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elisheva 02-18-2014 07:28 PM

Pulling Myself Up by the Bootstraps
These past four days have NOT been good in terms of calorie intake. I have eaten a week's worth of maintainence calories in the past four days. Ugh.

Tomorrow is a DD, and I hope to make it a good one and stay on track after.

Black coffee, water, and blueberry tea all day. Cottage cheese for lunch, and two hb eggs with spicy brown mustard for dinner. I will also pick up some Progresso Soup in case I get hungry later in the day.

gotitnow 02-18-2014 08:30 PM

Sounds like a good plan and I know you can do it sweetest heart!

Hang in there!:hugs:


LoCarbGal 02-18-2014 10:33 PM

Great planning, elisheva! I know you're going to nail a good DD anytime now, and once you do, there'll be no stopping you! Keep us posted how you're doing during the day, and let us know if you need a little bucking up to keep you on track.:up:

kwerp 02-19-2014 03:00 AM

You can do this. I usually have a mantra in my head of "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow." Yesterday was a bear, but you can power through it! :)

BroadwayBaby 02-20-2014 06:00 PM

Elisheva, hang in there hon! How you doing?

Flutter 02-20-2014 07:54 PM

We all have times like that, for sure! Hope you're having a much better time of it now! :heart:

Macci 02-21-2014 12:00 PM

Yes, we all have those days. On tough days for me, I say over and over, it's just one day of dieting -- I can do any diet for just one day. Eventually, the DDs get easier. Hang in their, Elisheva, you can do it!

PS I think soup is a great idea! I find it filling and it can be so low calorie, esp. if you make your own veggie soup

Librarygirl 02-21-2014 06:27 PM

Hey Elisheva.:hiya: How's it going? Hope you're doing well hun.:hugs:

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