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zipp2play 07-01-2013 06:51 AM

Update on DS14
In April my 14 year old son came to me and said, I want to do the eating plan you and Dad follow. For those that don't know, my DH and I started JUDDD on 04/18/12. DH lost overall 35 pounds and I am down 20 pounds. What we all decided on for DS14 is 2000c up days and 1000c dd's. I didn't want his dd's to be too low. He is still growing and I wanted him to be able to function and not feel horrible deprived. He and I both thought this plan was something he could follow. He hit the ground running and hasn't looked back. As of Saturday, he is officially in ONEderland! He doesn't know his exact starting weight as he didn't want to weigh. I know at a DR visit earlier this year he was 230 pounds. Saturday he was 198.2! HE was so excited. We made a HUGE deal out of it and all bragged about his progress. Just a week ago, he and I had discussed goal weight. He really had no idea what was a good weight. Originally his only goal was under 200. We had a long discussion and I think, for now, he has decided on 185. He is a tall stocky kid. THrough this he has also shot up at least 3 inches. I think right now he is 5'10" or 5'11". He has passed me up and is quickly gaining on DH. I am sure he will be well over my DH's height of 6'.

DS14 doesn't exercise. He does walk the dog most afternoons and on work days (2 days a week) he rides his bike to work and home. THat is only 3.5 miles total there and back. A huge milestone for him was this weekend. He went to a friends birthday party / sleepover. His friend lives at an apartment and it has a pool. Part of the planned activities Saturday and Sunday were swimming. He hasn't gone swimming in years because he was embarrassed about his size. Well, he SWAM both days! :jumpjoy: That is huge for him!

I believe he hopes to be at 185 by the start of school. He will be a freshman in high school in August. In 7th and 8th grade the bullying for him was awful. For whatever reason in middle school for each grade there are only 2 gym classes. So in his P.E. class there was over 60 guys. STUPID!!! He was made fun of a lot. In August 2012, he hyperextended his knee in PE and his CRAPTASTIC teacher didn't even believe he was injured , stating, you don't move enough to get hurt! Well, ER visit, MRI and such, he had injured himself. His teacher called me himself and apologized. You know, the JOCK mentality isn't just something the kids have. I pray that high school will go better for him. For starters, he only has to take 1 semester of PE and he had his choice of activities to pick. With the help of his advisor, I found a class that was really small.

Anyway, I wanted to share that JUDDD's benefits are not only for adults and the plan (as most here know) is easily tweeked to meet the needs of each person wanting to try it. I don't have a ton of pictures of him as he is still just learning to be OK with his image. The 2 below show it perfectly in his face. I will try to get him to let me take a body picture of him tonight.



I'll call this one DURING! It was taken 10 days ago and he is down 5 pounds from this date. His face alone shows the dramatic changes. Last week was VBS at our church and he volunteered with the games leader. On the last day they had a huge powerpoint of pictures taken all week. One shot came up and it was him and the kids. I said to him, there you are! He said, no, that wasn't me. I told him, YES it was. He said, I had no idea I was getting that small! PICTURES tell it all! I looked and he had a tear in his eye! :heart: It has not been easy, but JUDDD has allowed him to fudge in situations where LIFE HAPPENS. Like this weekend at the party!

I'll stop bragging, I just wanted everyone to know....JUDDD works in many different ways for people of many different ages!

Goner 07-01-2013 07:14 AM

That brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful. I'm proud of your son also!! What an accomplishment for him. The teen years are hard enough without being teased for weight. I pray that his high school years will go smoother for him. Thank you "proud mom" for sharing this story! :heart:

KeirasMom 07-01-2013 07:22 AM

What a handsome young man! I'm so proud of him, and of you for leading the way without pushing, and for thinking about the fact that he's still growing. So often, the negative body image comes from home, and I know without a doubt that it's just not the case here.

Give him high fives from the BUDDDs! :sing:

laceylady 07-01-2013 07:22 AM

Oh, wow! What a change... I envy him having your support. Way to go, all of you!!!

SlowSure 07-01-2013 07:29 AM

What a good-looking, pleasant-looking young man he is. :)

He's persevered through this and it says so much about his self-discipline at that age and bodes nothing but good for him as he gets older.

Well done to you all for living this WOE so well. :)

MintQ8 07-01-2013 07:34 AM

Tears in my eyes too! How marvellous for him, and doing it without being 'manic' about weight loss is brilliant!

Librarygirl 07-01-2013 07:42 AM

That is so touching!:cry:(happy tears) I'm so glad your DS is having all this success. JUDDD is a life-changer for so many of us, and it's wonderful your entire family has been able to benefit!!!:clap::up::love:

CarolinaCoast 07-01-2013 07:43 AM

Wow! What a moving story! Thanks so much for sharing!

Macci 07-01-2013 08:04 AM

What a wonderful story! So, happy for him and you, thank you for sharing this. I
have no doubt your DS will meet his goal and then, much more importantly, have the tools he needs to know how to keep it off for life! What a great gift to give to your son.

(Not to bring the mood down here, but sheesh on that teacher. Why do these jerks keep getting away with this stuff in 2013, esp with all the bullying awareness now. I am really disgusted by that)

Whitlin' 07-01-2013 08:13 AM

Monica, I'm just sitting here remembering your decision-making about what his down day calories should be. You and dh have been such conscientious parents through this and guided so well by example.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part and also for posting such great photos. Handsome young man. Great smile.

Congratulations to all three of you on your great family health and mutual support.

Flutter 07-01-2013 08:37 AM

zipp! I am over the moon elated for your sweet boy!!! What a fantastic accomplishment and how AMAZING to have this plan so early in one's life!!! It is a HUGE GIFT!! He could spend his entire life at a healthy weight and not have the misery so much of us have had to go through of trying to just find something, anything, that stops the weight games. I'm <almost! lol!> speechless at the thought of this. Wow.

Thank you for sharing his journey with us! I often think about him and pray he's doing well. My DS2 is also 14 and going in to his freshman year. 2 of his best friends are significantly overweight. It breaks my heart. I wish I knew their folks a bit better so I could share more of MY journey and what has worked for me (and maybe even your son's journey!). I will keep my eyes open for this possibility as I watch them grow through high school. This is a huge thing for your DS! He'll have a brand new self for high school and the most important thing there is his self esteem is soaring now! WOOOHOOOO, WTG momma bear & handsome DS!!!!! :heart:

ETA: don't get me started on poor teachers. I had similar experiences to your DS' with a gym teacher throughout my elementary school years. I can't imagine what it took for you to hold back in dealing with that idiot!!!!

zipp2play 07-01-2013 08:58 AM

Thank you so much to all for your wonderful comments! We are all so happy for DS14 and I pray he does now have the TOOLS to avoid this again in life. One thing we stress more than anything is, SO WHAT if you have a bad DD or even an UUAD, jump right back into rotations the following day. LIFE HAPPENS! It is NOT an all or nothing deal!

As for the bullying, I can tell you, it is still VERY Present and VERY much a part of schools. The big areas to concern with are PE class, Cafeteria and the BUS! Those are 3 areas where monitoring doesn't happen. Also, like I said, JOCK mentality is ever present in PE Teachers. I have found this more of the Middle School and High School teachers. Putting down a student because he can't do XX push ups or such. THEY think they are doing well for the weak student...but by doing it IN CLASS in front of ALL, it lends to more teasing and such in other parts of the students day...AND when the PE teacher turns his back! The PE teachers at the higher grade levels are more the Coaches of the teams at the schools. They have more the JOCK vibe and tend to BOND with the JOCKS in their class. JOCKS, in my experience, PREY on the weak. Makes me SICK! I told him (the PE Teacher) when he called me, Has my son ever been sick? He rarely misses school, why would he decide NOW to "fake" an injury????

It is what it is. I tell DS14 often that these very kids that make fun of him.....will go on to do very little in their life. Most often, they make fun of others to help them feel better about themselves. My DS14 is extremely gifted. Took the ACT in 7th grade and got a score that most "JOCKS" would kill for in 12th grade. That has also set him up for teasing. Hoping that in High School, he will be separated enough from the others that his "talent of smarts" won't be something they can continue to tease him about.

zipp2play 07-01-2013 09:00 AM

It's no wonder the kid turned to food for comfort!

Whitlin' 07-01-2013 09:07 AM

Off-topic, but I mentioned the school atmosphere to the sophomore in my house. She says your son can expect high school to be a much more mature place than middle school. It's going to be a better environment, and the teachers will be easier to talk to because student maturity eases their stress level.

She says in her experience, she saw bullying change as she left middle for high, because so many older students just refuse to tolerate it, are even disdainful about it, and so it becomes easier to "call" someone on it. Bullies who encounter embarrassment over the bullying itself change their ways fast.

Demonica 07-01-2013 09:14 AM

I noticed the same thing about the change of atmosphere when I entered HS. There was ALOT less teasing and tormenting than in middle school. If was lot less stressful and more enjoyable.:up:

Congrats on your DS14's success!! It's totally amazing!:jumpjoy:

Kimmietoo 07-01-2013 09:25 AM

Monica, thank you for sharing so much with us! What a handsome man this son is growing up to be! No doubt with his smarts he will go far in life! His dedication and hard work are paying off in spades and it is a wonderful thing to see! No doubt that you and DH are very, very proud of this fine young man.

Thank you also for bringing up the bullying information. It is a very real problem and all of us need to be observant and aware of this societal issue facing so many of our young people today.



calichris 07-01-2013 09:34 AM

What a beautiful story. I am so happy for your DS. He's done a fantastic job. :clap:

theredhead 07-01-2013 09:56 AM

I'm so thrilled to read this story! Give your son a hug from me. He's doing such a wonderful job, and you are doing a great job of empowering him to make changes now while he's young. KUTGW!

zipp2play 07-01-2013 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by Whitlin' (Post 16495036)
Off-topic, but I mentioned the school atmosphere to the sophomore in my house. She says your son can expect high school to be a much more mature place than middle school. It's going to be a better environment, and the teachers will be easier to talk to because student maturity eases their stress level.

She says in her experience, she saw bullying change as she left middle for high, because so many older students just refuse to tolerate it, are even disdainful about it, and so it becomes easier to "call" someone on it. Bullies who encounter embarrassment over the bullying itself change their ways fast.

OH that is great news! I am thrilled to hear that. She is not the first person to say that to me. Now, if we could just change middle school.....my DD11 starts there in August. She is in 6th grade. I hope things are different for her. Thank you so much for the INFO!

LoCarbGal 07-01-2013 12:18 PM

I'm just beyond thrilled for DS! What a fantastically dedicated young man to do this for himself. I hope he is learning what a strong, wonderful human being he is and is growing into. He'll be the envy of those bullies in a few years, and maybe even secretly is already!

Seabreezes 07-01-2013 01:09 PM

What a wonderful family you have! Your son is so lucky!

Congrats to all of you for the way you handle JUDDD.

Saxy1971 07-01-2013 01:38 PM

Love, Love, Lovin' this Monica....He's got to feel pretty darn good about himself! You're a JUDDD family to watch, that's for sure! :) :) :)

FairyWren 07-01-2013 03:00 PM

Wow Monica, that is just fantastic, i'm so happy for your lovely son, you and your DH have been such loving, supportive parents. Just great!! Thanks for sharing :)

Sirtain 07-01-2013 03:19 PM

Fantastic! I love that you were able to make the plan work for him, as he is still growing, with the 1,000/2,000 division. Thanks for the update. We love hearing it! :)

vickismc 07-01-2013 04:23 PM

What an awesome story! Congrats to your son and so happy for you all!

Kissa 07-01-2013 05:08 PM

He must be so proud and happy, you have done so well in helping him accomplish this Monica, well done all of you.

Bullying is an awful thing and some PE teachers are the pits. I suffered from some of that myself and it can be hell.

He looks wonderful and so happy in the photo.

Familyvet 07-01-2013 09:39 PM

What a wonderful success story! I am so happy for you all!!!

Carly 07-02-2013 04:32 AM

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not have woken up to anything better than this! I am so happy for DS and the proud parents! This brought (happy) tears to my eyes.

London 07-02-2013 05:41 AM

Awesome, I'm so happy for him!

zipp2play 07-02-2013 06:21 AM

Thank you to all of you! We are all happy here. Just call us one big Happy JUDDD family. Even my DD11 understands UD/DD's. Sometimes on DD evening meals, she just fends for herself! ;)

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