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ladybarometer 11-06-2013 06:51 AM

UD Wednesday - Whattaya have!?
I had the most delicious salad yesterday with Salmon, spinach, apple, goat cheese, and pecans. OMG!! I could have ate three of them, but ugh! It was my down day :down:

But today isn't!
Breakfast: coffee with cream, and a bagle with cream cheese
Snack: Pretzels, small bag
Lunch: Hummus with triscuits and carrots
Snack: Fiber one bar
Dinner: Chicken breast, baked with corn and potatoes

That puts me around 1573 calories...
We'll round, so say 1600.
I would like to be at 1800 calories at least, but I'm sure I'll manage to find a way to add an extra 200 calories. :yummy:

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