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SlowSure 07-04-2013 02:58 AM

UD Thursday: menu and plans
Gym tonight. So, I hope we're all set to enjoy our ramp to the weekend.

B: egg bake 230kcals with MCT oil boosted coffee 158kcals. 388kcals

L: seed crackers with ham, aged feta, dried peppers and tomatoes. 260kcals

S: MCT boosted cocoa. 260kcals

D: goat moussaka with roasted vegetables. 500kcals

Running total: 1408kcals which leaves just about enough for some unmodified potato starch supplementation.

Have a fabulous July 4th :)

Mimosa23 07-04-2013 03:43 AM

I thought I'd join in the fun today!

B: 3 eggs, HB, 1 TB mayo and my usual fermented cod liver/butter oil supplement : 315 cals
L: Carpaccio and some rocket leaves, parmesan shavings and olive oil: 365 cals
D: bunless double cheeseburger and a side salad with vinaigrette dressing : not exactly sure, but I'm hoping it's less than the 928 cals stated for a Burger King with the bun one...

If I calculate that, I come to 1608 cals total for the day, so that leaves me with some room to play! (up to 2300cals for me max)

SlowSure 07-04-2013 05:18 AM

Mimosa, lovely to see you here. :)

That sounds like a delightful menu for the day. To answer your 'UK/Expats' question, my DH and I have been following a 3 UD, 3 DD and 1 MD pattern since mid-Feb as we needed a flexible UD/MD rotation at weekends because of our sports and social commitments. So, M, W & F are DDs, Tu & Thurs are UDs and either Saturday or Sunday is an UD or MD. I shall be sticking with this pattern since my DH would like to shed another few lbs and it would be too tricky to run different schedules especially as we have other fixed calendar events such as gym on Thursday (although that will be swapping to Tuesdays soon to accommodate our trainer). I couldn't do my weight training on a DD - I'm far too feeble. :o

Kismet311 07-04-2013 08:21 AM

Well, it's a holiday here so it will definitely be an UD for me! I just had a small bowl of raisin bran for breakfast and then I probably won't eat until people come over for a bbq tonight. I am cleaning the house and running the dishwasher so I don't want to use any more plates or utensils (I want the sink to be EMPTY when company comes!)LOL That's a good way to keep me from eating!

Dinner-Hotdog, hamburger and or chicken sausage. Macaroni salad, green salad, watermelon, whatever dessert my sister brings!

Demonica 07-04-2013 09:31 AM

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Not really much of a plan today calorie wise. We are planning on grilling out hamburgers,hotdogs with potato chips and pork rinds but really no definite set menu plans.

FairyWren 07-04-2013 09:50 AM

Happy 4th July to everyone over the pond!!

B: Thought i would try a bulletproof coffee
L: Hard boiled eggs and cheese
D: Chicken stir fry
S: Homemade yoghurt and honey

Total = approx 1660

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