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flatferenghi 10-01-2012 05:24 AM

BLITZ XI-Oct 11 through Dec 31, 20012
Greetings, HEWMON BLITZERS. I had planned to start this last night. but yesterday was a Luciano episode. I expect to have the bloody thing back before Friday. I do not even want to discuss it. Let us hope I can develop the discipline to shed some of this excess baggage off my keester. If there has been any progress for me since the beginning of Blitz I, it is that I can still make it through the door. Good luck to all of us. I hope we can add more Blitzers through our portal. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

flatferenghi 10-01-2012 05:25 AM

addendum: BLITZ XI: Oct 1 through Dec 31 2012.
please ignore the previous post. Let us begin with this one. FF

tony8 10-01-2012 01:48 PM

well, well, well, here we go again!...

abs, happy you enjoyed breakfast at the club - hope you and your sibs have lots of laughs tonight at the marina...can't wait to hear what you order for dinner - bet it will be yummy!

i climbed on the scale this morning and i weighed in at 220.4!...i don't know what to make of it...all i can think is that i am gaining muscle weight from all the PT and weight training i am doing and eating too many calories to lose fat to offset those gains...i feel good, and stronger and even leaner, but the scale is headed in the wrong direction....maybe i've salted too, so i'm gonna try flushing today and see if that helps for my official weigh in tomorrow...

the good news is i did great at PT today - they are raving about my progress and i only have thursday's session before i am done at the office until AFTER surgery...i also donated the unit of blood today, and suffered NO ill effects...it was very simple and they got the unit in 4:59 - i couldn't believe how quick it was!...

hope everyone finds their way over here!

Gibby 10-01-2012 06:14 PM

A new Blitz...yea! And I am happy to start it with a new number on the scale since starting MF.....

I hope everyone had a great day! I'm logging off and will report more tomorrow.

Abigale 10-02-2012 03:48 AM

:jumpjoy:Happy Blitzer XI everyone

This is the one that is going to do it for us all. The weather is going to be wonderful,which will make Marilee and FF very happy, Tony is going to start running circles around us, Jenny is going to be cooking great low carb meals, and Lucy is going to stay away from the chocolates!

We had a great time at the Marina last night. All 5 of us there plus two spouses. I had the same as last week, the ceasar salad with grilled chicken on top. Really good. We have decided to rent Mom's house over the winter and still keep it on the market. We did not think we wanted to do that but a situation presented itself and someone needs a home right away. So if it works out we will have some help toward heating and taxes and this person will be helped out.

Running late - hope everyone has a great day!

flatferenghi 10-02-2012 05:17 AM

I do not know what has come over me lately.
but, i hope it continues! I am less hungry these days. I am taking some pride that my plan seems to be working. I am GRADUALLY tapering off on carbs, and the total amount of food i am consuming each day. I know now, that i shall not be doing Induction level for the foreseeable future. There is nothing wrong with Induction, but it is not now right for me. Last night, i had 2 cheeseburgers (not 4)on whole wheat toast, each with a slice of tomato and onion, a little pickle and coleslaw,& ketchup, just enough for the sandwiches. Of course, i shall be replacing the whole wheat with my low carb bread. I need to make a trip to THE bakery. but, i shall be gone this weekend. also, although i am back on diet sodas, they last longer (at least on the days I am at work). I did not even finish my 20 oz bottle of diet chocolate soda yesterday. TONY, I think it IS the muscle. It is how you feel more important than #s in the scale. My most recent flavor explosion was thefresh fruit at the Retirement Party last Thursday, of which I had a SMALL amount. I enjoyed it as much as the better quality pastries and sweets. Once again, WELCOME TO BLITZ XI-The BLITZ that fits! (ooh, that was baaad!) FF

tony8 10-02-2012 05:42 AM

abs, that sounds like a fun night and the salad sounds delicious!...i think what you are doing with your mom's house is nice, and i bet that is exactly what your mom would have wanted you to do :-)

ff, hope you have a great weekend in the poconos!...can't wait to hear all about your adventure in the mountains when you return!...

well, i'm officially back at 218.8, so that will be my starting blitz XI weight...maybe it was the blood loss or the fact i drank a lot of water - don't know - but i'll take it...

i'm walking a lot better today - my legs and glutes are so much bigger and stronger than they have been in a long time, so i'm sure that is some of the weight gain, but i'm not sure how much weight that can really account for?...could it be a pound?...two?...who knows?...i feel good and am going to try to eat well-balanced meals and stay healthy between now and the end of the month...

they have advised me not to crash-diet, so i need to be moderate - if i can get to 214-ish by surgery, i will be happy...i guess i will have to eat well after surgery to heal as well, but i will cross that bridge when i come to it...

i have already decided that after i recover and rehab, i will join a gym and make exercise a regular and important part of my life moving forward and that should help with EVERYTHING...

flatferenghi 10-02-2012 08:34 AM

some of us were ordering in...so i thought i would too.
i ordered 2 scrambled eggs with double bacon, no toast or taters. guess how much? over $10.00 not incl the tip. thanks, but no thanks. so, I opened a can of Starkist (water pack). Also, I had a surprise as well...a whole loaf of low carb bread.I forgot it was there. I only get 15 minutes for a break, so i did not bother toasting it, and shmushed 2 packets of mayo. It was pure heaven. I rarely have breakfast, but i was really hungry this a.m. I am so looking forward to the lower-moderate carb plan. It is important to have fat and protein with the carb to avoid a glycemic rush. the fiber in that lc bread is already having its desired effect. I am looking forward to some nice long walks in PA. I would like to ride a horse, but the PETA people would be litigating against me. i better drop a ton or 2 first. Gyms are not for me. 3 times in my life, i joined a gym, but only lasted a few months. I will find another way. FF

Gibby 10-02-2012 08:50 AM

Good morning!

My goal this blitz is to lose 20 pounds - hopefully more, but I'll be happy with that.

Have a lot of work waiting for me. I'll touch base later.

flatferenghi 10-02-2012 11:16 AM

Heaven, I'm in Heaven....
I am enjoying a scoop of chicken salad sitting on a dark green lettuce leaf(which i shall consume. the darker the leaf, the more nutrients). there was a few grapes on the side. i shall consume them. i will try eating it slowly. I have an egg salad platter on deck, in the event that it was not filling. No lc bread till tomorrow. the old me is returning. FF

Gibby 10-02-2012 11:26 AM

Yea, ff!!!!!

flatferenghi 10-02-2012 11:45 AM

the egg salad platter is safely in the fridge. FF

tony8 10-02-2012 05:11 PM

ff, what an amazing day you have had!...way to go, bro!...i think you're gonna do great this blitz!...

marilee, great goal - i bet you make it!...and you were our undisputed leader this past blitz - thanks and congratulations - twoterville here you come!

had a good day today:
b: skipped
l: salad topped with tuna
d: baked hot wings
and a LOT of water!...

hope everyone is having a great night!

Abigale 10-03-2012 03:42 AM

Everyone sounds good and postive. Eating healthy and in moderation.

I have been craving bread so have been making one minute muffins, one for breakfast and one for lunch with cream cheese on top. Some have been all almond flour and some I have mixed flax meal in with them. Carbs for two are 7 after the fiber is deducted. I am finding them very soul satisfying right now.

Need to get gas for the car so will try to check in later. I had tried to get on earlier but had my usual bad luck with getting on the site. Have a great day Blitzers!

flatferenghi 10-03-2012 05:33 AM

First of all, I have a feeling that in this Blitz, we will ALL see more progress than ever before (even on the scale). Last night, i had some chinese food. the usual EXCEPT, that instead of 2 large orders of ribs (that I SOMETIMES was able to split over 2 feedings), i got 1 SMALL order (w/o bbq sauce). Instead of 1 SMALL shrimp and broccoli, I got 1 LARGE order, with plenty of garlic. although i love broccoli, the garlic adds a greater dimension. AND, i only ate 1/2 that order. So, I have the other 1/2 for this evening. With that, i shall have 1/4 to 1/2 lbs of Hebrew National salami with 3 thin slices of muenster and kosher deli style mustard. There was no deprivation in my portion choices, because i was not hungry afterwards. I still REFUSE to be hungry, unless i am being paid much latinum for the sacrifice. Something else has changed as well. i never had any problem totalling TWO 2 litre bottles of diet soda in one evening. Yesterday, at work i only consumed 1/2 of a 20 oz bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. I am getting in my water in as well. SWISS MISS Diet Hot Choc was on sale, so i got 2 boxes of that, and took 1 box to work. I forgot to buy whipped cream. Next time!!! Luciano is bringing back Mr Computer tonight. Yup, there are changes being made. F-4 months 12 days to go-F

tony8 10-03-2012 06:39 AM

ff, those are significant changes!!!...good for you!...i can't believe how quickly your retirement is coming either!...you will be dazzling us with your kitchen savvy and culinary delights very soon...i bet your co-workers are gonna be very sad to lose you :-(

hope pavarotti doesn't charge you too much!

abs, those muffins sound really good - i love to cook, but i've never baked...although me learning to bake could open a pandora's box!...

today is songwriting work day...i've gotta record 5 worktapes and send those along with lyric sheets to the nashville studio where we will record them october 18-19...i booked my flight yesterday and will be there from the 17th to the 20th...in addition to the recording, i wanna see sarah before i have surgery...the way my hip felt a month ago, there would have been no way i could sit on a plane long enough to get there, so that is one big positive development...

i'm feeling great - my legs are so much better...today i will do both my PT and weight and ab regimens as yesterday was an off-day for both...tomorrow is my early doc appt and then my last in-office PT session...

i don't seem to have had any ill-effects from the blood donation...have i told you what awesome folks they have at the red cross???...simply the friendliest and nicest people you can imagine - very convenient location right off the highway - i was most impressed...i'm not sure how i will feel after giving the 2nd unit next monday, but i'm optimistic...

i'm gonna do some recipe hunting on-line today...i'm sick of everything right now - need a new twist...the good news is i am not craving anything and am well on-plan...

i'll check in later...hope everyone has a great day!...oh jenny, where are you?...also, where the heck is kbeth?

Gibby 10-03-2012 08:30 AM

Wow! What a great way to start our Blitz. Everyone is so up beat and positive with great things to share to get us going.

ff, you are wonderful! Look at all of the exciting changes you have made? They all sound terrific and have put you in the right direction.

Tony, I love your music and I know you will have a great trip to Nashville. My sister works for the red cross - she is a head nurse that goes out and handles the blood drives at various locations in the San Fernando Valley in CA. She's been doing it for over almost 40 years! Great people and great organization.

Abi, I've been craving bread too, but there is no option on MF so I pick their brownie or soft serve chocolate chip cookie but sometimes I don't want something sweet. Oh, well, the results are worth the sacrifice.

Take care everyone. I'll check back in later.

flatferenghi 10-03-2012 08:36 AM

there are no shortage of great lc recipes right here at lcf.
check out the food porn sections. Prepare to drool. Much of this is currently beyond my expertise.But after I have honed my culinary skills, it is I who will be the EXPERT TEASE! There is also Linda Sue's recipes.I am so delighted to add SMALL amounts of fruit back. That seems to be the missing link. i do not lust for the bad stuff. I paid Luciano in advance. I hope there will be no hidden fees. FF

Gibby 10-03-2012 09:04 AM

ff, I wish I could, but I must follow MF's plan. Oh, well. I will get fruit and LC bread in the future.

flatferenghi 10-03-2012 11:38 AM

just finished lunch.
it was great. i wish there was a little more, but i have the liquids. also, i expect the fiber from the lc toast should be kicking in soon enough. Looking forward to having my computer back, even though it still feels like i have a stranger in the house (stranger than me, that is.)FF

tony8 10-03-2012 12:56 PM

thanks, marilee, you're a sweetie! :-)

ff, you used to be sweeter (when you were eating a lot of sugar)...hahaha!...i crack myself up!...

flatferenghi 10-03-2012 01:38 PM

i ate so much sweets and starches over the past 4 months
that i gave other people DM vicariously. I still have lousy sleep patterns, btw, but by the time i get to work, i am refreshed. Will wonders never cease? Oh, I saw another guitar classic on Antiques Roadshow. it was an early Les Paul 1952 electric (with the original amp). Mint condition, estimated at $20,000. These are all conservative estimates. I have learned quite a bit from watch AR over the years, and that is: i own absolutely nothing of value. FF

Abigale 10-04-2012 01:58 AM

Speaking of Pavarotti, Tony and FF, yesterday at work they ususally have music playing in different areas of the plant - country, rock, oldies etc. Out of the blue I hear La Donna e Mobile. Someone had turned to the opera station on the radio. Right away I thought, FF will get a kick out of hearing about this.

Tony, I don't know if I would call making a one minute muffin baking as you put all the ingredients in a coffee mug and nuke it for one minute. There are many variations from sweet to savory. Here is one link.http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...in-recipe.html

Marilee, I wouldn't mess with your plan either. You are doing so well. It is nice that it does offer you the brownie or cookie. Those options would keep me satisfied too.

Tony, glad your hip feels better and you are not dreading the plane trip on the 17th. Your exercising is really paying off!

FF, hope your computer comes back in great working order! I hate computer problems.

Have a great Thursday all!

tony8 10-04-2012 05:30 AM

hey abs, you are always so supportive of everyone else here...how are you doing?...are you feeling well?...happy?...just know that we care about how you are doing too! :-)

ff, i'm betting that the quantity of sweets and starches you consumed these past four months, pales in comparison to what you would have eaten 3 years ago...and you are on track now...i'm predicting a much smaller retiree...lol...

not much time as i have my doc and PT appts. this morning...i'll be back later...have a great day kids!

flatferenghi 10-04-2012 06:05 AM

my internals are undergoing a metamorphosis...
in reaction to the new OWL (ATKINS PHASE II)based plan I began at the beginning of Oct. No need to elucidate. I will not be getting my computer back till Monday, as a part was ordered. In my mind's eye, i hear k-ching, k-ching, as more latinum slips through my stubby fingers. I shall try a new(new to me, that is) anti-virus program called SPYBOT. it is a free download. we shall see. Otherwise, it is steady as she goes. I have heard a great deal about the 1 minute muffin. It is still too warm to do anything kitchen-wise at home, except for nuking something in the microwave. Perhaps November. i am enjoying 1 ind portion of cream cheese (3/4 oz)as opposed to the 2 i usually consumed on a slice of my lc bread. i had 1/2 lb of HN salami interlaced with 3 slices of muenster cheese and deli mustard last night. I never got around to finishing the shrimp and broccoli. I guess i will have that when i get home. This time i will get the McD cheeseburgers, w/o the buns. Instead of getting 4 triples to compensate for lack of starch, i will get 2, as i have the chinese food. Whatever else happens to me in life, the eating part is gonna be fun! FF

tony8 10-04-2012 11:07 AM

ff, you are too funny...hope pavarotti doesn't make you part with too much latinum...

well, just got back from my last PT office session til after surgery, and my therapist says i far exceeded her expectations in improvement in one month...i was happy to hear that as i have been working very hard...i am walking with only a slight limp the past couple of days - don't remember the last time that was true...

i also went for my medical clearance appt with my doc and my bp was 130/70 which is great for me as i usually get so nervous my bp spikes in there...they did blood work - won't see those results for a few days...they also did an ekg which was normal...my doc said, "you may have 80-year-old hips but your heart sounds good"...haha!...

so, all-in-all it has been a good day...still more blood to give on monday and next friday is a whole day of poking and prodding and blood-letting at mass general for my pre-surgery appt...the following week i will spend a few days in nashville and after that, i will try to relax until the 30th - oh, and hopefully close on the building i am buying...

i fasted until 1:00 and just had 1 hb egg white and 2 big glasses of water...

hope everyone is having a great day!

flatferenghi 10-04-2012 11:20 AM

enjoying the chicken salad.
it is sitting on 1 leaf of lettuce with about 8 grapes on the side (so no lc bread), and washing it down with an 8 oz can of diet shasta ginger ale. i swear that this CS is my new pistachio ice cream. I could eat a truck load of it. BTW, keep that blood safe. it is getting too close to Halloween, and I already hear the sound of the undead drooling for the red stuff. FF

tony8 10-04-2012 08:10 PM

mmmmm...chicken salad ice cream!... ;-)

made shake n' bake pork chops tonight with steamed broccoli with garlic. parmesan and evoo...very tasty - it was kind of a treat as i rarely make it, but it reminds me of a meal my mom used to make when we were kids...

how is everyone doing on their plans today?...

Abigale 10-05-2012 04:57 AM

Tony, you are so kind to all of us. I am doing fine for the most part. Still not happy with the eating but getting close to where I was before I fell off the wagon. I don't start work until 10 today as it is KC annual breakfast meeting and as I don't actually work for them I am not included. :(

Had cream cheese mixed with some ranch dressing dip seasoning on pork rinds yesterday and leftover pot roast for dinner. Heading to town to do some errands before work.

I am off Monday and will get the oil changed in car.

No opera at work yesterday FF. Back to country, rock and oldies all competing with each other depending on where you are working in the plant. Lots of Christmas scents going through right now frazier fir and plus alot of candles with scents for men. Kind of after shave smelling ones.

FF, sorry about the computer. Hope it isn't too much money.

Tony, great you are in tip top shape for the 30th! It's going to go very well and will be so worth it.

Need to get some more done around the house before heading to town and then work.

Have a super Friday all!

tony8 10-05-2012 05:49 AM

hey abs, sounds like you are doing well - makes me happy :-) although i think it is wrong for kc not to include you in their breakfast meeting...that's the kind of thing i never did in running my companies...if someone was with us, they were with us...sometimes i would hire a person a week before christmas, and if i did, they would always get a christmas bonus like everyone else - i wanted them and everyone else to know that they were part of the team - part of the family...that kind of thing is appreciated and breeds loyalty, but not only that - it is the right thing to do, in my opinion...

i bought the most beautiful ribeyes to throw on the grill tonight...i also bought some accesories for my grill - a roast rack and a rib/chicken rack and a stainless steel smoker box that you fill with wood chips to smoke your meats...looking forward to using them sometime soon!...

feeling great and motivated - no plans for the weekend, which is nice!

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