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ks4 11-22-2013 02:09 PM

JUDDD restart success
Hi fellow JUDDDers,

I have been to this forum before exactly one year ago to try JUDDD and lasted about a month with no significant changes in my weight after initial weight loss (although looking back I think that my progress was going OK). I was confused and a little frustrated and probably impatient so I went off the diet to try other things and just taking a break from diets in general. I definitely gained a better relationship to food and my weight remained mostly the same.

I do want to lose a little bit of weight however so I decided to try this again and experiment with different things to see how I could lose weight. I've gone down to 120 pounds before easily by not eating dinner for about 4/5 months but that gets hard socially and mentally.

So I restarted October 29 at 150 pounds and have lost 7 pounds since then! I found some things that have been working for me so far that I will share so that maybe other people think they are losing slowly will keep trying.

Here is my progress and notes on the days I weighed myself:

10/30: UD 148.4
10/31: DD 146.6 700 cal
11/1: UD 146.6
11/2: DD 148.8
11/4: DD 147.4
11/5: UD 147.0
11/7: UD 146.4
11/8: DD 146.0
11/9: UD 145.0
11/11: UD 145.0
11/13: UD 145.0
11/15: UD 145.0
11/17: UD 144.6
11/19: UD 144.8
11/21: DD 144.4 300 cals (hardest DD), yesterday was MD/UD to switch rotations
11/22: UD 143.0

Writing all this down made me realize that my weight loss so far happened pretty fast.

What I am doing:

-Trying to stick to below 500 calorie down days. Most of them have been 500 but I want to try to lower them.
-No counting calories on UD's but I don't overeat. I still eat a decent amount which is probably around 2000 but I seem to be losing without counting them so that's great.
-Trying to drink coffee and tea until later in the day on DD's.
-I don't eat processed food, cook almost everything, and try to get mostly organic produce. I also have mostly not eaten animal products in 4 months.
- I found recently that coffee and tea with unsweetened almond milk is very filling for little calories which is how I accomplished yesterday's DD of 300 cals.
- Lentils are very filling with not many calories.

I told myself I would post something if I lost a significant amount for me. I had a week that gave me the same number on the scale but I was patient and got a new low today! And not to mention throughout this process that I felt myself getting smaller and my clothes loosening up.

I hope to post more often, I wanted to share what has worked for me and that I am excited to see a low number on the scale!! :)

Carly 11-22-2013 04:47 PM

Sounds like you are doing great! :up:

Librarygirl 11-22-2013 05:59 PM

:welcome: BACK, and congrats on your successful losses!:clap:

Seabreezes 11-22-2013 07:35 PM

What are you using for protein?

You're doing great!

LoCarbGal 11-22-2013 10:10 PM

:welcome: back! I'm glad it's working for you again. And it sounds like you've really thought it out and have a good plan. I look forward to seeing you post often and getting to know you!

jdforshort 11-23-2013 12:15 AM

:welcome: back and very happy for your losses!:laugh: I'm going to try almond milk in my English/Indian tea and see if I like it as much as the normal milk.

mojocat 11-23-2013 04:35 AM

Congratulations on an inspirational weight loss and thanks for sharing.

So the first time you JUDD'd there was no significant change in a month and this time it looks as if the weight is falling off. What do you think the difference is between the first time and this time? Is the major difference that this time you are not eating until later in the day, so you are doing almost a full fast all day? I'm really curious as to why it didn't work as well the first time compared to this time.

Flutter 11-23-2013 06:17 AM

You are doing wonderful & have a great attitude about everything. I'm so glad you're seeing a nice downward trend already! It really makes continuing what you're doing easier, doesn't it? Congrats to you & welcome back! :heart:

ks4 11-23-2013 09:11 AM

Thanks for your replies and welcomes! Reading the posts here help me a lot, you guys are always so supportive.

Seabreezes - for DD's I use a protein powder once or twice with 20g of protein each time (PlantFusion brand), it has 120 calories per serving. For UD's I eat a lot of greens, plant protein like lentils, and I think everything in general adds up. I don't track how much I am getting though.

jdforshort - I actually tried 1/2 cup of Silk Almond milk (15 cal) and different kinds of teas and coffee with stevia and blended it up in my blender (I have a Vitamix) it gets really frothy and is very filling (especially with the coffee) for only 15-20 calories. I managed my 300 calorie DD by drinking this and my protein shakes.

mojocat - I really do not know exactly why I am losing weight this time around and not as fast last time. Granted, I reached 147 last time and maintained that while doing JUDD and could not lose more weight for a few weeks I think. Maybe I needed to do it longer and not quit so early as I thought I could tell some physical differences in me.
As to what I was doing differently, perhaps I am in a different physical stance. I took a break from dieting and have gotten to know my body better and what foods are doing best for me. Maybe my body is just ready? I am mentally ready to lose the weight and keep it off. I remember also trying to do low carb last year before JUDDD I think and perhaps that stalled me a little. I was eating different foods at the time and more fat perhaps but I am not too certain. I wasn't counting UD's then or now but maybe I was eating more then. On DD's I remember doing mini meals and spacing my food out throughout the entire day so maybe fasting does help.
My DD plan right now that seems to be working hunger wise is to drink tea until I am hungry and then drink a few cups coffee with almond milk that I mentioned and that fills me up for a few more hours, then a protein shake, then tea with almond milk or just tea, and for dinner some food like lentils or soup or another protein shake. I do get hungry before bedtime but I tell myself I can eat tomorrow and it works out.

Flutter- Thanks, I have the numbers in a graph on an App in my phone and can see the downward trend which does help but writing them down on the forum really made me see that I am losing!

mojocat 11-23-2013 02:17 PM

Thank you for your response. From what I see you are clean eating as well as fasting on teas etc as long as you can before eating. I'm no expert but from what I've been reading here and in other places is that the optimum seems to be the fasting until hungry on DD's.

Sometimes I feel like ditching the animal products; only because I am a carnivore and can't stop! Or else make the meat boring i.e. steamed chicken breast; but then I have to cook for my family and fussy kids and it's so hard; I have to learn how to stop feeling deprived.

ks4 11-23-2013 02:32 PM

Yeah I think fasting is helping. I have lost weight before very quickly by doing fasting like not eating dinner while eating a lot of calories for breakfast and lunch. As soon as I stop that the weight comes back on although I am not eating too much.

As far as for DD's, I think having liquids for as long as possible helps with the need to chew something as when I start chewing I want food all of a sudden. Plus when I add almond milk to my beverages it is very satisfying. But its not easy to just start doing this I think, it got easier with time for me.

Haha, I haven't been eating animal products only for emotional reasons and I have been a vegetarian before for mostly health reasons but quit because I didn't believe in that anymore. Now I am having trouble eating meat because I am a huge animal lover and I just can't handle it emotionally at the moment. But you know things change a lot so I can't say this will be for long. I also have lactose intolerance and seem to not tolerate lactose-free dairy products as well so I avoid that which makes me a vegan most of the time.

I think you just gotta go with what your body tells you and eat what makes you feel good at the moment and try new things in baby steps to make it easier on yourself for new habits to form. At least that's how it works for me :)

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