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Dottie 08-19-2013 06:11 AM

UD Monday menus!
B: coffee w/heavy cream
D: running errands this morning, may opt for a subway chicken chop salad if we're not back early enough for me to cook. If we are, then maybe a cheeseburger patty (85% beef today for the added calories)and a salad
S: I found a recipe for general tso's meatballs that's low-carb, I'm thinking about trying that, maybe in steamed napa cabbage leaves.

I wish I knew who created this so I could give credit, but it was on pinterest linked to a blogger who said she didn't know where she got it.
So whoever it was, thank you!

For the Meatballs
• 1 lb ground turkey or chicken (I'm using beef today)
• 2 Tbl minced ginger
• 1/4 cup scallions, chopped
• 1 tsp garlic powder
• 1/4 cup almond flour
• 1 egg
• light flavored oil for frying (olive, grape-seed, etc)
For the Sauce
• 1/2 tsp sesame oil
• 3 Tbl rice wine vinegar
• 3 Tbl soy sauce (tamari based for GF, or coconut aminos for Paleo)
• 1/4 cup water
• 3 Tbl sugar substitute (honey for Paleo)
• 1/2 tsp xanthan gum (or arrowroot powder)
• 1/4 cup scallions, chopped
• 4 – 5 small dried chilies, seeded and chopped
To make the meatballs:
• Combine all of the meatball ingredients and mix thoroughly. Form into 16 balls and saute/fry in oil over medium heat until cooked through and crispy. Alternatively you could bake them but they won’t get the crunchy exterior.
To make the sauce:
• Combine the sesame oil, vinegar, GF soy sauce, water, sugar substitute, and xanthan gum in a small saucepan and whisk until combined. Add the scallions and chili pep-per and bring to a boil. Simmer for five minutes until thickened and remove from heat.
To serve:
• Add the cooked meatballs to the thickened sauce and stir to coat. Garnish with more chopped scallions and chilis if desired.
Approx nutrition info per serving: 322 calories, 25g fat, 3.75g net carbs, 23g protein

KeirasMom 08-19-2013 06:17 AM

B: Everything bagel with cream cheese, iced tea, coffee (355)
L: ?? Limited, as I have my scooter today. Will be either KFC, Wendy's, or Panda Express
D: ?? Picking up the kiddo at her new school (after school program until 6:00 p.m.), so we'll probably go out to celebrate her first day of school.

jacquelinejolie 08-19-2013 07:18 AM

Sounds good Dottie! Dawn - School doesn't start here until day after labour day (looking forward to it as the class schedule at the gym is more extensive in Sep).

B: coffee w/cream & intl delight (still have greek yogurt fullness)
L: blueberries, apples and the leftover buffalo wings I hid from the boys :), maybe a roast chicken sandwich too or the leftover basa, greek salad
D: beef roast going in the crockpot later, need to pick up some red potatoes for mashing, peas & baby carrots
S: 100 cal pack of roasted snap peas, pumpkin seeds and herb & garlic cream cheese on some kind of delivery agent

elphie124 08-19-2013 08:39 AM


pre-workout - banana
B - coconut greek yogurt, 28g roasted coconut almonds, 4 egg whites
L - stir fry veggies and some sort of protein
D - shrimp korma w/ veggies over barley

And snacks: probably more greek yogurt, veggies, berries

Aiming for 1700

MintQ8 08-19-2013 11:14 AM

B: toast, butter & tea
S: skinny flat white
L: hummus & pitta bread
D: coq au vin, mash & green beans (I made it - second time cooking this year!)
S: tea & some ginger nuts- maybe...

Finally lost all my vacation weight after 3 DD! Also found 10cal Hartley Jelly (jello) - might seem mad - but can't buy the local stuff to make here!

LoCarbGal 08-19-2013 11:39 AM

Hello Monday UDers! I'm so happy it's an UD!

B: Coffee/HWC
L: Salmon patty, Cowpal cheese wedge
D: Vodka gimlet, meatloaf, cole slaw
D: Plums or grapes

Targeting in the 1900 to 2000 range

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