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Genie80 10-01-2013 01:22 AM

UD Tuesday menu & plans..and Oh my.. It's October already!
Morning fellow JUDDDers :)

B: Hobnob flapjack 250c with strong tea 5c
L: I have no idea as I finish work at 1.30 and need to get the train over to my Mums
D: Carvery meal 800c with dessert... ???c.. I'll try be good!

Scarlett46 10-01-2013 06:07 AM

B: Coffee, HB Egg, Laughing Cow
L: Italian pasta salad
S: Coffee, Apple, NPB
D: Chicken, Italian pasta salad

I am in desparate need of some veggies... Need to get my butt to the grocery store and stock up!

ladybarometer 10-01-2013 06:28 AM

Yesterday ended at around 414 - higher than expected, but still well on plan :up:

Breakfast: Cereal and Milk
Lunch: leftover chicken casserole
Snack: Zone bar
Dinner: a few ribs and an ear of corn.

Calories: 1550ish.

Sirtain 10-01-2013 06:47 AM

This is the last day of my SNAP challenge, and I am planning on eating every thing I have left, and which I have been holding on to in case I ran out of food at the end. It is a good Up Day, but not over the top in quantity. Here's my plan:

Breakfast: ground beef patty with 2 eggs
2nd Breakfast; cabbage, carrot, zucchini, beef, and egg stir-fry
Lunch: meat and veg soup and an apple
Snack: 1 hard-boiled egg
Dinner: pork in green sauce with 2T cream cheese on top, side of zucchini, fried apple, jello

Wish me luck!

zipp2play 10-01-2013 07:13 AM

GIna - dinner with MOM???

Scarlett - I did the grocery store thing last night...DONE!

Lady - what will you have to fill in your calories?

Sirtain - you have done so well! Way go to!

B - 2 eggs/toast 280c
S - protein granola bar 190c
L - homemade chicken/brocc soup with GF noodles 250c
D - meat balls and some sort of side

I have 1180c to use for dinner and otherwise. Chocolate? Froyo? Something for sure!

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