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Eieio 12-16-2013 11:50 AM

I have felt my best this last 3-6 months in years.
Just got my fasting cholesterol results back from the blood bank donation. It was a dd.
Cholesterol 313 ouch
Last years was 250.
I get this from my grandmother.
Maybe our chickens are trying to help me by not laying.
My gp doctor told me 5 years ago to eat 2 eggs a week. I laughed.
Now I need to rethink that thought.
Will you guys share your cholesterol reading?

mafiamom 12-16-2013 12:41 PM

you may have to take my opinion on cholesterol with a grain of salt. i personally do not see it as an issue. my mom's cholesterol is 353 and has been for 40 years. she has refused meds for all that time. she is 84 and still going strong.

my brother in law has an amazing cholesterol number!! he just had a heart attack and needed 5, yes FIVE, bypasses as every main artery to his heart was clogged. the only reason he isn't dead is because he actually grew NEW arteries to circumvent the blocked ones. the body is amazing.

my cholesterol is 270. it's high. i went on a low fat diet on the recommendation of my doc. after 6 months i had lost a ton of weight and my cholesterol went up to 313. and my good cholesterol HDL's plummeted. the body produces it when it is not given enough.

the anti cholesterol meds are horrific for you, especially your liver.

wrong person to ask ;)

KeirasMom 12-16-2013 12:59 PM

My cholesterol is really good, and always has been, even when I was morbidly obese. I'm also the wrong person to ask. :)

Sunshine_icicles 12-16-2013 01:02 PM

My cholesterol has always been great (last month was 109) but we are super heavy on the high cholesterol foods, so I may need to reevaluate later in in life.

I, too, think a total cholesterol reading should be taken with some measure of questioning. There are cardiologists who don't treat high cholesterol in women until they get either a quantitative or until symptomatic.

Joyjoy 12-16-2013 01:07 PM

You might like this re: statins, eggs, heart disease, etc.:
How Statins Really Work Explains Why They Don't Really Work.

Eieio 12-16-2013 01:32 PM

U PEOPLE r the perfect ones to ask!:)
Real people!
Thank guys I will read the web sites given.
Years ago when I read a little about the side effect of chol lowering drugs.
The first one was tiredness:) like sure I want more of that condition.
Thanks guys.
I remember my grandmother post finding out abut her high chol levels.
She would clean a chicken to have no fat at all. She would pull the meat away from the bone looking for hidden fat. She stopped Inge and I remember to cook with. Which my mother still uses lard in her cake baking, yikes. Oes make them goooood. Humm

LoCarbGal 12-16-2013 01:39 PM

My cholesterol levels have never been a concern, so one more wrong person to ask. I do think that the ratios are far more telling than any actual numbers. I'm also firmly anti-statin, and had decided long ago that if my numbers started to rise I would refuse statins.

How are your ratios?

ks4 12-16-2013 02:43 PM

I agree to look at your ratios. My cholesterol is good all around but my husband's is off by just a few points (like 5). The ratio is perfect though but the doctor immediately said to take statins and his jaw dropped when my husband mentioned he ate coconut oil. Another doctor said the numbers were perfectly OK because of the good ratio. I don't know, maybe a second opinion is the way to go. Cholesterol protects as well its not like its the devil.

Slimming-up 12-16-2013 03:30 PM

It's refreshing to be among people who don't just go along with the misguided main-stream medical point of view on this topic.

My mom lived the last 20 years of her life trying to get her cholesterol below 300. No indulgences whatsoever. No bacon, no eggs, no ice cream, very little red meat.

Her cholesterol levels were never "acceptable" to the doctor. I don't remember the ratios.
In the end, she died from complications following spine surgery.

Librarygirl 12-16-2013 03:34 PM

Mine was 244 in October. I got it as low as 140something years ago after following a very low fat diet. What I hear these days is that it's not the bad thing we've always been told, and that our body needs cholesterol. In fact, low cholesterol may be worse? I need to read up on it all, because I am ignorant about the whole thing.

Madmarsha 12-16-2013 04:29 PM

I read somewhere that our diets only affect our cholesterol level about 15%. As with everyone else, I can tell you about people who eat a lot of fried stuff with low chol. and vice versa. Mine tends to be high and I haven't eaten fried stuff since I was a kid and didn't know there was a better way to eat shrimp, etc. I grew up on margarine and used it myself for years. Was afraid of it. Same with milk. Always 1% or 2%. Did eat a bunch of other junk food, tho.

I just have always thought that diet doesn't have the major effect on it that we've been led to believe given that there's been a lot of people who have done "the right things" and seen little effect, therefore your doctor assumes you've been cheating. Which, I'm sure, people have. But like with losing weight, it has to be something we can live with, right? I can't live with things that taste like cardboard and am not willing to sacrifice fat only to be loaded up with sugar to account for the lack of taste.

gotsomeold 12-16-2013 05:02 PM

I'm not the right person to ask either. I read the studies. I'm not trained, but it seemed to me they said, we tested x and it was black, we tested y and it was charcoal, we tested z and it was ebony, so we concluded the results were white. I ate butter.

DH had a heart attack in 2002 and has taken statins a few times. Each time he has every bad reaction documented or anecdotally discussed. My doctor thinks, at my age, I should take them. Ain't gonna happen.

mafiamom 12-16-2013 05:47 PM

very low cholesterol makes you vulnerable to every cancer out there.

i am not anti-med,there is for sure a time and a place for meds, but i do come from an alternative health background - lots of chiropractors and such. i went to chiro college myself so ... i'm always going to give a much more alternative type answer to such things :)

Madmarsha 12-16-2013 06:29 PM

This isn't where I read it but I found the quoted below in an article. So the 15% thing is "known", it's just something they don't like to tell you or don't want you to focus on "but, yeah, what about the OTHER 85%?" Seems to me it makes MUCH more sense to focus on the ENDOGENOUS part. So, yeah, it IS your diet but you've got it all backwards, "experts". The body does NEED fat, so going no fat isn't healthy even if you wanted to. And you're only getting a 15% return for your suffering. The body doesn't NEED sugar, it just craves it. Let's focus on the insulin and the fat storage effects, please, since I am not dumb and can read these studies for myself.

"It may surprise you to know that our bodies make all the cholesterol we need. When your doctor takes a blood test to measure your cholesterol level, the doctor is actually measuring the amount of circulating cholesterol in your blood, or your blood cholesterol level. About 85 percent of your blood cholesterol level is endogenous, which means it is produced by your body. The other 15 percent or so comes from an external source -- your diet. Your dietary cholesterol originates from meat, poultry, fish, seafood and dairy products. It's possible for some people to eat foods high in cholesterol and still have low blood cholesterol levels. Likewise, it's possible to eat foods low in cholesterol and have a high blood cholesterol level."

Yeah, I'm not anti-meds either and, yes, medicine has come a long way baby. But, yeah, what do you think people used to use for medicine? NATURAL stuff. Just seems to me statins don't really work AND there's side effects. I would never say, No, you don't need to take that chemo, (tho it's poison, too); but if rethinking what "healthy" means will pay off, DO THAT. And we need to demonize sugar, NOT fat.

Madmarsha 12-16-2013 07:54 PM

This is what the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine says: "Since our bodies make plenty of cholesterol for our needs, we do not need to add any in our diet. Cholesterol is found in all foods that come from animals: red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, and every other meat and dairy product. Choosing lean cuts of meat is not enough; the cholesterol is mainly in the lean portion. Many people are surprised to learn that chicken contains as much cholesterol as beef. Every four-ounce serving of beef or chicken contains 100 milligrams of cholesterol. Also, most shellfish are very high in cholesterol. All animal products should be avoided for this reason."

So chicken's no good for you and basically don't eat any meat or fish or dairy at all. So what DO we eat? Yeah, that's responsible.

Planelman 12-16-2013 08:12 PM

Mine was 208 last year and went to 309 just this past month, and my doctor immediately said I have to be on a statin. Up to that point he thought everything I had been doing was great, my diet, my weight loss everything. He ignored every other number on my blood tests fasting blood glucose of 80 after 17 hours of fasting, the fact that my HDL went from 66->94 which is great, my triglycerides went from 42->22 which is great and every other test.

I ignored him.

Without any other issues it's just a number, and it can rise and fall with any type of stress or issue in the body. I was doing ketosis at the time, so I'm sure that was a factor, but I could have just have easily pulled a muscle or stubbed a toe and seen a rise in the numbers. But rather than address or find the cause of the high number and maybe see if a second check in a month came back high again, he jumps right on the statin bandwagon.

And everything I have read says that without some other factor a high cholesterol number is not that big a deal and won't cause CVD. If you don't have inflammation or other issues that can damage the walls of your arteries then the cholesterol won't be causing the plaque that causes CVD.

Eieio 12-17-2013 07:32 AM

Thanks everybody for your input.
Joys of growing older aren't fun.
The joys of living, total fun:)
I won't be taking any medicine.

Yennie 12-17-2013 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Madmarsha (Post 16720676)
Yeah, I'm not anti-meds either and, yes, medicine has come a long way baby. But, yeah, what do you think people used to use for medicine? NATURAL stuff. Just seems to me statins don't really work AND there's side effects. I would never say, No, you don't need to take that chemo, (tho it's poison, too); but if rethinking what "healthy" means will pay off, DO THAT. And we need to demonize sugar, NOT fat.

All medicine is controlled poisoning. You weigh the benefits of the medication vs the cost of not giving it vs the side effects and make a decision based on that. Using the cancer example - chemo sucks. It makes you feel terrible, GI problems, hair falls out, etc. The alternative is death from cancer. So doctors & patients choose chemo and (hopefully) relatively short term discomfort for the benefit of living. However if someone were to discover that chemo drugs would cure the common cold - unlikely to gain mainstream use. Or even approval. Thank you but I'd prefer a runny nose & sneeze for a few days as opposed to my hair falling out.

One of the problems with statins is that the entire premise of a huge drug niche is based off of possibly incorrect science. Or, rather, a less-than-ideal approach to the targeted problem. Statins were developed because it was thought that high cholesterol led to CV risks. We no longer believe that is the case. And that inflammation is the root cause of the plaques and artherosclerosis, the cholesterol is just the junk stuck in the pipes. Without inflammation it wouldn't matter.

Instead of addressing the underlying causes of the inflammation to reduce plaques, the theory was to clear out the molecules causing the blockage. But that hasn't really proven to be a sound theory and, the side effects of the medications do not, in my opinion, justify the benefits. But, addressing the inflammation would require diet changes and lifestyle changes. Why do that when you can pop a pill???

But, hey, they yanked Vioxx for a slight increase in CV risks, when used inappropriately...apparently hearts are more important than livers. I guess. Vioxx was the only darn thing that worked on my shoulder for years...can you tell I'm a little salty about it?

Seabreezes 12-18-2013 10:14 AM

I also read in another post on LCF a few days ago that if you have blood taken after a DD day, the Cholestrol level might be higher than after a normal eating day.

I have no idea if that is correct or not, but you did say you had your blood drawn after a DD.

I know one time they asked if I had fasted for longer than 12 hours as I went in later in the morning to have blood work done. I said I had eaten something late, so waited longer to come in. They would not have taken the blood if I had fasted longer than 12 hours.

All of this is perplexing:stars:

Yam-Yam 12-22-2013 04:05 PM

This is an interesting thread. I have not read all the posts yet and I'm going to go back and do so.

I had my last blood panel done one year ago so I'm due for another one soon. My cholesterol was 205 and the doc said that is borderline. She recommended I take fish oil and niacin in the morning and evening.

I have not been great about doing so, but I started trying to remember to do it daily again a few weeks ago.

It will be interesting to see what the reading is next time.

Eieio 12-23-2013 09:48 AM

Thanks Sea I wondered about that myself.
I'll have my gp check it when the holidays r over and I clean out my cookie running in my vaines. it would read cookie blood type now:)
I've taken flex seed caps several years.
2caps bid.

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