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I have been reading all the threads about the potato hack, and I decided to try it this morning for the first time.

I had been concerned about my blood sugar zooming up if I ate potatoes, but people were saying that it did not happen to them, and someone else said that on Free the Animal, the guy is treating his mother's Type 2 Diabetes with the PH. So I figured I would do it.

Last night, I peeled and boiled a couple of pounds of Yukon Gold and put them in the fridge.

This morning, I checked my blood glucose when I got up and it was 86, so good. Then I ate 1/2 pound of the potatoes, with apple cider vinegar, sea salt and a sprinkle of garlic powder.

Look what happened. Whoa! This is not good!

I was reading Free the Animal, and they say to do this:

The proposed self experiment:

1. Eat a big russet potato in whatever way you want to cook it, but without any stuff on it other than salt, pepper, herbs, spices, etc. Measure your BG levels for the first 4 hours every 15-30 minutes (15 minutes is best in the 1-2 hour window for resolution and so you don't miss a spike).

2. Once back down to normal BG levels, take in the whole starch equivalent of the same potato, but in the form of unmodified potato starch (mix it in some liquid of preference, drink). Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch is dirt cheap and 4 tablespoons (about 40g, with 80% by weight being resistant starch and the rest, moisture) gives you a whole potato worth of starch load. Do the exact same BG measurements at the same times.

3. Once BG settles out again, repeat #1, take the same measurements at the same time.


1. You will have a significant BG spike in #1; way more if you're borderline T2 diabetic or full blown. It will take about 4 hours to clear.

2. You will have a small spike with #2, far less than #1 and moreover, it will clear in 2-3 hours.

3. Repeating the #1 experiment, you will experience a significant "2nd meal effect" where the test you did mere hours before is far less spiky and clears far more rapidly.

4. Should the foregoing results be your general experience and you decide to continue taking 2-4 tablespoons per day of RS in the form of Bob's Unmodified Potato Starch, you will find your fasting BG gradually come down over the next month. Note that physiologic insulin resistance and elevated fasting BG is a chronic "issue" (because I simply don't know if it's a "problem") amongst LCers and IFers, including myself and family members.

5. And should you continue the experiment per the foregoing #4, expect to experience substantially increased satiation and fat loss over time.

(This is the end of the Free the Animal quote.)

So, the whole point of this is to lower your fasting blood glucose? My fasting blood glucose is stellar - usually in the 70s. The only time my BG goes up is when I eat higher carb, which I don't do, in order to keep my blood glucose normal and stable.

The reason I wanted to do it was to burn fat, not to lower my fasting BG.


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I have never had to test my bloods but the hack didn't please me... I didn't see any special losses and I quickly got tired of potatoes. Of course I gave up LC almost 2 years ago.
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