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bethr 12-01-2012 10:11 AM

Slimmer by Winter--December Edition
I can't believe that another month has gone by and its December already.

So here is our new thread for this month!

horslvr123 12-01-2012 10:19 AM

November was a crappy month, LC way of eating anyway... I didnt gain and I actualy lost 1 pound... So, heres to a new month...

bethr 12-01-2012 10:22 AM

Good morning everyone!

It has really been raining here over the last four days. Its supposed to rain today, with a really heavy storm coming in tonight through tomorrow. I slept great last night, another 10 hours. Its actually a good thing that I can sleep that much, some of the anxiety must be dissipating for me. My asthma is acting up this morning, probably from the humidity and working out yesterday. I started to use the replacement inhaler my doctor gave me for my regular stuff. Can't say I'm feeling much of the effects. I'm wheezing a little this morning. I plan on hanging out at home most of the day today. I have several things to accomplish and I'm feeling pretty good. My body isn't too sore from the workout.

Charlene--how are things with you today. Did you chase down that wreath and liven it up yet?

Diane--how are you doing?

Have a great day everyone!

bethr 12-02-2012 11:56 AM




Anybody there?


Annie64 12-02-2012 04:53 PM

I'm here.. having a very lazy weekend. I did do step class yesterday, but my knee started hurting so I skipped the last part with the lunges and squats. It has been rainy and yucky today, my workout buddy had a terrible migraine, so I decided to take a day off and rest my knee.

I can't believe its December. My DD turns 18 two weeks from today.. guess a party is out this year. :sad: That will be a weird feeling having all my kids over 18! I honestly can't wait for the holidays to be over.

This is embarrassing to say but I went to the grocery store today and it was a weird experience. I kept looking at everyones full carts and feeling.. hmm, Im not sure how to explain it. I was thinking "Must be nice." I actually walked around with an empty cart and left with nothing. I realized I was AFRAID to buy anything with what little money I have left after bills, that I couldnt bring myself to buy ANYthing. I also have a fear that if I spend it all on food, I wont have enough for gas.. or for this comning weeks bills THIS SUCKS!!!! I'm going to call child support again this week and see if anything has been found out. My evil ex has not responded to my text I sent days ago asking if he found out what was going on (since he swears they have been taking it out of his pay).

Beth: I loved the thing about the rope.. I am REALLY about at the end of mine. I've tied a know but my hands are getting rope burn! :eek:

bethr 12-02-2012 08:34 PM

I went to the gym today after I went to see Life of Pi in 3D. It was a great movie! And I had much more energy at the gym today and worked out hard. Yea me!

Diane--I feel for you. Remember that this too shall pass and I know that you have the fortitude to get through it. I'm praying that you get the child support thing taken care of soon. I'd be all over them about this. Is there anyone who can help you out for the short term? I want to wring your ex's neck. No family should be going through this.

Hi to everyone else!

sports_mom 12-03-2012 04:38 AM

Good morning! I was up to post on Dec. 1 but there wasn't a thread started so I said I'd wait. Then, after that , I hit user control panel and saw there were no new posts in the thread - because I hadn't been in there, duh! So, I was thinking no one was posting. LOL

Got hit with a miserable bug yesterday. I ate one LC tortilla with a T of PB and that was all that passed my lips yesterday. I made myself eat that! I never threw up, but gagged a few times and my stomach was tore up all day beginning about 5:00 a.m. yesterday. I finally went to sleep last night at 6:00 p.m.!! My stomach is still out of whack, but I'm having coffee and hope I feel better. TOM came on with a vengeance as well - with no warning - I usually get spotting or some indication. I got the double whammy yesterday.

My sis spent the weekend and we had a great time. I still took off Friday and we piddled and went garage sale shopping. I got an all-in-one weight machine for $50. Of course, my dh was like, "Charlene, it's Christmas! Quit buying yourself crap!" LOL She has decided to get a job on the gas line. Her son and a good friend work there and the next round starts in February. She has no reason to stay in that town, and this would get her away and working for months at a time. She could stay here in between if she wants. I'm hoping she follows through.

Beth - I'll have to mark that movie as one to watch. I'm glad you're making it to the gym.

horslvr - hope you stick around. Welcome!

Diane - so sorry about your situation. My sister has been fighting a child support issue all her life. She still gets random deposits. Her son is 27 now and the dad is behind over $32,000. Crazy. Not dependable at all. I sure wish you'd hear something about a job, your ex sending a check or something. It's time for good news for you! {{{HUGS}}}

Going out to work out. I started that LiveFit program again - but started already 4 weeks in since I've done it before and I don't need the basic intro and workout. It's still just as hard as the first time, but I seem able to manage it better this time. Like I'm not breathing as hard and maybe I am working the exercises a little better this time.

Have a great day!

(Here we go again with it not posting. Thank goodness I save the post! It's something about this time of morning ...everytime!) 14th try this morning. Sigh Ridiculous! Guess I'll leave this up and come back after my workout to hit post. Wow.

Trying again after almost an hour of it sitting here. Got in my workout and really struggled through the cardio - very lightheaded. I need sustenance lol

bethr 12-03-2012 11:21 AM

Good morning everyone!

Charlene--so sorry to hear that you were sick yesterday. The lightheadedness is probably from not eating yesterday and being sick. You'll probably feel better tomorrow. Get a lot of water down. I was really weak and lightheaded when I went to the gym on Friday after the 3 day cleanse. Yesterday I felt so much better and stronger.

I actually haven't had any coffee for a week. And only 1 soda a day. This morning I had the breakfast shake from the fast. Its really yummy. I will probably do some of the shakes as meal replacements for a while. They are good and very nutritious (although I'm not sure I could say that about the lunch shake. I've been sleeping pretty well. Took another epsom salt bath last night after my workout. I think I will keep doing those a few times a week, particularly on workout days.

Hope you are all doing well today. I've got a few things to do for my mom's estate today.

sports_mom 12-04-2012 03:12 AM

Good morning. Up and at 'em to work out. Feeling even better today. I ate 3 pretty good meals yesterday.

My nephew27 called me at 10:30 last night begging me to talk to his mom (my sis who comes to visit me) about trying again to works things out with our mom. Bless his heart...tears him up. It's something I would try again, I guess.

Found out my coworker's wife has cancer yesterday. So sad and praying it's something that can be stopped. He's been so good to me since I came to this job. I can't stand to watch them go through this...

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

bethr 12-04-2012 08:14 PM

Good evening everyone!

I made it to the gym this afternoon and had a good workout. I didn't feel that great and didn't really want to go, but dh went with me and that got me out of the house and to the gym. I finally have gotten through some of my mom jewelry and am sending a few to some of her friends. I finished the cards and packaged it up. It will be picked up tomorrow by USPS.

Charlene--glad you are feeling better and had a good workout. So sorry to hear about your colleagues wife. I hope it has been caught early and that she has a quick recovery.

Diane--what's up with you. I've been thinking about you and sending you good thoughts.

Hi to everyone else!

Annie64 12-04-2012 08:51 PM

I had a post yesterday but lost it, and didnt have time for a re-do.

I left a note (an ogre-momagram) for all the kids about cleaning up the house, but it turns out they had already decided who was going to do what the night before. So while I was at work, they were all home cleaning.. and when I got home DD17 and her friend (also DS20s gf) had gotten a real tree as a surprise. :heart: They all did a good job and have been really making an effort to keep things picked up. My mom is sending me a little money, which will help a LOT.. but I HATE taking more money from my parents. :sad: Anyway, nothing else has changed, but positive thoughts are STARTING to TRICKLE back into my head. Still very scared about the future though.

Eating has still been pretty bad. I just dont have a whole lot of choices these days, but I have definately been stress eating... an old habit I thought I had beat. I guess the stress is just too overwhelming these days! Anyway, I looked at myself today and said out loud "WHAT are you DOING to yourself??" Then it popped into my head.. MOST of the stress is simply caused by the whole child support thing that snowballed over the months.. well, if I let myself go and keep gaining weight and give up, then HE WINS, right? I don't THINK SO! :mad: I have GOT to get my FIGHT back. Tomorrow is my busy day so it should be an easy enough "get back on track" day.

They used my two oil pastels (rescue dog and the horse) not only on the flyer that is all over school, but in the email announcing the art show and the reception. The reception is Thursday.. looking forward to that one.

Beth: That movie DOES look good.. I want to see it! Are those shakes something you buy or make yourself? I was talking to a girl giving out Honey Baked Ham samples at Kroger today and she mentioned she is on a diet she heard about on Dr. Oz.. she drinks these, I dont know if they are shakes or what, but she said they make her sweat like crazy.. she was fanning herself the whole time. We got to talking for quite a while about diet stuff.

Charlene: Wow, my ex is only behind about 3,000.. but its 3,000 I have had to cover over the months. Still not a WORD from him. I need to somehow find out where he is working. Glad you are feeling better! My stomach was a little "iffy" today, but I dont feel sick at all. You dont know what kind of cancer your coworkers wife has? I can't even imagine.. I hope she will be ok.

sports_mom 12-05-2012 03:02 AM

:birthday: to me! ;)

Stayed up late to watch basketball last night. My dd14 did great! Was very proud of her.

Not sure what kind of cancer my coworker's wife has but they called it is a fast growing, aggressive one. It's attached to her bladder so she is in for major surgery to remove it and then Friday they find out what other course of action they do.

Working out and then hoping to have some spare time to do a little food prep. I've been too busy to do any this week. That helps me stay on track.

Diane - I'm so hoping those positive thoughts keep trickling....I saw that cleaning/tree thread on FB and was wondering how that got started! Good for your kids!

Beth - glad you made it to the gym and are slowly getting your mom's things in order. I'm sure her friends are very appreciative of having pieces of her jewelery.

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

bethr 12-05-2012 10:07 AM

Good morning everyone!

:birthday: to you Charlene. What are you doing to celebrate today? I hope you have a great day.

Diane--that is so great that your kids took care of the cleaning and surprised you with a tree. What a great group of kids. I bet that brought a smile to your face. Have you been able to get back in touch with the child support people? How much in arrears is your ex? Can you contact the court and tell them that he is in arrears? That sometimes gets their attention. I'm sorry your struggling with this so much. Can your kids play super secret spy to find out where he is working? The receptions sounds like a ton of fun. Go accept all of your accolades:). The shakes are something that you make yourself. Packed full of nutrition. One of them has cayenne pepper in it which can warm things up a bit. Do a search on Dr. Oz 3-day cleanse and you'll find the plan. Its pretty simple.

Its raining again today but after this storm it is going to clear up for several days. We've had over 8 inches of rain where I live in the last week. I'm hanging at home today, waiting for DH to get out of the house so I can make some calls. He's practicing drums right now and its making me crazy (which it usually doesn't. I've been trying to do an online application for a job and I can't even concentrate with him here. He has really messed up my day planning this week. He needs to get out and make the bones. :hyst:

Have a good day everyone!

sports_mom 12-06-2012 04:13 AM

Good morning! Got my workout in, on my second batch of making homemade cinnamon rolls for the basketball tournament and my 2nd cup of coffee. Might be whooped come this afternoon. :) Stayed up late helping dd14 with geometric ornaments made out of Christmas cards too.

Dh got me a new stand mixer for my birthday. I needed one so badly. He took me a Mexican restaurant last night. It was a good day.

My coworker and I talked at length yesterday and he teared up several times talking about his wife. He doesn't think she'll make it through all she will have to endure because on top of the worst kind of cancer you can have, she is also diabetic. I talked just like I would to my kids I counsel, listening and empathizing, but the moment he walked out for the day, tears streamed down my face. I hurt so badly for him.

Beth - hope your dh quit playing those drums and let you work a little yesterday. ;) What kinds of jobs are you applying for?

Diane - I saw that post about your hand in the cookie jar! LOL!!! That's awesome that your artwork is in the flyer. I know that put a smile on your face.

My dh did not get the principal's job. A woman from south Texas got it. We'll see how they mesh when she gets here. He's a little disappointed because he said he hates to be turned down, but on the other hand, semi relieved because he knew the stress involved in being the head honcho.

Hope everyone has a great day!

bethr 12-06-2012 10:32 AM

Good morning everyone!

Well, at least it isn't raining but I haven't seen the sun yet. Last time I saw it was on Sunday. I have several errand for today, including the gym. And taking the bird to the vet for a wellness check. He is one sturdy birdy. He is 17 1/2 years old and not until the last 3 years has he had any health problems. We've found a good avian vet and he likes going because he gets all the attention.

Charlene--yes dh finally quit banging on the drums. Actually he was using his practice pad so it wasn't really loud, but it was annoying. I'm not usually bothered by his practicing but I sure was yesterday. I applied for a project management job. I swear I applied for the same job a few months ago, but I think they outsourced their facilities management and now the new firm was advertising. Personally I think doing online applications to big corporations is a waste of time. There are too many applicants and little attention paid. I think I will find my next job through someone that I know. In fact the only job I ever got from an ad was my very first one in the profession. Every single one after that has been through networking or a recruiter. As with marketing projects for a firm, with every loss, we are that much closer to a win. Hope you enjoyed your birthday! So sorry to hear about your colleague's wife. It will be a difficult battle for her. And him. And sorry your dh didn't get the job, but then, sometimes things work out just the way they are supposed to (actually they always work out just the way they are supposed to, even if we don't like it).

Diane--how was class yesterday? Which cookie jar did you have your hand in? And was it worth it?

sports_mom 12-07-2012 07:01 AM

Good morning. Got my workout in and am home right now fighting the dad gum buzzards! They roost in trees on the lake and have been coming into my yard and tearing everything up. They tore up our grill cover, swimming noodles and now they are tearing up the hot tub cover. I am TICKED! It's against the law to kill them, but I am about to the point I don't give a rip and I'm gonna start shooting. How can it be illegal when they destroy your property? Anyway, it's our Christmas party at work, so I'm hanging home a little while to scare them off. I already ran out with a stick and screamed and beat the side of the deck once.

bethr 12-07-2012 09:59 AM

Good morning!

I made it to the gym yesterday and had a good workout but I was totally spent. I didn't eat enough in the morning and I had little energy and my muscles were kinda weak. But I made it through and came home to immediately make a protein shake. I need a lot of protein! Today is laundry and I must finish the photo book I am making for my Texas family so I can get it uploaded, printed and back here in time to send off for xmas. The sun is finally out! The bird went to the vet yesterday and he is doing great! Two years ago he was really really sick (right after Kona died) and we had to nurse him back to health for over two months. But he has recovered really well. The vet said she was really scared for him when he was sick. For a 17+ year old birdy he is doing great. Very happy to hear that!

Charlene--by buzzards do you mean turkey vulture? We have them around here but they're not destructive. But it is so funny when they land on the roof--sound like an elephant walking around up there.

Diane--how ya doing?

Have a good day everyone! The laundry awaits.

Annie64 12-07-2012 05:56 PM

Ohhhhhh my. The scale.. this morning.. HORRIFYING! :eek: But FINALLY I did really good today. I think my ballooning weight has been a combination of stress eating, not having the right kinds of food available, not drinking enough water, and stopping my BC pills because I couldnt bring myself to spend the 30 bucks for them.. very quickly I was reminded why I keep taking them.. darn nasty fibroid already started feeling like Freddy Krueger was in there the past few days. I took it again last night and already I feel better. I think I was all kinds of messed up.

Sad that my art classes are over for the semester. :( I just have to finish my last painting (its a close up of a lions face in acrylic) and turn it in Monday, but no more classes. I did get into painting II (which is the acrylic painting), so Im looking forward to that in January. Im definately going to keep up the oil pastels though! My drawing teacher told me to keep in touch and to keep up my work. It WAS pretty neat that the dean took my picture to tweet.. I really wish I had dressed a little nicer, but it wasn't really a dressy thing.. I just felt like a frump! :) I really hope that professor was serious about me painting her horse.. she said probably in the spring. She did get my email, so keep your fingers crossed!

Ugh.. Im feeling kind of icky.. but I have GOT to do my last weeks worth of biology homeword that is due by midnight. All thats left after that in the dreaded final. I hope she shows us mercy and its not a timed test like the midterm.. or if it is, that there is ENOUGH time UNlike the midterm (although I did get a B).

Ill check in again tomorrow, I want to get that homework done and go to bed early.

sports_mom 12-08-2012 07:01 AM

Good morning. I slept until 7:20 and it felt great! I am going to do my leg workout and then do a little shopping nearby. I'm really done for my girls, but need a gift for a Chinese gift exchange and my Pokeno night with the girls. I also need a few stocking stuffers. Tomorrow I host the dinner part of a progressive dinner for the youth. I'm doing a Taco bar. My stomach acted up again last night - so much so that I had to leave a basketball game early. Not sure what is up, but that's 2 weekends in a row. I feel better today and it didn't take me down like last weekend.

Beth - yes the turkey vultures. They are such a nuisance. Nearby towns have had to call in specialists to try and get them to change roosting places. These are tearing up my yard furniture and accessories. They actually tore shingles off my friend's roof by landing up there because they are so unsteady when they land - their claws grab for the roof and scratch. Glad your bird is doing well and you are feeling your workouts. That's a good sign!

Diane - uhoh on the scale. Hope you can rein that booger back in. I'm actually up a couple myself I guess from my birthday dinner. Makes me feel so blah! I've been working on increasing the water and really trying to eat clean. If I do food prep in advance, that helps me. I made turkey muffins and froze them and today I need to do my pumpkin protein bars. When i don't have those done, I reach for the bad stuff. What is SO WEIRD to me - last night when I was sick - a big ole marshmallow seemed like what I needed????? I ate a couple. Not sure why I thought that would ease the stomach pain? LOL

bethr 12-08-2012 07:10 PM

Good evening!

I made it to the gym today--that's four times this week. My leg is a little sore today Afterwards dh and I headed over to the coffee shop and were sitting outside when we saw our neighbors (the good ones down the block) and sat and talked to them for a while until it got too cold and we headed home. Tomorrow night we are having dinner with the keyboard player from dh's band and his wife. I really like them. There has been a bit of band drama lately. I'm hoping that the band doesn't fold after the new year. The next gig is on NYE.

Charlene--what are those things that you have on FB? Are they hot? It looks just like a typical Texas food. Good for you for almost finishing your holiday shopping. I haven't evens tarted. But then my list is much smaller this year and we are cutting back for a minimal Christmas.

Diane--good for you for getting back on track--Its been a tough few months. Did you get your biology homework completed?

Have a good evening everyone!

sports_mom 12-10-2012 02:45 AM

Good morning. Yesterday was a whirlwind! Church and then home to fix lunch for the kids, then immediately began prepping for the progressive dinner. It took almost 5 hours for me to get it all done. I had to brown about 7 pounds of meat for the taco meat. I also did a pound of chicken in case I had any non beef eaters. I made homemade hot sauce, cheese dip, chopped lettuce and tomatoes, and made Spanish rice. I also made some homemade taco bowls out of flour tortillas in these neat taco bowl forms I ordered online last year. It was a spread. The kids seemed to really like the taco bar. But just as we thought, that last group - by the time they got to us, were already full from the previous homes they visited. hehehe I have lots of beef and chicken left over - so I can stay on track this week with taco salads. I froze some as well.

Got my all in one weight machine I bought at a garage sale moved into my pool room so it is really starting to look like a little gym in there. :) I also have a treadmill and dumbbells in there. My next toy is a weight bench and Olympic bar. If I get that, it'll be all I ever need.

Temps really dropped here last night. Brrrr.....

Beth - look at you go! That's awesome on your workouts! Those hot things on Facebook were my stuffed Jalapenos. I use large jalapenos, beef tips/stew meat, cream cheese and then wrap in bacon. We grilled them. They are yummy! Sure hope the band drama ceases.

Diane - hope you got all your work done. Glad you get to keep painting next semester. I was thinking - maybe in the summer, you ought to host an Art camp for kids or something. My dd14's art teacher did that one year and charged us for the camp (her fee) plus the cost of materials. The big project we did for the week was a mosaic to put in the flower bed. It would be extra money and would keep you into the art. As it grows, you could even do a more advanced art camp and do painting.

Hope everyone enjoys your day!

Annie64 12-10-2012 10:45 AM

Ugh I hate this laptop! I just lost another post. Oh, and I actually posted yesterday but it isn't here for some reason!

I didn't end up getting my bio homework done Friday because I was sick and fell asleep! Oops. I just need to do well on the final. I have until tomorrow at midnight to do it.. it IS a timed test, but good thing I am quick to look up answers! (so glad its an online class!). Anyway, I think I was fighting off a "mini-bug" because I was pretty queasy and felt that all-over sick feeling, but I never threw up or anything. Saturday morning I almost didnt go to step class.. I felt like my body was telling me to stay home in bed, but I kept thinking what if I go and feel ok? So I went! I didn't feel great, but I made it through, and actually felt better and better as the went on.

Ok.. I was going to avoid mentioning my weight, but you will see how freaky it is that I have gained SO much SO fast! I was 190.4 this morning! :eek: Isn't that CrAzY???? It's not like I have been eating whole trays of lasagna! I mean, really! I can only blame hormones, pms, etc.. so much.. I know it's mostly my own doing.. the stress eating and not having the right foods around to eat. BUT.. there is really NO excuse. I could have figured it out. Eggs are cheap.. :dunno: And that gain is WITH exercise! Sheesh... it just drives home the fact that I just can't eat whatever I want for any length of time, even if it doesn't seem like it's that MUCH! It doesn't seem fair given all the exercise I do and all.. but it is what it is. I feel HORRIBLE.. I'm doing pretty good today, and I actually dont feel like being bad at all. I want to feel normal again!

Beth: Yay for you getting to the gym 4 times! Woo hoo!

Charlene: Taco bar? And I wasn't invitied? :annoyed: heheheh.. sounds yummy! I LOVE taco salads when I'm lowcarbing! I love the idea for the childrens art workshop! I would love to do that someday!

bethr 12-10-2012 01:11 PM


My doorbell rang this morning and my nasty neighbor was there to tell me that they are moving at the end of the month. I know that their lease is up and I just sent a letter to the Owner telling them of our concern about them staying past the end of the year. I know they haven't received it yet. I will be cautiously optimistic until I see the moving truck back up. I must must must get some stuff done for Christmas this week. Last night we went to dinner with one of the bandmates and his wife. I had so much fun. I had the worst headache yesterday that I just couldn't get rid of, but it finally went away last night. Today is a gym day for me. I'm uploading the picture book that I've made for my family. And I really scored yesterday getting a necklace at Ann Taylor Loft for my sil for $12. Anyway, knowing that this difficult chapter in our home is coming to an end is great. DH and I were just talking about moving on Saturday when we ran into our other neighbors.

Diane--I don't think that your new weight is all weight, in that you are probably really retaining a lot of water. To gain 10 pounds you would have had to eat an additional 35,000 calories and I doubt that you've done that. You might actually have a sensitivity to something that you are eating which is causing your body to retain water. Whatever the situation, don't beat yourself up. I know I've gained some pounds but its just been too hard with all that's gone on the last few months to really pay attention. But I am feeling a shift that thing will be changing for the better--a light at the end of the tunnel (and I its not a train coming at me.) Anyway, I hope you're feeling better and that you rock your bio final.

Charlene--I don't remember an invitation to the taco bar either :-). I hope that you're feeling better. I had a touch of something yesterday, besides the headache my tummy was particularly happy either. But I was feeling a lot better by the end of the day.

Have a good day everyone!

Annie64 12-10-2012 04:32 PM

Well I wasn't perfect today, but I was a LOT better! I didn't go to step class this morning because I had to do a few last minute details and turn the lion painting in before work. I'm thinking of doing a close-up of a chimp face next.. but who knows? I dont have another class until the 7th. The prof. did say the first assignment next semester will be some kind of still life.. ick! Not my fav.

Beth: I agree! There is NO way I ate that much! I know I need to drink a lot more water. I drank more when it was hot outside. I haven't even been drinking the Powerade Zero's lately. I can't think of it as 14 lbs (from my siggie) because I was only there briefly, but for now, I just need to concentrate on getting back to 182 (my highest weight I feel somewhat comfortable at), and THEN work on getting back into the 70s. So for now... 7 lbs. :jumpjoy: Yay!!! The nasty neighbors are moving!!! Wooooo Hooooo!

sports_mom 12-10-2012 06:14 PM

Beth - that's awesome news about the neighbors! We will have a cyber party on moving day!!! :jumpjoy::sing:

Diane - the lion was gorgeous! You are so talented!! Glad you feel better about your eating today. I was really good with water and eating today as well.

Just got back from dd12's basketball game. She scored 8 points. Then we had dd14's open house and she had helped 5 of her 8 teachers decorate their doors for "Deck the Halls" and one of the classrooms won first place. The elf we hand drew and painted last night is what the judges told the teacher who won "made the door". So dd14 was pretty pumped. Also, she could receive extra credit if we took some baked item for English class, so I got up early and baked chocolate chip brownie cookies. She is the only student who brought homemade cookies. One other girl brought a package of Chips Ahoy. The teacher took the tub of cookies around the class and let all the kids look inside and smell. She said, "Do you smell that? That is the aroma of extra credit." LOL!!! :hyst:

bethr 12-10-2012 08:33 PM

Good Evening!

I made it to the gym today. I was really upset by a letter I got from my mom's insurance company saying that I am not a beneficiary on her policy. I don't know how in the world that can be. If its just my brother, that's fine because we can work it out between us. I know there is no way what so ever that my mom would leave me off of a policy. She was impeccable about equality, almost to a fault. But it really upset me. And they won't tell me who the beneficiary is. I have to write them a letter and it will take weeks to get an answer. So I had to go to the gym to work it off. That's 5 times so far this month.

Diane--your painting was outstanding (as usual). A close-up of a chimps face. Will it have a strange resemblance to someone? :lol:

Charlene--sounds like your girls are doing great! I love the comment "aroma of extra credit".

Have a great evening everyone!

Annie64 12-11-2012 06:51 AM

Whew! Scale finally going the right way.. I was down 2.2 lbs today, so 188.2. Still a monster of a number, but its progress. Hopefully I do even better with my eating today. No gym.. its Tuesday.

Want to hear something really strange? I young girl I know and have had several classes with (I think she is abt. 22) just had a baby! The strange this is she didnt know she was pregnant until she was in the ER! She said tests were negative prior to going to the hospital. FREAKY! I can't even imagine life being normal one day, and the next day you are suddenly a mom with an infant! She is shocked but happy about it, and best of all he is healthy and beautiful!

Oh.. I just realized my mistake yesterday! :laugh: I know basic math I swear! If I was 190 ish, it would be 8 lbs not 7 to get back to 182! Geez, what was wrong with me yesterday? So now I have about 6 instead of 8. Come on 182! (I honestly never thought I would even SEE the 80s again, let alone the 90s!) :eek:

Beth: I definately feel like I am retaining water. My stomach is huge! I feel like Im 8 months pregnant! LOL.. a chimp riding a show horse, holding a cross bow with a mean dictator type look on its face! :hyst: ....... Wow I hope everything gets straightened out for you with the insurance company! That is really weird! And you certainly dont need that extra thing to worry about. :hugs:

Charlene: Those cookies sound yummy! Thats funny about the smell of extra credit! Ohhh that reminds me, its biology final day. :eek:

sports_mom 12-11-2012 12:53 PM

Hey ladies! Home for lunch. I thought I'd posted this morning, but remembered that I made another batch of cookies for the girls and their friends this morning since they really didn't get any yesterday. I also did my leg workout. Much of my Christmas stuff is still trickling in - my mailbox was stuffed just now, plus an Amazon order is supposed to be shipped today. That's the last of the girls' things plus a rolling luggage bag for my sister.

Beth - that's awful that you were surprised about the insurance beneficiary. I wonder who it could have been? I hope it's your brother and y'all can get that straightened out. Have you asked your brother? {{{HUGS}}}

Diane - hope you do well on your final! Yay for the scale already dropping down! Any new leads on jobs out there? That girl ought to apply to be on that show "I didn't know I was pregnant." Weird stories. I've watched a few episodes.

Hope you all are having a great day! It got downright cold here - in the 20's last night. Brrrrr.

bethr 12-11-2012 02:33 PM

Good afternoon all!

Just got back from getting our Christmas tree and putting it in the stand and bringing all the decorations up from the storage room. I love the smell of a real tree. It is such a pretty tree and smells great. We'll get it decorated in the next few days. I think we have solved the riddle of the insurance beneficiary. My brother was listed and he received the claim information yesterday. I sent him a copy of everything that I had sent because he just doesn't have all of the information and it will be easier for him. I think I realized what happened. That particular policy was tied to her checking account and was probably put in place when she moved here. At that time I wasn't living here and she probably only had my brother on the account. When I moved here she added me and probably didn't even think about the beneficiaries on that account. No worries. My brother and I can work it out but my mom would be so distressed about it, she was all about equality. Of course I couldn't sleep last night, but I'm sure I'll make up for it tonight. I'm going to head out Christmas shopping in a little bit. A few things for my husband and something for my brother.

Diane--yeah for the scale moving down. I've been having memory and cognition problems lately and I'm sure its all due to stress. I had a friend who didn't realize she was pregnant until she was about 7 or 8 months along. I guess it happens.

Charlene--you actually can make a batch of cookies in the morning? You must get up really early. I'm one of the people that get up with exactly enough time to get ready and get out the door. No dilly-dallying for me!

Well, off to shop.

Have a good day.

Annie64 12-11-2012 09:31 PM

Well guess who I just VIDEO chatted with on facebook? I'll give you one hint.. I haven't seen him since April! We were chatting the regular way, then it said he was setting up video chat and Im like holy cow! So I set the laptop up on my laptop tray and got the lighting in my room to where I thought I would look ok (ha ha!) JUST IN CASE he tried to video chat with me! I never used it before on facebook. I tried like a year ago and it would never work. So anyway, it worked! Gawd he looked good :faint: Sooo.. let me back up a bit. He had sent me a message earlier on chat saying "Diamondback and Starbucks??????" I thought he was saying he wanted the two paintings, but when we actually chatted tonight (before the video chat we reg. chatted) and he said no he wants the Diamondback painting and real Starbucks. THEN.. in the video chat he said it again, and I said "Ohhh so i have to GIVE you a painting and BUY you Starbucks!" lol.. (he didnt mean for me to buy it). So.. I said.. Ok. I just don't know when yet.

Somewhere deep down I knew, I KNEW this would happen as soon as I decided I was going to at least meet this one guy. My heart wasn't in it and I was forcing myself, but I actually sent the guy a message saying if he was serious about meeting this time, how about sometime next week? Ha, well, he never responded. Im not surprised. for three years every so many months he says we should get together and then nada! hahaha. Maybe I partly did it because somehow I knew I would hear from Curt.. even though there is no way he could know. Funny. Still, I am not.. ok, I am TRYING not to get my hopes up. But anyway, we had a good conversation, and it was really nice.. but then his battery was dying because his son was using his charger.. but he said now that he knows how to do the video chat we can chat again...

Had to let you guys know!!!

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