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laceylady 06-27-2013 08:09 PM

SLOW weight-loss...
This is my second trip through JUDDDville. I started the first time last January at 215 lbs (1900 & 400 calories per the calculator), and within 6 weeks I'd lost 13 pounds. This time, I've been very steadfast in my rotations, and have lost only 6 pounds in the same amount of time. I rechecked my calculations for UD/DD quantity and for my stats (56 inches tall, 188 lbs, 57 YO, 20%, little to no exercise), and the numbers are 1763 & 353 calories. I've been very good, determined to lose at least 25 more. Can anyone explain why it worked so well the first time, and this time it's s-l-o-w to work? I'm still motivated but confused. Should I adjust my calories, and modify what the JUDDD calculator says? Maybe go back to the calories was using before, or be thankful I'm losing, even slowly?

Thanks again for your insight!!!

Librarygirl 06-27-2013 09:33 PM

Welcome lacey!! I can't really answer your question definitively, but JUDDD is not usually a fast weight-loss plan. A lb a week is still very good. I am losing very slowly too, even slower than you are, but the alternative is some stricter WOE or staying where I am. I don't know why you were losing at twice the rate as before, but I still think your results this time are quite respectable. :)

MintQ8 06-28-2013 01:18 AM

I don't like the idea of dropping calories unless it's become necessary, I would certainly give your old UD numbers a go. Last time round, I never dropped my numbers and went from 264.2 to 220, in 6months, and I was quite lax in the last 3!

I've been back JUDDDing for nearly 3 weeks, I've had good DDs for the most part, and haven't counted my UDs (yet!) and I'm down 11lbs. Now admittedly, I have more weight to lose than you, so I will lose more to begin with. However, our percentages probably aren't that different. If you compare your current weight loss percentage with your previous, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Good luck!

Carly 06-28-2013 04:25 AM

You could try the higher numbers or just try higher UDs, but 6 pounds is not that slow so you may just need to be more patient this time. If you are being true to your numbers the weight will come off- sometimes it just doesn't happen in the time frame we want.

Flossyliz 06-28-2013 05:00 AM

Lacey, did you maintain that 13lb loss before re-starting JUDDD? It occurred to me that the first time was straight after Christmas, with all its special foody implications. You might have lost quickly then because you were detoxing a lot.

The way JUDDD works, because of the healing aspect, can make it rather unpredictable for weight loss. Some of us lose slowly and steadily, our weight bouncing up and down but gently going down overall. Some of us lose in whooshes, then seem to plateau for ages before the next whoosh.

A steady pound loss per week is actually good JUDDD progress - certainly faster than mine has been and I'm very happy with the results.

Also, check out any NSVs which have no doubt been happening for you, that you might not have spotted.

SlowSure 06-28-2013 05:32 AM

It's no help to you but I agree with the others. There may be all sorts of reasons why it was 13lbs last time rather than your present 6lbs but a number of us would envy your steady lb per week. :)

I wouldn't change but if you feel that you're expending a lot of calories through activity or exercise, then maybe modify the UD to eat a little more and see what happens.

But, just to add to the chorus, I don't see a need to change as yet. Congratulations on evicting the 6lbs :)

laceylady 06-28-2013 07:03 AM

I guess I was sort of expecting the same rate of loss as before but that's apparently in the past. I am pleased with the results, and will continue the way of the turtle... "slow and steady wins the race"!! Thanks for your input -- I feel better about it this morning after reading your supportive comments!

LoCarbGal 06-28-2013 11:43 AM

Welcome back LL! I'll echo everyone and say a pound a week is not too shabby. I understand that you wanted and were expecting that same old fantastic rate of loss you had before.

I'm sorry if this is obnoxious, but are you REALLY 56 inches tall? 4'6"? It just struck me that if you got the inches wrong (I've done it!) your calculated calories will be too low and maybe that's the problem.

laceylady 06-28-2013 02:42 PM

:doh: You know, Carol, I was thinking 5'6" and that's pretty much what I put in the calculator... MAYBE THAT'S MY PROBLEM! ***off to check Dr. J's website*** Thanks for pointing it out... Apparently stress is taking it's toll! Unfortunately, that 12" height difference didn't really change the calorie count (I was hoping for MUCH HIGHER UDs) but it truly is more accurate now (30 more UD/6 more DD)! Thanks for being so much more alert than I have been the dozen or so times I've refigured!!

Librarygirl 06-28-2013 03:00 PM

Wow!! Only 30 more calories for a foot taller?! LOL, that's just wrong. :D

laceylady 06-28-2013 03:17 PM

I KNOW!!! It should have bumped me to over 2000, but noOOOoooooo!! :)

LoCarbGal 06-28-2013 03:57 PM

I get 1819/364. That's 56 more on UD and 11 more on DD. Whoopee. But hey, it's a little more anyway.

I'm not sure I'm more alert, just that I've made the same mistake! I wish it had resulted in more calories for you though! You might actually try upping your UD calories a bit more. I've experienced, and noticed in others, that going a bit higher boosts losses, at least for awhile. Good luck!

laceylady 06-28-2013 05:48 PM

WE'RE ALL DOING VERY WELL!!! The proof is in the tickers!!

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