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Sirtain 04-28-2014 05:44 AM

Monday Down Day Plans
I am ready to set up myself up for a good week. Water, kombucha, and keeping busy is my plan for today.

GME 04-28-2014 07:09 AM

I made some chia seed strawberry "pudding" and have some lite soup planned.

I haven't had a good DD in over a week so I really need to pull this off.

EmmaLiza 04-28-2014 07:19 AM

B: FF half&half (18)
L: lean cuisine (170)
D: soup (88)
S: baby carrots, crackers (64)

Pushing myself

ladybarometer 04-28-2014 08:08 AM

Also staying busy today. If I need it, I may do a light salad for a late lunch, otherwise I'll plan a very light dinner this evening with fish or chicken, and lots of veggies :)

Feeling good after last week, much better than I felt last Monday.

Demonica 04-28-2014 08:18 AM

My same usual DD plan

B- coffee with HWC
L- water, iced tea
D- gyro type thing without the pita, greek yogurt with blueberries, cottage cheese

total 306

Brendajm 04-28-2014 10:47 AM

what is the strawberry chia pudding???

I had eggwhites and coffee.B
tossed salad with tuna L
Dinner with be about 3 ounces of roast beef and maybe side salad..
looking for a 500 cal day..

ladybarometer 04-28-2014 11:58 AM

Had my light salad after all..
I'm just so hungry today, but I'm doing my best to power through!

EmmaLiza 04-28-2014 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by EmmaLiza (Post 16891458)
B: FF half&half (18)
L: lean cuisine (170)
D: soup (88)
S: baby carrots, crackers (64)

Pushing myself

Evidently not pushing enough. :annoyed: I've added two 100-calorie snacks--a bag of almonds and walnuts for breakfast and a Smart Pop for afternoon snack. So, 388 so far. I may be done for the day but won't sweat it if I need a bit more this evening because I'm bumping rotations with 2 DDs in a row.

Sirtain 04-28-2014 07:57 PM

I'm a little hungry this evening, but it is too close to bedtime to give in. Looking forward to eating the family's dinner leftovers for breakfast, though!

GME 04-28-2014 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by Brendajm (Post 16891781)
what is the strawberry chia pudding???

I put frozen (slightly thawed) strawberries, chia seeds, vanilla Davincis and some water in the NutriBullet, then let it sit in the fridge overnight. It isn't really pudding-like, but it is fruity and refreshing and the chia seeds are satisfying.

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