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lil miss 03-01-2013 05:21 AM

~~~LCMW March 2013 ~~~
Hi Everyone!

Feel very happy March is here! Bring on some warmer weather and SUNSHINE! :clap:

lil miss 03-01-2013 05:29 AM

Adi - yes, maybe this will actually be good for your DS. I dont know about your DS but for 2 of mine, for example, reading came very very easily, so it was kind of wonderful in a way when they got to a certain age and it was apparent they had difficulty with context clues. Never had to really use them before bc they had such huge sight word vocabularies. The kids who werent excellent readers off the bat were GOOD with context clues but my boys had to learn. So in having that difficulty, it made them stronger.

For your DS this will be very character building as well and when he does get in and stay in Ranger school [wording not exactly right] it will MEAN that much more to him I would think. He will feel so proud of himself bc it is so very difficult to get/stay in.

Good for you with all that walking!

Krit - I am getting worried. Please write in. I hope everything went ok with DH.

How's CA Dak? It's been rainy and cold here. Today it is sunny.

I have had the worst cold I have literally had in decades. When I taught I think I developed super immunity thanks to being around germs all the time, so I really never got sick much. Well, I have been in my bed for THREE days. UNHEARD of with 3 active boys! I drive them to school, come home get in bed, pick them up, set them up with homework, a snack and beg them to behave and get back in bed!

Finally, yesterday I turned a corner. But still dragging and due to being sick since Sunday any activity wipes me out for a bit. Took DS to the MD yesterday for check up and it wiped me out for example.

So, week one weigh in for ww? ZERO lbs. Devastating since all I have been consuming is soups and fruits essentially. BUT TOM arrived the night before my weekly weigh in so I am blaming that.

I will persevere for the next few weeks and see what happens. Will also be nice to get over this cold and actually be able to work out again.

Dakini 03-01-2013 06:20 AM

Thanks for starting us up, Lil Miss. Sorry to hear you're still sick. This new virus is something else. My DH has been sick too, going on 3 weeks now, but at last he's getting a bit better.

Weather here has been cold at night and wonderfully clear and warm during the day. We're short on water, I hope we get more rain, but for now I can only enjoy the nice days.

Was doing well this week with my DDs but went down a slippery slope yesterday, oh well, can only try again to get on target today. Will catch up more later. :)

adillenal 03-01-2013 08:51 AM

lilmiss - Hope you get well. I have not been sick but DH has been off and on for months. Not really down but still draggin along. I saw a man at the livestock show that I saw a month ago and he is STILL coughing. And he is really young and can't beat it.
hoping we are right and DS will come out of this stronger. Thursday was Armed Forces day at the Livestock show and I noticed an older army guy staying at one of my pens petting a particular goat for a long time so I went over and started a conversation. He was enlisted but since he was older I thought I could get an opinion. He has been deployed three times so has a different outlook. He told me that the goal at Ranger School is for them to fail and sometimes they just pick some to send home just to see if they will come back. DS is very confident bordering on arrogant , cocky so I could see him being picked to cut him down to size so to speak. Bet he can do all kinds of pushups even after running 5 miles in two more weeks.
Dak - I thought I went down that slope yesterday but the scale did not go up this morning but it still can in a day or so. I enjoyed my piled high with cheese and cottage cheese baked potato, protein bars, and ice cream. That was after my hotel breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. High calorie and high fat but sure was good. But looking back, I had a zillion other options that I walked right by so maybe I did good.
Kritter - Hopefully all is well.

Dakini 03-01-2013 07:28 PM

You are in the zone of UDDD's Adi. I had a bit of that in December, no matter what I ate on my UD's I was fine as long I my DD's were low. Yesterday was definitely stress for me. Today I've had a pretty good UD, not too crazy, so I'm planning on tomorrow being better.

(please save 3 bars of Dragons Blood for my DH. plus another 3 bars of the myrrh if you still have any, if not, I'll pick something else, I'm guessing that maybe by the end of the month you'll have facial soap? if you're not into making it, I totally understand, with all your shows plus work, we're happy to get what you have)

My yoga studio is along the coast, (you all know I live inland by about 30 miles) It's been so warm there that the ornamental plums have started blooming, they smell so good. The only thing blooming where I live are the almond trees. Sad, because I know we will have another hard frost and it will wipe out their fruit for the year. The oaks are the smartest trees here. Once they leaf out, you know it's spring.


krittermom 03-02-2013 07:46 AM

Dak, those trees are beautiful. Your weather sounds perfect to me. I love it when it's cold at night and warm during the day.

lil miss, thanks for starting us up! So sorry you're sick and so sorry you didn't lose anything on WWs. What kind of soups are you eating? Are they WWs?

Adi, I agree, this will be a good learning experience for DS.

DH is still in the hospital, but he's doing really well. He's getting out on Monday.

Dakini 03-02-2013 08:38 AM

This has been the best year for those plums. Color is just amazing.

Bet you DH will be glad to be home! The weather has been perfect, with our warmer days it hasn't been as cold at night, so not needing to build fires in the stove at night.

Finally, the weekend. I bought a new fig to put in the ground, it's supposedly the "finest tasting fig ever". I'm hoping to be swimming in figs one day, this is my 4th and last fig I plan to plant.

How's WW coming along, Lil Miss? Hope you can keep getting your rest this weekend, no long commutes to practices. I know "rest" and "mom" are antonyms, LOL.

Adi, you're doing a show this weekend? Hope it's going well and you have warm weather. :)

adillenal 03-02-2013 05:39 PM

Hi folks. I have returned from the first day of the worst craft show I have ever done. There are people but they look like they just came to eat barbeque. I have to go back tomorrow. I am not even halfway to making my expenses. Bummer.
Dak- I have 3 myrrh and I think there were 2 Dragon's Blood although I though I had more. I need to make facail since it is a good seller. Must be since I am out. HaHa. The trees are beautiful. I hope your figs do well. I have four that are still with me along with the olive tree. I mulched them really well so I hope they grow well this year. I ate too much junk today but then I was so bored and had nothing else to do but overeat on cookies. They were $ .25 each. How could I resist??
Kritter - Hope DH heals well. Does he have to get around on crutches or a walker?

DH had almost all of the chores done when I got home and I finished milking while he fed the rest. So we are finished for the night.

krittermom 03-02-2013 07:04 PM

Adi, I'm so sorry the show turned out to be a dud. I feel for you. Whenever I cave in and eat cookies or any kind of baked goods, I pay for it by feeling sick for at least a day.

DH will have to use a walker.

One interesting thing about this is seeing him feeling the effects of surgery. He's so tired every day. He's not used to that. He was planning on working from home next week but I think he now realizes that he probably won't be up to it. He's planning on napping all day, lol. Plus every day he'll have either a nurse or physical therapist there for an hour or so.

adillenal 03-02-2013 07:15 PM

Kritter - Our elementary principal had her knee replaced last year and she was on a walker it seemed like a very long time. She is young too. But overweight.
I figure I will be punished tomorrow for those lovely cookies. I had potatoes for dinner and I am drinking hot tea now and then I am going to bed. I am tired.

Dakini 03-03-2013 08:18 AM

Adi, I absolutely loved the myrrh. Way back when I was a kid, (I know, I know :rolleyes:) the priests would burn myrrh for certain processionals and I have always loved that scent.

Sorry to hear about your show. Funny how shows work, DH used to do the SEWE and his worst shows would be when the weather was too nice. No one wanted to be inside at a show, because the sun was out. I'm so happy to hear that you also have 4 fig trees, see, that's not too many. I figured there are tons of people I can invite over to pick if it ever gets too much.

Kritter, I've heard recovery is trickier for knees than it is for hips. It is a major surgery, though, glad he's listening to his body and resting.

Didn't get my trees in, ended up mowing and weed whacking. Wish I could tether a goat so they would just eat my weeds but I suspect they'd want to go for my veggies & flowers instead.

adillenal 03-03-2013 03:50 PM

Today was just like yesterday so I was glad to pack up and get out. They had their auction results at 3pm and the building was filling up and I was getting a little excited that I had people browsing my booth when we got an announcement that everyone that was parked behind building blah blah move theior car immediately as there was a fire. Blinked twice and the building was empty. So much for that. And the fire department came and put out the fire. It was a grass fire and the wind was awful. They are lucky it did not spread.And I managed to lose a dolly at this show. I have no idea what I did with it or if someone just helped themselves to it. Bad luck all around.
DD for me and I have done very well. Made it a potato DD after breakfast. Drank a lot of water today too.
Off to do chores I can hear the babies screaming feed me.

krittermom 03-03-2013 08:13 PM

Yay, DH is coming home tomorrow! Poor thing can't wait to sleep in his own bed with his own pillow and blankets.

Adi, I'm so sorry you went through all of that work for so little.

So I'm trying the Kruse Leptin reset. Basically very paleo but also stresses eating at certain times and no more than 3 meals and no snacking. You're supposed to eat a very large breakfast consisting of 50 grams of protein, within 30 minutes of waking. I typically eat a very small breakfast 2-3 hours after waking LOL. But apparently when you eat like this you don't wind up snacking and grazing which is something I do. And apparently that constant grazing is bad. I'm going to give it a try because I seem to be experiencing all of the symptoms.

Dakini 03-03-2013 10:00 PM

Adi, that show sounds like it will be a great story sometime in the future. After you have a few more good ones under your belt.

Kritter, I've never heard of the Kruse Leptin reset, sounds like a great plan. I think there is something to eating when you first wake up; I've noticed I do really well with oatmeal first thing in the morning. I bet having dinner earlier in the evening would help too.

Still no fig planted. It's in the ground, heeled in, but haven't felt up for digging. Instead I took the leaves covering my garlic bed off and ran the lawn mower over them, making up a nice leaf mulch that should decompose more quickly. I mixed another batch of soil Rx and treated the garlic bed, tricky digging it in, I was surprised how widely the garlic roots had reached. Then covered up with leaf mulch. So now 2 beds down, one more raised bed to go, then the berry patch. I also weeded my big mission fig. Last summer it got invaded by crab grass, so I spent some time digging it out.

adillenal 03-04-2013 03:44 AM

kritter _ I did a leptin reset but did not follow that book. I have one called Mastering Leptin. Basic rules off the top of my head:
Allow 5-6 hours between meals
Bo eating between meals
No eating after say 6 or 7
Forgot the rest but this author does not say to eat immediately in the morning though and the book is upstairs. Very easy to follow and a good habit in my opinion to get into. About the snacking and no night eating.

krittermom 03-04-2013 04:23 AM

Adi, those are pretty much the same rules I read. You're not supposed to eat a certain amount of hours before bed. I think the idea is to get your body used to burning fat stores during the night.

It all made sense and sounded healthy. Another thing I like is that this plan advocates working out in the evening, not in the morning. I'm so not a morning person, lol.

I was hungry this morning and ate one large hamburger patty with some thousand island dressing and I'm stuffed! Hope it holds me until lunch.

Dak, nice job getting all of that gardening done. Good exercise.

How sad for that man who died in the sinkhole in florida. It's like something from a horror movie. Now I'm worried about my sister living down there. Oh wow, they just said on the news that Pennsylvania is at risk! I remember as a kid seeing a lot of sink holes in my neighborhood but they were typically fixed quickly.

Ugh, stayed up too late and now I'm so tired.

adillenal 03-04-2013 09:24 AM

kritter - DH was watching that on the news and it sounded so unbelievable. The outside of the house looked normal. Yikes. Not safe anywhere. I asked DH if we could just get sucked down to hell and the house look the same? Not a happy thought.

Today is an UD and I had meetings this morning and didn't bring anything for kunch so I will run to the store and get a potato and some LF cottage cheese and salsa. I am really liking that for a meal.

Dakini 03-07-2013 08:20 PM

Hey guys, busy week here. DH birthday tomorrow, good news is I'm not cooking, we're going out for Italian. My resolve has gotten stronger, finally, with luck, I will continue.

adillenal 03-08-2013 03:46 AM

Hi all. 139.4 this morning so I am right on target. Spring Break starts this afternoon and I won't have to go to work until March 18. YEA!!!
I am trying to plan my UD but nothing seems appealing so we shall see.

Dakini 03-08-2013 06:06 AM

Nice, Adi! The 130's again!!!

A break will be nice. Any special plans? For me this weekend, I want to say I've fertilized at least 1/2 of my berries. It rained last night, should make the soil easier to cultivate.

adillenal 03-08-2013 08:54 AM

Dak - Hope to get the garden plowed up and ready to plant soon. I have about 4 goats due to kid and I need to make soap and declutter some. Might not even leave the house. It is supposed to rain here too.

Dakini 03-08-2013 09:11 AM

You know, I love weekends at the house. How are your tomatoes doing? Have you been able to plant them yet? Funny, I think your climate is more temperate than where I am in Ca.

adillenal 03-08-2013 09:59 AM

I have little tiny seedlings. Our weather has been hot cold then hot then windy as heck so plants are confused.. They don't know what to do.

krittermom 03-09-2013 04:10 AM

I love weekends at home too!

It's really chilly right now but it's supposed to be sunny and 56 today! Today I want to get a new bike rack. And I want to go to the gym and do the elliptical and also ride the spinning bike. I need to adapt my butt to the bike seat lol. So I figured I'd spend about 20 minutes on the bike at the gym today, but in 10 minute intervals. Then maybe Monday or Tuesday after work I'll try riding my bike. It's supposed to be in the 60s by then!

Tonight I'm going to the Philly orchestra with my brother and his wife and my hubby's sister. Hubby was supposed to go but because of his surgery, he can't make it so I invited his sister.

Adi, I'm so jealous! Enjoy your vacation.

Boy am I sore! Tuesday I had the total gym class, Wednesday it was pilates, Thursday it was another total gym class plus a tap dancing class.

The tap dancing class was a blast! Our teacher(Audrey) is in her 80s! She's the sweetest, coolest lady. I'm so glad my friend talked me into it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to tap dance, but at least I'll enjoy getting to know Audrey.

So now I'm scouring Craigslist for a used total gym :) I found one for $300 but the seller hasn't responded yet to my email.

adillenal 03-09-2013 04:47 AM

kritter - Yea for Audrey and your tap dancing class. My 85 year old custodian is my role model. Makes me think hard when I start whining about being tired, out of shape etc. If she can I can. I have a Bowflex if I would just USE it. Good for you for all the exercise. I am still not doing enough.

I am 141.2 this morning but I had cookies and ice cream OVER my UD calories yesterday so that is a good weigh in. Willl do a potato DD today. I have all the little gold potatoes cooked and in the frig.

AND I learned to make fatfree potato chips in the microwave. Slice thin and lay flat on parchment paper or I used a silpat and cooked 4 minutes turned them over and cooked four more minutes but I cut mine a little too thick. They turn brown and are crispy. Just watch them and when they are brown enough for you, turn off the microwave. I never knew I could do that. A little Hunt's no fructose ketchup and I had dinner last night. So good. I can see a lot of microwave potato chips in my future.

Dakini 03-10-2013 08:07 AM

Kritter, what a great workout routine. Tap sounds fun, especially with Audrey.

When I was around 9 my mom taught me how to make homemade potato chips. I felt betrayed, that she hadn't shown me before, they were so good, LOL. But messy. I'll have to try your microwave recipe, thanks.

DH's birthday dinner went well, food and service were excellent, but the place was so noisy I could hardly hear the conversation across the table.

The next morning, yesterday, I felt awful. Beyond awful. I did have a glass of wine with dinner, then a glass of port with dessert, so I don't know if it was food poisoning or just a hangover. Couldn't keep anything down, lived in the bathroom it seemed, light was painful, headache, neckache, am I so old now that two glasses of something and I'm incapacitated for the day? I almost hope it was food poisoning. The salad had some sort of prosciutto at the bottom of the plate. Maybe that was it? Anyway, today I feel much better and in a bizarre way I've had a fantastic DD yesterday.

krittermom 03-10-2013 08:19 AM

Adi, I never thought to make microwave potato chips. I might give them a try. I'm not afraid of fat in general, but I do think frying foods at high temps isn't very healthy and unfortunately, I love potato chips. Might be a good alternative when I feel like something crispy. And you could probably have a lot of fun with seasonings.

Dak, a lot of times I get sick after eating out. I think it's usually a touch of food poisoning, or maybe even a reaction to some crazy preservatives they might be using. I'm glad you're feeling better.

We went to Butcher and Singer last night for dinner and one of their side dishes is brussel sprouts with bacon. These things were the bomb! I'm going to have to try to make them now.

So this morning I ordered a total gym from Amazon. The one on Craigslist was sold already and I really just love the convenience of Amazon delivering it to my door :)

I'm going to head over to the gym this afternoon and do the elliptical and ride the spinning bike for a bit. Gotta get the rear end used to that bike seat again.

Dakini 03-10-2013 08:57 AM

How fun, a total gym! I love Amazon too, so easy, free shipping for the most part too. Brussel sprouts and bacon does sound good, if you find a good recipe, please post?

I'm glad I'm feeling better too. I had things I had planned all week to do over the weekend, at least I have today, I suppose.

adillenal 03-10-2013 10:16 AM

kritter - I think you could spray the potato chips with olive oil before nuking and that should work well too. They are my new favorite crunchy food. DH liked them too. Can make fresh ones and then they are gone so no mindless snacking either.
And I love ordering online since I am rural. Delivery to the door is the way to go. Saves money in gasoline driving around looking for what I want.And I love fried brussel sprouts but haven't tried with bacon. I have fried cabbage on my lunch menu toady but have no bacon.

Dak - Sorry you got sick. You never know about restaurants. I can get sick and no one else does so who knows. The sickest DH and I have ever been was from eating out and thank goodness DS was spared that time. I am real leery of anything chicken or fish. Doesn't leave much in some cases to choose from.
I am 141.2 today but I did have cookies and ice cream Friday. Am trying a high fat UD after reading Dr. Mercola's blog today. Even remembered to take my supplements this morning.
New baby born last night too so all is well. Although I thought she would have triplets as big as she was so was surprised with a single although she is a very big girl baby.
lilmiss - Hope all is well with you and the family.

adillenal 03-11-2013 09:47 AM

139 this monring. I am on a roll. No cookies or ice cream = weightloss. Too bad I can't stick to that.
Very windy today so it makes it feel much colder than it really is. Have two does due to kid and they just don't seem to want to get it over with. One is 3 days overdue and the other one day. I feel like giving them a shot to induce labor since they are first fresheners and I don't want the babies to get too big. Undecided at this point though. I could have always made a error on writing down their breeding dates too.

DD today and it will be a potato DD. Loving how I can eat up to 800 potato calories on DD and still maintain so I will keep on with the potatoes.

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