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Kel1 09-27-2013 04:02 PM

HCG - Juddd and need help to wrap brain around calorie counting
Hi All,

I'm seriously thinking about switching over to Juddd. My story is in a nut shell...I went from 207lb down to 143 lb on HCG during a few rounds. I let myself slip a bit and now currently doing a short round and weigh 158 lbs.

While doing HCG is successful if I stick with it I'm starting to struggle with staying on it for the duration. The odd part is, it's not so much from raging hunger as I don't have that but I think from just boredom and getting tired of missing family meals out, etc., because I can't eat like everyone else. So Juddd is starting to look more appealing if it will work for me.

Having done HCG, I'm skeptical so need a push from you all. My biggest concern is will it work for me? I'm a LOW CARB person. My husband is diabetic and even before he was diagnosed I always stayed away from sugar and kept carbs to a bare minimum. It seems from doing this for so long I'm not very tolerant of carbs and if I eat them I see a gain the next morning. So I'm a bit scared of JUDDD in that respect. But then I've heard some do JUDDD low carb style? Should that be my plan or should I try and get my body more tolerant of carbs?

I'm so not a calorie counter and that part is going to be hard. This again comes from both low carb and doing HCG. I can weigh out 3.5 ounces of lean meat in my sleep these days. It's just robotic and easy. Is there anyone that eats HCG style on their DD and then eats just low carb on their UD while on JUDDD?

I'm hoping you all can offer me some advice and encouragement. I'd like to get back down to 143lb and then maintain. At one point I did get as low as 136lb but seems my body prefers the low 140's and I'm very comfortable at that weight.

KeirasMom 09-27-2013 04:09 PM


I have no experience with HCG, so I can't really offer any expertise there. With regards to carbs, it's really whatever you WANT to do that matters. If you want to add more carbs back in, and your body allows it, that's totally fine. If you feel better with lower carbs, that works too. I personally don't worry about carbs at all, but some here do.

With regards to calorie counting, it's really no more difficult than counting carbs. There are some great on-line trackers that you can just enter your foods into and it will calculate for you. I can't link to the one I use, but there are plenty of them, and several even have apps for your smart phone which makes it even easier. Sounds like you already know how to measure and weigh your food, so you're ahead of the game there.

JUDDD is really flexible and enjoyable once you get into the swing of things, and does allow for those family get-togethers and special occasions.

Carly 09-27-2013 04:10 PM

JUDDD just tells you how many calories to eat so the foods that make up those numbers are up to you. You can eat low carb, high carb, low fat, gluten free- what ever you like.

I know nothing about HCG so I can't help in that respect, but it's good that you are used to weighing and measuring. That will be important in getting good at counting calories. There are plenty of websites and apps that making counting a breeze.

I hope you will give juddd a try. Eating out is too much fun to miss out on!

Carly 09-27-2013 04:12 PM

Dawn and I were posting at the same time, but we were on the same page :shake:

KeirasMom 09-27-2013 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by Carly (Post 16621671)
Dawn and I were posting at the same time, but we were on the same page :shake:


Kel1 09-27-2013 04:18 PM

Thanks Dawn,

I guess I need to get used to the counting. With doing low carb it's all automatic. I don't count anything. I guess because I've been low carb for so long I just know what I can and can't eat and what foods to stay away from. So that's been so easy.

So I think what I'll do is at least start out sticking with low carb and try it on the 500 calories (just like HCG) on my DD. No reason to complicate it if I don't have to :D The challenge will be keeping track of calories on the UD. Usually with low carb eating I would go way over my normal calorie limit, so keeping it in check is what I'm nervous about. You know when you are used to eating sour cream, cheese...all that high fat foods that have more calories but yet are low carb...this may be a interesting balancing act.

So that's where my concern is. What I'm afraid of is will I find that it gets complicated finding that balance and I end up frustrated and giving up? I'd love to hear from some others that eat low carb on JUDDD to get an idea of how they keep their calories within the limits.

Kel1 09-27-2013 04:19 PM

By the way Keira'sMom and Carly. You both look absolutely AMAZING!!

KeirasMom 09-27-2013 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by Kel1 (Post 16621682)
By the way Keira'sMom and Carly. You both look absolutely AMAZING!!

:o Thank you!

Carly 09-27-2013 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by Kel1 (Post 16621682)
By the way Keira'sMom and Carly. You both look absolutely AMAZING!!

Thanks! I owe it all to juddd!

Kel1 09-27-2013 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Carly (Post 16621692)
Thanks! I owe it all to juddd!

That is so inpiring!

Librarygirl 09-27-2013 04:46 PM

:welcome: Kel!! I don't have any experience with HCG either, and I don't do LC, however I have heard many here say that they have trouble getting *Up to* their calorie allowances on UDs with LC. I hope that you have that same "problem". ;)

Kel1 09-27-2013 06:23 PM


Oh that would be great! I'm going to give this a try and see what happens. Crossing my fingers.

mojocat 09-27-2013 06:35 PM

I would like to chime in. I'm a hcger and was always led to believe once you lose weight via hcg you can't lose any other way and I found that true to an extent until I tried JUDDD. I think I lost about 10lbs quickly in that two week period just doing the generic 500 calories UD he starts you off in the book.

My problem arose when I went on his online calculator after 2 weeks and did the 300 DD rotations. I found it triggered bingeing episodes and for me maybe it was too much deprivation. I always wanted to eat, eat , eat on UD's because "tomorrow I can't". I still didn't add in carbs as I'm very carb/insulin sensitive. However eventually the bingeing started to include trash carbs which caused more bingeing and so on. The amazing thing is I didn't put on weight from bingeing, I just maintained or went up and down slightly, so JUDDD is forgiving as they say here. I was very miserable though, bingeing and guilt followed by 300 cals and then bingeing and guilt and so on, any benefit from the SIRT gene was eliminated by the bingeing misery..... I gave it up and binged every day and quickly regained any weight lost.

Anyway having said all that I am planning on returning to JUDDD at some stage but with higher DD's. I will also start to s-l-0-w-ly add in carbs like quinoa. I've just been reading more and more that too much carb restrictions may affect our thyroids and adrenals. I wasn't even eating fruit and limiting my veggies my carbs were so low.

I've also been interested in the Fast Metabolism diet doing the rounds at the moment. She has carbs added in slowly, which is freaking a lot of low carbers out, as well as regular eating and snacks every 3 hours, which is freaking me out from an IF/JUDDD point of view, however people are raving about the weight loss and feeling good from it. So I'm thinking of doing the fast metabolism to heal and then JUDDD for maintenance and to keep it in check. ATM I am on hcg p2 so just sitting and lurking and getting ready for maintenance.

Having said all that I still will never ever add gluten type starches to my diet and being sugar free keeps my immune system strong. I rarely get colds/viruses since giving up sugar even if my family suffer and spread the germs around I still manage to avoid it somehow.

RebeccaLatham 09-27-2013 08:34 PM

Hi, Kel!

I do low carb, nutritional ketosis JUDDD. If you would like to see my journal, click here. I started with Atkins, too, and I am one of the success stories in The New Atkins For a New You (2010).

I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so I am more determined than ever to stay in nutritional ketosis to keep my blood sugar in the normal range.

If you look at my signature below, you will see my blog, and you can go there and read about my experiences. Of course, if you have any specific questions you would like to ask, you can do that here.

I counted everything from the time I started Atkins, so keeping track with JUDDD has not been a change. I was one of those people who could not lose weight just by eating low carb. As it turns out, eating too much protein was a problem for me, as was eating too much fat. Even with practically zero carbs, I still have to limit protein and fat.

The reason I started JUDDD was this: My two choices were to stay in regular nutritional ketosis, where I ate the same (small) amount of food each day (which was working for body fat loss, by the way, but I was hungry every day), or to fast one day and eat more than normal on the alternate day. I liked the sound of getting to eat more every other day! I had been eating only around 1400 calories (very high fat, low-moderate protein and very low carb) every day, and I always felt deprived with my measly meals.

So I chose the second option, JUDDD, and I am eating an average of only 1155 calories, with 500 calories one day and 1810 calories the next day. I like getting to eat more. So that was and still is the appeal for me.

Kel1 09-29-2013 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by mojocat (Post 16621831)
I would like to chime in. I'm a hcger and was always led to believe once you lose weight via hcg you can't lose any other way and I found that true to an extent until I tried JUDDD.

I've found this to be true as well and it's concerning. I know for me, just cutting back and eating less doesn't do it after having done HCG. So I was beginning to think that if I wanted to lose the only way I could was another round of HCG. So I'm really hoping JUDDD proves me wrong.

So yesterday I started day 1 of JUDDD. Started on an UD of course. I had right around 1800 calories. What bothers me though is I get on the scale this morning (I know I shouldn't but daily weigh in's have been a huge habit) and I'm up 3lbs over night! Who does that? Well, apparently I do. I know it has to be water retention as there is just no way...plus I did a bit of arm strengthening yesterday so that may have contributed.

In any case, today I'm going to do a down day. I'm going to try it HCG style so I know exactly what my 500 calories look like (ie; lean chicken breast, lettuce, couple melba, 2 apples). Then just see what happens. I'm going to try not to weigh myself until Friday and will report back.

Librarygirl 09-29-2013 09:41 AM

Kel, if it's any consolation, nearly all of us bounce 2-3 lbs up after UDs. It's the nature of ADF, but the trend is down. Also, many people coming off of HCG report extra water weight gains when transitioning to higher calories. Don't let it discourage you because it's completely normal. :)

Carly 09-29-2013 10:18 AM

Yes, the bounce is completely normal.

Kel1 09-29-2013 12:11 PM

Whew. Good to know it's normal!

theredhead 09-29-2013 04:40 PM

I was a yo-yo hCGer for awhile, and I was sick of always starting to gain back on P3. I lost my first 50 pounds low carbing and stalled for years. hCG got the rest of it off, but I just couldn't keep it off. I was bored to death with hCG, and couldn't see myself missing out on special family dinners for the rest of my life, either.

JUDDD gave me exactly what I needed. I'm 5'7" tall. I kept my calories around 400-500 for DDs and my UDs around 1800 for a couple of months and lost down to my ultimate goal pretty easily. It was so nice to not sweat every bite I put in my mouth on UDs. DDs were pretty easy, since I was used to not eating much on hCG.

I actually decided that my goal weight was too low for me, as I'm a pear shape and thin out on top too much at that weight. I raised my goal weight by 7 pounds, and allowed myself to gain back up to it. I stayed under it easily for a long time, but finally let my UDs creep up to the point I'd gained about 3-5 more, but I've stayed exactly in that range for over a year. And I don't count UD calories anymore. I can tell you, though, that I can tolerate carbs and a large number of calories, much to my delight!

My best advice is to take the plunge, but take it slow. If you feel too deprived with less than 500 calories on DDs, start out higher and work your way down. For maintenance, I've kept my DDs at 600 calories, and my UDs are probably over 3000 most of the time. My body likes the spread between the numbers. I've pushed and pushed it until I've found the point at which I can maintain pretty steadily, but thoroughly enjoy my life.

As far as WHAT to eat on DDs, you can choose anything you like that works for you. You may be like me, and just pick a certain combo of foods that give you the right amount of calories, and just eat that every DD. I've eaten almost exactly the same thing on my DDs for months, and I'm not tired of it. It helps to not even have to think about it.

Good luck! JUDDD may just be the answer for you, like it was for me.

mojocat 09-29-2013 05:48 PM

@Redhead..wow...just lurking your before/after pics and you guys look fantastic! You look like two different sets of people. Do you mind if I ask you what your combo foods are on a DD? Do you eat regularly throughout the day or save it for evening as some other JUDDDers do? Do you do JUDDD on weekends in maintenance? Sorry for questions but you have been a great success story..congratulations again.

I never found the DD's that bad, it was just the UD's got out of hand and a binge frenzy. However, I managed to maintain. Maybe I should have stuck it out longer and let the dust and novelty settle on UD's. I read some of Carly's comments that it took her 7 weeks to get in the groove - I didn't give it long enough.

@Kel1 a lot of HCGers are jumping of the fast metabolism diet in P4 and are losing well. I'm contemplating doing this in P4 and then jumping on JUDDD again and this time for good. By then Dr J's new book will be out and I am so eager to see what and if he has anything more to tell us about JUDDD. However it does look like there is further weight loss life after HCG.

theredhead 09-29-2013 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by mojocat (Post 16623651)
@Redhead..wow...just lurking your before/after pics and you guys look fantastic! You look like two different sets of people. Do you mind if I ask you what your combo foods are on a DD? Do you eat regularly throughout the day or save it for evening as some other JUDDDers do? Do you do JUDDD on weekends in maintenance? Sorry for questions but you have been a great success story..congratulations again.

Thank you! We totally changed our lifestyle 12 years ago, and I'm so grateful we eventually got all that extra weight off. We've enjoyed great health these past few years, and feel younger than we are. We have a 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, and Grandtwins expected in the next two weeks! I'm so glad I can keep up with them.

On most of my DDs, I don't eat until lunchtime. There's a Lean Cuisine that I'm crazy about, with just 180 calories...Herb Roasted Chicken. I'll have that, followed by a 100 calorie microwave popcorn pack. I usually eat dinner around 5:30-6:00. I have two scrambled eggs, with a sprinkle of real bacon bits (I buy a big bag at Costco), and a few sprays of 0 calorie butter spray for flavor and moisture. Then, my "dessert" is two cups of Chocolate Calorie Countdown milk. I am totally satisfied with this menu and eat it over and over. My DH does the same. I'm also a big tea drinker. I buy the restaurant tea bags from Sam's, and drink it all day. If I have a drink, I can get through a day when I'm away from home and can't have my usual fare. It doesn't bother me because I CAN EAT TOMORROW, lol!

I alternate UD and DD most of the time, but if something comes up and I don't want to miss eating out, or other special occasion with the family, I don't worry about two UDs in a row. My weight may bounce up a few pounds, but my normal rotations take care of it within 2-4 days. JUDDD is really magical in that way. I will eat this way forever!

mojocat 09-29-2013 11:51 PM

Thank you! I will do the same as you - have a set menu for DD's to make it easier and automatic.. Also your commencement of eating at lunchtime on DD's is the most optimal way of doing this as per the research of Krista Vardy with her studies of every other day fasting. You're right on the ball with it thanks for the info.

zipp2play 09-30-2013 06:31 AM

Very good information here. Good luck with JUDDD!

Sirtain 09-30-2013 10:20 AM

I do low-carb primal JUDDD. I find staying low-carb helps my Down Days be easier. I am also one of those who does NOT count on their Up Days, and it has worked for me(down 30+ pounds in 7 months). If it stopped working, I might start counting, but only at the end of the list of tweaks, because I hate counting. :)

Kel1 09-30-2013 02:01 PM


After reading your reply I kept looking for the "Like" button LOL! It's so great to hear how well it's working for you and that you do so well on your DD. Yesterday evening I found I was pretty hungry but I pushed through it. I did what I said I wouldn't do...I got on the scale and those 3lbs...gone! So I can see that I may have a fluxuation of water weight happening but hopefully like you all said there will be some downward trend so I actually lose.

Today is a UD and feeling good. Had a Atkins shake for breakfast only because I didn't have time to make my eggs. Lunch I had a hamburger patty and not sure what to have for dinner...maybe squash again with crumbled turkey and alfredo sauce. YUM! Then depending on how many calories I have left I may make a stawberry smoothy sweetened with stevia for dessert.

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