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elphie124 08-13-2013 08:39 AM

UD Tuesday - Whatcha eatin'?
Hi everyone!

pre-workout - banana
breakfast - eggs & sprouted grain toast
mid morning snack - plain gr. yogurt w. sweetener, PB2 and flax
lunch - stir fry veggies with shrimp
dinner - not sure yet! I'm not seeing BF for dinner and I'm nursing TOM cravings so I may make up a tasting plate with a little of each thing. No cooking! I'm hankering for fruit, cheese, nuts and chocolate.

Goal is 2000 cals - maybe for the last time. I am considering going a little lower. We'll see!

KeirasMom 08-13-2013 08:48 AM

B: Everything bagel with cream cheese, coffee (355)
L: Banh Mi with Sriracha (320)
D: ??

DH has been trying to roast a chicken for days, but it hasn't happened, so I'm not sure if that's going to be on the menu. Last night, I ended up having a protein shake, cottage cheese, grapes, and watermelon and it was really good, so that's what I'll have tonight if we don't have chicken.

b_lou_who 08-13-2013 09:20 AM

b kale and banana smoothie with hemp and raw cashews
l cantaloupe and raspberry fruit sandwich on croissant with honey/walnut/cream cheese
s nectarine and yogurt available, also raw almonds
probably won't do dinner...yoga night

LoCarbGal 08-13-2013 10:49 AM

B: Coffee/HWC
L: Pepper steak
D: Vodka gimlet, chili
D: about 300 calories left for something yummy

Total: around 1900-2000

Barbo 08-13-2013 11:02 AM

Hello Happy UPPPPPP Day
We are going out of town to a Super Walmart and since this is
an UP day we will eat out. I'll have to bring my menu and totals
back with me to post. Yesterday I did the potato hack. It was filling
but I don't think that my body embraced it as I was up in the night
with foot and leg cramps. I take potassium, magnesium,calcium daily
along with other supplements, so I'm just guessing here.

See y'all later. Your menus sound very good and very stable.

jacquelinejolie 08-13-2013 12:50 PM

Had yogurt late morning
Making beef lo mein for lunch
Have cherries ready for a snack this aft
Joining Carol on the vodka at dinner - cancel that, saving it for Saturday - unless I mow the lawn today in which case I'll allow myself one
Craving potatoes here. I'd prefer roasted but it's too hot. Will throw some in the crockpot to bake for today's supper and so that I can make potato skins for supper on the next UD out of the leftovers.

I have some diet cream soda and french vanilla ice cream that needs to get eaten before it goes bad. I'm not an ice cream fan, but a cream soda float sounds wonderful right now!

Barbo 08-13-2013 07:04 PM

I had an OMG UP Day
Dh and I went to Red Robin for lunch .....

Lettuce wrapped large hamburger cooked medium (so juicy)
Cheddar cheese, pickles, red onions, tomatoes, mayo, and a never ending
supply of their French fries with ranch dip and Heinz catsup.
Raspberry SF iced tea.

Hubby had their mile high chocolate something with fudge and Oreo
cookies, covered in whipped cream with a large cherry on top.
I had wto small bites:love:

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