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Carly 12-01-2013 08:20 AM

December Daily Chat
It is the end of the year! I can't believe it!

Let's get chatting...

KeirasMom 12-01-2013 08:23 AM

I allowed 4 free days this weekend. We had date night 3 days in a row, then we celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. I'm up 7.6 pounds!! :eek: Time to get back to work. Happy December everyone!

Flutter 12-01-2013 09:19 AM

Isn't that crazy, Dawn? I can regain ridiculously quick and it definitely takes me quite some time to get back to my low now that I'm in maintenance. You got this!!! I hope you had lots of fun celebrating! :heart:

Happy December all! Can't believe we're back to the holidays again. wow! I need to get decorating.

LoCarbGal 12-01-2013 09:31 AM

December??? :shock::eek:

I had 3 free days too, Dawn, and I'm reeeeeaaaallly glad I'm not weighing until right before Christmas! I just really don't want to know! But I did enjoy it. Tomorrow will be the last of the leftovers, so I likely won't count calories tomorrow, but will try to nearly fast until dinner and really enjoy it all.

Ah, the decorating. Yep, sometime this week, that'll have to start happening. Sigh. I dread it every year, but I sure do enjoy everything once it's done.

Carly 12-01-2013 09:51 AM

I will not be decorating before next weekend. It is my gift to DW since it is not something I would ordinarily do.

Planelman 12-01-2013 10:19 AM

I had 2 free days and gained 11 pounds! But I also had 7-8 pieces of various pies, 4 pieces of baklava all the food and side dishes. So I think I have satisfied all my cravings for a while! The weird thing is less than 24 hours after all that I dropped back into ketosis, which never happened before, so I think that after 3 months I am finally keto/fat adapted.

I will be weighing this month and getting back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight, sticking to keto but allowing a bit more carbs on workout days up to 50g and also doing some calorie cycling allowing up to 3200 on workout days and trying to stay under 1800 on rest days, and doing a 16/8 IF most days. And I will be adding back in some cardio, I have been throwing in a 1 mile run at the beginning of my workouts the last week or so as a warm up and I have been enjoying them and I think they helped get back into ketosis much more quickly. I will also do a 5k or 10k once a week if I feel like it.

Seabreezes 12-01-2013 10:55 AM

Welcome to December. Hubby put up tree before he left so I could enjoy it. It is very overcast and windy here today, a bit like winter! It is supposed to be nice the rest of the week, though.

I know this month will be difficult with all of the parties and food showing up when we least expect it. I know when you work it seems to be everywhere. People think candy, etc. is the nicest thing they can offer. At least with JUDDD we can have down days when possible and minimize the damage. I know I will never be able to eat as I want every day. My body loves to hold on to things I give it! But I do know I will not get up to 190+ again as I have a secret weapon - a DD!

I have 2 fancy lunches this week - Thursday and Friday. I'll make lunch my only meal on Thursday. We then have a dear friend here for the rest of the month. There is a lot of eating out when he is here. Dinner will have to be the main meal on those days. I hope I can end the month at the weight I am now as we then have a long trip planned starting the middle of January. All wonderful things to be thankful for - wonderful friends and adventures!

Enjoy the real meaning of this time of the year and don't let the craziness that can occur get to you.

Happy JUDDDing to all...


Sirtain 12-01-2013 11:24 AM

Except for our outdoor lights, we do all our Christmas decorating on Christmas Eve. Tehn take it down on January 1st or 2nd. Just the right amount of time to enjoy it, for me.

I went up 8.5 pounds over the four days I ate freely. After my first Down Day, I am already back down 4.5 pounds. I think it will come off quickly.

Meeting with a friend tomorrow. We are working on Christmas presents. I like doing that, rather than going shopping(though I will be doing some, never fear!). It is very restful, and heart-warming, not frantic.

Kissa 12-01-2013 11:56 AM

Thanks Carly, for our new thread.

Looking forward to getting the rest of my Xmas cooking done and finishing the packing of the gifts. We will only get back here on the 19th and the houseguests start arriving on the 23rd so will ave to do the decorating then.

I love Christmas.

Yennie 12-01-2013 03:25 PM

Our tree went up today. Working on some inside decorating and I got 2 strings out lights outside before the rain forced me to give up. Its been coming in spurts all day and it just happened to open up as I was trying to hang the second string.
The only bit of shopping I did on Friday was to hit the local hardware store for a battery operated train. So we have that going around the base of our tree this year. The monkey is still obsessed with trains - more than ever - so its for him mostly.

Librarygirl 12-01-2013 05:48 PM

Hi Everyone.:hiya: It's hard to believe it's December already. I'm not sure if I'm going to decorate or not...no one to decorate for but me and bf, and the clutter is already bad enough lol.:o I do usually decorate, but have been thinking of not doing it this year.

LiLi914 12-01-2013 05:51 PM

I've had free days starting Thursday. I wouldn't call them overly free, but I must admit it was nice little break. I have two weeks before I leave for my cruise and I want to do strict EOD from here on out.

I spent the entire day in bed and I am feeling much better. I'm going to get back to the gym after work tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

Happy December everyone!

penguinpower 12-01-2013 06:33 PM

I have a cruise coming up too! Ours is in late January. I love cruises!

Sirtain 12-01-2013 06:36 PM

During our holiday party, we started talking about JUDDD. One of Honey's co-workers, who knows how we eat, mentioned it to his wife, so we started discussing. She has seen Michael Mosley's documentary. She was interested to hear our experiences. And it was nice for us, having someone who thought it was 'cool' and not 'crazy'.

Librarygirl 12-01-2013 06:58 PM

It is nice, Sirtain. :) Most of the people who know me are supportive of this WOE, but they think it is too difficult for them to try (if they need to lose).

Librarygirl 12-01-2013 07:15 PM

I found the sweetest vintage Tahari swing coat in pale pink with big black buttons today at the flea market.:love: I paid $3.00 for it. Then I found a silk scarf (Banana Republic) for 2.00, and it is pink polka dot.:love: Love it!

Yennie 12-01-2013 07:30 PM

That's nice. I still don't really talk to people. Most of my friends don't ask. We don't talk about it. A few references here and there but its not a topic of conversation.
The few people who have asked that I've told the truth - well, I'm tired of defending my choice. Its working, it works. Why are you arguing with me? But they do, and I'm not gong to change minds that are already closed so I just say I'm watching what I eat and exercise. All true, just not details-heavy.

MintQ8 12-02-2013 07:42 AM

Library Girl - love the sound of your coat and scarf!

I'm usually in the put the tree up shortly before Christmas - but as it is so unchristmassy anywhere else here, I feel that the tree may be going up this Saturday!

Goner 12-02-2013 09:17 AM

My plans for decorating were in place - and then life happened. So I'm taking each day as it comes.

I ate turkey dinner, did not have a DD on Friday or Saturday (really have no idea how much I ate, but every mouthful was me seeking comfort through food) :annoyed: - and then I did not eat at all on Sunday. Today I thought I should get on the scale to see the damage done - and saw my lowest weight yet. But I know it's artificial from this weekend's stress.

I am doing the best I can for this week, but thinking I need to be sure to eat smart so I can help my family members who need me right now. If I get sick also - I won't be any help.

That coat and scarf do sound cute LG - and I've had years where I have skipped decorating, and in the end I felt fine with it! It was like a gift to myself and no one else was hurt by it either.

mafiamom 12-02-2013 09:40 AM


put my tree up this weekend! now i can sit back and let santa do the rest.

oh wait....

mafiamom 12-02-2013 09:41 AM

so sorry it posted so large :(

LoCarbGal 12-02-2013 09:45 AM

Oooh, so pretty!

ladybarometer 12-02-2013 10:22 AM

I had three free days last week and I'm up 7 lbs as well :( I'm really down about it, but you know - I think I'm going to join your no weight December, and hope for the best. I didn't weigh most of October and got my best results.

I'll have the BF hide the scale ASAP :)
It's taught me a lesson though - I won't be having so many free days come Christmas time. Maybe 1 ;)

Babsbabs 12-02-2013 11:44 AM

Love your tree Colleen! I like how you have the ribbon cascading down from the top and everything coordinates. Mine is more of an "eclectic assortment" of decorations. :laugh:

Librarygirl 12-02-2013 12:03 PM

Pretty tree, Colleen!!

Kismet311 12-02-2013 12:15 PM

I love coordinated trees but my ornaments are a mix.
Bored at work today. Had meetings this morning now trying to catch up on paperwork. SOO not motivated and it's rainy and cold outside. I am drinking coffee like crazy trying to keep my eyes open.

mafiamom 12-02-2013 12:26 PM

thanks ladies! it's funny, that tree is just chuck full of target ornaments bought at the end of season sale! so cheap, but when you put it all together it looks nice!

Eieio 12-02-2013 12:28 PM

very pretty Colleen.
Hubby and I will enjoy our kitchen windows being decorated and hoping THATS IT'S!

Kismet311 12-02-2013 12:34 PM

I wanted my tree to have a theme like the tree at my parents' house where I only used red, white and silver ornaments with red bows here and there. I like white lights but my hubby likes the colored ones. He likes a jumble of ornaments, lights and tinsel (the more the better he says) but I like it simple and coordinated. I was thinking of getting my own small tree for my doggy with all of his ornaments :)

LiLi914 12-02-2013 12:36 PM

My roomies picked up the tree Saturday and I supervised the decorating from the couch. :up: I'll most likely end up decorating the artificial tree at my parents house on Christmas Eve when I get down to North Carolina. That used to be my favorite part about the holiday season and helping my Dad put up the decorations outside.

I am counting down the minutes until this day is finally over. I'm feeling blah, but trying to tough it out. I'm having one of those "I'm not hungry so now what" UDs. I don't want to end up overeating because of that so I am going to make a point of heading to the gym for at least 30 minutes today.

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