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LoCarbGal 09-30-2013 11:54 AM

UD Monday - what's cooking?
B: Coffee/HWC
L: Chobani, peanut butter
D: Vodka gimlet, fried catfish, tomato & fennel salad
D: Ice cream or candy

Target: 1900ish calories

elphie124 09-30-2013 12:09 PM

Hola! :hiya:

Pre-workout - 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt w/ PB2 & sweetener - 105
B - whole wheat bagel w/ cream cheese, coffee w/ half n half - 362
S - plain greek yogurt w/ sweetener, flaxseed, strawberries, shredded coconut - 238
L - giant salad w/ spinach, carrot, onion, broccoli, mushrooms, olives, cheese, 2 pouches sweet & spicy tuna - 493
D - dunno yet!

Aiming for 2100ish

Goner 09-30-2013 12:13 PM

UD Monday!

b/ coffee with half and half, 2 eggs, V8
l/ chobani, lean cuisine thai chicken egg rolls, 90 calories from vending machine at work, fun size m&m peanut
d/ cheeseburger, baked potatoes, veggies
sn/ cupcake!

Going for 1765 calories - I always make it! :cool:

KeirasMom 09-30-2013 01:18 PM

B: Everything bagel with cream cheese, coffee
L: Banh Mi
D: Baguette with braunschweiger, Dubliner cheese, grapes

Chardonnay, probably.

Pretty carby day. I may try to fit in some more protein, but I had a kidney stone on Friday and I haven't had one in months. It's a little suspect that it showed up as I've been concentrating on getting more protein. :dunno:

oceania 09-30-2013 01:52 PM

What's chobani?

B- organic vanilla yogurt with granola raison and sliced peach + coffee and cream
L - tuna, greens, nuts, cranberry salad w/ Rene's Asian sesame dressing
S - natural peanut butter and apple + mr. big chocolate
D - Indian food

I hope I stop there and don't go crazy but I've been hungry all day - I think it's because I'm getting my TOM soon. The chocolate wasn't planned. I've already had 3.5l of water today! Hope this passes tomorrow before my DD otherwise I'm in trouble because I'm still in induction until Saturday.

LoCarbGal 09-30-2013 02:40 PM

Ouch Dawn! I had a kidney stone several years ago and it's the worst pain I've ever experienced. I hope it's all resolved now.

Oceania, Chobani is a brand of greek yogurt. It's so good, I love the plain no-fat one for 100 calories.

KeirasMom 09-30-2013 03:10 PM

I used to get them all the time, but reduced my red meat consumption and haven't really had a problem for a while unless I let myself get dehydrated. I haven't gone back to a bunch of red meat, but have been eating more protein in other forms (Greek yogurt, protein bars, protein shakes, etc.), so I wonder if that's the culprit. They aren't fun, that's for sure. Thankfully DH had some leftover Vicodin from our car accident. I used mine all up, whether I needed it or not. :hyst:

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