was preparing for the deposition when my mom fell and they ended up settling the case before I had to be deposed. That was a trip down memory lane that I was glad I didn't have to take.

Diane--the allergies are terrible. I had a migraine yesterday and took my meds. When I went to the gym last night I sure didn't have the stamina. I've had to use my asthma meds a lot this week because it has been so hot (90) and windy. There have been several fires up in Napa and I could smell the smoke this morning when I woke up.

Hannah--welcome! I don't know why I thought your name was Lisa (I evidently wasn't paying attention).

Must go prepare for this interview. Will check in later.

Annie64 05-02-2013 07:20 PM

Boy oh boy I better sleep tonight! No idea what woke me up at 3am.. it's been an hour earlier every night the past three nights! (mornings technically). If I wake up at 2am I'm NOT going to be happy!

Work today was busy.. starting to get into the groove. The kids warm up to me more every day. I was holding the almost 2 year old boy and he put his hand on mine and it was wet (or maybe he smeared it on me). I said, "Ahh why is your hand wet? Is that from your mouth or a boogie?" He very calmly said, "A boogie" :lol: I doubt it.. unless he had a runny nose, but I didn't see anything. :dunno: I am already feeling protective of them, but oh my gosh!! I took them to this place called recreation outlet.. they sell big fancy playground sets and trampolines, but they have them all set up indoors and you can pay to go in and play. Pretty cool! This wee little boy can RUN though! :eek: Those tiny little feet go SO FAST! He wore me OUT! :)

My iPhone deleted my contacts TWICE this week. :mad: I'm sure I lose important numbers I may never get back. I can match up anyone who texts me by figuring out who the conversation is with, but everyone else.. gone. It has happened 3 times now.. once a few months ago, and twice this week. Each time my battery was down to at least 20%.. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. It's SO frustrating.

Well tomorrow is at my "old job" and all four boys will be home from school for the day as well. I miss my bubby :sad:

Rachel: Oh my gosh.. I'm so sorry poor Cooper is going through this.. I hope and pray he is ok. Please keep us posted! Prayers for all of you!!! :sad:

Beth: What you said about Kona was so sweet.. I visualized him doing just that.. I am SUCH a dog person. ... I had one of those new sinus migraines two nights ago.. it's lovely how my migraines are "evolving". Good luck with the interview!

Charlene: We are DOING THIS! :jumpjoy: It does feel great to be back on track. I'm just a tiny bit worried about being at my other job tomorrow.. all the unknown goodies that may be there, but I'm going so well, I doubt I will be tempted.. plus I will be really busy trying to get everything done. The allergy meds not only make me not hungry, but they make me more thirsty, so I have been drinking more than usual.

Hannah: Hi! How are you doing today?

momof2mms 05-02-2013 09:05 PM

Hey everybody! I just got home from the gym. I had a great work out...I'm exhausted though! ;) It's been raining nonstop for a couple of days with more tomorrow. The storm was so bad last night that DS who is 3 kept waking up. He's scared of thunder so I let him crawl in bed with DH and I. 1 of our dogs, Lily, a beagle/basset mix whined all night, she's also scared of thunder. The other 1, Fancy, a Pomeranian slept as close to me as she could get. I didn't get much sleep. DD who is 9 didn't even hear the thunder. She has always slept well when it rained.

I've had the worst heartburn the last few nights. I'm not sure what's causing it. I haven't eaten anything acidic. Any ideas?

Rachel: Poor Cooper! I'll defiantly send you prayers! How is he now? My grandmothers chihuahua is diabetic and has seizures. I hope he gets well soon!

Diane: I hope you feel better. My allergies have been bad this year, too. We had a warm winter so everything bloomed early and pollen was every where. I'm hoping this rain washes all of the yellow poison AWAY! I hope you get some sleep tonight!

Charlene: Yay for clean eating! Keep it up! I ate clean today too! I've defiantly found that I have to prepare my food to keep myself on track. I forgot to bring my lunch to work on day in the beginning and binged.

Beth: Good Luck on all of your rounds of interviews! I can't imagine having that may at a time. Have fun with your goddaughter!


sports_mom 05-03-2013 03:54 AM

Still clean eating!! Feeling lighter and lighter! I was at 192.8 this morning - only .4 away from my lowest! WHOOP! I will not get back in that bad eating groove. Look how long it took me to come out of it? I actually made myself sit down and think when this spiral occurred. I think it went back to last September when I, after a whole year of not eating off plan, decided to eat a meal at the children's home where these parent-less children served us. I remember I didn't have the heart NOT to eat. Then at Thanksgiving I began all the cooking and tasting. While I never got over 9 pounds - it's taken me 6 months to get back where I was. Even though I have worked out faithfully - what they say about fitness being made in the kitchen - absolutely I believe that now! About to go get my workout in and then hopefully my last day of jury duty - the defense rested and today we hear closing remarks and make our decision.

You non-sleepers lately - those are my normal times to wake up. *giggle* It was 3:43 this morning. I don't even make it to the alarm (4:00).

Beth - this is a civil case. I'm pretty sure judging from the facial expressions and off handed comments of the other jurors, most of us feel the same way. But, it's been so hard because we can't discuss anything amongst ourselves until deliberation and the charge from the judge.

Rachel - how is Cooper today? I've been thinking about you guys.

Diane - Have fun with your old job. STAY AWAY FROM THE COOKIES. LOL!!!!

Hannah - I used to have a boxer named Bruiser who would literally get in my lap and try to become one with me when a storm came. LOL He was huge - so it was quite entertaining.

Have a GREAT day! Drink that water. :)

hhhmom74 05-03-2013 06:01 AM

Good morning Slimmers!

First off, thank younfor all the thoughts and prayers! I brought Cooper home last night. He seems old and more tired but he is not in any pain. DS16 and DD15 are so glad he is home to love on. DD18 still doesnt know. I really have a feeling that he isnt going to be with us much longer.

TOM started yesterday. Scale is at 130 this morning. I am really oping that I will see 129 in the next few days. It would be so nice to be 125 by the end of the month.

Charlene: yikes you get up early!! I am not a morning person but I dont always sleep well either.

Hannah: :welcome: i am glad to have you join us!

Diane: arent almost 2 year old fun? My nephews are 2 year 10 months and 21 months. Love that age!

Beth: thanks for having Kona talk to Cooper.:love:

bethr 05-03-2013 10:38 AM

Good morning all!

I'm waiting for my god-daughter to arrive so I can spend a little time with her. I'm planning on going to the gym later this afternoon. But the darned it this happened to me--TOM. WT????? That ship was supposed to have sailed. Very very strange. I had forgotten what it felt like. GEEZ! I plan on taking it very easy today. It was an intense week with interviews which take a lot out of me. I don't think there will be anything happening again for another week. But I must say it feels good to be back in the hunt and feeling like I have something to offer.

Rachel--I'm so glad to hear that Cooper is home. Those intense seizures take so much out of them. Kona had one the night before he died and it was too much for him, with his cancer and all. How old is Cooper? One thing we would do when he was having a seizure was put an ice pack on his lower back. It is supposed to help lower their temperature. It felt like it was about the only thing we could do other than put our hands on him and call him back while he was dodging angels. I hope Cooper soon recovers from this ordeal and bounces back. But if you think he will not be with you much longer, you're probably right. DH thought that about both of our dogs six months before they left us. If that is the case, then enjoy every moment that you have with him. Take lots of pictures and videos and make him happy. Kona will meet him when its time but he is very patient and will wait a very very long time for a new friend. I think that 3 will magically turn into a 2 in the next two days!

Charlene--hopefully you will be done with jury service soon and don't have a long debate. I know we were in deliberations for almost 3 days. There was one person who was a bleeding heart and it took a while to negotiate through the entire process. It interesting how one little thing can set us off the path. But it is impossible to be perfect and we'll all have to figure out a way to maintain at some point. Of course at the rate that I'm going that could be quite a while. I've been doing much better with eating although I really was in the mood for something sweet last night and gave in. But I'm back on plan today.

Diane--sounds like you are settling in with the new family. It takes a little bit for the kids to test their boundaries. But no doubt they will love you to death rapidly, if not already. I have a little 7 week old baby sleeping next to me right now. She'll probably sleep for a few hours. We're going out to lunch when her mom gets back. The allergies are atrocious this year. I know they are really affecting me and dh this year. Have fun at your old job. It will be interesting to see what the kids do when they see you.

Hannah--yellow poison, yes that is what it is. Its been really hot and windy here which makes it worse I think. There is a possibility of rain on Sunday so a nice little shower to clean the air would be a welcome relief. My first dog was not a fan of thunderstorms. My current one seems oblivious but then we rarely have thunderstorms here, which I miss coming from the midwest. Don't know what that heartburn could be about. Usually when I am on the WOE there are not very many acidic foods that I eat. Are you eating right before you go to bed? Sometimes that causes reflux/heartburn.

Gonna go make some egg salad for breakfast and then decide what I want to do while the baby sleeps. Have a good day all!

momof2mms 05-03-2013 01:02 PM

My scale surprised me this morning with 237.2!!! Clean eating is paying off. No rain...yet...it's really overcast and looks like it could rain any second.

Beth: Tell TOM to play nice! Maybe thats a sign that you should slow down a little, and relax. Enjoy time with the baby! I go the the gym after work and get home around 8:30pm. I usually eat some beef jerky to up the protein after the workout. That might be causing the heartburn. I'll stop eating it and see if it stops.

Rachel: I'm so glad Cooper is home! It's heartbreaking when a pet is ill. They can't tell you what's wrong. I'm still sending positive thoughts your way! Tell TOM to play nice to you too! You'll see the weight whoosh after his departure.

Charlene: Yay for the clean eating! Fingers crossed its your last day of jury duty.

Diane: Speaning of boogie...I was sick a couple of months ago and was laying in bed and DS walked in and said "here mom". I Instinctively took the tiny object he was handing me. It was soft and sticky. I asked him what is was, he said it was a booger. I asked him why he gave it to me and he said "because daddy didn't want it". I was so grossed out. It looks like you are having fun with the new kids.

Annie64 05-03-2013 08:35 PM

Ohhhh what a day.. what a week! I am BEAT!

First of all, the scale was down just a hair, but it was down. After today I will be surprised if it's not down by at least a lb. more in the morning. I went to step class for an hour, worked out pretty good (boy have I missed it!), then I went to look at an apartment (more on that in a minute), then I went to work at my old work and cleaned like a freaking maniac for 5 hours straight! I felt like a super-gross piggy.. but it was good exercise! I'm sure I burned a lot of calories. I got everything done but the boys bathroom (the scariest place in the house), but she said I didn't have to worry about that room yet because she forgot to get me gloves. Whew! So, I need at LEAST 6 hours there cleaning non-stop to get everything done. Holy cow. (I got there are noon because of looking at the apartment..)

Ok, so..... I found an apartment! And it's NICE! And it's in a great area! It was almost TOO easy.. the only thing they seem to care about is that I make the minimum amount required to rent the place. It's more than I wanted to pay, but oh so worth it! Everything the place I live in now has, the new place has it, but even nicer and newer. PLUS they have an indoor racquetball court, fenced dog play area.. nice play area for Meadow when she visits.. it's just so beautiful there. I'm in one of the older buildings, but its charming and the apartment is really nice... big living room, big bedroom.. big closet! and brand new kitchen cabinets. (it's a one bedroom). So, they couldn't hold it until June, so guess what? I'm moving in 9 days!!!! :eek: Cool thing is, I will still have until the end of the month to get everything done.

My allergies feel worse tonight.. I'm sure from working so hard today.. with the windows open. :sick:

Rachel: So glad Cooper is home and doing better! Hopefully he is with you all for a good long time. Poor sweet fur baby.. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Charlene: :lol: Yes, I stayed away from the cookies! (shhhh they have Thin Mints still!).. honestly I was so crazy busy that I forgot to eat anything! All I had until I got home at 6pm was my frappuccino after my workout, and a small handful of wheat thins! Part of not eating is probably the allergy meds.

Beth: Well Peter especially was happy to see me.. we had a little heart to heart. he was feeling sad and crying a little. He said when he falls down at school no one cares about him, they just walk away. I told him, well... sometimes kids don't really know what to do, but since he was one year old everyone has liked him and I'm sure they don't do it because they don't care. I told him that one of the reasons I'm so proud of him is because he is such a good kid with a good heart, and HE would help a friend up that fell down.. not everyone can be as awesome as he is. :love: I wonder if he was just wanting some Miss Diane time and feeling sad that I'm not there, but it got focused into something else. Gosh I love that kid!.... So, TOM? Really? How long has it been since he last visited you? How strange!

Hannah: Your boogie story is hilarious :lol: I have worked in an MRDD school, and a preschool with toddlers.. trust me.. I have had EVERYTHING on me! Spit in my eye, pee on my leg, and poop... I picked up a piece of browned banana I thought had been dropped from snacktime.. only to immediately realize it was not a banana, but in fact a chunk of poop that had fallen off the changing table! :sick: ..... I have some of the WORST acid reflux. I have to take Prilosec EVERY day. If I miss even one day I have major issues. And I STILL have to supplement with Tums many days. It's gotten so bad it has jolted me awake with acid in my throat which I asperated into my lungs! Horrible.. I don't know what to tell you. I am not even sure what causes it with me most of the time, especially since it in daily!

bethr 05-03-2013 09:05 PM

Diane--:jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy: on the apartment. And you will essentially have almost 3 weeks to actually move since you'll have access to your new place and still be able to be in your old place. That's a nice way of doing it rather than having to have everything done in a day. It has all fallen into place for you. Outstanding! I don't remember the last time I saw TOM, probably a few years at least. I think this is a very short visit.

The baby slept the whole time she was here and all during lunch with her mom. She finally woke up hungry and we fed her. She sucked down a half bottle and chilled out for a while. But now her mom gets to have her all awake and crying. I was just too tired to go to the gym today, but will def go tomorrow, even though I we have a gig in the evening which means lots of toting and lifting and hauling and bending and stretching.

Hannah--WTG with clean eating and a rewarding scale. Nice job.

Annie64 05-04-2013 05:06 AM

Well I'm happy and disappointed at the same time! I'm down to 192.8 - not exactly what I was expecting after yesterday, but I suspect I am retaining water.. I really didn't drink enough. It's still great to see a 2 finally! I can just smell the 80's from here!

Wow, these allergies are killing me. I was soooo miserable last night. It's now moved to my chest. My throat doesn't hurt, but if I cough it feels like my throat is stuffy like my nose! I'm sure working yesterday with the windows open did NOT help. I had this exact type of allergy "sickness" exactly a year ago. I suppose it could also be a cold, but it feels very allergy-ish.. or at least started that way.

Ok, this is really starting to bother me. The past few months when I type things I leave whole words out, do things like type "retained" instead of "retaining", and words I've known how to spell my whole life I now cant remember how to spell them! I know we all make typos, but it's ridiculous.. I have to read over multiple times to fix all my mistakes, and I still miss some! Come to think of it, I have noticed this since hitting my head a few months ago.. hmmmmmm. Being such a word nerd, it is making me crazy!

Today the plan is to go to step class, then I am going to work on going through everything I own and decide what to keep and what not.. smaller place, gotta make it fit! I'm planning to get Meadow tomorrow afternoon until Monday morning.. I haven't seen her since the zoo!

Beth: Yes! It will be great not to have to move everything in one day, plus clean the old place. I hate that! BUT.. it can also be a bad thing because you know you have all this time, so you procrastinate and end up being rushed in the end anyway! My goal is NOT to do that. I would like to be done and out of here completely by the following weekend. It will be so fun setting everything up in the new place! It works out perfectly too.. it has 3 living room windows the same as the 3 windows in my old place, so my curtains and rods will work! :jumpjoy:

Will check in again later..

bethr 05-04-2013 10:26 AM

Good morning all!

I've been up and about already. Had to take the dog to the vet for a vaccine. I have to sedate her and I asked dh to give her a 1/2 tablet because I thought that she didn't need quite as much for this quick trip. Turns out the refill of that medicine was 25 mg and the old was 10 mg, so she ended up a little more than she had last week not 1/2 as much. Good thing I thought that we should cut it in half or she would have been dead to the world. After that I took three boxes to bet shredded at a free shredding event. I still have more but at least that saved me some money and it was close and really quick. Going to the gym later and then we have a gig tonight.

Diane--I like to make small goals by breaking down the tasks and making interin deadlines so it isn't all so overwhelming. That's what I'm doing for my spring cleaning goals. My bff will be here at the end of the month and I want to be done with all of that by then. Not to mention that I hope to be back at work in the next few months.

Have a great day all!

momof2mms 05-04-2013 06:41 PM

A stomach bug has been going around work and guess who has it now. Atleast I won't have to worry about any food temptations this weekend. DD has been grumpy today and DS is pretending he's a dinosaur. There's a lot of whining and roaring going on in my house.

Diane: Congrats on the new apartment. I know it's stressful to have a deadline but you'll get it done. One thing at a time! Word Nerd :laugh: I'm going to appogize in advance for anything I might say that doesn't make since. My grammer is pretty good but I often misspell words so bad that my autocorrect freaks out. :)

Beth: It sounds like you had a very productive day. Your dog sedation story reminds me of a time we had to sedate our cats. I was 14 and my family and I moved down here from Atlanta. Both of our cats would get VERY car sick so our vet told us to sedate them with Dramamine to make the 6 hour trip more pleasant for them and us. He told us to give up to a certain amount. One cat, Bama, the smallest, was always very high-strung. He was given the highest dose to calm him down. The other cat, KC, was huge and very laid back. We gave him a small dose. Bama was knocked out for the entire trip but KC became alert half way here and yelled and threw up several times the entire way. I finally took him out of the carrier to hold him and try to calm him down. He peed on me. :( Moral of the story...sometimes a small dose wears off before you intend and you get yelled at, have to smell throw up and get peed on. :sick:

sports_mom 05-05-2013 07:50 AM

Y'all are cracking me up with these booger stories!! :rofl:

Good morning! A NEW LOW! :yahoo: Only by .2 ...but still! 192.2 this morning! YIPPEE!!! I feel so good! DD15 and I went shopping yesterday and got all of us dresses for my nephew's wedding in two weeks. I went ahead and bought me a capri outfit and a denim shorts outfit for the warmer weather. I also purchased a 55" HDTV for (Mother's Day/Father's Day/dh's birthday) LOL! It is awesome! This dang thing makes it look like you're looking through a window at the people on the shows - it's sooooo clear! We moved the other 42" flat screen into the TV/Game room because that room has kids in it every single night and they were so excited to hook up their game systems in there. The other TV was one of those HUGE FAT HEAVY TV's! Now we have to get rid of it.

I finished jury duty Friday afternoon with a unanimous vote. However, we did have one bleeding heart who couldn't get past that the way we voted, the plaintiff wouldn't get a penny. It was a case of a large gas plant - local - and a man who had worked there years and years, trained in all the dangers. He fell off a beam while changing a pipe. He claims he smelled noxious gas and it caused him to pass out. The claim was that the company knew there was dangerous gasses present before the pipe was changed and didn't take the precautions to keep the guy safe. However, the company went through rigorous cleaning and purging of the system days before the job to ensure safety. It was an unfortunate accident. The judge charged us to answer 5 questions. But, if we answered no to 1&2, then we did not answer the others. That was our case, so we never got to the monetary award because we did not find the company at fault. I have to say - the plaintiff had one of those big guy TV lawyers on the billboards. I think that hurt him. He presented stuff that was so irrelevant to the case - causing a smokescreen - kind of - to throw us off -at least that's what we all thought. We had to ensure the bleeding heart that the guy had workman's comp - so his bills were covered (we had 3 nurses on the jury - smart move by the lawyers). She just wanted him to get SOMETHING for pain and suffering. But one thing that didn't make me feel he needed it - he went back to work two weeks after the accident - working 50-70 hours a week!!! There were photos of him lifting and working as if he had no injury. He didn't have a surgery until February of this year and the accident occurred in 2010.

Diane!!! :jumpjoy: Yay on the new apartment! How absolutely PERFECT it sounds! I'm so excited for you! See, things are starting to fall into place! You are so good with those kids. I love how you took the time to explain to Peter about how other kids treat others. Yes, I do forget words sometimes. I do that even when speaking! LOL Hope your allergies subside soon. 9 DAYS! Whoa!!! Get to packing, girl!

Beth - I'm so glad you got to spend some time with the baby - even though she slept the whole time. I love that you're feeling good about putting yourself out there again in the job world. I'm sure someone is going to snatch you up! That is crazy about TOM! I sure wish that thing would disappear from my life! :annoyed:

Hannah - good for you for the new loss! I'm sorry the virus is at your place - that stinks. (Probably literally lol)!!!

Rachel - I am so glad Cooper is home. Hope he regains his strength and gets back to bounding about.

Have a GREAT Sunday!!!

Annie64 05-05-2013 10:14 AM

I thought my weight had gone up by .2 this morning until I went to write it on my weight board.. I was actually down by .2 at 192.6. (Charlene we are almost out of the 90's! Come on, let's do this!)

I'm still surprised after step class Fri and Sat, and the 5 hours of cleaning Friday that I haven't lost more by now, but my eating has been very good. I went to step class this morning (getting back on track!) and it was a good workout! I had more energy than I've had lately and I definitely feel lighter on my feet! I'll go to step again tomorrow, then I won't see the gym again until Friday. :sad:

Allergies are better today.. thanks to Mucinex! I had taken Allegra D (which is 24 hours) and it did barely anything to help, and the congestion was just making me miserable, so the pharmacist said I could take the Mucinex even though I had already taken the other. Whew! It started working very quickly and I feel like I can breathe again. :jumpjoy: My stomach however, is not feeling so good today suddenly.

Charlene: Yes, MOST things are falling into place. I usually remember that things always seem to work out.. but this time it was really hard. There was too much all at once to worry about. I have to admit, I am a LITTLE worried still.. until I get that key! ... Yeah, it sounds like that guy didn't need any money. So are you glad you did it? (jury duty) or wish you hadn't had to?

Hannah: I like how you write! Good sense of humor! :cool: LOL.. don't worry about the word nerd in me.. I know I'M not perfect and I don't expect others to be.. we all make mistakes, misspell, typos etc.. I just find it odd that all of a sudden it is so much MORE than normal for me. What bothers me more than reading bad grammar, is hearing it! :lol: I have a couple friends who say "I seen" instead of "I saw".. it makes me cringe just a little.. I can't help it! :D

Beth: Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do.. one room or area at a time. Yesterday I did the downstairs toy closet. I got rid of the baby toys, and games with missing pieces, and really organized everything. I better get rid of the big pile of things I took out of there before Meadow gets here! :eek: I'm looking forward to a fresh new place and a fresh new start.

Rachel: Hi! Hope you are having a great weekend!

bethr 05-05-2013 11:54 AM

Good morning everyone!

Its a beautiful, if somewhat cool and cloudy Sunday morning. Had a great gig last night--it was for a 60th birthday party at the beautiful home with a HUGE yard up in Santa Rosa. I was really happy with the audio mix and enjoyed doing it. I was much more relaxed. Of course I am in a much better place mentally than I was a few months ago. It was clear to me that I'm a pretty darn good audio engineer given how much I don't know. Our board set-up has become pretty complex, I noticed during sound check that we needed to do an overhead mic on the drummer (and that he needed to use sticks instead of rods because I couldn't hear him), we had a sub keyboard player so I had to figure out how to mix him since he was very different from the regular guy. I remembered that the bass player needed a chair for one certain song that they haven't played in ages and had it to him two songs before it was needed. I realized that the lights weren't on and helped get power to them and get them going in the middle of a set. And the band played well even though it was a different set up than normal. When we left our house it was 100 degrees on our driveway. When we got home, it was 55. I never made it to the gym, was really lazy yesterday but its a new week and I think I will go today. I'm a little sore from all the toting and lifting and bending and stretching (and a little dancing).

Diane--I took mucinex during my last cold and found it helped a lot with congestion. I'm impressed you made it to the gym feeling like you did! That scale may surprise you one of these days and give you a nice whoosh. It is a brand new start for you which is really exciting. I'm looking forward to a new one for me too! I'm keeping a very positive outlook on my job search. I have a strong feeling I will find the right position and be back at work in the next 60-90 days. Once I was ready to be back in the hunt, opportunities have presented themselves. Have fun with Meadow today (and get those toys out of sight!). I been having problems totally dropping out words when I'm typing (which I'm sure that you have noticed). But our eyes can usually help our brain figure out the meeting.

Charlene--Given what you said about the case I would probably have agreed with you. The case I was on, the guy was buried alive in a landslide on his property, which he had lived in for 40+ years. He was out at 1 in the morning digging boulders out from around his house so the garage wouldn't flood. His was was yelling at him to come in, so loud that the people up the hill could hear her, and the rocks where coming down more rapidly. Now this guy was a landscape architect so he should have had a clue that it was dangerous. The wife sued the City saying that the road improvements (repaving) on the road above their property (a road that had been there for over 60 years) was the cause of the landslide. As a jury we were never given the option to consider that the landslide was an act of god not necessarily someones fault. We heard tons of testimony on landslides, road repairs, structures, blah blah blah. I felt like I was back in structures class in college. One person wanted the City to be totally responsible. We ended up saying that the guy was 50% responsible for his own death. Then the judge threw in something new and never really explained it and ended up changing our verdict so that the plantiff got all $6M. This was the last big case this judge was going to hear and he had been under investigation and review several times for unethical behavior. He looked like Boss Hogg. It has ruined me for jury duty ever again. :jumpjoy: on the new low! What wonderful news! And nice Mother's Day present! One that everyone can enjoy!

Hannah-:hyst: on the cat story moral! I hope you are feeling better quickly. But there is always an upside to the stomach virus :)

Rachel--how is everything with you? How is Cooper doing?

Going to have a quiet day today and start on spring cleaning tomorrow. The temperatures are expected to be in the high 60s/low 70s which is perfect for keeping the windows open while working in the house. I'm not planning on doing much regarding the job search this week. I think it will be another week before anything happens. I need a mental break, last week was exhausting!

Have a good day!

hhhmom74 05-05-2013 07:29 PM

Evening Slimmers!

Just a quick check in as I am exhausted from 3 days of dinner theatre. Plus side of being on the go is that the scale was at 128 this morning. TOM is still here so I am hoping to see 126 soon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

bethr 05-05-2013 10:12 PM

Rachel-did I not predict you would be in the 20s by today?

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