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flatferenghi 10-01-2010 04:33 AM

BLITZ III OCT 1 through DEC 31 2010
Well, here it is. I am overwhelmed that we have come so far, so soon. Good luck to us all, but...let us not rely on luck. FF.

tony8 10-01-2010 05:47 AM

okay, boss, i'm here with ya...let the games begin!

kbeth 10-01-2010 07:27 AM

Wee-hoo!! Feeling strong and ready to RAWK BLITZ III!!!

B: chicken and broc and coconut oil
S: chicken
L: bunless burger on salad
S: ?
D: leftover bacon, coleslaw and cream cheese comfort food (it has cream cheese which I am trying to avoid, but I can't stand wasting food, and it IS low carb. I'll just make sure it's the only dairy I have today.)

May go for a walk today, but I kinda feel like I over did it at the gym yesterday. Don't want to lose momentum, but certainly don't want any injuries, either.

Have a great day everyone!!

flatferenghi 10-01-2010 08:25 AM

greetings kbeth and Tony8.
welcome to Blitz III. The weather here should begin clearing out in a few hours, leaving me with the kind of weather of which i fantasized during Blitz I & II. I intend to do some serious walking, even if every footstep is painful. I will assuage it with a low carb delight from my "low carb" bakery. I deserve it. I also will make an attempt to clear off my tiny dining room table to make room for the new toy. To tell u the truth, after a day of work, i am really tired. If i had to take my clothes down to the river, and beat them against a rock, i probably wouldn't clean my clothes either. What is on my table anyway? catalogues, and assorted paraphernalia, most of which i need to find room.( I will get rid of the catalogues though). But, I need to put my new "info-toy" to the test. I think i just coined that expression. So let's all have a great 1st weekend of Blitz III. FF

tony8 10-01-2010 08:51 AM

i definitely limped to the end of blitz II...but i am absolutely ready to hit blitz III HARD!...i will be spending the first few weeks losing the last few weeks gains, but i'm keeping my eye on the long term goal and taking some solace in the fact that i am getting lighter during each blitz... :-)

at this rate, by blitz XXIII, i should be just about THERE...lol...

hope everyone has a great first day...ff, we'll miss ya til monday, brother...

kbeth, what is cream cheese comfort food? is there a recipe?...sounds yummy...

kbeth 10-01-2010 09:31 AM

tony...well, it's nice and fatty, fills you up. I know you're sticking to low fat, but if you ever want to come to the dark side. ;)...

Fry 1 lb. hickory bacon
Remove bacon and pour out most of the grease
stir fry bag of pre-cut slaw mix in bacon drippin's
add one package of full-fat cream cheese
Stir and melt
-I like to add lots of black pepper and some dried minced onion. Sometimes pepper flakes.

The whole family loves this. When I am on-plan, this one is a regular on my menu. It may sound gross, but it really hits the spot.

FF...I can understand that the last thing you want to do after work is mess with a new kitchen gadget. Hopefully this weekend...and hopefully you can walk in this glorious weather.

jfinchster 10-01-2010 09:34 AM

I'm here for Blitz III!

I'm starting it out with a challenge as I'm at my Mom and Dad's and we're going to the Fair today with my daughter and her cousins, my sister, sister in law etc. There will be funnel cakes and elephant ears, kettle corn, cotton candy, and corn dogs waved in my face, but I WILL NOT EAT THEM.

Then, I'm going to my brother's house where he will be cracking open very nice bottles of red wine. I'm trying to decide if I should have a glass...

Anyways, according to my parents scale I'm down another pound today, but their scale may not be the same as mine. Either way I "feel" skinnier! Just think how I'll feel by the end of Blitz III. My goal is lose 1.5 lbs a week--minus out Thanksgiving week and Christmas week which should be about 15 lbs...

Then I'm going to my

Jylly 10-01-2010 09:39 AM

My plans for blitz III are:

Have a day to prep foods
Walk a CD or my dog
Start using Fit-day again at least for a while
Start using test strips again

I can't control what the scale says.

lovelifemama 10-01-2010 08:03 PM

hi everyone,
do you mind if i join your thread? is the idea that you set goals for yourself?
thanks a lot,

tony8 10-01-2010 10:40 PM

hi heather...welcome to blitz III...we are happy to have you join us...the more, the merrier!...

ff is our intrepid leader and the designer of these blitzes...some of us started this together at the beginning of april - each blitz has been 3 months long and some of us set goals for ourselves, but more importantly, we support each other through thick and thin (no pun intended) :-)

ultimately our goal is to get thinner, healthier and all that goes along with that...we're all laid back, so just make yourself at home and join in...

kbeth, that does sound good...i'm gonna try it one of these days...do you serve it hot?...does the slaw mix get crunchy as it fries?...sorry for all the questions...

jenny, great to have you here as always...i'm counting on you for all those great ideas you are always throwing around when i need them most!...good luck this weekend - you're doing great, girl...

jylly, that sounds like a great plan!...

kbeth 10-02-2010 06:26 AM

Welcome Heather!
We are glad to have you. I hope you find everyone as encouraging and supportive as I have. Adorable picture! How old is your babe?

tony...well, you would think if you fry it long enough it would get fried-crunchy, but it only seems to get really limp. So, I fry it very little to retain original crunchy-ness (and hopefully retain some vitamins).

Jylly...A food prep day is something I've never tried. I may try to do that when I can.

jenny...Stay strong!! Picture those funnel cakes clogging your arteries!! ;) Maybe they'll have those gigantic smoked turkey legs...

Teresa...hope all is well.

Teresa123 10-02-2010 08:38 AM

Morning--I'm here finally!

I keep trying to get in here to read and post but life has just been weird lately, not bad, just hectic I guess. Anyway, I found the new thread and I think I'm caught up!

Congrats to everyone on their recent losses and/or their overall losses through Blitz II!!

Since I didn't start till the end of Blitz II I don't have a comparison but for the most part I have been in the 152-157 range for the better part of this year. Today was 154.2 so I'll use that to gauge my Blitz III progress with, as far as the weight part goes. For goals, mine are going to be easy.

--stay true to eating healthy and if I veer off course, fess up immediately which majorly helps me to stay accountable, then move forward
--walking 5000 steps per day, 7 days per week. I'm pretty sure I exceed that most days but I'm going to start there and build on it so that by the end of this Blitz I am walking 10,000 steps per day at least 6 days per week. Who knows, if all goes well I may get crazy and add some other kind of exercise in there :eek::laugh:---but for now I'm taking it slow and just trying to build some consistency and discipline.
--as far as weight goes, my ultimate goal would be to lose 10 lbs by the end of the year. I am however going to consider it a success if I maintain through the holidays. Now please remind me of that when I'm feeling bad that I haven't lost anything. :blush: If I haven't gained I need to start seeing that as success too.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

Oh, and kbeth, I thought I had tried cream cheese :love: just about every way possible but that recipe is a new one on me---so I'll have to try that out one of these days!

Welcome Heather!!

Jylly 10-02-2010 01:50 PM

Heather-welcome to Blitz III. What a cutie-pie baby, boy or girl? Details please? I have a great-granddaughter age 3. I have never seen her in RL. They live in Nevada.

Teresa-I just found my step counter the other day I was at one time doing 10,000 a day.

I wonder if I have just too many things to do now? Well I have to move DM's belongings out of her place, get a chg of address, and get all bills out of her name before I can concentrate on my diet. She has more stuff in her life and I get to take care of it all.

tony8 10-02-2010 02:10 PM

well, it's a beautiful sunny autumn day here in new england...made chicken chili a couple of days ago and had a nice bowl for breakfast - very yummy!...

still thinking about what i want to do differently during blitz III to get better results...i may break it down into smaller 2-week blitzes where i mix things up a bit every two weeks - deleting and adding certain foods/restrictions etc....

not sure, but i'm feeling like once my body figures out my pattern, it thwarts me by stalling...i'm trying to devise ways to stay one step ahead of my metabolism!...i'll let you know what i come up with... :-)

teresa, that sounds like an effective and reasonable approach...love the exercise goal...i'm trying to figure out how to step-up the exercise in my plan, within the limits of my screaming hip...it's a catch-22...i don't want to have surgery until i am at or very near goal weight/health, but it's more difficult getting there without the full use of my right leg...i sound more disabled than i am, but most days, i do have a slight limp and more than enough discomfort...

kbeth, thanks for the frying tip...i'm betting shredded, limp-ish cabbage fried in bacon grease tastes a LOT better than it sounds! :-) the melted cream cheese makes it great, right?...

okay, i'll check back later...have a great saturday!

lovelifemama 10-02-2010 04:01 PM

hi everyone,

i really love the idea of this 3 month blitz thread - so cool. sorry i missed the first two, but glad to be joinng y'all now.

i've been thinking a bit about my goals. i'm really good at thinking about goals; now i'd like to start achieving some of them. so for this blitz,i am going to mke some simple, achievable goals.

1.) stay 100% LC for the next 3 months and 100% atkins bar-free (those guys are like sugar in my system and always leave me wanting more

2.) do 20-30 minuts of planned exercise 4-5 times a week (might not sound like lot for all of you walkers, but it's A LOT for this exercise-phobic!)

3.) cook more for myself. i make my daughter fabulous homecooked organic meals and throw together whatever for myself and my husband. we deserve some healthy food too!

oh, my little one - thanks for asking, i love to tell people about her! - is 19 months and awesome in every way. she's currently got a cough/cold that is keeping everyone awake, but other than that she's very healthy.

4.) oh, and get more sleep is my final goal. when i'm doing the other 3 inaturally want to sleep anyway.

if i do these things i know the last 10-15 punds will come off in a few months, so i won't set that as a goal. that will be more of a result.

you guys are inspiring me with all that you've done - thanks! looking forward to continuing the blitz with you,

tony8 10-02-2010 07:04 PM

heather, you are a great addition to the family here...and your daughter is a doll...i have 5 kids - 3 boys and 2 girls and i miss them being that small...they range from 14 to 25 now...

your goals sound great...i like the idea of the weight-loss being the result and not the goal - good thinking!

jfinchster 10-03-2010 05:41 PM

Hey everyone,
I'm back home and made it through the Fair experience unscathed--I ate BBQ pork ribs with no sauce. I also survived a church potluck--those aren't easy because it's hard to find low carb food to even eat (plus the huge dessert table!) But I did great--ate some grilled chicken from KFC--wasn't too bad had never had it before cuz I try to avoid fast food, also had a pickled asparagus, cottage cheese and a slice of cantaloupe, rasberries and blueberries.

I did drink some wine at my brother's house but didn't overdo it. I'll be able to tell on the scale tommorrow what the damage was.

Teresa123 10-03-2010 06:42 PM

Jenny--sounds like you did great to me!! Dessert tables at potlucks are the worst. :annoyed: I don't really do fast food either but I keep thinking I'll try that grilled chicken at KFC or the Double Down---just never remember till I see a commercial or hear someone talk about it.

Jylly----I used to do 10,000 steps daily as well....then stopped wearing the pedometer, then basically stopped doing any extra walking. :rolleyes: But I plan to get back up to that soon.

Tony---shaking up the plan seems to work really well for a lot of people. During the majority of my weight loss I did similar things. Nothing extreme but mostly varying the carbs and to some degree the calories and it seemed to keep things moving along. For whatever reason I can't seem to get back to being that disciplined anymore since it takes a bit of planning.

Heather---your goals sound great! Actually, your exercise plans are far more ambitious than mine, I just plan to walk a little extra here and there and let the steps add up. When I try to make myself do 30 minutes of anything at a time...well, it just usually doesn't happen. :blush::laugh: The Atkins bars (along with sf chocolate) do me in as well. :annoyed:

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Personally I'm sad that it's almost over. :(

Jylly 10-03-2010 10:03 PM

Have decided to work on only one goal at a time until it becomes a habit, then add another. Trying to figure out which one would do the most for me and I think it is to go back to listing stuff in ******.

Tony-yum chilli this is the weather for it. You could just exercise your chest and arms. After my surgeries I was wishing I was stronger there. Walkers, wheelchairs, crutches and just trying to get up out of your bed takes a lot of arm and chest muscles. My DH may need back surgery soon.

Kbeth-does posting your menus keep you on track better? Your menus sound really good.

Teresa-Did you wear your step counter at the fair? Lol, I'd starve if it wasn't for fast food and drive thru's.

Heather-FF does the walking in all the heat in a big city. I live in a summer resort area on a lake with small dirt roads through the woods, and its always too hot or too buggy out or I imagine I hear mountain lions and bears. I'm a wimpy scaredy cat. The perimider (can't spell it) of my yard is a quarter mile so I just try to walk around it.

flatferenghi 10-04-2010 04:47 AM

regrettably, FF goes no more a walkin'
his feet have rebelled big time. I hope to switch to home video exercise which i can do barefoot or in stocking feet (not nylon). quite a disappointment, as this past weekend was perfect walking weather. But, sometimes we must accept the inevitable. So, walk 'em if ya got 'em. Glad to welcome new arrivals to the Blitz. You will be so happy to greet the New Year, when Blitz III concludes. FF

Teresa123 10-04-2010 06:21 AM


ff--sorry to hear that the feet aren't cooperating. What kind of exercise video are you going to do? I have several...just haven't done any of them for a long time. I need to get in the habit of doing them though cause as soon as the snow starts flying (or probably sooner--I don't like the cold :laugh:) I won't be doing much walking outside.

jylly---what part of Michigan are you in? My sister and her family lived there for several years but all of the sudden I can't remember the name of the town! But it was in the central part. Often when I'd go up to visit we would go up to Mackinac Island....gosh, I love that place! As far as goals---I'm working on a few at a time, but they are all things I've done in the past that I just need to 'sharpen up' on. If I were adding something totally new I would probably just focus on one thing. But that's me--I can't handle too many new things at once. :blush::laugh:

I have my pedometer on and have already walked about 700 steps (it's a long walk into work!). I have lots of meetings today so I'm going to have to make an effort to get in as many little walks as I can in between.

Have a nice day everyone!

Teresa123 10-04-2010 06:23 AM

OK, I just remembered where in Michigan....it was Midland. Now I feel much better---that was driving me crazy. :laugh:

kbeth 10-04-2010 07:52 AM

Good Monday Morning!
Ended up having an unexpectedly busy weekend. Didn't get to go grocery shopping like I'd hoped. BUT, it was one of those times that I got to prove to myself that this WOE is pretty much do-able in any circumstance. I had lots of restaurant/take out food. Subway salad, bunless burgers, ribs without sauce...lots of scrambled eggs late at night when I'd get home starving and didn't want to screw up. It made me feel good that I stuck with it.

Jylly...Posting my menus does help me stick with it. It takes the guesswork out of those moments when I'm tired and hungry and might just grab anything. I plan on grocery shopping today and doing some food prep like you are doing. I like the idea of having a bunch of chicken and maybe ground beef pre-cooked so I can just grab some when I'm hungry. Less chance of making a bad decision.

More later, DH needs some nourishment. :)

flatferenghi 10-04-2010 08:24 AM

so glad to see this Blitz a buzzin.
One of the lessons I learned from WW, is not to take on too many resolutions at once. The stress of trying to keep up with them can lead to unforeseen unpleasant consequences. Take on 1 or two, and then add new ones afterwards. It is like trying to sing an F before being grounded in C or D. I am trying to focus in choosing other exercises than walking, I have a WW video which has 5 exercise programs. I can do a little of each in bare or stocking(not nylon) feet. I will begin small and work my way up. Now that I have my Express...Redi...Set...Go... up and running, it is going to be one helluva way to eat. I am also getting Ron's knife set. So looking forward to cooking in the "cooking season" FF

kbeth 10-04-2010 08:39 AM

tony8...mixing it up might just work. It does seem that our bodies get stuck and need a surprise or two to get moving. Speaking of moving, I didn't realize how much your hip inhibits your ability to get in exercise, let alone just day to day movement. Let's hope we can get you to a healthier place to get that fixed!

FF...I just got an image of you in tights and legwarmers doing some Jane Fonda in your living room. Oh, not nylons you say....nevermind. Sorry to hear about your peds, but I'll bet there are great videos that don't require alot of footwork. Whatever works and gets your heart rate up!!

Teresa...I could seriously eat cream cheese every day. I used to make alot of LC casseroles with cream cheese, but I finally figured out they were stalling me. I try now to have them on occasion.
Hope you get some walks in today!

Heather...every once in a while I'll have an Atkins shake. I do okay with those, but the bars, no way. I end up eating 3 of them. Cravings kick in.
And Yes! You deserve good nutrition just as much as your sweet baby. Part of this Blitz is, for me anyway, learning to take of myself again. Not easy when most of my energy is focused on my 4 year old.

Jenny...Nice work at the fair. I know that's not easy! The grilled KFC is pretty tasty. Every once in a while my boys want KFC and it's nice to have a choice. I don't trust myself to pull off all of the breading!

B: Eggs?
S: string cheese and broc
L: chicken on romaine, tomatoes, etc.
S: ?
D: Going out to Chop House. Craving red meat and veggies dripping in buttah. Man, I love this WOE!!!

Exercise: Hiking with a friend.

Have a great day!!

lovelifemama 10-04-2010 10:26 AM

hi everyone,
after readin someof your posts, i'ce decided to take back one of my goals - ha!
i've been thinking about the exercise all weekend and i just don't think i'm going to follow through with 4-5 times a week of planned exercise...yet. i will someday, but i want to start with something i will do. so exercise-wise, i too am going to walk more, easy to do with a baby; she loves going in the strolle and seeing the sites. i also signed up for a zumba class on thursday nights that i will go to barring blizzard or hospitalization! my husband signed up for soccer on mondas, so we've been good at pushing each other out of the house.

i have beeen cooking moefor myself and avoiding the bars. good to see i'm not alone in my problem with them. i would have at least at a time!

my husband's grandmother passed away yesterday andhis family is jewish, so we'll be out a lot this week sitting shivva (s?). i might not be checking in a lot, but i look forward to reading your psts when i can. have a great week everyone!

tony8 10-04-2010 12:33 PM

wow, i take one day off and there are 10 posts to catch up on!...that's GREAT...lol...

jenny, i agree you did great to limit the damage the way you did...i haven't had the kfc grilled chicken in awhile...i think it's really tasty - the only drawback for me is that i think they must use msg - i'm not allergic to it, but it makes me tired and i feel like i'm in a stupor when i wake up after eating it...anyone else have this reaction?...

teresa, i like the idea too, but i still haven't settled on how i want to shake things up for these first two weeks...i think i'm still stalled...seems like i'm playing defense this first week, trying not to gain...bad strategy - i've gotta get on the stick...

ff, don't hurt yourself...just do what you can do...you're doing great!...

jylly, i have been good about doing ab work and upper body and arm workouts 3-4 times a week for these last six months...and i've been golfing a bit and that is getting me some lower body work...btw, your place sounds beautiful - and your plan to focus on one goal at a time sounds smart!... :-)

kbeth, i'm very proud of you for staying on plan with all those option on the restaurant menus...you have been a VERY good girl...great menu too!...i try not to let my hip slow me down, but any kind of impact workout is out of the question right now...and most days i have a slight limp...other than that, i feel great all the time... :-)

heather, i've yet to see a mom with a baby who wasn't getting more than her fair share of exercise!...sorry to hear about your hubby's grandma...we'll be here, when things settle down...

be back later, kids!

jfinchster 10-04-2010 05:52 PM

I didn't gain over the weekend but I didn't lose either, but I'll take it! I hate re-losing the same weight after a weekend of slipping off plan and I'm determined not to do that again! (I'm talking the scale jumping up like 5-7 lbs) not one or two which is pretty normal if you eat something too salty. I hope to drop about 1.5 lbs this week. I was able to do it last week so we'll see. Went for a long walk today and have been eating well.

egg drop soup for breakfast, very small greek salad with tuna and olive oil for lunch, and will have pot roast for dinner (not sure about veggie yet? )

Have a good day all!

Jylly 10-04-2010 07:16 PM

Midland is the closest big city to me. I drive there to go shopping at the mall. I used to go to the cinema in Midland. It's about 45 miles from me. Wow small world.

tony8 10-04-2010 07:54 PM

i'm with ya, jenny...i'm getting tired of losing the same weight too...i've lost about 10 pounds that i gained back after losing it (i have no idea what i just said) and i'm still 4 lbs. over where i was three weeks ago...anyone who solves that riddle gets a snickers bar...lol...

baked salmon tonight...it was very good!...had a pretty good day after a weekend where it seemed i was starving...stayed on plan but it was TOUGH...i keep forgetting about the water - i think that would help a lot...

great to see y'all posting!

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