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KeirasMom 08-24-2013 03:20 PM

UD Saturday ~ What's the plan?
I didn't see a thread, so forgive me if one has been started already.

B: Everything bagel with cream cheese, coffee, iced tea
L: Bulgogi torta (they call it a Korta a.k.a. Korean Torta) We have a gourmet food truck with Korean BBQ presented in typical Mexican food ways (burritos, tacos, etc.) :heart:
S: Starbucks light Mocha Frapuccino (had to support Starbucks today as an anti-protest)
D: No idea yet, but I don't have very many calories left over

I accidentally had two DDs in a row, so I'm trying to decide if I'll make up for it by having another UD tomorrow, or a DD. I love that my options are open.

KeirasMom 08-24-2013 08:32 PM

Dinner was crackers with brie, blueberry vanilla chevre, and white stinson with apricots, and grapes.

Scarlett46 08-24-2013 09:31 PM

B: onion bagel w/butter, coffee
L: club sammich
D: pork roast, carrots, potatoes
S: ice cream, coffee

LiLi914 08-25-2013 06:14 AM

I was traveling, but I made sure to pack breakfast and lunch.

B: Two boiled eggs and 1/2 cup seedless grapes
L: Slice of turkey breast on whole wheat deli select with american cheese and two slices to turkey pepperoni
D: Went to a 30 day Chinese baby celebration. It was Chinese buffet style, but I did not overdo. I just have no idea what the calories were. There was fruit for desert.

Overall it was a great day.

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