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vli1127 07-01-2012 02:52 PM

BlitZ X July 1, 2012 - Oct. 1, 2012
The protocols here: there are no rules and no real structure - we each develop or follow individual plans and share our successes and failures with them. This is more about friendship, support and sharing the journey with its victories and struggles with other good people. The first Blitz was started on April 1, 2010, and some of us plan to be here even after we reach our goals.

If you are still reading, you are either one of this nutty-bunch or thinking about becoming one - we hope you will. Let the Blitz begin!

Abigale 07-01-2012 05:01 PM

Good going Vicki! Thanks for getting us started on Blitz X!! FF and Tony will be so proud of you!

Gibby 07-01-2012 05:29 PM

I'm one of the nutty bunch!

Thanks, Vicki!

tony8 07-01-2012 09:15 PM

hey vicki!!!!...nice going, girl!...i struggle every three months to remember how to start a thread and i appreciate you saving me from the realization that i am a dummy... :-)

abi, i am having the ct scan here in derry - they will send the results to boston...good luck with that 3rd house prospect - hope that pans out...

as for the challenge, you are a winner in all of our books, girl...i don't know how you haven't gained 100 lbs. with all you have been through lately...i'd be a balloon!...you are doing a great job maintaining while you navigate through these tough times...when things settle down and get resolved, you're gonna lead this group in that challenge!...

marilee, i can vouch for you - you are a nut and belong here!...gonna do a rain dance for you!

where is ff???...

i will post more details tomorrow but dw and i had a nice night away at our friend's party...spent last night at a b&b after an awesome party at the lake - they had a beach campfire, fireworks, music and tons of food and drink...i ate almost NOTHING - i had a rib (yes, 1 rib!), 3 potato chips and water - that's it all day...i was afraid if i started eating, i'd get hungrier, so i just abstained...

today, they made a very carby breakfast at the b&b - thick french toast smothered in blueberries and maple syrup and scones...i had a small bowl of fresh fruit and 2 forkfulls of the french toast - no scones - don't know how i resisted after not eating the day before, but i kept repeating kbeth's words - food is fuel, food is medicine!...

skipped lunch and had grilled chicken and steak tips tonight - i'd say i ate somehwhere between 12-16 oz of meat...did some swimming when we got home and that was good...

have my scan in the a.m. and a meeting later in the day and then maybe we will make it maine to spend the 4th...can't wait to see what they have done up there...

see you tomorrow, kids - let's rock this 10th blitz!...

Abigale 07-02-2012 03:22 AM

Nice you don't have to go into the city for the scan Tony. Thanks for the kind words from you and Marilee. I should be thankful that I did not gain this blitz because I have put on 10 pounds or more many times in my life in a very short time when I have gone through some stressful times. Thanks to you all for being here for me the last few months.

I am worried about DH lately. He has not felt well and was at the Dr. a week ago and will have a recheck today. He just got up and said he felt light headed so has called into work to say he won't be in. Hoping he just needs an adjustment on his blood pressure meds.

Where is FF? Hope he is not having computer problems again.

Tony, you sure showed alot of will power to eat so little at the bbg on the beach. Sounds like you had a terrific time! Hope all goes well today with the scan and maybe they will see things are not as bad as the surgeon said they were!

I am still impressed that Vicki got us set up for the next Blitz. I would not have even remembered that blitz IX was up. lol

Had a fun time at the cc for breakfast yesterday. We sat out on the grounds under a tent top and there was just enough breeze to be comfortable. My niece and her husband were there along with brother and wife. Good conversations about how the education systems will be changing in the future. (niece's dh is assistant superintendent at a school system in VT and just came back from a conference in Florida) If you ever want to watch an interesting video about this watch Salmon Kahn giving this TED talk.Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education | Video on TED.com

Had bacon, eggs, tuna salad and a hamburger yesterday.

Have a great day all!

flatferenghi 07-02-2012 06:15 AM

FF is here.
i was & am suffering from a congestive cough, bringing up green slime. i believe it was caused by sleeping with the fan 6" from my face. I have not yet got the opportunity to get the bed. i will have to try next weekend. i tried sleeping on the leather easy chair. it was not do-able. i had the AC on 61 degrees, and i was saturated the chair with sweat. also, it is great for sitting. but not for sleeping. the good news is that my sciatica-like pain seems to have completely disappeared. Hopefully it will not return. I believe, I am all burgered out. I will not need to make a pilgrimage to 5 Guys for quite some time to come. I cannot wait to expunge the congestion from my system so i can get back to the walking. July 4, is a great tradition: THE TWILIGHT ZONE MARATHON. However, if the cough is gone, I will miss the 1st 1/2 of it to get some walking in. They do predict rain for the latter part of the day, so I will watch it in the afternoon/evening. Last night I was watching a good chunk of the 1984 series JEWEL IN THE CROWN from 9 pm through 3 am. Every time i tried to lie down the coughing would start. I got only 1 hr sleep. i am 1 big fat zombie this a.m. So here we are at the big X. I sure hope we can all make great progress. I have lots of catching up to do. GOOD LUCK TO US!!! FF

vli1127 07-02-2012 08:23 AM

You are welcome folks, except I realized the end date isn't correct. Should be September 30, not Oct. 1, oh well. I figured I needed a fresh start so decided to get us going. Hopefully, I will be more successful this blitz than previous ones.

DS#3 first All Star game was last night and they won !! However, the concession stand at this ball park was a bit to be desired. We expected to eat supper there since game started at 6 and we are a ways away. Popcorn and pizza, candy and ice cream. How is that for a menu. I guess we are spoiled with our concession stand; we can get grilled chicken or taco salads among many other things. So, Subway salad after 8 pm last night.

Does anyone know if I posted a pancake recipe recently or mentioned where the recipe was? I had some today, but toasted and would like to make again. I tried searching my own posts and didn't find anything. Oh well. I know there were chia seeds in them but I always tweak.


Abi, I hope you find out what ails your DH and the solution.

Marilee, you and I come from the same tree so of course we both are nuts.

Tony, hope scan is going ok.

tony8 07-02-2012 08:37 AM

good morning blitzers!...i wonder if we will pick up any newbies during #10...hmmm...

abi, please keep us posted on dh...sounds like a bp meds issue...we are at that age!

speaking of age, well, the ct scan was a breeze!...it took about 5-10 minutes of lying on a padded table in ugly blue paper shorts with a pillow under my head and under my knees...i almost fell asleep...lol...

i weighed in at 215.2 this morning, so to hit the challenge goal, i will have to drop 2 lbs. by tomorrow...the only possibility will be if i can flush some fluid, but i'm not sure i have that much fluid to lose...i have eaten so little over the past few days (except for that pound of meat last night) that i am not relishing the idea of fasting today, but i may try to do a near-fast to try to get to goal...

the good news is that i started blitz IX at 225.6, so i lost 10.4 lbs for the blitz...that's the most i've lost in any blitz for over a year...i'm lucky that i have not lost my fear/surgery motivation and i am not even tempted to stray...everything i put in my mouth, i think about first...the only totally junky things i have eaten in the past ten days were the 3 potato chips on saturday and i justified that by telling myself i had eaten NOTHING (zero calories) for almost 24 hours so it was a freebie!...but after the three, i wasn't at all tempted to eat more...

i am going to set a challenge goal of 5% of my body weight by the end of this blitz, which rounds up to 11 lbs...you guys can join me in the 5% or set your own goal as marilee suggested - either way is fine...and although that will be my official goal, but i will tell you that i really am hoping to get to 1derland for the first time in 23 years by the end of september...

there is a high probability i will have surgery during this blitz and i'm thinking the prepping and trauma and post-surgery recovery will lead to some kind of additional loss, unless they do something with meds that causes me to gain - i'm not counting on that...

i am actually excited about this blitz, because for the first time i feel like i can really see a light at the end of the tunnel...i was down to 202 last year, but didn't have this health-related motivation then, and i wouldn't trade this motivation for anything...

so, we shall see how little i am able to eat today...i'm thinking salads, maybe...and LOTS of water...

let's hear everyone's goal for this blitz!...tomorrow we will tally the results of this one - it will be cool to see how much lighter we are as a group!

Gibby 07-02-2012 09:35 AM

Tony, glad to see that your mood is up and you're feeling positive about the Blitz, surgery and your goal to hit Onderland.

The scale is up for me - holding water again! If I hit a loss of 8 pounds by tomorrow, I'll be happy. A loss is a loss.

Put me down for a minimum of 10 pounds. 5% of my body weight would be wonderful, but I need to be realistic.

flatferenghi 07-02-2012 11:10 AM

i am glad the CTscan was a breeze!
10 minutes. i had an mri that lasted 3/4 of an hour. it did not help when one of the technicians in the room said "throw me a screwdriver". I already have a magnetic personality. I do not need redundency. I currently sound like I participated in a marathon JEFFERSONS fest. I am very WHEEZY. Tonight i am having a House Special Soup from the Great Wall. Imagine me eating hot soup in this DEATH VALLEY DAYS weather. A troll gotta do what a troll gotta do. FF

Gibby 07-02-2012 11:48 AM

ff-I can't wait for the Twilight Zone Marathon. I have my DVR all set to record so I can ff (not you!) through the commercials.

What is everyone doing/eating on the Fourth!

tony8 07-02-2012 11:59 AM

hey isabel, oops - i mean ff, lots of clear fluid will flush whatever is in you, out of you!...btw, sometimes eating something hot can cool you off...

marilee, 10 lbs. is a great goal and i agree that setting attainable goals is the only way to go...if you lose any weight at all for the challenge, it will be a victory - think of the alternative!...i've had more than one blitz where i gained weight, so i know what i'm talkin' about!... :-)

if i lose 5% during this blitz, that will bring me down to 204 and that will represent an all-blitz loss of 41 lbs. or 16.7+% of my body weight...i did it once and i can do it again!...

i am sooooo much healthier and better off than i was at the start of blitz I, thanks to all of you - at 245, i was so much more sluggish than i am at 215-ish...but the next 30 lbs. will have an even bigger, positive effect, and i have been thinking of all the benefits i will derive out of hitting my goal weight - things like not being afraid to see my doctor or the results of my blood work...

so, once again, i am halfway to the goal weight i set 27 months ago!...lol...i never said i was fast, did i?...

kbeth 07-02-2012 12:39 PM

Only have a moment....busy packing to head to a family thing early tomorrow...but wanted to touch base really quick. Seems there's alot going on!

vicki...nicely done on starting up the blitz! I liked your choice of words describing our philosophy!

tony...very, very glad the CT scan was no big whoop.

FF...oh yay! Nothing's more fun than a Summer cold. Any chance you can cover the leather chair with enough sheets/blankets from your bed so that your skin doesn't sweat?

Gibby...enjoy your TZ marathon...and especially FFing thru the commercials. ;)

It's doubtful that I'll make 10lbs. tomorrow, but I'm very pleased with 8!! The cool thing is that I think I have FINALLY found the ability to enjoy an off-plan snack or meal without it completely derailing me!!!! Having a set day for weigh-ins, I found myself having an off-plan something or other on Tues or Wed night, and then being hardcore the rest of the week. I know I'm losing slower, and too many carbs makes my joints hurt...BUT the idea of having a little something indulgent and then working really hard the week is really working for me. Man, I hope it sticks. Have a healthy relationship with food would be so thrilling, wouldn't it??

Gibby 07-02-2012 03:18 PM

If anyone is interested....you can go to the website for Atkins and get a free carb counter and acceptable food list, a guick-start guide, 3 sample bars, etc. and it's free.

I just go mine today.

Even though you may not be on that program, I think the carb counter and acceptable food list will come in handy for all low carb diets.

tony8 07-02-2012 03:22 PM

kbeth, that is so funny, cuz i was doing the same thing on tuesdays and wednesdays after weigh-ins...i think we have all really made some significant progress in altering our behavior regarding food...we may not be all the way there, but we are well down the road and on the right track...i attribute any success i've had to having you guys to share my struggles with - having a bunch of understanding, caring folks to simply talk through my issues has helped immensely...

i think the greatest gift we have given each other in addition to the love and support has been the honesty - by sharing the difficulties, the lessons, the victories and failures, we have provided each other with so many tools...i never imagined i had so much to learn about food, eating, and myself...THANK YOU!!!!!

vli1127 07-02-2012 03:45 PM

marilee, I have gotten that Atkins freebie, kind of nice.

Tony, don't count on wt loss due to surgery etc. You will gain weight due to the IV fluids and the inflammatory process that goes along with recovery.

Eats on 4th, the usual. Burgers, dogs, brats, smores, corn on cob, salad, and flag cake.

Abigale 07-03-2012 02:43 AM

Well, my official results for the blitz was a big 0. The 2.4 I lost I gained back so I am where I started. I am greatful I didn't go above my starting weight. I am raring to go on blitz X and am determined to really lose this time around.

FF, sorry about the conjestion. When it is so hot and humid it is doubly rough to be coughing and not breathing well. How are you today?

Vicki, our daughter always makes a flag cake for the 4th. They are so pretty!

Marilee, I am envious of the 8 pounds that you, Beth, and Tony have taken off this blitz but also very happy for you all! I plan to go to the parade in Brattleboro but other than that no plans. DH has to work so it will probably be a kind of regular day after the parade.

Beth, I too would like to have a healthy relationship with food!

The Dr. thinks that DH may have an allergy with the dizziness and some congestion in chest. He send him home with a bunch of packs of claritan. He also had put him on a low dose of coumadin last week because he has persistant high blood pressure and wants to give him added protection from strokes. He did a follow up blood test to check on the dosage of the medicine.

Had tuna salad, some pizza toppings, and some peanut butter bread yesterday. We are getting zuchini and yellow squash now from the garden. Will make a casserole tonight. Steamed squash and onions, cheddar cheese, mayo and sour cream and saltine crackers crushed up and mixed in. I always make my serving before I mix the crackers in.

Have a great day all!

tony8 07-03-2012 05:15 AM

morning, kids!...

great to see everyone feeling strong and committed going into this blitz!...that is the first step to success...

abi, happy to hear dh has allergies - ummm, that didn't come out right, did it?...lol...that casserole sounds yummy - i'll have to try that sometime - cheese makes everything tasty, doesn't it?...enjoy the parade...

i have some work to do this morning, and then we will head up to the cottage...it is finally habitable after last august's water heater spill...it will be nice to sleep there for the first time in a year!...can't wait to see what the boys have done...chris has been there since sunday night, knocking a few more items off the to-do list...and there are definitely some lobster and other sea creatures with my name on them up there!

emmy may come up for the night tonight - she has to work at unh early on thursday...all the boys will be there, i think, so we will get some fishing in...

i will weigh in before we leave and post my challenge results...

flatferenghi 07-03-2012 05:43 AM

feeling better today.
slept like a baby last night, and gave the ac the night off as well. i think the cough is 90% over. still taking the cough medicine though, just to get every bit of it out. I am not not going to bother taping any TZ episodes. Eventually, possibly as a retirement gift to myself, i will get the complete package for $199.00 from DeepDiscount.com (no tax or shipping chgs). We might get out early today, as per HR, at the discretion of the dept heads. I hope everyone enjoys the 4th safely and on plan. FF

kbeth 07-03-2012 06:27 AM

Yep, my total for the challenge was 8 lbs. I'm good with that! :)

Abi...the same thing happened to my brother-in-law. Unfortunately, it took them years to figure out (several Spring and Fall episodes) that it was allergies. It actually caused him some depression because he felt so awful. They also found that there was some fluid in the middle ear which caused the dizziness. I didn't mean all of that to scare you, lol, I meant it as a GOOD thing that they figured it out quickly so that hopefully your DH can get some relief. Allergies aren't always coughing and sneezing. They cause some folks to just feel like crap!!

tony8 07-03-2012 07:53 AM

if you guys remember, earlier this spring i was feeling like crap - i blamed it on the fish oil pills which i think my body hated, but i also think i had allergies at work for the first time in my life...

kbeth, 8 lbs. is AWEOME!!!!...that's a significant % of your body weight in just 2 months...kudos girl!

ff, happy you got some rest and are getting rid of the cold!

Gibby 07-03-2012 07:53 AM

Got on the scales this morning with much trepidation and hit 9.0 right on the money! Sorry I didn't hit the 10, but a loss is a loss.

I drank so much water yesterday and think it was all potty, but whatever works!

flatferenghi 07-03-2012 11:18 AM

so happy that everyone is doing so well in the weight loss dept.
i expect measurable improvement by Labor Day weekend. Walking will be the catalyst, as soon as the shoe situation is resolved. Like Roseanne Rosana-Dana always said "It's always something!!!" FF

tony8 07-03-2012 11:30 AM

well, i got on the scale and tipped it at 214.6, for a challenge loss of 8.6 and a blitz IX loss of exactly 11 lbs...i would have liked to hit 10 for the challenge but i was so hungry last night and had some eggplant lasagna - not much, but i guess enough to miss the target!...lol...i am pleased with what i accomplished though and feel ready to lose 5% of my body weight during blitz X...

i will be mia for maybe several days as we are headed to maine this afternoon for the 4th, and my youngest son and i may stay up there after the rest of the fam returns on thursday...

stay strong and we will try to define some kind of challenge when i get back...give it some more thought, girls and boy... :-)

vli1127 07-03-2012 12:59 PM

I thought the blitz ended on the 30th:dunno::dunno: Whatever, anyways, I finished making the mock potato salad for tomorrow. I already know I am indulging in a smore and sweet corn. Oh well. The rest will be LC options, no bun or chips etc.

Gibby 07-03-2012 01:07 PM

To quote Tony and his post in April...

"official starting weigh-in would be next tuesday, may 1st and final weigh-in would be july 1st...if we win, we all get a prize which i will reveal at a later date...who's crazy enough to try this?..."

Since we made Tuesday's our weigh-in day, the final weigh-in turned out to be July 3rd.

Regarding the next challenge. I'm up for anything, but since none of us achieved this one......maybe 10 more?

I'm going to try to stay on plan tomorrow, but strawberry shortcake sounds awfully good!

Abigale 07-04-2012 03:26 AM

:steak: Hope you all have a great Fourth of July holiday!

Abigale 07-04-2012 12:16 PM

This song always chokes me up.

Abigale 07-05-2012 02:31 AM

came across this recipe I'd like to try to make. Chips made from dehydrated cottage cheese and spices! They say they are really crisp! I'll let you know what I think of them if I do make them.

We cooked out rib eyes yesterday and had salad with blue cheese dressing. That's a meal I could eat every day!

The parade was really nice and the weather was perfect for it.

Have to take my car to the shop today. It is making a funny clunk sound when I put on the breaks.

Have a great Thursday all!

flatferenghi 07-05-2012 05:34 AM

the heat is relentless.
i do not know how anyone functions above 72 degrees. i start to have problems above 32 degrees. i had only 1 meal yesterday: uniCORN on the COBB salad. I respect a dinner that comes with its own toothpick. I put the ac on on the livingroom, and went back and forth. I had 2 naps during the day. My goal is to burn as few calories as possible by way of exercise during the heat wave. Thermogenesis will have to suffice. FF

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