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bethr 01-31-2013 10:39 PM

Slimmer by Spring -- February Edition
The thread for the new month

sports_mom 02-01-2013 05:17 AM

Good morning. I guess my body was craving sleep because I turned off my alarm and slept until 5:30! No workout this morning, but I had an excellent one yesterday. We went to a powerlifting meet last night - that was cool watching those kids lift weights. Then dd has her last freshman bb game tonight before she starts her stint with the varsity. Tomorrow we are going to a place called Mud Creek with my middle sister. It's an open road area for 4-wheeling. We will get muddy but it will be a blast! I already scoped out a lot of geocaches.

Beth - so glad you made it to the gym and felt good about it. Glad you are feeling better!

Diane - so do you get a reduced grade for not turning in an assignment? I hope you get them both done and can mark those off your list. So happy you get to go to San Diego and surprise your parents! Yay!! Project San Diego is funny! What good motivation!!

Rachel - where is your choir competition this weekend? A lot of traveling? Hope you got your treadmill workout in and feel good! I am going to do the same as you - pack a large thermal bag with my foods for the mud day trip to stay on plan. My goal for next weekend for the Hot Chocolate race is to be in the 180's. Gawww that looks good! It will have been since 1997 since I have seen that number.

Guess we lost Tom?

Have a great day and great weekend everyone!!

Annie64 02-01-2013 08:01 AM

Ouch! Woke up with a pretty decent migraine. Don't know if it's from the bump on my head or not. I took meds as soon as I woke up with it, but hours later it is still nagging. It is SO COLD here! I didn't go to the gym this morning because the roads were bad.. we got some snow last night, and schools were on a delay. Wasn't a good idea with this migraine anyway. Look forward to step tomorrow.

Ok this is Day 1 of Op.SD! My starting weight is 195.4... eww. I had Chipotle soft steak tacos last night as a treat before getting really strict (I decided on soft tacos because it is a lot less food than a burrito bowl). I plan to do a LOT of painting this weekend, and I'm actually pretty anxious to get started! I would have done it last night but I had Psychology homework.

Over Spring Break we are going to be doing a really fun project for painting class! I can't wait! We are collaborating with an English class.. without knowing who, we are going to be doing a painting inspired by a short story someone from the Eng, class writes. THEY will also have to write a short story based on one of our paintings! She asked us painting II students which paintings we would use (that were done last semester).. I knew right away my Freedom painting would be the best one. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

Charlene: It depends.. it could be a letter grade lower, but several people weren't there, so we may just critique them next week, and it's never happened with me before so maybe she will cut me a break. Even if I do get a lower grade, it won't hurt me.

bethr 02-01-2013 11:04 AM

Good morning!

I slept late this morning. I guess I needed it. I thought I would be pretty tired after working out yesterday (not like it was really a hard workout, but I'm still just getting over this virus). At least I had some energy when I started the workout. My abs are a little sore, which is why I like the rower because I also get an upper body and ab workout, not just legs. I think I'll go again today but ride the bike. We have a gig tomorrow night so I'm thinking I won't be at the gym for the next two days. The gig is enough of a workout, bending, lifting, stretching and hauling.

Diane--Operation San Diego :hyst:. That's great motivation! So cool that you'll be able to surprise your parents and see your family. And that your dd and ds can go also. You need a boost! and a break! So when exactly will you be heading out this way?

Charlene--sometimes our bodies just need rest and it is the best thing to do to honor that. Otherwise its to easy to get sick or hurt ourselves. Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun! Its so cool that your kids are such athletes, and that you and your dh are also. I wish I had that drive when i was a kid. Of course, that was before title 9. I've struggled with being athletic all of my life. There is a part of me that wants to, and another that doesn't. I never played in team sports so I had no idea what team work meant. It was a hard lesson to learn. And I had exercise induced asthma (which is how my asthma started) thanks to both of my parents smoking. Hard to have fun when you're gasping for breath. I'm too old and decrepit to be much of an athlete now (unless you count golf) but I do want to stay active-that old use it or lose it mentality. I used to do high impact aerobics in the 80s and ran a bit, which might explain the fact that I have no knees left.

Rachel--how are you doing today? Danville isn't too terribly far, is it? Not like Crete? Hope you have a fun weekend and pack those snacks.

On with the day! have a good one!

Annie64 02-01-2013 06:54 PM

Ugh! I left my laptop charger at work! Now I will have to go tomorrow to get it. I did VERY well today food wise, but was fighting a migraine all day. Dinner was yummy.. scrambled eggs with chives, and swiss cheese and a little sour cream. This weekend I will be painting a lot which will keep me busy and away from temptation! I'll check in when I can.. after I get my charger back!

bethr 02-01-2013 08:03 PM

Never made it to the gym today. !/2 through the laundry the dryer stops working. It would tumble but wasn't hot. So I had to drag three loads of wet laundry to the laundromat to dry it. It will be a week before they can come out to fix it. Hopefully its fixable and we don't have to replace it. Its probably about 10 years old and its not like we use it alot compared to some people. I also made some killer chicken tortilla soup. My gosh it was good and really hit the spot. My hamstring is bothering me, I really need to get to the chiropractor next week.

Diane--hope you get that charger back soon. Sounds like you're doing well on your eating.

See ya all in the morning!

Annie64 02-02-2013 06:24 AM

Posting from my phone so this will be short... I'm down almost 3 lbs since yesterday! Woo Hoo! Still have remnants of that migraine but planning to go to the gym.. hope the roads are ok.

I'll check back later...

bethr 02-02-2013 10:07 AM

Good morning all!

I think that I might make it to the gym for some cardio today since I didn't go yesterday. We have a gig again tonight (the fourth one this year, with another one next Friday, another one the Thursday after that and another one the Saturday after that) I'm ready for a weekend off. And I'm having lunch with a former colleague today.

Diane--woohoo on being down 3 pounds. You'll be out of the 90s in no time!

Charlene--hope your having fun mudding!

Rachel--how is the competition?

Have a good day all.

This is my 1400th post.

Annie64 02-02-2013 04:42 PM

Yay! Got my charger back! I didn't go to the gym because we got more snow and there were a lot of closings in my area, so I didn't want to risk driving. The roads were fine later in the day so I ran some errands.. Staples, Hobby Lobby, Jungle Jims (I should not go there when I am hungry!) I was good though. Not drinking enough so far though.

Beth: I forgot to answer your question.. the first week of March.. so four weeks to lose as much as I can! We are trying to figure out a way I can stay hidden for a short time. My sister said my kids and I should make a video since we "cant be there" and while it's playing we walk out.. but then I would miss seeing them when they get there for the surprise of the party itself. Then I thought what if we were disguised? LOL

Annie64 02-03-2013 08:28 AM

Scale down a little more 191.2 :) TOM should be gone in the next day or so as well, so I am hoping to see the 80s again by then. That's over 4 lbs in 2 days!

I was way too tired to go to the gym this morning. I was looking forward to it, but my head is still sore and I had that nagging migraine Friday (on the same side I bumped) and felt like it was on the edge of coming back yesterday. I just feel a little weird, but not enough to have to see a doctor. I just feel like I need to take it easy a few days.

I did not work on my painting yesterday, but I did buy a few more supplies and prepping for it.. thinking ahead about the colors instead of slopping things together to see what I comne up with. I want to get this one as close to the photo as I can, but ohhhh boy I better work on it today since it's due Wednesday! I need to lock myself up in my room and do nothng else!

I'll check in later...

sports_mom 02-03-2013 09:03 AM

Good morning! I am so sore!! But what a fun day yesterday! I am so proud of my youngest! She took control of that dune buggy and went through a day of being stuck and maneuvering in some pretty wicked places.

Diane - yay on being down 3 pounds!!! That's awesome! Hope you get your painting done.

Beth - y'all are really busy with those music gigs! That's awesome you are getting so many but I bet you are worn out!

Rest day today. Doing some cleaning and laundry and getting ready for the work week.

Have a GREAT day!!

bethr 02-03-2013 09:54 AM

Good morning all!

I made it to the gym yesterday with DH and did 35 minutes on the rower. I'm getting back my energy, not that anyone will be able to tell today. Had lunch with a former colleague. The news is not good out there on the job front. There are so many in my profession at my level that are out of a job. Makes me believe that I need to start my own consulting practice and/or consider changing professionals all together. Thank goodness dh has a good job right now and that they increased his hours. I'm hoping that they will find the finding to continue the program. Given the success of the program and the way it save the County money in the long run, I'm hoping it will get funded. The are looking for a grant for the next three years.

The gig was great last night and the band had a birthday cupcake for me and sang happy birthday. I was really touched. They are playing at a winery in three weeks and I'm going up there this week to check out the space and figure out what we need and how to set up. DH and I have been kept in spending money for the last month and given what we'll make this months, it should take us through March. I really appreciate the extra dough.

Diane--WOOHOO on being down 4 pounds in 2 days. You'll knock those extra pounds right out of the park this month. :jumpjoy: Now get to work on that painting!:)

Charlene--you looked like you had so much fun yesterday! Enjoy yourself today and get ready for the week.

Rachel--how did the singers do?

On to the day. I'm tired. Didn't get to bed until after 1 and was awake by 7. I couldn't get to sleep last night because my leg is throbbing. Must go to chiropractor!

bethr 02-03-2013 09:57 AM

BTW--did I mention GO NINERS!

Annie64 02-04-2013 06:50 AM

Weight was the same today - kind of surprised about that, I expected a little loss at least. I would LIKE to be 188 by the end of this week. I decided since I am STILL fighting a migraine I would skip the gym again. I wouldn't doubt I have a mild concussion. Don't get me wrong, I WANT to go to step class... I miss it! My gut feeling has been to take it easy a few days. You know that initial "shock" feeling you have when you first get hit in the head? I still feel that weirdness just a bit. I still can't believe I hit my head THAT hard just coming up from picking up a sock! :laugh:

I finally started my renaissance painting last night. I got the background done, and her clothes are about half done. The face is the part that scares me the most.. and the hair should be fun.. hair seems to be my specialty. If I can get this done tonight, then maybe I can still throw that still life together by Wednesday! I also have a sketch for a new "Diamondback" type oil pastel that I am anxious to start on... and I have to finish the dog painting for my DS22.

I'll check back in later to see how ya'll are doing.

bethr 02-04-2013 12:35 PM

Good morning (afternoon) all!

I'm a disappointed puppy today. :dunno: The Niners lost and everyone around here is walking around with their chin on the ground. Oh well, no one expected we would get there at all. There's always next year (which is a classic line for this Cubs fan).:lol: I'm debating about going to the gym today. My left leg/hamstring is so horribly sore and I don't know if its from a pull or from sciatica. I'm taking more heavy duty meds which don't seem to help and it wakes me up in the middle of the night. Will definitely go to the chiropractor today and if that doesn't help will call my doc about getting some PT for it. I had a bit of migraine yesterday too so I have a bit of a migraine med hangover.

Diane--your body is probably adjusting to the fast loss. I find that when I drop a few pounds fast, it takes a few days before the scale starts moving again. Don't be disappointed, it will move in the right direction. Can't wait to see this week's artwork!

Charlene--how you doing?

Rachel? Hello?

Have a good day all.

hhhmom74 02-04-2013 04:36 PM

Good Evening Slimmers!

It's been a few days since I've been on the treadmill. I should be able to get a good workout in tomorrow morning before I watch my nephews. Eating is so so. Back to the grind for me today.

Singers got 4th runner up out of 20 schools. Not as good as I feel they did. Show choir judging is alot of politics and that stinks!!! Danville is only a 2 hour drive so we were home at 1:00 am. Still a long day but doable! This weekend is going to be a different story. We are traveling to a town west of St. Louis. Bus is leaving at 2:30 AM and return time is after 3:00 AM the next day. And.......I am bus chaperone!!:sad: That folks is going to be one long day!!

beth: Loved seeing your doggie covered up with a blanket!! So adorable!!

charlene: I'm jealous of your mudding pictures!! My family would all love that!

diane: Great job on being down 4 lbs in 2 days!!! That rocks!!

sports_mom 02-05-2013 03:10 AM

Good morning. I'm still whooped! I didn't work out yesterday and not sure why. I was up. dd14 started her stint with varsity yesterday and so she lost her study hall 4th period to practice varsity athletics, then 8th period she had freshman athletics to do track practice, then after school back to practice with the varsity bb. When I got home from dd12's last bb game last night, dd14 was out already. Bless her heart.

This weekend is my Dallas 5K. A friend of mine and I are riding together and staying two nights. Another lady has rented us a limo for Saturday evening. I'm gonna need to rest up for this gig. LOL I think I am driving to the school today to do a run and then do some gym training the rest of the week.

Beth - hope your leg gets better. That was such a cute pic of the dog!

Rachel - yikes!!! I can't even imagine a day like that! Holy cow!!! Good luck! Rest up this week if you can! ;)

Diane - stick with it - you're making progress! Can't wait to see the paintings.

Hope you all have a great day!

Annie64 02-05-2013 11:27 AM

My painting is coming along, but I had hoped to have more done by now. The skin tones and face are what are scaring me. Lucy was simple.. 3 tones.. but this one needs more than that.

The scale was up a tad.. I wasn't bad I just ate too much yesterday. I wasn't feeling right, and went to bed upset because my head felt so weird. I woke up feeling better (I thought) but after getting up for a while I got another headache.. this time not a migraine but a throbbing headache (on the same side). I feel slightly nauseated, and just bleh. So I am taking the day off work and going to the doctor. Why not? Better safe than sorry... I know after hitting your head it can take weeks or longer to feel right, but I actually think I feel worse, so I'm going. Em is getting off work early to ride with me.. I hate the drive to the main campus! While I'm there I can get that migraine medicine refilled finally! I never got it again after the first bottle because I have to drive so far to get it!

I'll check back in later...

bethr 02-05-2013 01:51 PM

Good afternoon,

I'm not feeling all that great today either. Didn't make it to the gym or the chiropractor yesterday and it doesn't look like I'll get to the gym today either. Meeting with the band leader to go over to a venue this afternoon. I did manage to get our taxes pretty well finished. Just waiting a day or two to see if I get one more 1099 from my mom's stuff. But it shouldn't change my refund unless there was a loss (which is possible). We are getting a really nice refund, more than I expected and very needed right now. I don't need to freak out about having a job right now. And tomorrow I am going to finish out closing my mom's estate and make the final distribution.

Diane--it is a good thing that you go to the doctor. Remember what happened to Hilliary Clinton. With a head injury it is DEFINITELY better safe than sorry.

Charlene--sound like all of the fun is starting to catch up with you and you're just tired. Always good to give your body the rest it craves. You could be fighting a virus or something, which is why you're tired. Oh to having the energy of youth. Your DD is going to be way too tired to even think about getting into any trouble (not that she would).

Rachel--you're going to ride the bus to souther IL? YIKES! You are a brave woman. What a long day! Seems like your DS really enjoys it though and that's great. How is your younger DD doing? Just keep plodding on. We will all get to where we want to go eventually.

Anyway, must get ready to head out. Have a good day all!


hhhmom74 02-05-2013 03:06 PM

Afternoon Slimmers!

I'm still here!! I really need to see 129 on the scale soon. I am sick of the 130s.

Yes, I am crazy being a bus chaperone this weekend! What we will do for our kids. :stars: LOL

DD18 found out Saturday night she got into the Delta Zeta sorority. She is so excited!!! I was shocked last week when she told me she was "rushing". DD18 always said she never wanted any part of Greek because those people just buy their friendships. She was very againist it until her roommate talked her into going to the informational meeting.

beth: DD14 is doing really good. She is my quiet reserved child. She is loving FFA. She has been doing alot of babysitting lately. For the last 4 weeks she has been watching a 2nd grader every day after school. She also watches him and his younger brother some on the weekends.

diane: Glad you are going to the dr. Let us know what you find out.

charlene: Sounds like you are going to have a blast this weekend!

sports_mom 02-06-2013 04:51 AM

Dragging tail.......slept in. Want to drop the kids off and come home and try to sleep but that won't happen. I may take off early and come home. If I'm tired, I know my kids are. I did get in a HIIT workout yesterday morning and will probably do that again tomorrow. Friday I will rest and we leave for Dallas after school.

Rachel - that's awesome your dd18 is so excited to be a part of a sorority. That's just another way for her to enjoy her campus life.

Bath - I haven't even started on taxes. I need to do that too.

Diane - glad you're coming along on your painting. Can't wait to see the finished products. What did the doctor say?

Hope everyone has a great day!

bethr 02-06-2013 10:29 AM

Good morning all!

I'm still a pretty tired puppy. I've an appointment today with my grief counselor and am going to close out my mom's bank account. Feels a little strange-its the last thing I really have to do for her estate. And I must get to the chiropractor today. I was awaken in the middle of the night by pain in my leg. And I may try to get to the gym too. I'm really lacking in motivation right now. I guess it just is how it is.

Charlene--sounds like you need a few days of down time and a lot of sleep. There's a lot going on. Anyway you can take a day off just for yourself to relax? It like a fun time this weekend.

Rachel-my bff's niece, who went to EC was, I believe, a member of DZ also. You've got a busy weekend ahead of you also.

Diane--how is the headache? Take it easy till you feel better. I got a concussion on my honeymoon (no, it is not what you think) and it took me a couple months to really get back to normal. I thought I was fine, but people around me told me that I wasn't always making sense.

DH is practicing and its annoying me this morning. I like my quiet time when he is gone. Have a good day all.

bethr 02-06-2013 07:49 PM

oo-boy I am wiped out. I closed out my mom's bank account today and it was more emotionally difficult than I expected. It felt so . . . final. I started crying as I was leaving. And I went to the chiropractor today. She put my back back in place (it wasn't too difficult) and then worked on several trigger points on my left thigh. YEOW! Boy did that hurt! And she told me not to work out until after I see her on Friday. I guess I'll just have to follow doctor's orders. The last 48 hours have been an emotional roller coaster.

I'm ready to fall asleep sitting up.

bethr 02-07-2013 11:56 AM

Good morning!

Where is everyone?

I passed out last night and slept straight through the night. My leg and back is definitely feeling better today. Still a little off, but better. Having lunch with a friend and rehearsal tonight.

Hope you are all having a good day.

Annie64 02-07-2013 06:43 PM

Ohhh what a day.. not bad, just long! I went to pilates today, but took it easy. I didn't want a bunch of pressure on my head causing another headache, so I modified. Then, I came home and went through the ordeal of finding the right tickets at the right price. Apparently I could no longer get a morning departure at the price we found earlier, so we are leaving later, and will arrive in SD about 8:30 pm. We have to fly to NEW YORK! It always strikes me as weird to go backwards.. SD is the other direction (seems like a waste of time!) :lol: Anyway, I have never been to New York.. it's kind of weird to think about it, but if we are able to see the skyline that would be cool! The flights back are much shorter and we stop in Fort Worth I think it is. Have I mentioned that I hate flying?

OH! I don't think I told you.. my dad emailed me and said he wanted to surprise my MOM by bringing me out for her bday and their anniversary! :eek: I had to tell him I couldnt come the days he mentioned but I could come earlier (SO I CAN BE AT THE SURPRISE PARTY!) :hyst: So HE wont be surprised about ME coming, but he will still be surprised about the kids and the party.. my Mom of course will still be surprised about everything! All the drama is putting a damper on my excitement of the trip though...... (see below)

My younger sister has been the only one planning the anniversary party, but my older sister doesn't like where it's going to be so NOW she is trying to change things. UGH. Sister drama. Older sister calls me complaining almost every day. Younger sister is getting fed up. THEN, my niece who lives in Seattle asked if the party could possibly be at a different time since her Grandma (in St. Louis) passed away and the service is the same day as the party.. three weeks from now? Isn't that strange? Older sister replied that "they" will have to see if they can change it. Younger sister replied to older sisters reply and simply said it couldnt be changed since other people are coming in from out of town but maybe an informal get together the next night would be good. Ugh... so, niece misunderstands and thinks younger sister is being insensitive and told her "F.U" and have fun. Yikes! I know niece is upset, but now younger sister is ready to quit and not even go! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help! I told younger sister to message niece and explain it wasn't a response to her post, but to older sisters.. and save face!

Oh yeah, we got an extra week to finish our renaissance paintings.. yay! SO glad because I really had to rush parts of it and wanted it to come out better. Next painting will the San Diego Mission building! Yay!

I've written so much.. sorry! I know I'm rambling!

Beth: I know that had to be hard closing your mom's account :sad: I can only imagine. :hugs: My head and your leg.. what are we gonna do? We are falling apart! Still.. I am planning on step class tomorrow and REALLY looking forward to it!

Charlene: Doc said to take it easy, no step until I feel better (I am feeling better but will be careful and go easy if I feel sick or dizzy).

Rachel: I'm with ya! But I need to see 189 soon! My weight has been hanging around 191-192 for several days. Hopefully getting back to the gym will help things start moving again.

sports_mom 02-08-2013 04:03 AM

Good morning. I have been resting - sleeping later. I did do a HIIT workout yesterday morning, but I have also been making cookies and treats for dds' teams in the evenings. I leave for Dallas today. Will be back Sunday. I tried to see about coming back after the race on Saturday, but I'm with many women, so I will stay and be social - though I think last weekend's fun zapped me. I don't feel I've been good on eating, but water has definitely increased. dd14 has her first game as a varsity player tomorrow night and I will miss it. I'm sad about that. The school made playoff t-shirts and her name is on the roster. So cool! Tomorrow's game is not a playoff game - just a practice game. Dh will be there in support.

Beth - I am so sorry about the finality of your mom's estate. Having those last few things hanging there needing to be done was probably an added stress. Glad you were able to get everything finalized.

Diane - what drama indeed! Holy cow! That's funny your dad called and wanted to get you there too. And what is with a funeral three weeks later? That's odd. Is is a memorial? I hope it all comes together and everyone can get along, but the niece does need to understand that plans like this - where people are coming in from out of town can't just be changed at the drop of a hat.

Rachel - have a great weekend with the choir! Hope you can sleep on that bus! ;)

Have a great day and weekend. I'll try to check in after the race tomorrow. I'm shooting for a time less than 40 minutes since that's my fastest in an actual event.

bethr 02-08-2013 11:33 AM

Good morning all!

I'm having a slow start again today. My leg woke me up in the middle of the night throbbing. I did carry some gear in last night, but didn't carry heavy stuff. I'm going back to the chiropractor today and will probably need to do a round of steroids to calm this sucker back down. ARGGH I don't know when I'll get back to gym. We'll see how it goes with the chiropractor today. Must go down to the venue for tonight's gig and reset the mixing board since we didn't have the entire room to set up in last night. I'm getting a little discouraged doing the sound and am thinking I might back out of it this year. Let them find someone else. I'd rather do the photography than the sound. We'll see how it goes. Perhaps I'm just tired because we've gigged every weekend since the new year. Thank goodness we get next week off and then we have two gigs back to back the following week.

Diane--nothing like a party to bring out the best in everyone! :hyst: Geez-the niece must be very young. Sounds like the suggestion to have a casual get together the next day was a very reasonable one, and to state that others are coming in from out of town and its not possible to change things is also reasonable. We had my mom's service 5 weeks after she died-she was creamated so there wasn't a rush to have it and it gave people time to plan for it. But I also realized that not everyone's schedule was going to suit mine. We made sure that the most important people to be there (the closest family) were there and others made it or didn't. Unfortunately life doesn't come to a standstill when someone passes. I'm so glad that you are going to be able to go back for the party and to surprise your folks. That is so cool. So how long are you going to be in San Diego. How's the head feeling?

Charlene--have a great time in Dallas! I'm actually considering a trip there in late March for my brother's birthday. If we don't make it then, we will most definitely visit this year. I look forward to hearing about how you just busted your record and left it lying in the dust. I'm so excited for your DD moving to varsity. Really cool stuff.

Rachel--all ready for your long day tomorrow? Hope the choir does great!

Must get to the chiropractor in a half hour. Have fun all!

bethr 02-09-2013 02:22 PM

Good afternoon everyone!

I am so out of it. My back/leg (more my leg) is so flippin' sore and tight. Went to the chiropractor yesterday and she worked on trigger points in my thigh to the point that I have bruises. I ended up taking a muscle relaxer last night. Sometimes you just have to use a chemical relaxer to get the muscle really let go so it can heal. I have a massage scheduled this afternoon, which I really need. I'm going back to the chiropractor on Monday. I don't know when I'll get back to the gym. Hopefully sometime this week. And after the muscle relaxer I slept to almost 11. Of course I didn't get to sleep until 12:30 after the gig.

The gig was good last night. It was a private party for someone's 70th birthday. But I am so not happy. I get paid a portion of each performers take. Last night it was $5/person. It usually averages out that I get in total about 1/2 of what the performers make (so if they each get $100, I get $50). sometimes its a little more, sometimes a little less, but it all averages out. I put in a lot of effort. I went to rehearsal, I set up the PA, I went back for an hour yesterday afternoon and reset the PA and cleaned up some stuff. I show up early for sound check, I manage the mixer through the entire performance, make playlists for the breaks so the ipod can play when the musicians aren't, and I break down the PA and the board and load up all the stuff, including DH's gear. (Our Jeep Cherokee is packed full) And during the performance, I am constantly adjusting the mix and the volume for changes in the room. It requires paying attention all the time. And I'm always worrying about something going wrong. I finally got the band to get there early to do a sound check before a gig so we can check levels and trouble shoot problems. That was like pulling teeth. Last night 2 of the performers didn't pay me. They all got their money. I can't tell you how much that angers me. I don't want to be chasing people down to get my lousy $5. Its not the money, its the principle of the thing. I've got enough to do after a gig to get out of there. I know I will get it from one of the singers, she's a friend and I'm not worried about her, but the other one is a space cadet and I will probably never see it.

Charlene--how was your race? Running for chocolate--I could probably do that.

Diane--how are you feeling? How is the sister drama?

Rachel--and how is the competition this week?

Its a beautiful day today. I wish I felt better so I could go out and clean the garage, but I'm tired and light headed.

Have a good one all!

sports_mom 02-10-2013 11:17 AM

Howdy! I am home safe and sound. The race was amazing in that I ran my fastest time of 37.55 for 3.14 miles having to dodge all the walkers and those merely out for a stroll. LOL I was having to slow down, cut around on the sidewalk, cut through people and they were not even trying to get over for the runners. There were 6,140 people in just the 5K, and out of all the men, women and children, I was # 3367 and in my age group, I was 187 out of 429. LOL About middle of the road. Anyway, my fastest time ever in a race had been 41.21 for a true 5K. There were 3759 for the 15K race, so that's almost 10,000 runners! Traffic was AWFUL and it took us 1 hour 40 minutes to get 17 miles. That stunk! Last night at the piano bar - fun stuff. Real crowded but a fun night. dd14 got in about a minute in last night's varsity game. They lost, but dh said she played defense well in that minute. :)

Beth - hope that soreness subsides. That stinks about the $. All members should give their share. Enjoy the pretty day. I may work in the yard some. I already have flowers blooming! And my pool has a tinge of green from the warmer weather.

Hope you all have a GREAT DAY!

bethr 02-10-2013 11:24 AM

Good morning all!

Hello? Hellooooo? HELLOOOO? I'm feeling a tad lonely in here. :cry::)

Slept great again last night. I only took 1/2 of a muscle relaxer and had a massage yesterday. My leg is feeling better but all of muscles are sore from the massage, particularly my neck. I haven't had a massage for almost 2 months. Meeting a friend for coffee today. And printing and sending off our taxes. It is bright and sunny today here. We haven't had hardly any rain since the first of the year, although we had plenty of it in December.

Hope you're all having a good day!

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