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elphie124 07-25-2013 08:41 AM

DD Thursday - whatcha eatin'?
Oh DD, how I hate thee! LOL. Here's my plan:

B - 4 egg whites, green tea, iced coffee w/ almond milk - 90
L - 84g spinach salad w/ salmon pouch & red wine vinegar, joseph's pita, iced coffee w/ almond milk - 180
D - 84g brussel sprouts, 7 egg whites, iced coffee w/ almond milk - 170
Snacks - diet soda, green tea, iced coffee w/ almond milk, 10 frozen grapes - 58
Total - 498

I am ODing on iced coffee today. It's so comforting somehow on a DD!

ouizoid 07-25-2013 08:52 AM

I am going to use 1 tsp MCT oil 3 times in my tea before 3pm and that is all 100

3pm: tuna shiritaki 100

6pm: veggie bowl with salsa con queso 200

probably a sf fudgesicle for dessert 40

Scarlett46 07-25-2013 09:14 AM

Coffee this morning...
For my "lunch" I brought string cheese, leftover hot dog, plum.

Probably have a salad for dinner.
And of course, some more coffee!

piglet513 07-25-2013 09:43 AM

B: Coffee with powdered stupid creamer bc I forgot the good stuff 60cal
L: Can of Tuna 120 cal
D: 1c sauerkraut on skinny bun w/ grey poupon - 186

That leaves me 56 calories if I need them, and I probably will because I'm super hungry today. I think it's because I've upped my exercise. So, hopefully I see a woosh in the morning! :D

laceylady 07-25-2013 09:46 AM

I've had 2 cups of coffee and 4 egg whites w/bacon bits. Probably only beverages until dinnertime when I'll have to figure out something for DH that will allow me about 350 calories so I can eat with him.

sorenkkg 07-25-2013 09:46 AM

Caffeine does help a lot of people on DDs -- gives some mental alertness that you might be missing by being hungry, and also helps abate the hunger.

I'm VERY sensitive to caffeine, so while I might have some green tea on a DD (at most), now that my kitchen is disabled, I've put all my loose tea away (b/c I used to put it down the garbage disposal, and now I don't want to deal with smelly garbage if I don't have to...)

Anyway-- I can make powdered tea or whatever, but I'm trying to manage without it.

Here's my dd so far:

B: water, ptero blue
later, more water, vitamins
handful of grape tomatoes
more water

it's almost noon now, trying not to think too much about food, but need to plan dinner:

1 flat out (90)
lean roast beef, smidge of horseradish
baby carrots
maybe a pluot or a nectarine.

I'm sure that brings me to the 500-600 range.

:) S.

Demonica 07-25-2013 10:47 AM

B- coffee with HWC (50)
L- green tea, chicken with mustard (90)
D- 1/4 C tuna, 1/4 C tiny shrimp, 1 tbsp mayo and mustard, Pepsi One (230)

total 370

jacquelinejolie 07-25-2013 09:02 PM

There was the plan and then what happened... I pre-plan the day in my loseit app.

B: FF creamer, chicken bacon + egg white omelet (167)
L: salad w/yogurt dressing + tilapia fried in 1 tsp butter (162)
S: Steamers Thai Chicken & Shrimp (270) - :heart: this meal
Totals: F: 14 g, C: 56 g, P: 61 g

Total was 600. But I had a few grapes while washing them for the kids (and me tomorrow). And felt an uncontrollable urge to finish off a bag of Cheechas. Total over-budget of ~100 calories. All carbs.
Only exercise was ~6600 steps so far on the fitbit.

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