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Agee 12-02-2013 02:54 PM

Hashimotos and JUDDD?
Hey -
I posted this in the Thyroid forum, too, but since this is a much more active forum I'm posting a similar question here.
I have Hashimotoss and have been on 30 mg. Armour for 2 weeks (split into 2 doses). My labs (besides antibodies) are within range and she put me on b/c of symptoms: serious exhaustion, body aches, stupidity.
I have a call in to see if I can go up in meds. This is definitely too low a dose, even though I understand it takes a while to take effect.
Anyhoo, I am wondering if it's stupid of me to think about trying to lose weight? I never have been able to lose weight - low cal, low carb, IF, JUDDD (in the past), hHCG (lost 7, gained 8, lost 9, gained 10) whatever...but I really, really, really WANT to lose weight.
JUDDD seems very do-able and there are so many inspiring folks on this thread! I want to be skinny like you!
I know I'll lose better if I'm optimized on my meds, but will it do any harm if I do something like JUDDD in the meantime?
I tried to start today, but my energy is so low it was hard to do a DD so the minute my tummy felt hungry I caved. It's psychological, I know - 400 calories is not going to kill me for a day, but this low energy = must eat something ASAP to my brain.
I'm going to try again tomorrow. I have a slightly easier day so hopefully will manage it.
I guess I'm just looking for thoughts and feedback.
I have no patience for this process!

KeirasMom 12-02-2013 03:47 PM

First and foremost, Agee, :welcome: !

I started JUDDD in December of 2011. I was diagnosed hypothyroid in March of 2012. In that amount of time, I'd lost somewhere around 40 pounds with JUDDD! It is doable and there's no reason I can think of that you wouldn't be successful.

I have not been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, but I'm 99% positive I have it. One test showed my antibodies elevated, but another test showed them normal. My understanding with Hashimoto's is that the antibodies won't be elevated ALL the time, only during periods of active attack, so it's notoriously unreliable unless you're tested at just the right time, or unless you have a biopsy done. Biopsy is not indicated for me, as I have no nodules and I'm (finally) well-regulated on my medication. I do not take Armour. I am doing well with just Synthroid right now, so I'm sticking with that until (if/when?) I need something more. Also, the treatment is pretty much the same for hypo as for Hashi's, so even though I'd like confirmation, it really won't change anything for me.

All that to say that I stuck with JUDDD. I lost before my diagnosis and continued to lose after my diagnosis. My loss slowed a little as my medication was being regulated, but overall my loss was fairly consistent, and I've gone on to lose over 130 pounds total. I'm now one of those "skinny" people, though I still don't see myself that way. I am a firm believer in the power of JUDDD, especially for those of us who think we are, or who are confirmed to be, metabolically challenged. There's something about the JUDDD magic that just can't be matched with any other plan, at least for me.

There are others here who have thyroid disease and have done or are currently doing well with JUDDD. Leo41 lost a substantial amount with JUDDD and low carb combined and has been maintaining for quite some time. I have been maintaining for nearly a year, and that, to me, is the strongest testament to this WOE.

Whatever you decide, this forum is the absolute most supportive, beautiful, friendly group of men and women anywhere. I hope you explore a bit more and let us know what you decide. Be sure to check out the Up Day and Down Day menu threads (they are posted daily) to see what others are eating. The stickies at the top of the page give tons of information.

And don't be intimidated by the super low calorie DDs. You can always start a little higher if you need to and work your way down. Many have done that and still had great success.

Agee 12-02-2013 04:58 PM

Thanks so much for this. I actually tried JUDDD in the spring for about 5 weeks and lost a whopping 2 lbs the 1st week and then nothing, but I have to assume it's my thyroid impacting the situation. I think I've been hypo a long time but am only just getting treated.
I will try again tomorrow and will absolutely look around the various threads!
You're an inspiration!

Agee 12-02-2013 04:59 PM

double post woops!

LoCarbGal 12-02-2013 10:24 PM

:welcome: Agee! Dawn is one of our JUDDD/Hypo poster children, so I know you're in good hands on that front. I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that you found your way back, and I hope you will have great success with JUDDD, and with getting your meds well regulated and start feeling better.

SlimNana 12-03-2013 02:28 PM

Agee:welcome: :newbie:!

I also have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism. In my opinion the two symptoms that worsen when doing low calorie days are lack of energy & freezing cold body temperature.

Best wishes!

:shake:~ Ann

Agee 12-03-2013 02:34 PM


In my opinion the two symptoms that worsen when doing low calorie days are lack of energy & freezing cold body temperature.
So - that was kind of my point. If I'm not optimized on meds yet and my energy is already in the toilet, I'm wondering if it makes sense to add to it.
I'm thinking I'm just going to eat really clean LC for a while - at least until my meds are upped from this current super low dose.

SlimNana 12-03-2013 03:32 PM

:dunno: Unfortunately for me, having my meds. (Synthroid) & thyroid levels "optimized" hasn't helped at all with either my lack of energy or cold body temperature on lower calorie days. I hope the Armour will work better for you.

:notwrthy: Ann

dipgal 12-03-2013 04:18 PM

Agee, I sometimes lurk on the JUDDD threads because of all the helpful IF advice and recipes, even though I'm not doing JUDDD. Hello everyone!

I have Hashi's - was diagnosed 7 years ago after being hypo for 10 years or more prior to that. I had a growth on one of my nodules and they removed the nodule. I am on something natural, similar to Armour.. My Naturopath orders my T3/T4 dosage from a special prescription lab company based on my lab test results.

I do a variation of intermittent fasting called 5:2. I tried JUDDD last year but could not handle a DD every other day. Did it have something to do with my Hashi's? I don't know. It wasn't an energy problem on DD's.. It wasn't so much the "cold" problem on DD's. It was just that I felt hungry and overly deprived every other day. It may have changed - I quit it before I was over the hump.. Something I often do. Everyone here was SO supportive.

Fasting 2 out of 7 days on the 5:2 fits my lifestyle much better. As I get more used to it (just did my 4th fast yesterday) I may bump it up to 4:3.. or even JUDDD. I just know that right now the 5:2 is working and I am losing and am not feeling deprived. Oh, and it gets all the other health benefits of Intermittent Fasting, too!

For you, I'd suggest that you play around with missing a meal here and there as you get your meds regulated. Skip breakfast a couple of times a week. The other days, skip lunch. Then skip breakfast and lunch and just have dinner. Get used to feeling hungry and know that you won't keel over. Well, I hope not! :lol: Get through the day with coffee, tea, broth, homemade veggie soups, water, etc. See if it makes you feel worse than you feel now. And, then when you get the meds regulated you'll already know how you are tolerating fasting. You will probably have lost a few pounds in the meantime, too!

Good luck!!

mafiamom 12-04-2013 02:17 PM

i am hypothyroid. i was tested for hashi, but it was negative. after reading Dawn's post, i now wonder how accurate that test actually was. ANYWAY...

i was diagnosed 6 years ago and have since had two children. after my second child my dosage went up to 75 mgs of synthroid.

i went from 171 to 137 doing a very strict low carb diet. i got very stuck on a very stubborn plateau and decided to give JUDDD a try. i went from 137 to 129/128 in two months.

i too notice the cold is very very cold. teeth chattering, blue fingernails type cold on DD's. my energy was never an issue even with untreated thyroid, so i can not comment on that. i would do as someone else suggested and start skipping a few meals to see how you fair.

welcome and i hope you stick around!

Agee 12-04-2013 02:53 PM

Thanks a lot for all the advice! This is very helpful! I'm going to ease in slow, like you all suggest. I'm going to try a DD tomorrow and then maybe one Sunday and see how it goes.
I'm actually starting to feel the effects of the meds, so feel less exhausted than I used to feel. That makes it all seem more do-able.

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