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lotus33 11-05-2012 07:06 PM

~Stop the nonsense~
I stopped the diet nonsense and committed to a new way of life!

Found a WOE that I can live with and am super excited! No more starting a diet on Monday and quitting by Wednesday!:stars: :hyst:

Anyone else ready to stop the diet nonsense and commit to a way of life...come on in!!!

Check in daily and chat, post menu's, work outs, or anything else you want.


lotus33 11-06-2012 07:58 AM

Official start date of my new way of life was Sunday November 4th. Weighed in at 220.

Today I am 218.

Not getting too excited until about the first 10lbs are off though. I haven't been watching what I eat at all so expecting a lot of water to begin with.

Feel really good about this though. I always get really geeked up at the start and then a week in I am blah. Longest I have stuck with any diet has only been about 3 months. Oh and I have done them all!!! Lost 40 lbs though and then gained it all back plus some :annoyed: But this time is different. I am more happy and at peace with the decision than I am excited about it. More a feeling of hey, I can live with this and I will be ok! That is in itself an exciting conclusion to have! :clap:

GirlKickinIt 11-06-2012 05:13 PM

Hiya Loty!! THANK YOU for starting this thread!! I'm -in it to win it-!! Yah!! :sing:
How's it going for you today?!

GirlKickinIt 11-06-2012 05:27 PM

B: Carb Master Yogurt-coffees w/HWC
S: String cheese
L: a HUGE square of Alfredoagna and a side of Green Beans w/mayo (Lasagna made w/Alfredo sauce) :yummy:
D: oh boy, I did it again...repeated the Alfredoagna. :o
S: Coffees w/HWC
Lots of ACV water throughout the day.

Walked the pups for 30mins. Slow paced housework the rest of the day. Considering some recumbent time this evening...probably 20 tough minutes.

Yesterday 210.5
Today 208.5

Very Glad that this thread is in place!! I know it's gonna help us stay on track & become the winning losers I know we really are!! :jumpjoy:

GirlKickinIt 11-06-2012 07:40 PM

Knocked out those 20min.'s of recumbenting. That ='ed 3.25miles. :clap:

It's forcasted to be raining tomorrow morning...but not suuuper cold. It'll be low 40's. So, the pups & I will likely brave the wet & get some walking in. The only out will be if it turns out to be much colder than that. Then for their sakes...we'll hang back. BUT, I will need to jump on the Gazelle in that case. :up: Also will recumbent again.
That's the plan!! :jumpjoy:

lotus33 11-06-2012 07:56 PM


Yeah you made it!!!

Hey 2lbs!!! :high5:

When did you start you biking and walking? I still have to get that in gear! My stupid heal hurts a lot of the time so walking is not so great but I should get on that gazelle I have. Will try to add some sort of movement in 3 times a week to start.

B-sausage and eggs
L-large salad with chicken
D-taco salad, 1 cookie

Did have 1 diet coke today and then water the rest of the day.

GirlKickinIt 11-06-2012 08:26 PM

Hey, way to go!! Your menu looks real Good & balanced!! Very sustainable!! :clap:
Ummmm, I think this may be my 3rd day with the walking/biking. :confused:
I think the Gazelling for you sounds good, so as to keep it as low impact on your heel as you can, while still moving/getting your heart pumpin. :shake:

I may consider the need to add in another little 20min. session of biking into my daily routine. What I'm doing just doesn't seem like it's really gonna be enough to pull this off. I'd wanted to have a couple days under my belt, in order to make sure I wasn't earning myself some knee pain. So far so Good!! So...maybe I'll add it on tomorrow. ;)

How was your class tonight?! Team AWESOME!! :high5:

lotus33 11-06-2012 08:47 PM

Well the bike is probably easier on the knee than walking huh?

I have a ton of stuff in my basement to work out with. That Christie Brinkley/Chuck Norris thingy, free weights, trampoline (not meant for fat girls :stars: things bounce that shouldn't:annoyed:) some other work out thingy that I found in a storage unit that someone left at the apartments, bands and stretchy things, DVD's up the whazoo, some ab machine you twist on...omg why don't I ever use any of it :stars:

And........I have a gym membership :stars: NEVER been!!! Lame'o here!!!

You have permission to kick me into gear anytime you feel like!

Class was ok, had a group test again. Team awesome should get an A though!!! :high5:

lotus33 11-07-2012 06:16 AM

:annoyed: back up today:annoyed:

I am annoyed a tiny bit but not that much. Its only been a couple of days on plan so not expecting a miracle!!!:p

Well after some consideration last night, you inspired me to add in some gazelling. Will play it by ear on how long. Have to take it slow I am sure. I am so out of shape!!!! Would love to say 30 minutes and reality will probably be 10 tops!:stars:

Monday at work i had to deliver things to doors and thought I would croak! I only did 5 buildings but up and down 3 flights of stairs :stars: I totally `count that as a work out in itself!!!!

lotus33 11-07-2012 06:19 AM

:hyst: Ava just came up to me with her Christmas list. She thinks she found a loop hole. She only asked for 2 things.

1. Another Beagle, one that won't want to hunt so I can keep and train it

2. A unicorn

:hyst: Better keep thinking on it kid!

lotus33 11-07-2012 08:03 AM

:jumpjoy: Thanks for the suggestion of cinnamon in the coffee grounds! Works great! I had to give up my beloved flavored creamer too many carbs so I am really happy that seems to flavor it really well! i used Pumpkin pie spice :yummy:

GirlKickinIt 11-07-2012 08:10 AM

Oh my Gosh!! That Ava is hilarious with her wishlist!! :hyst: :hyst: She doesn't ask for much, does she?! :rofl: :rofl: I hope you're keeping those lists!! I think they'd be a kick to pull out in another 10-20 yr.'s...and to be able to share with your future possible grandbabies. :D What a riot!! :laugh:

Awesome plan to Gazelle!! It totally doesn't matter if it turns out to be a little pinch of time, rather than some monsterous chunck. You're just at the beginning of building your new, benificial habits, that are going to create your new-healthier you. :clap: Do what you do, and build onto it as you feel strong & ready to. You've totally got this!! :up: That's soooooo Awesome that you have so many exercise pieces/options to work with!! Ya know how you put together your *organizational plan* for your housekeeping, in writing? Maybe this would be something to consider for your *exercise options* as well. Even if you didn't assign a day to them. Maybe just having a list of all the different exercises you could do, or the equipment pieces that you have available to you, could help. Keep things varied, in order to fend off the bordom factor. Take a look at your -Exerices Menu-, decide how much time ya wanna throw at it & go for it!! Just some thoughts...
I'm crazy about making lists...so this is just the sorta thing that I would dig. :o

As for being -up- this morning...Blow that cr@p out!! You know you're heading in the right direction...you're holding the reigns now, making the right choices with your food intake & building in work out time. This is going to take time. Just know....you're not sittin' on the couch all day, being inactive & stuffing down loads of carbs/sugars...therefore, Good stuff is coming your way!! Your future you is going to be STOKED that you hung in there & did this for her!! :love: I can totally see this really happening for you. As a matter of fact, about 2'ish days before you suggested this thread & our buddying up to get this done...I had this *vision* of you being very -sleek & toned- in the future. I can see this!! You're gonna make it happen this time!! Yah!! :sing:

Took the kids for a 25 minute hood walk this morning. I'm gonna bust out a 20min. bike session in just a few as well. :high5: I'm not sure on the knee thing...but my guess would be that it's easier on them to walk than to bike. Yet I also would think that there's more value in muscle building around the knee with biking. So, I'm taking it easy with both exercises & so far...so Rockin'~Gooooood!! :cool:

GirlKickinIt 11-07-2012 08:16 AM

Oh Pumpkin Pie Spice...yes we too are friends. :love: I'm Glad to hear that you're likey on the spiced up coffee!! Dontcha love the way it smells when it's brewing?! Oh Man!! :yummy: Another good one is to put a couple/few drops of vanilla extract into the coffee grounds, either with or without your cinnamon. YUMMM!!
Good choice to nix the extra carbs outta the coffee where ya can!! :high5:

GirlKickinIt 11-07-2012 09:53 AM

<----Proud & Unstoppable!! Just mustard 3.78 biking miles, in 20min.'s!! Yah, what's up?! That's .50 miles more than yesterday, in the same amount of time!! :sing: Killin' it!! ;) :laugh:

lotus33 11-07-2012 11:34 AM


Whoot!!! Look at you busten it out today!!!!!!

I am totally going to make that schedule! Good idea! Not promising I will get to it every day but will try!

Since I am stuck at work now anyway I am going to work on it right now! :)

:love: your vision is awesome!!!!:love: Do you do visualization techniques? Or was that just a random vision? Its supposed to be really effective, I mildly did some research on it but forget now what it said :confused:

lotus33 11-07-2012 12:15 PM

Total Body Strength for Beginners- Exercises for your body- Exercise

Well found this and will do it 2 times a week to start. :up:

This is the schedule for now.

every morning wake up 15 min early and do a stretching DVD

Mon-walk 45 min (Ava has gymnastics at the gym so instead of sitting watching I will walk while she is in class)
Tue-body strength
Fri-body strength

Sat/Sun- off or some light cardio

lotus33 11-07-2012 04:08 PM

Brunch-3 eggs omelete with taco meat, green peppers, onions, cheese, sour cream and hot sauce
Dinner-3 small slices of french bread, 3 poached eggs, homemade sausage gravy, shredded cheddar, 2 cookies
1 coffee with HWC

These cookies aren't really cookies. I take one sleeve of Fiber one original cereal, 1/2 bag chocolate chips, a scoop of coconut oil. Melt chocolate and oil mix in cereal and scoop by tablespoons let harden and enjoy :D

GirlKickinIt 11-07-2012 06:04 PM

MMmmm, your *cereal~cookies* sound tasty!! :yummy: It sounds like you've had some really Good Breakfast meals today!! :laugh: Oh and sausage Gravy...:notwrthy:...one of my all time faves!!
Your fitness plan sounds solid...very well balanced, and like you'd be given attention to the whole body, especially with your stretchings. Good choice!! :shake:
The -vision- I had of you was totally random. It came outta no where. :dunno: I've never had a -hit- on someone on a message board before...only ever people I've known IRL. :confused: I totally believe it though. I've had some real doozies over the years, and they've came to pass and just left me KNOWING I could trust them. :up:

So I've not done a thing around here today. Rob came home from work a little early today and was rarin' to hit the 2nd hand stores in town. Aside from just enjoying the little galavant with him, it was a bust. Oh except for the $ store...we did find $7 worth of goodies there. :D The way I tear up the right hand glove of the dish gloves & put holes in them...it's a good thing I can find them there for only a buck!! :p
I'm thinkin' about jumpin' back onto the bike for another 20min.'s. The resistance program that I punch in calls itself *Trail Blazer*, in the -Weight Loss- category. :sing:

So, eats today...
B: 1 carb master yogurt (they're all only 4 carbs)-Coffee w/HWC
2nd B: 2 hardboileds w/Mayo
S: 1 String Cheese
L: 2 plain Angus Beef Hotdogs
D: A cup of *Sicky~Chicky*-Coffee w/HWC

Forgot to tell ya...I got so lazy when it was time to put together the *Sicky~Chicky*, that all I did with it was throw it into a BIG pot, threw in about 4 Chicken cubes, a bit of sirachi, and enough water to cover it. I boiled it for quite a while, tore the chicky down...and Bam-Boom...very unfancified *Sicky~Chicken*. I do wanna use your recipe in the future though!! It sounded sooooo Good & easy. I just needed even EASIER that night. :laugh:
I should stop in over at the fly thread. :confused: But I gotta bike it out right now!! Maybe in a bit!!

lotus33 11-07-2012 06:18 PM

:jumpjoy: I am soo excited for your vision to come to life!!! I swear if I ever get there I am coming to see you and give you a hug! :love:

:hyst: I know breakfast allllll day! LOL I think maybe because I wanted to get a nap in and ended up having to go into work....total bummer! :down: I thought it was an emergency...nope! She got in a fight with her BF and was just so ticked she didn't want to be at work :annoyed: Whatev!

Is the Hunk still looking for trains and such? Or have we moved onto the decoration part? Good time to get some ceramic villages and start setting up a little town! :clap: Ya know what would be super cool? Have the train run through the seasons. Every corner could be a different season and be decorated accordingly! You could have a beach area, and a ski area in mountains made of paper mache! Hmm....now I want a train set! :p

:rofl: That was lazy soup!!! Hey as long as it was good!:up: I got a chuckle outta that! What the heck is with your right hand? Manicure time maybe to file those daggers down?:p:hyst:

I have been soooo lazy tonight! Have to go pick up G from her speed skating lesson in about 2 minutes. Then home to clean up the kit, going to do my gazelling and then hit the sack! Not sure why so tired today but uhg I can hardly stay awake! Probably just need the exercise! You always have a lot more energy when you get the blood going!

Have a good bike ride! See ya tomorrow!

GirlKickinIt 11-07-2012 08:12 PM

Yessss!! *WHEN* you reach your goal, lets have ourselves a little get together and celebrate!! Wouldn't that just be a Blast?! Yes it would!! :clap:

That was sure nice of you to relieve the Boss Lady today, whilst she runs off to manage her drama/meltdown. :laugh: What a drag to have had to sacrafice a nap for it!! :notwrthy: That was very kind of you!! I bet that she really appreciates being able to count on you in so many ways. :hugs:

Yepp, Hunky has moved along to the -decorating phase-, mostly. I guess he's also on the hunt for *turn-outs*. I guess he's referring to track stuff. :confused: He claims that there's ebay snipers that are winning the turn outs within the last seconds of the bids he's placing. He's gettin' a little irked with -them-. :laugh: Such a little kid sometimes!! :hyst:
He has 3 different -scales- of trains now, from big to small. So an "O", an "HO" and a "N". They were each priced so well...nearly garage sale prices...that we decided they were all -realllllly wannas/gotta haves-. He's having just a total stoker planning the layout of each of them. The 1st train ("N"...the tiniest one), also came with quite a few old style books that have all kinds of plans in them. I guess there's lots of fun to be had with that!! Ohhhh-kay Dude!! :up: :laugh:
I like your themey idea. I told Rob about it & that's when I heard alllll about the ebay sniper theory. :stars: :laugh:

I don't have any claw hands!! :annoyed: :o Somehow I end up with a little tiny slit that lets water into the righ glove. :sick: I'm reallllly careful about handling the knives...in case that's how it's happening...but by golly, it keeps on happening, over & over!! :mad:

Busy evening for you!! And when you're already so tired!! :down: I hope that your gazelling doesn't disturb your sleeps tonight. Gettin' all reved up & whatnot!! Let me know whatcha end up doing...time wise, on it this evening...and I'll match ya tomorrow. :shake: I haven't been on mine in a while. I'll need to resort to that for my walky~walky though, as we're gonna be heading into 20*-30* temps for the early mornings all week now. Brrrrr. I could bundle up & go...but I don't want the babies out in that, and they would be devestated if I left without them. :p

Guess I'm slow this evening...cuzz on my 20 biking minutes, I only got 3.15 miles in. Earlier I'd busted out something like 3.75. Whatever...it was more than couchin' it!! :clap: Winning!! ;)

Alrighty, I hope you have Good sleeps & I'll see ya tomorrow!! :high5:

GirlKickinIt 11-07-2012 09:39 PM

This is what I sent off to Ma this evening...for a wickedly Great laugh!! :hyst:
And her response is below this.

"Well it's OFFICIAL!!!! I have some amazing but at the same time shocking news.... I'm expecting..... 7 weeks and counting!!! I know, I am in shock too. I can hardly believe it!! I wasn't going to share this right away, but I wanted to make it official. I'm too overwhelmed to keep it a secret! Who would have guessed that me of all people would be expecting, but I am!!!!!!!!!!

I am expecting Santa in just 7 weeks!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL...who else can I send this too?! What a crack up!! LOLOLOLOL You should send it out too!! LOLOLOLOL"

Ma's email back...

"Geeminee Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You had me really believing that for a minute, I was was allready thinking OH MAn!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this Good or Bad news.

Hair turning white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just about heart attacking over here .............You really shouldnt do that to old people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !"

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :shake:

GirlKickinIt 11-08-2012 08:14 AM

YO, Happy Thurzzday!! :jumpjoy:
It's brrrrrr cold out this morning, 30*, just like the weather Dude suggested it would be!! That's the warmest morning we're expecting all week!! The rest are gonna be in the 20's and a 19* morning tomorrow!! :eek:
So, I gazelled for 15min.'s = 1.20miles.
Breaky was Strawberry Yogurt & some Black Olives. NOT satisfied!! I foresee a 2nd try at this coming up very soon!! :D
Oh yeah...back to 210. :annoyed: Whatevv...still a winner, winning it!! :o
Got kitchen clean up in the immediate future & then biking.

How are ya this morning & what's your day lookin' like?! You're a worker~bee right now, huh?

lotus33 11-08-2012 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by GirlKickinIt (Post 16065321)
This is what I sent off to Ma this evening...for a wickedly Great laugh!! :hyst:
And her response is below this.

"Well it's OFFICIAL!!!! I have some amazing but at the same time shocking news.... I'm expecting..... 7 weeks and counting!!! I know, I am in shock too. I can hardly believe it!! I wasn't going to share this right away, but I wanted to make it official. I'm too overwhelmed to keep it a secret! Who would have guessed that me of all people would be expecting, but I am!!!!!!!!!!

I am expecting Santa in just 7 weeks!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL...who else can I send this too?! What a crack up!! LOLOLOLOL You should send it out too!! LOLOLOLOL"

Ma's email back...

"Geeminee Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You had me really believing that for a minute, I was was allready thinking OH MAn!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this Good or Bad news.

Hair turning white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just about heart attacking over here .............You really shouldnt do that to old people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !"

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :shake:

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

:annoyed: You totally got me too!!!! :p

That is great! I may need to send that out and about later too!

lotus33 11-08-2012 09:16 AM

So you know when you start a diet and like 3 days later your body freaks out and screams "I am starving!" Last night it hit me like a ton of bricks! But...I know it was a nasty trick so did not give in!!! :jumpjoy: I did though just go to bed. Didn't want to gazelle and get more hungrier :p

Got up early this morning and was really productive. Did my Gazelling this morning! Only made it 10 minutes :o How pathetic! Mine doesn't tell you the miles thats super awesome that you can check that!!! Great job getting on yours this morning!!!

I have to get a breakfast plan! I hardly ever eat it during the week or when at work but even that little bit of gazelling has me HUNGRY! Having my carby meal at lunch today, the boss lady is jonesing for chinese. Going to have to watch what I get though! This should be a good test!

Yeah I am not worrying about the weight just yet but it is frustrating to see it go backwards :down: I am just glad to have a plan I can live with and have a friend to go through all this with! :clap:

Whats on your plans for the day? That is starting to get cold! We were 30 this morning too. Told the girls its time to bust out the winter coats ladies!

lotus33 11-08-2012 02:39 PM

I *think* I was good at lunch :dunno: Who knows what goes into that stuff!!! Stayed away from pure carbs though like noodle and rice and whatever. My favorite thing is peanut butter chicken so had a bunch of that :yummy:

I bought a few of this guys ab DVD's on ebay today! :p LOL Ya think looking at those abs while I work out will motivate me or make me sit on the couch and drool :D I will have to watch oh I mean do these when Mr.Loty is not home :o:laugh:

Do you remember the old abs of steel VHS tapes??? Oh my was that guy a sight!!! Looked it up on you tube today just for giggles....creeper!!!!

I have parent teacher conferences tonight. One at 5:30 the other at 7. Kids have ball from 5;30 to 7 and DH is going with a buddy to a pro wrestling event the next town over right after he is done coaching. :stars: yes he is still a kid and watches that dumb fake wrestling :o So MIL is bringing them home for me
from practice so DH can leave right away and I can go to the conference.


lotus33 11-08-2012 06:35 PM

Still 220

D-celery, cream cheese, hand full of nuts...yippee :annoyed:

I actually wasn't all that hungry which is odd since usually after chinese I am hungry again fairly soon :stars:

Got most of the stuff done I wanted to today. I am actually pretty tired, probably from getting up so early today :stars: Might stay up a bit longer then go to bed and read

GirlKickinIt 11-08-2012 07:15 PM

Hey!! :hiya::hiya: Awesome to see ya here!! I've got so many things I'd like to comment on, from your notes here!! I'm gonna have to hold my thoughts for the night. I am sooooo worn out!! :notwrthy: It's been such a trying day. :p
I'll check in with ya tomorrow!! :shake:

*It looks like you're doing really well, making good choices all over the place!! :high5:

lotus33 11-09-2012 11:51 AM

:sad: Uh oh...sounds like you got lots of stories for me! :stars:

Hope your day is going better today!!!

I ended up staying up too late. MY friends DH was let out of the hosp Wednesday but with no pain pills and he was really having a bad time of it last night! It was about 9:30 I told her she could come over I still had quite a few left over from my little procedures if she wanted to come get them. SO yeah...now I am a prescription pill pusher....yes!

lotus33 11-10-2012 11:20 AM

Oh my goodness lady hope everything is ok over in your neck of the woods!!!

Didn't post my menu yesterday. I ate tooooo many carbs and :sick: payed for it later! I hate a belly ache the rest of the night :stars:

L-chef salad
D-2 slices pizza, breadstick, and....cinnastick
Walked up and down 3 flights of stairs 10 times! :eek:

We are babysitting my Uncles dog for the weekend. he needs someone to watch him for 6 weeks this winter when they go to Florida so we are doing a trial run. Its a lab mix and MUCH more active than my two! So I took him for a 45 minute walk this morning. The kids took him outside and played fetch for about half an hour too so he is good and tired now! :clap: Only problem....Jack doesn't like him! At all! So going to work on that otherwise this isn't going to work.

Oh i didn't tell you I made another love connection this week did I? One of the residents at the apartments was looking for a dog after his old one died. :cry: Anyway he came in to pay rent and I mentioned that I had seen a breed he was looking for at a shelter website and he went, fell in love, and took him home :love: I am like pet match maker extraordinaire lately ! :hyst:

Oh and...down 1 lb! :clap:

lotus33 11-10-2012 05:16 PM

sassy water* - Home - A Sweet Simple Life

Bought 4 big english cucumbers and some lemons to make this, forgot the mint but oh well still going to make up a batch!

Brunch-3 eggs, cauliflower and dip
D-large salad, low carb pizza, scoop of ice cream

Tried a do-over of last nights dinner only the right combinations! :o

I am sooooo tired tonight! Not sure why. No caffeine maybe it but I don't have it everyday. My head is killing me too so maybe it is caffeine withdraw. Wish it would go away!!! I have so much to do and only thing I got done was get groceries :o May go to bed at like 8 tonight! :eek:

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