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sorenkkg 04-24-2014 08:28 AM

DD Thursday- menus please!
I'm finding eating on plan harder this week-- PMS I'm guessing, but it's sucking anyway.

I'm soldiering on though! :muscles:

B: x
L: English cucumber, hollowed, filled with 2 HB eggs mixed with a bit of light mayo and some curry dip powder.

D: I'm thinking broccoli and chicken

500-600 cals

:) S.

EmmaLiza 04-24-2014 08:57 AM

soren, your egg salad sounds yummy! My day is more proletarian.

B: coffee/FF half&half (20)
L: beef/barley soup (100)
D: chicken/veggie stir-fry (110)
S: 100 cal bag o' popcorn (100)

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