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Flavia 01-02-2013 01:41 PM

New Year/New Start 2013
come on in......here is to a better year in all ways :high5:

Flavia 01-02-2013 01:43 PM

Laura, did you wont to share your link to your food listing site also????

misty1028 01-02-2013 04:15 PM

Christina tks for starting up our new thread. I haven't had vodka in awhile and when i went to get some for xmas brunch I couldn't believe all the flavors they carry now. Marshmellow took the cake. Can't even imagine what it taste like.

Lory sounds like a great New Years Eve for you. I love to too dance and it's great exercise. How did your back hold out.Did you make it to the bon fire party?

Deb how was your trip. Fill us in on all the fun.

Laura nice to have an early visit with Shelby. Did DIL just start working? It's hard to jump back in the working field if it's been awhile.

Tex are you feeling better? Hope New Years Eve was fun for you.

Deb 01-02-2013 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by Flavia (Post 16166480)
Laura, did you wont to share your link to your food listing site also????

please :)

Deb 01-02-2013 04:27 PM

Misty luv the new avi..hi Rocco
yes had so much fun and was relaxing not having to cook or clean

for the most part the building was ok..weekend manager is not the sharpest or the cleanest so have our work cut out for us tomorrow which is ok cause have to get back to workouts so my vac will be my best friend tomorrow.

Christina..no not home early was gone friday till wed
thanks for the new thread

happy new year Laura:high5:

Deb 01-02-2013 04:29 PM

Oh forgot.....

cops were here last friday after we left..so we have a tenant that is a missing person:sad:

its not like him..single..works at the mine..:dunno:

he didnt show up for a party so i guess one of his family called it in

missing for a week now:aprayer:

shelby'snana 01-02-2013 04:32 PM

I would if I knew how ;( I'm computer illiterate remember ?? It's Laura's Life Journey ....... nothing exciting, just me talking about what I ate that day etc.....

Hope Tx is feeling better ! It has been a while since she checked in and said she was sick ........ everyone down here has the flu or stomach flu......ugh....... thank goodness I haven't caught it.

Christina thanks for the new thread. :)
Deb -fun and relaxing sounds wonderful.......
Misty - yep she started a few months ago, but was starting to act kinda snotty and making comments right before that......hope something changes soon, DS worked his butt off the last few yrs with tons of overtime so she could go to school and stay home with Shelby. She acts like we are a burden or something, whereas before she "loved us"
???? Not sure...

Back is out again,..... just met DS and Shelby went home. Their idea not mine, but better for my back. She is heavy ! haha ! 40's and drizzling still here, a real mess !

Want to make my southwest soup, just took a muscle relaxer and have heating pad on my back. If it feels better I will :)
Getting back on track super easy this time ~~~ I bought out the store on veggies yesterday :)

shelby'snana 01-02-2013 04:34 PM

Oh No Deb !! I hope he is found OK !

Deb 01-02-2013 04:45 PM

Laura soup sounds great !! hope your back is better soon !

Yes i hope they find them too..kinda scary
we know he is not in his suite because his truck is gone

speaking of soup..im going to make some chicken tomorrow..

YOUR deli chickens are like 3 times the size of ours here and 1/2 the price:eek:

i bought 2..ate 1 down there and i have enough chicken for tonights supper..soup and some to freeze
going to use the bones for crock-pot soup tomorrow

Ya u guys know how to grow chickens:D

and tomorrow i have to do what Laura did and buy out the produce department at the great Canadian:)

gab 01-02-2013 04:49 PM

Hi all - thanks christina for starting us up.

Laura - hope your back eases up. Mine is off too.

Back to work today, and last night was real rough Sam was up at least once an hour. How does he know? All vacation he slept all night until 7:30-8 in the morning.

Doing ok with my resolution except for the exercise, need to work on that but it is only day 2 ;)

Deb - hope all works out for the tenant.
Christina - news on your nephew?

Bikerchick 01-02-2013 06:19 PM

Thanks Christina for starting us up again. Finally got my MRI results.. gotta make a trip to the oncologist again in the near future- nodule on my thyroid and my supraclavical lymphnode shows a little over 1 cm. both on the left side now. Praying this is nothing.. praying, praying

shelby'snana 01-02-2013 06:23 PM

Oh Lory !! I so hope that it is nothing too !

Praying with ya sweetie :aprayer: I know that is so stressful for you. Try not to worry :hugs:

Texas Cowgirl 01-02-2013 06:55 PM

:hiya: y'all! I'm getting better -- Laura, thankfully no flu, it was just allergies and cold but it goes into bronchitis with me. Anyway, I'm on the mend. Went to the healthplex today -- Pilates, walked a mile on the indoor track and did a bit on the recumbent stepper. Really took it easy compared to usual workouts, but at least I'm trying to get back in the habit of going. But Friday morning it's supposed to be raining and maybe sleeting so I may not go then. Gab, we have a whole year to exercise in, so don't worry, we're just easing into it! :high5:

Lory, praying for good reports for you. And Deb, hope your tenant is all right. :aprayer::aprayer:

Christina, thanks for starting us up. A new beginning will be good. :)

Marshmallow vodka, Misty? I'm definitely behind on the new flavors too! I'm imaging some kind of S'mores-like concoction -- the mm vodka and chocolate liquor...:sick::rofl:

Stay warm, everyone! :high5:

Deb 01-02-2013 07:28 PM

TC..glad your on the mend :high5:

Lory ..sending good thoughts from Canada:high5:

Our day is over..and
L/B is sitting playing guitar:sing:

still no word on our lost tenant :sad:

Deb 01-02-2013 07:28 PM

anyone know when Biggest Loser starts ??

Deb 01-03-2013 09:10 AM

5k tread done at the ymca...off to do my rounds:)

shelby'snana 01-03-2013 11:05 AM

morning ladies ! Was up till almost 4 am due to falling asleep on couch for a little bit around 9pm ~~~ then was wide awake !

Back still really sore, but I will try to get some walking done today, maybe go to park. That seems to help usually.

Bone broth is still in crock pot, really dark, smells yummy :)

Deb 01-03-2013 01:34 PM

Laura i love bone-broth..mine is looking good too
just added cellery and chicken to it

Sorry your back isnt 100% better..:sad:

Oh thats why i dont nap..cant sleep at night but i sure dont know how you can have a great sleep with all the funkie hours you keep??

took myself to costco and lots of new cloths instore:) bought myself a new running jacket and a hoodie

my costco isnt carring *POM* juice anymore so i bought acai' with pom mixed

anyone try it?

i have a shot of pom right after my acv in the morning

shelby'snana 01-03-2013 01:57 PM

have never tried it and yes my sleep is pretty jacked up !

Just walked Allie up and down our road ( in the country ) twice ~~ figure about 3/4 mile or so ?? and my back loosened up !! It feels so much better.....dang muscle spasms ;/

DH took all the Christmas stuff and I mean ALL the Christmas stuff to DS1's room and it's all over the bed with big plastic bins there ready to be filled. He got a new storage building a few months ago and wants to store all that out there on labeled shelves and not in the closets in the house.......did I mention he's a neat freak ? haha ! Very type A ~~ he helps me so much around the house, can't imagine living with a slob after all these years :)

Guess I'll work on that later. Doing laundry, folding the clothes, walking the dog, making tea and marinating ribeyes ! Windows open...... having a good day :)

What are y'all up to ??

Deb 01-03-2013 02:13 PM

Laura how do you cook your steaks?

we are not aloud bbq's on our decks here so i guess im going to have to invest in a new inside grill

my tenant at the lake house has my george and im glad because its a pain to clean

glad your back is feeling better

im doing laundry myself and cleaning and bagging my produce i bought this morning

shelby'snana 01-03-2013 02:26 PM

We love this marinade we discovered at DH's brothers a few years back. It's called Allegro ..... on the isle with the condiments and comes in spicy, smoked, etc..... Oh my gosh, it's so good !! It seasons the meat and also tenderizes it ......

Then we put it on the gas grill outside for about 5-6 minutes on each side. Going to saute some mushrooms with butter and garlic to pour over the steaks...... and my jalapeno poppers to go with this...... I think I'm in Heaven :)

You wash up all your produce when you buy it ? I never have.... ??? That's a good idea :) Thanks.

gab 01-03-2013 04:47 PM

Evening all - finally getting a minute to sit this evening. It feels much later than it actually is. It is only 6:30. I threw together a dinner of carbs galore (i am so not lc right now). Then decided to put the baby straight into the tub, he was a saucy snotty mess. He proceeded to defecate in the tub. So had to move him to the kitchen sink to finish his bath. Thankfully dh is home and he jumped right in to give the tub a proper scrubbing with bleach. I was planning to wash the tub tonight after the bath anyway :). And now dh did! I still have a few loads of laundry to finish up folding and changing over in the machines. I had thought i might take the tree down, maybe tomorrow night.

Bikerchick 01-03-2013 04:52 PM

Hi ladies- just hanging in limbo land till Tuesday when I meet with my oncologist and see what he thinks of the MRI- I am requesting what they call a PET scan. This will show any qustionable (maybe cancer) areas in my body. I do know that the nodes under my left ear and in my neck are also swollen..

shelby'snana 01-03-2013 05:12 PM

:hugs: lory I know it is so hard to wait. Will keep you in my prayers !:aprayer:

Gab , my sons did that too.... sweet of DH to clean the tub :)

Bone broth got really dark and smelled really good when I strained it ! Put it in the fridge, will taste it tomorrow after I skim the fat off the top .:D

Just had a BIG supper - all LC though :) :D:clap::clap:

Gotta finish up the laundry. Got all the Christmas stuff in the big bins and ready for DH to put in his building !

Check with y'all in a bit :)

misty1028 01-03-2013 05:53 PM

Busy work day today, now no work for over a week:jumpjoy: An of course it was -4 when I had to leave this morning. Day 3 back on plan, so far so good.

Lory sending prayers your way that all will be good:aprayer: PET scan sounds like a good idea, that way it'll get alot of wondering off you mind.

Deb since you tenents truck is gone do ya think he could have gone away for the holidays. I have a wonderful indoor grill, it cooks as good as my gas grill and no smoke. Plus easy clean up. Mine has the regular open slates like a grill

Laura yummy:yummy: your dinner sounds so good. Love poppers. I grow the pepper in my garden and have them all summer. Wish my DH was a neater, but he's not to bad he helps alot around the house. Nice to have all the decorations down and DH did it for you.

Got a Kindle Fire HD for xmas and now I starting to learn how to navagate it, I want to be on it all the time. But I'd never get anything done so I only use it at night. I still have alot to learn, but love it so far. Anyone have one.

Gab I bet your glad you had a short week at school after a long time off. Oh how I remember my sons doing that but I had to clean it. So nice of DH to jump right on it. I hate it getting dark so early, I'm always look at the clock and it does seem later. And hard to get up in the dark in the morning.

Christina how you doing. Did you start the food plan with your nutrionist yet.

misty1028 01-03-2013 05:55 PM

Laura what kind of soup are your going to make with the broth. Homemade broth tastes the best.

shelby'snana 01-03-2013 05:57 PM

misty I only had to take down the ornaments and I took a few things around the house down, but yep, he did 99 % of the takedown ! I packaged it all up in the plastic bins in no time.

Full as a tick ...... dishes done. Think I'll jump into a hot shower and then sit with my heating pad and watch some TV ;) Lazy girl........

shelby'snana 01-03-2013 05:59 PM

sorry posting at the same time :)

I made it to drink some each day ...... they say the bone broth helps with inflammation. ?? Wanted to try it while we have some colder days and it sounds good. I will probably freeze some of it ( i made a lot ) and put in veg soup and stews and such.

Deb 01-03-2013 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by shelby'snana (Post 16169012)
You wash up all your produce when you buy it ? I never have.... ??? That's a good idea :) Thanks.

oh for sure..washed and put in tupperware..stacked and ready to use

your steak sounds great:yummy: i love mushrooms


Originally Posted by misty1028 (Post 16169619)
Deb since you tenents truck is gone do ya think he could have gone away for the holidays. I have a wonderful indoor grill, it cooks as good as my gas grill and no smoke. Plus easy clean up. Mine has the regular open slates like a grill


Our lost tenant showed up tonight...we didnt ask too many questions..just glad he is ok

Misty tell me about this indoor grill..is it like a george? what brand?

i need help:help:

sooooo miss our bbq
will be extra special when we camp to have the gas grill

Deb 01-03-2013 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by shelby'snana (Post 16169636)

I made it to drink some each day ...... they say the bone broth helps with inflammation. ?? .

hmmmmmmmm interesting:confused:



very interesting


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