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Bamboozled 05-30-2013 09:35 AM

What to eat on Down Days?
I am seriously considering trying out this diet but I'd like to know what people are eating on their down days? I searched the forum but the thread I found was about some strange ingredients I don't know how to get a hold of.

Can anyone tell me what you have eaten on down days that worked for you? Like carrots or hard boiled eggs, etc.

Librarygirl 05-30-2013 09:38 AM

Hi Bamboozled. :) Check out this thread: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ju...d-staples.html There's lots of tips listed here, and ordinary food found in any supermarket. The DD recipes thread also has a lot of info! Hope you will join us!

SlowSure 05-30-2013 09:40 AM

We all discover our own way of dealing with DDs. you might get some ideas from:
http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ju...ipes-only.html and the ingredients you don't recognise may well be available from Netrition or other people mention Walmart, Aldi, Costco etc. for those people in the US.






It might be worth looking at the daily DD threads to see what other people eat.

I like Shirataki noodles, particularly in a broth with some vegetables as they provide very low calorie bulk when I need it. I also enjoy glucomannan puddings and shakes because they have a luxurious mouthfeel for relatively few calories. (Recipes in some of the above DD recipe threads and
http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/re...n-recipes.html )

Bamboozled 05-30-2013 09:47 AM

Thank you!!

I did check out a few of those threads but maybe I didn't read into them far enough. I want to eat only natural and preferably raw food during my DD.

I am thinking of trying to eat most of my calories from celery and cottage cheese. Or boiled spinach with salt.

I am very interested in this diet!! I am planning on starting after this weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

adillenal 05-30-2013 09:47 AM

There is usually a daily DD menu thread so it should be easy to find lots of ideas by looking at the daily DD menu threads.
I personally like HB eggs a lot.

Whitlin' 05-30-2013 11:47 AM

For my first two weeks, I took Dr. Johnson's advice and included shakes. I would have 2 meals a day of a chocolate shake, a hard-boiled egg and veggie sticks, especially cucumber since it is a water-filled veggie.

Agreeing that our DD daily threads are excellent for seeing what people are actually eating. Many have their "usuals". I'm a morning fruit person, for instance, usually setting aside about 60 to 80 calories for half an apple or pear, that sort of thing.

lylydvd 05-31-2013 08:53 AM

There are only 300 calories in 1000 grams of Watermelon !!! try it

laceylady 05-31-2013 12:16 PM

My new favorite is broccoli & mushrooms -- having it tonight in fact! Very low cal for a good-sized portion!

calichris 05-31-2013 12:23 PM

It takes some experimenting to find out what is most satisfying for you on DDs. I usually stick to protein/veggies, but not always. Some of my favorites are:

- 70 cal boca veggie burger in a 45 calorie low carb tortilla (had this every DD for months ... for me, the most satisfying 115 calories ever. I finally moved in other directions, but this helped me a lot at first).
- 100 calorie bags of popcorn/kettlecorn.
- Small Wendy's chili for 210 calories and about $1.50 (thanks for the tip Dawn!)
- celery with light laughing cow cheese wedge spread on them.
- simple fish or chicken with veggies
- hard-boiled eggs or bacon slices
- plain, fat free greek yogurt sweetened with splenda or truvia with some sugar free jam.
- coffee, tea, broth

Hope this helps. You'll find your favorites. :)

desertgirl 05-31-2013 12:54 PM

I had this same question - I just could not understand how a day's worth of food could possibly = 200 calories.

I did go through the daily menu threads and also posted a similar question. I never get tired of eating the same foods so I stick to what has worked so far:

chicken broth (really satisfies me)
Hebrew national 97% FF hot dogs

I would love to eat fruit all day, but the calories add up too quickly. I can't eat raw veggies on an empty stomach, either. :(

zipp2play 05-31-2013 02:30 PM

Cottage cheese is a go to for me.
canned soups
salad with salsa for dressing.

I have to watch closely my DD's because of my hypoglycemia, so I aim for protein with everything.

Carly 05-31-2013 02:58 PM


I think this thread has loads of practical ideas.

stephdray 05-31-2013 03:25 PM

In the beginning I would have a menu that looked like this:

B: Black Tea w/ Splenda + Egg white omelette + 1 slice Fat Free Kraft Singles (75 cal)
L: Chocolite Shake (1/2 scoop) blended with black coffee and ice (75 cal)
D: Campbell's Chunky Soup (250) + Salad w/ Low Carb Dressing (50)
S: 1 Laughing Cow Baby Bell Light (50) (Before bed)
Total: 500

Now, almost a year into it, a typical down day is either fasting totally or looks more like this:

B: Black Tea (0 calories)
L: Black Tea + 1 Vitalicious Brownie (100 calories)
D: Light Soup (160 calories)
S: Before Bed Wheel of Laughing Cow Baby Bell (50 Cal)
Total: 310

FairyWren 05-31-2013 04:13 PM

I don't have breakfast or lunch - easy after a couple of weeks

My favourites are:-

an omelette with either cream cheese or hard cheese plus some steamed veg


baked salmon and steamed veg


salad and chicken breast


chicken breast and fresh vegetables made into soup

VioletsGrandMom 06-01-2013 12:14 AM

I have been having an 80 calorie greek yogurt for lunch. Pickles and laughing cow cheese for dinner and then 1 cup of rice chex with half a cup of almond milk. That and a couple of cups of tea with some almond milk.

Yennie 06-01-2013 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by VioletsGrandMom (Post 16449496)
Pickles and laughing cow cheese for dinner...

I love this combo as well! That's a lot of food for 35-50 cals depending on how many pickles you eat. You can also add a bit of substance & yum by spreading the cheese on a few slices of turkey meat (or whatever suits your fancy) and rolling the turkey/cheese combo around the pickle and eating it that way. Adds cals but so yummy!

I'd also like to make mention of the cabbage, chicken and cheese dish that has its own thread. So easy to take those basic ingredients (or leave out the chicken, or sub tofu for chicken) and add flavored cheese/spices to make it Mexican, Italian, Thai, Chinese -whatever suits your fancy!

Stash'sWife 06-01-2013 07:46 AM

I have decided to completely fast for my DD's (zero cals, black coffee/sf drinks only). It is almost like 400 cals or less of anything is merely a "tease" and makes me want more. To each his/her own, however!

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