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Haycyn 09-28-2013 02:09 PM

Down Day exercise ?
Hi everyone!
Thanks for everyone's patience with me. I am hanging in there today, this DD.

I am very much trying to run a marathon, one day. So, I run on the road 3 miles Tues and Thurs while my daughter is at school, and Sundays while I have a sitter I run longer. Currently 4 miles but it gets a little longer every week.
I cross train on Mon, Wed, and Fridays- which is 30-40 minutes on the elliptical at an aerobic heart rate. The heart rate monitor says 320 calories. I do not work out on Saturdays.

I tried DD on Tues and Thurs with midday to balance it and eating my calories back. I am not really losing, it's been right at two weeks. I stay LC for health reasons, and want to loose w JUDDD but also health reasons.

Example- DD Sunday 500 cal+ Run (350-400) - total of 900
Monday- 2300 total - elliptical calories 320
Tues DD(repeat Sunday )
Wednesday- Midday 1100- 900 total calories total. Elliptical
Thursday-DD repeat Sunday- Run
Friday- 2300 total elliptical
Sat- 500 total- no exercise.

Now this isn't exact,obviously, and last week I had to move around rest days with dr appointments...

So, I tried a DD today, my rest day and have done surprisingly well, but I don't know how that run is gonna go tomorrow morning.
I much prefer training fasted and eating after.

Anyway, I can't ask the running forum because they don't understand JUDDD, and freak out.
Idk what to do.
Try a protein shake wo calories on DDs?
I do sooo much better with liquids until dinner time, but I can't do nothing [ grammar I know ] and train.

I really appreciate any help.

I am kind of wondering if it is possible.

Carly 09-28-2013 02:27 PM

I run on my elliptical usually 2.2 miles a few times per week. I always do it in the evening and usually in a fasted state. It works for me.

I never added/ ate back exercise calories and have no problem working out on the evening of DD. Everyone is different though.

I hope others will weigh in.

Fluffy_Bunny 09-28-2013 02:55 PM

I work out 6 days a week so 3 DD's and 3 UD's every week. The only thing I make sure of is that I'm well hydrated. Other than that working out on DD's doesn't affect me and I have great energy. I do make it a point to do my resistance workout on UD's because the body needs protein to build good muscle. I stick to cardio exclusively on DD's.

Haycyn 09-28-2013 04:19 PM

It helps so much, just knowing it can be done.

I am optimistic.

I am going to change DD to elliptical days, and not sure how to work in the mid day since I have set rotation days.

Maybe as I gain experience w JUDDD and working out I can do a straight EOD rotation.

Thank y'all again!

teeingoff17 09-28-2013 07:33 PM

I am going to be starting Monday. I run 4ish days a week, do cross training (swimming more than anything) a couple days and some strength as well. I am switching to JUDDD because of my workout scheduling more than anything. I really like the aspect of ADF and in the past when I have done IF, my workouts on fasting days were great.

I am also working my way through the distances of running races, starting with a 6K this upcoming Saturday. I want to culminate (but not stop) my training in May with a marathon as well.

Let me know how it works for you and I will keep you informed with my progress as well.

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