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Old 07-25-2013, 05:03 PM   #91
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I guess I should admit that my bone scan (feet) several years ago indicated that I am peri-osteoperosis. My mother has it and has broken her hips more than once. However, she is in good health and 90 yo. Can't argue with that!
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I'm importing some data from Christina and Carol's body fat assessment thread. I didn't want to hijack theirs with an extensive comment but I'm intrigued by the range of LBM that we're reporting.

Originally Posted by calichris View Post
I found out that at 201 lbs and 5 foot 3 inches, my lean body mass is 62.75% and weighs 126.6 pounds. My body fat percentage is 37.2% and weighs 75 pounds..
Originally Posted by Ntombi View Post
My LBM is 153 pounds

Originally Posted by Planelman View Post
...when I started lifting weights at 258 lbs my LBM was 171.2 but my muscle mass by itself was 78.3. Now at 193.4 my LBM is 161.6 and my muscle mass is 76.5
Originally Posted by Yennie View Post
This test is the coolest thing ever.

My post on my body fat testing experience

[Yennie's LBM is 112.5lbs]
Originally Posted by LoCarbGal View Post
I found out that at 179 lbs (on his scale - mine said 176.5 post UD this morning in the same clothes) and 5 foot 4 inches, my lean body mass is 60.2% and weighs 107.9 pounds. My body fat percentage is 39.8% and weighs 71.1 pounds.
I'm intrigued by the diversity in LBM that we're reporting.
SlowSure LBM <<77lbs
LCG LBM 107.9lbs
Yennie LBM 112.6lbs
Calichris LBM 126.6lbs
Ntombi LBM 153lbs
Planelman LBM 161.6lbs with a Muscle Mass about the same as my LBM 76.5lbs

The women have LBM of 30-76lbs more than mine. Mike's LBM is interesting and not a decent comparison point for me.

Most of the women are upwardly revising goal weights, based on their LBM. However, my notional target goals (to reduce the BF% to acceptable or even 'obese' levels) are so unrealistically low that I couldn't begin to contemplate them.

I feel that I should at least attempt to move out of the 'morbid obesity' range and into as low in the 'obese' range as I can manage (for women, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians criteria (DXA percent body fat: ≥30% = obesity).

Reducing body fat to an 'acceptable' range would leave me underweight for my present height and considerably underweight by my previous height (before femur fracture). To get to 30% BF (still obese), I'd need to weigh <107lbs (BMI 18).

Originally Posted by calichris View Post
If anyone's interested, this web site - if you know your body fat percentage - will estimate your goal for a desired body fat percentage with both "lossy" (assuming you will lose 5-10% LBM) and lossless (your goal if you did not lose lean body mass) figures (mine are 156 and 164, respectively).
Ideal Weight and Calorie Calculator.
Using the calculator that Christina links, to be 20% BF, I'd have to weigh 84-87lbs (BMI <14), assuming, again, negligible loss of LBM.

I currently weigh 122lbs. I'd be surprised if I could move much below 120lbs (however long that would take). And, I'd have to be very careful not to lose more LBM as I can't spare it (easier said than done).

I'm fine with my current shape and weight range. The thing that keeps nagging at me, and will until I get a DXA scan to check my LBM and body fat (to confirm or be at odds with the Bod Pod), is the morbid obesity (by body fat level, assessment of 42%). If I genuinely do have that much visceral body fat (tho' I can't see where it is, given my waist measurement is consistently <26 inches) then I need to reduce it. Yet, I have such scant muscle mass (allegedly) that if I lost any more, I'd be in danger of triggering the metabolic problems that I currently don't have.
Motto: SINS - Simple Is the New Sustainable

Sept 2014 A recent DXA scan reported very low muscle mass (sarcopenia) so I'm still thinking about how to cope with that. I have some joint surgery to schedule. I may miss questions that people ask me or personals. Apologies if I do, it's not intentional.

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Old 01-29-2014, 05:45 AM   #93
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SS, this is really interesting and distressing at the same time. I really hope you can get the DXA at some point and it indicates some major issue with the other test. You appear slim and beautiful, you're active, you pay close attention to nutrition, etc. I can't imagine that you're really that low in LBM.

I have not had any testing done, but last time I did my measurements and tried to figure out BF% and LBM from that (I know it's not accurate, but it's the closest I could come up with here), I was at about 24% BF, 21.6 BMI, and 106 lbs LBM (IIRC). At 5'9", my LBM should be higher than that given what others are reporting. That causes me to worry that I am in the same category with you, low body weight, but high body fat.

I know I have hardly any fat left on my arms and legs, and a little on my waist (maybe--may just be skin). If I'm being objective, I can't see where I could lose any more either without being grossly underweight.

When I was a teen, I WAS quite underweight (106 lbs at 5'10" at the time). I wonder, were you ever underweight? Could that be playing into how things are working out now? Just my own ramblings, and feel free to ignore if that's intrusive.


10/24/11 @ 277.6
January 2014 @ 145
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